Refugee… The Seldom Talked About Cost to the U.S. Economy and Tax Payer

We all know that our southern border is wide open, and that anyone from anywhere can just walk across the “border”, and into the U.S. – this is a huge problem from a security and economic standpoint but one that Obama nor our “representatives” in congress want to fix, because it’s being done by design – it’s the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” at work.

Unfortunately our wide-open southern border doesn’t seen to be enough for the Obama regime, because even after the recent deadly attacks in France that killed over 120 people, the traitor in chief, is still insistent on shipping in 100,000 “refugees” from Syria per year into the U.S..

It’s obvious that he does not care about the safety of American citizens nor do they come first in his agenda no matter the issue, because even-though he has been told by officials that there is no way to tell a refugee from a terrorist who is arriving into the U.S. from that area, he is still insistent on shipping them into the U.S. by the hundreds of thousands.

But lets forget about ISIS, terrorism or any inherent dangers that come along with shipments of refugees from that area into the U.S., let’s imagine that none are terrorists who want to kill and murder Americans. Let’s imagine that they are all full of love and peace and that there is a 100% guarantee that none will ever physically harm an American citizen.

Sounds good right… not realistic, I know, but it sure sounds nice and ties into my points below…

But even if that were all true, the question remains – what are they going to do when they get here? Are they going to get a job, work and pay taxes?

No not according to the Center for Immigration Studies, who reports that for their first five years in the United States, each Middle Eastern refugee costs taxpayers $64,370 to resettle them here.

That’s just the first five years, I could not find any credible data on cost per refugee after the first five years but did you know that refugees aren’t expected to be self-sufficient because they are admitted for humanitarian reasons

So for each 100,000 Middle Eastern refugees we take in it costs the American tax payer approximately 6,437,000,000 dollars for the first five years – I guess that we will just add that to the already massive national debt of nearly 19 trillion.

We are broke. Doesn’t anyone get that… we are broke… our economy is collapsing… we are a crumbling empire.

As explained in a recent article published at

Because refugees are eligible for all welfare programs they have very high rates of participation in government assistance programs.

The report finds that 91.4 percent of refugees receive food stamps, 73.1 percent are on Medicaid, 68 percent receive cash assistance, 36.7 percent receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, 32.1 percent receive Supplemental Security Income, and 18.7 percent live in public housing.

“Refugees have the most generous access to welfare programs of any population in the country,” explains the analysis. “Very heavy use of welfare programs by Middle Eastern refugees, and the fact that they have only 10.5 years of education on average, makes it likely that it will be many years, if ever, before this population will cease to be a net fiscal drain on public coffers—using more in public services than they pay in taxes.”

Our economy is so bad that Mexicans are leaving the U.S. and going back to Mexico to find work – according to The Guardian

More Mexicans are leaving the United States than are migrating into the country, marking a reversal of one of the most significant immigration trends in US history.

They also reported:

In another first, the border patrol arrested more non-Mexicans than Mexicans in the 2014 fiscal year…

So how are we going to pay for and keep paying  year after year for the hundreds of thousands of refugees that the Obama regime insists on bringing into the U.S.?

Do they plan on making dramatic cuts to spending in other areas such as the military and infrastructure? Raising taxes even up to 90% as Bernie Sanders has said that he wants? Or just doing as they always do and add the cost to the national debt and worry about it later?

I would love for us to be able to help those refugees, but the truth is we are broke and our economy is in shambles and taking in hundreds of thousands of new dependents isn’t in any way going to be a positive for the United States, but instead a negative drain on or economy and resources.

It sickens me that we can’t help these people without hurting ourselves economically or increasing our risk of being murdered by a few “bad apples” that slip through Obama’s “vetting process” no matter how secure and full-proof that he would have us believe that the process is…

Didn’t he also say ISIS was contained just a few hours before the deadly attack in France… I’ve came to realize that if his mouth is moving that he is probably lying…

Please pray for the Syrian refugees and that we can help them without it being a drain on our already collapsing economy or us risking being blown to bits by terrorists that slip through the process…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. The orchestrated dependency and eventual chaos continues. Of course the central planners will save us with the required golden handcuffs. Continue to be as self reliant as possible. Pray for Guidance

  2. There was a time when refugees were welcomed by someone other than the Government welfare department. Usually there was a relative already here. It was not up to the government to provide them with shelter, money, food, and medical care; something we seem to have lost sight of.

    True refugees, those escaping persecution, are deserving of our sympathy/empathy and individual aid, but that aid should not come at the expense of those who are already hear. It is not a “right”. Whether that expense comes in the form of increased money from taxes to provide benefits or a very real potential threat.

    We also have “dropped” the anticipation that they have come here to be part of American society. In embracing our differences we have turned America from a melting pot to a buffet (with the “dietary inspectors” chastising us over our “choices”.

  3. Do Refugees Matter More than Americans?

    • Erin Sullivan says:

      You are an excellent teacher. Thank you! Wish I wasn’t in Pittbsurgh Pa right now tho. Looks like we will be the first to get hit with the terrorist refugees. They just posted a warning on the YU campus this morning saying they are coming. 🙁

  4. And, at 65 years of age, they get to draw SS benefits (TY Mr Carter), w/o ever contributing.

    • FYI…

      Full benefits at 65 has changed. For me, I must wait until 66.5 and my DW is 67. Retirement Social Security payments are based upon you payment history.

      Although I will admit, not being a recent “import”, I’m not sure what they requirements are for SS retirement. Now Medicaid/Medicare eligibility are different (and often lumped under the heading if Social Security) and I am not aware of what they are from personal research.

      • TY! I wasn’t aware that the rulings had changed for the folks from other nations who had never paid in.

        • CountryGirl says:

          Legal & illegal immigrants and refugees do indeed get SS benefits even if they have not completed the contribution requirements of 40 quarters of work and SS withholdings. Not 100% of them but the rules are so loose that if a person hires a lawyer to get the benefits the SS office will roll over and give it to them.
          You have to question what is going on because at the same time they allow this assault on the SS system they are telling us that we who have contributed to it all our lives may lose it when we retire. What is the reason for immigration??? Do we need more people? We have 330 million citizens and half of them can’t find a job. So why the legal or illegal immigration? Who benefits from it? The cost to the citizens for all of this is enormous and someone is benefiting from it all but it isn’t the average citizen.

          • I believe immigrants /refugees can draw ssi after being here for 5 years, even if they have never worked.
            So they can bring their parents and grandparents over and after 5 years they all receive ssi and some type of free benefits paid for by working Americans.

          • Babycatcher says:

            They are potential democrat voters. Coward-Piven strategy at work… 🙁

          • The Post Office in Nogales, AZ has more PO Boxes than residents. I am quite certain many folks come across the border once or twice a month to get their check, cash it at the Wells Fargo bank, and then return to Nogales, Mx.

            Why are so many Chinese ladies who are pregnant come to the USA to deliver? Yep, instant citizenship. Unless the practice has been stopped, I gotta wonder how far under the carpet it has been swept.

            Now I am not against Immigration, I think that it should be done in accordance with our laws is all, nor am I racist, I have a grandson of mixed race and a number of black and latino friends.

            I also know what it is to be in a different nation, It is a frustration in itself, many years ago found me in Italy while in the Army. Yes, I was ”lost”, couldn’t speak, read or write in Italian, took the wrong bus a number of times, LOL! I’m sure a few national’s probably said “speak Italiano or get out”!

          • usps (& the myriad other bureaucracies/gov agencies) bend over backward to fill quota requirements regarding hiring immigrants….. Those who pay get chastised & censored. How can diversity be destructive? It’s such a beautiful concept, right? Potemkin @ work again…..

    • Puerto Ricans can collect social security disability for not speaking English. Since the HIV travel ban got removed by bathhouse Barry HIV+ Somali moslems have been coming in. AIDS meds run $2000-$5,000 per MONTH.

  5. My great grandfather left a pregnant wife in Italy in 1912 to come to the US with a group of European masons to work on the National Cathedral in Washington DC. When he was done and had served his ‘time’, he was allowed citizenship and his savings. He took that money and bought property in Battle Creek, MI, built a house on the property while working as a handyman and saved up enough money to send back to Italy to bring my great grandmother and grandmother (who was 6 years old at the time) over to this country. He was very proud of what he did and how hard he worked to become a citizen of “these great United States.” I loved that old man and his cranky wife and I love the connection I have to their story. I have passed this story down to my grandchildren. When their world is filled with immigrants from the Middle East who are leaching off of them, I want them to know and have a sense of pride that someone in their family did this the right way, with hard work, without government help, and with pride in self and family. Ciao.

    • My ancestors came over as indentured servants, and spent years before gaining their freedom. Then worked hard to elevate themselves from Irish peasant. Those are the true immigrant Americans.

  6. I can tell you how they are going to get paid For I have had issues with a government school loans for some time Now , And have tried every which way to deal with it with them. Now they are garnishing my check I may not have a home I rent .work full time 12 hour shifts ,And by the time that the expensive insurance that has practically doubled on me is taken out ,The taxes that are taken out I barely have $400 Every two weeks to live on,And yet they get a free plane ride here, free apartment, Free Walmart cards ,Free food cards free ,clothes And I can barely buy a new mascara once every 6 months. And I’m in my late sixties So they can Live here free,an MURDER us.OH,HIS FAMILY WILL BE SAFE.AN HE WIIL SAY I’M SO SORRY ABOUT YOUR LOVED THAT WERE MURDERED,THIS IS HOW…

    • If you’re still paying on school loans in your late 60s, something has gone seriously wrong in your financial life.

      May I suggest that you seek wise advice from someone in your church or social group that really understands money?

      Of course I don’t know your living circumstances, but perhaps they can help you find ways to add extra income, reduce expenses, and get out from that crushing debt.

      • The govt gives out student loans for lots of stupid things. One woman I know said that they unemployment office wanted her to go through a heavy equipment school because there are no girls there. Some fields have also been destroyed either by tech advancing or Chinese slave labor completion.

    • Enjoy that Asian/White privilege. I bet every place they are planning to dump turdworld refusegees has at least as many homeless vets in a 50 mile radius.

  7. I have said this for a while. They say social security is running out of money. The say we don’t have the resources to take care of our wounded Vets. The government doesn’t want to give to the ones who earned it,paid into it or made sacrifices for our country. They want to help our enemies and people who never paid a dime into the system. Well people here is the answer and it is the only one that makes sense as to what they are doing. They are the enemy!!! They want to run the system dry so the older people die. They want our great patriots to die. Remember when Obama said it was time to reward our allies and punish our enemies, we are the enemies he talked of!!! He can’t take America while the spark of freedom exists so they try to take our freedoms because of terrorism that is created by them. When the system collapses and chaos happens he will impose martial law and become king. The only thing that stands between him and his goal is the true American people. It will happen sooner than you think so prep and be vigilant.

  8. Yeah, they keep talking about cutting social security and medicare for lifetime tax payers. Last year there was talk of eliminating military pensions (for lifetime tax payers who fought for their country.)
    There are so few dementia care resources that I haven’t had a day off in four years….and they are cutting those due to funding. I cant afford the $6000 a year health insurance that has a $12000 out of pocket and dont qualify for anything better….because I am taking care of my mother who cant afford to bring in care givers or memory care. I’ve lost my job and my certifications to go back to my job. We’re both life long tax payers.

    And we can afford to bring in, house, feed, and treat 10,000’s of refugees that we have no reliable way of screening? I feel for the legitimate refugees, but we have enough problems of our own. Of course that makes me a racist…

    • Can you explain the certifications to get back to your job?

      • Anonamo Also says:

        PD, many jobs have been “upgraded” with heavy burdensof increased schooling and tests. I don’t know which field our packmate above is in, but my Daughter has this issue as well. they essentally took their jobs out , via increasing the legal and testing, medical coding/transcription..after her schooling which she can’t use, she stilll has to pay for it.. and SIL has a 65 thou debt for a tech school he was medically unable to do more than one quarter. there is someone working on this.

      • I was a paramedic. I need to get my basic emt (which is easy), work for a year for short money, then go back to school for paramedic. Not hard, but will take 2-3 years and $15000-$20000. I needed to put my mother in respite to do the renewal and con-ed but she was deemed “not sick enough” for skilled nursing respite and too “medically complex” for memory care. She ends up in between the cracks with no flexibility either way. The local day program went under when the state cut funding so that wasn’t an option.

        I also worked part time in outdoor recreation (mostly working with kids) and had several instructor certifications expire.

        My first post sounds a bit whiney, and I’m not looking for a govt handout, but we wouldn’t have to look far for people who could use the help here at home. I think we are heading for a BIG healthcare crisis in the next few years.

        • john zo’
          i am fairly certain that part of ‘the plan’ is to back us into the euthanasia corner.
          you can see where this is going.

  9. Diana Smith says:

    Had someone at work yesterday, a Mexican American citizen–older fella who’s a regular customer–comment that he is ashamed of many Mexicans who came in. They thought it was “necessary” to enter the country illegally, but then bellyached at not having the same rights as citizens. Well, they got those rights, and now they complain that those rights are now offered to Syrian refugees and others who don’t mean well. He was quite happy to hear that Mexican migration is negative, but thinks we are lost. He knows legal immigrants who are planning to return, because even with the drug cartels, they can avoid those. They are a known factor, while terrorists on American soil are not. They’d rather protect their families back home from the same.
    Why is it so many vets are preparing for something far worse than we imagine? I’m not a vet, but my extended family is largely military. I can see what’s going on. The vets I work with all talk about what they see coming. I can’t disagree. Difficulty is steering conversations down a path fit for customers ears. Though, as you can see from my first statement, customers have their own set of frustrations to engage.
    Our shop carries ammo, and it’s amazing how many folks from other states will suddenly spend a precious $30 of their vacation money to buy a box because it isn’t available at home.
    More and more I hear talk of revolution, of people willing to defend. When the customer lines are down, some talk about prepping, or want to but don’t have much knowledge on how. They see the dehydrated food stuffs and start asking questions. I try to help without seeming like a screaming survivalist.
    Sorry if I seem off-comment. It’s early in the am here. Couldn’t sleep, and thoughts are free-forming.
    Keep on keepin’ on!.

  10. I am one of those eligible for full social security at 67, I think. But, because of stuff like giving social securiy to refugees andCongress spending all the money in the “lockbox,” I have never expected to receive any social security. If I haplen to get some, well, that will be a nice bonus, but I have grown up with the understanding it wohld not be there for me. Sad, but true.

    • Babycatcher says:

      Me too. It’s the reason I went back to school at 40 and got two pieces of paper that say I have some brains, and a license to practice what I love, in my state….I will be working as long as my brains, hands and eyes hold out….

    • Let me just correct the lockbox concern: I delved into this just recently. Social security would have been foolish to lock their money into a safe and leave it, due to inflation. It might’ve been brighter, well it certainly would have, to have invested in the stock market, but instead they in effect bought treasury bonds by loaning the money to the federal government. (I believe they were technically inter- agency loans; I don’t have that completely figured out.). As such, they would be drawing some small interest gain

      Here’s the rub: those loans enabled the profligate American government and citizenry (Who voted the rascals in…) to spend well beyond their means for many many years, including now.

      The net result will be that when social security starts to need those monies and calls their bonds, the government will run RED INK like it’s going out of style….. And will have to increase Taxes or cut expenditures. Or both. There is a reasonable expectation that those actions will decrease the growth of the private sector further.

      So I just wanted to straighten out the lock box idea: it is bad, very bad, but not exactly what people say it is.

    • The should cut the retirement of politicians. The first politicians worked for free and it was considered an honor to serve the government. Now there mostly criminals,lying,stealing or cheating and then have the nerve to want to take our freedoms guaranteed us under the constitution. Our God given rights of freedom of speech, in some countries we wouldn’t be allowed to do this! Our God given right to self-defense (2nd amendment). That’s right disarm the people so they can’t fight back. (Do as we say not as we do)!!! The right not to be searched without warrant. All of the laws they enacted that violate the Constitution are illegal. They would have you believe they can impose restrictions on carrying a gun,owning a gun,how many rounds you can have in a gun, but truth be told they can’t violate the Constitution. Shall not be infringed!!! They can give you more freedom,just not less. Our country is heading toward a cliff hopefully we can turn back before freedom is lost.

      • Response to Thor — re. Politician pay

        No politician should be paid more than the average income of his/her constituency.

        The practice in Ancient Rome was that when called to service, you served, and hoped someone took care of ‘the farm’ until your time was up.

      • You got that right. I’m for cutting their retirement benefits. Let them see how it feels.

    • I never expected SS either and I’m still a decade or so away. Always felt that if the govt just got the heck outta my way I would be fine. Just imagine if we all could have saved/invested what has gone into SS all these years? But, as many people have pointed out to me, we have to pay for those who were not diligent enough to save. Call me dim, but if a 20-something making $14,000 in her first job out of college (me) can put $$ in an IRA each month everybody should be able to do the same thing. It’s priorities and discipline. Most people’s priorities revolve around the bright shiny new thing and discipline seems to be a lost trait.

      I’m all for helping people in need, but if the need is self created out of inaction, laziness or the instant gratification needs of a 5-year old mentality that leads to debt and poor money decisions, how is that my problem to solve? Isn’t a less than ideal retirement just one of the consequences of a persons bad decisions over their lifetime?

      Seriously, some of these problems could be solved with a little bit of tough love, like educating the coming generations that they shouldn’t expect the govt to take care of you, so you better start making plans to take care of yourself.

      There’s a great line from a Judy Garland movie that says something like….I’m guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but it’s up to me to do the pursuing.

      As for migrants…if America did not have such a liberal welfare system we wouldn’t have an immigration problem. You do see people from all over the world rushing China’s borders.

      Do away with most of the welfare programs, except for the most indigent, and the migrant problem will solve itself.

  11. Some food for thought here, though it probably won’t go down easily:

    The Paris Attacks

    • I read a good bit of his long opinion, and while there are parts I concur with, I think he has some misconceptions about the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic state: he claims that King Salmon would further the Islam make state to gain power over the region.

      It’s a good bit more complicated than that. For example the Islamic state recently attacked and killed a senior Saudi Arabian military leader, and were attacked by Saudi Arabia in return.

      I’m just not bright enough to understand all of the interrelationships in the Middle East, especially given the various branches of a rather militaristic religion……

      I think we ought to build a “wall” around them as much as possible (figuratively if not literally), become oil independent, and let them kill each other if they have to

      • Keep in mind anything you read about real islam would be censored in many nations, and you will only get Taqiyya from moslems themselves.

  12. Our country is in the grip of absolute insanity.
    Just look at all the contradictions, that exist at present in our culture. People who believe in a constitutional system, are eyed as threats. If you are evangelical you are thought of as being subversive. I believe in Christian charity. But too many do gooders (feel gooders), who want to give our country to strangers. Wouldn’t help a true suffering neighbor, next door. Charity begins at home.
    We teach our young to be self dependent, then the PTB, wants to create a society totally dependent on government. We are not heading to an end road scenario, we are there,
    Americans with old time values, are eyed with suspicion, even in many churches. Basically to disagree with current line of PC thought is not only uncomfortable, it is down right dangerous. I saw a television interview last week, with a local do gooder. The individual stated that they loved their country and community, but they wouldn’t consider themselves a patriot, as some other conservative minded folks did. With all that said, pray for our country, and our leaders. Stand strong and prepared. Encourage, teach, instruct.

    Always Vigil
    Support your oathkeepers.

  13. Immigration has long been a tool of the ruling elite to weaken the economic & political power of the poor as they rise into the middle class. This tactic has been utilized in many other countries throughout the millenia. Divide & conquer!
    As this technique has been used elsewhere over a long time, perhaps we can deduce the same groups employing it? Groups hidden w/in society/government?
    The Cloward Pliven strategy is very similar to the ‘Hegellian Dialectic’ (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) created by early socialist & German philosopher hegel. He was an ‘intellectual’ upon whom bismarck built his socialist philosophies. antonio gramscii was a marxist who advocated its use in conquering countries to bring them under the iron curtain. liberal vs neo-con ideological clashings are typical of both techniques being employed here.
    Note the above stories regarding immigration. The man of Mexican lineage decries the illegals, his opinion valid. I have the same issue w/my children, given their ‘sophomoristic’ tendencies. I have to undo the ‘wisdom’ they receive @ state run institutions. Thankfully Mark Twain provided this perspective ( and hope): ‘the older I get, the smarter my father gets’.
    Also, note government works projects utilizing immigration to hold down costs. This tactic enslaves the taxpayer to pay for these projects & enriches those holding the contracts (crony capitalists/facists!). The immigrant did the a$$ bu$ting/dangerous work (think of HIGH mortality rates in early/middle industrialization) & was offered citizenship. He earned his pay, yet was payed w/stolen funds.
    Also, just what does ‘national cathedral’ mean? Could it be ‘globalist speak’ meaning a whitewashing of religions to bring all the faithful under one ‘umbrella’ as religion has never been extinguished (i.e., it goes on despite martyrring/murderring its adherents by our trading partners). Under that one umbrella, does that suggest some religions have been ‘infiltrated’? Perhaps so that a poisoned stain can be foisted on society? A whitewashing of a stain which includes serial killers, child molesters & occultists under the concept of tolerance?
    OMG does Bobbo suggest an interwoven conspiracy? OK so I’ve veered off again, but remember the red spy rings to which julius, ethel & alger hiss belonged were not rooted out! Nor their benefactors……

    • I think it’s a lot more about money and a lot less about intrigue than you suspect.

      I’ve visited the national Cathedral, and it’s a huge concrete structure that just basically is a empty church available for use. Kind of from a bygone age when the government generally thought religion was something to somewhat support in general….. It’s construction was probably more about someone wanting federal funds to their home district to create more jobs!

      • Corruption & conspiracy go hand in hand. A thumbs up & thanks for your comments. Corruption drives up ‘govt costs’ & bankrupting society on a grand scale ideology used incrementalist tactics till those ‘just gov’t actions are acceptable’. Look @ how fdr increased spending. hoover did the same. As did coolidge. Going forward from coolidge showed the trend increasing. The league of nations was ousted b4 it got off the ground. The u n was accepted.

      • I, too have visited the National Cathedral in Washington DC. I think it is an amazing building. It took highly skilled masons, like my nonno, to build it. We need to be clear headed about what issue we are attacking. It’s not a building or past immigration or federal funds for someone’s district, but the policies of our president and his attitude toward the people he is working for….us. It’s about the contract he has with us and the breach of that contract and what it is costing us. Economically, socially, politically, and security-wise.

  14. MD, I pretty much buy into the Cloward Piven theory, but I think another big part of it is the incredible tendency of progressives to believe in Utopia. They worship the idea of government, they think the government can right all the wrongs in the whole world, make everyone have all things necessary, and bring about essentially nirvana.

    Every time I talk with a progressive, I sense that they just can’t grasp the practicalities of crushing indebtedness. Foolish people in my opinion, steer clear of them, try not to let them destroy your nation, as they are close to doing…

    • Sweden tried the utopia, it’s a complete failure.
      Multiculturalism also fails when muslins are involved. England, France, Norway, Germany will be third world countries due to immigration and refugees.

    • For the conservative, when life presents great struggles, he knows he has the power to surmount them. Happiness stems from internal strength and perseverance. For the liberal, when life presents great struggles, the system failed, therefore they were at the mercy of a faulty system, and they believe that only when the system is fixed can their life improve. Happiness is built on systemic contingencies, which they will then seek to control or expect someone else to.

      One blames himself. The other blames anyone and everyone but himself.
      From the Conservative Treehouse

    • Yes, yes, yes. Makes me think of the article about Madonna saying we should just show ISIS love and all will be well. REALLY!!!! How naieve can you be. Didn’t have the stomach to read that insanity, but I think she should go for it. Love on ISIS…I’m sticking with our military guys.

  15. Erin Sullivan says:

    The refugee crisis is part of the the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over America. They come as refugees, have 4 wives and 15 kids while we continue to have 1.5 kids per family. Then in 20 to 30 years, they will out number us and vote themselves into office and then change all of our laws LEGALLY to make sharia law. That’s when they will have the LEGAL right to kill anyone who isn’t a Muslim. They did it in Lebanon between 1947 and 1975 and they will do it here! I am afraid for my children and future grandchildren! 🙁

    • The video ‘Demographic Winter’ addresses this situation & related issues. Quite shocking, to say the least. red influences here (margaret sanger, betty friedan) & their current adherents seem to have entered the American mindset as well. Note that marxian ideology is also served by an onerous taxation policy as well. This can tend to make potential or current parents ‘plan their parenthood’, as having lots of children is costly. Not so for welfare moms; the more children, the more handouts…. Nor is it so for this benefitting from corporate welfare. irs created in 1913, it’s come a long way, baby…..

    • yassir arafat said that europe would be conquered by the moslem womb.
      and so it is.

  16. Lots of valid complaints here of the obvious injustice of the welfare state and large numbers of refugees draining the economy. But as long as a majority of citizens embrace sacrifice as a moral ideal, to give up values and get nothing or lesser values in return, the destruction of America is unavoidable. The words “unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are not words of self sacrifice. They are words of rational self interest. America was intended to be a nation of self interested, rights respecting people and laws. Now the problem is not should people help others. My own Michigan Governor Rick Snyder when asked about accepting Syrian refugees said “Isn’t it right to help the needy?” By right he means morally right. Well, to be morally right the help must be voluntary, that is, chosen. If I rob you of a thousand dollars and give it to my favorite needy group, I am still guilty of armed robbery and should be put away for whatever the punishment for that is. It does not become morally right if my actions are legalized by having the IRS take your thousand dollars so the current governor or president can give it to HIS favorite needy group. It is just as immoral as if I were doing it and should be equally illegal. (To his credit Governor Snyder put on hold his acceptance of those refugees a few days later.) There is much talk on this and other sites about the urgent need to get back to our founding documents, the Declaration and the Constitution and properly so. But not just for a rediscovery of our political and economic principles, but to discover for the first time, for many people, the moral principle of individual rights: for if it is moral for a man to have a right to his life, then it is moral for him to have the freedom (liberty) to pursue those things that will sustain his life (property), then it is right that have the freedom to determine the use of those things (pursuit of happiness) for his own well being. The only obligation on him is to refrain from violating the same rights of others. As for the refugees from Syria, there is no obligation on anyone to help them. People are free to form groups to do so if they want. But to give the government the power to force citizens to make the sacrifices the government thinks they ought to make is a disaster in the making. In this spirit American’s need to stand up for the principle that each person has a right to his own life and does not have an obligation to lose it for someone else. But to give the government the power to force people to surrender their property to the needy is to establish the principle that the needy have a right to it because they don’t have it, and you don’t have a right to it because you do have it. That is immoral in the extreme. The only solution I can see is to start the process to eventually abolish all forms of welfare and entitlements. It will take quite awhile as too many people are now dependent on them. But the time to start is now.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      You make entirely to much sense…………. You’d never make in in public office. Sorry Mikey……………

    • “embrace sacrifice as a moral ideal”

      Leftists are not willing to sacrifice anything but the fruits of others labor.

  17. No muslim refugees!
    There are many wealthy muslin countries that could take these refugees. Why dont they?
    If they are such an asset and are safe why won’t muslim countries take them?
    One reason is the refugees are after freebies which they probably won’t receive in muslim countries.
    They are also obeying allah by moving and spreading islam.
    They do not share our values or our culture, they rarely assimilate, they drain our resources, their allegiance is to allah.
    They cannot be trusted as they are told its ok to lie and deceive to spread islam.
    Muslim truck drivers in NyC sued because they were fired for refusing to transport alcohol, muslims won their lawsuit.
    They will push, whine, complain for change and the political correct will cave in fast.
    Sweden is in shambles due to muslim immigration, search the web.
    check out the gatestone Institute on the web for many, many stories, facts not heard elsewhere, like libraries closing all over Sweden because muslims are causing ruckus, trashing, etc. The crime rate there is skyrocketing. Malmo, Sweden is being called the rape capital of the world due to the muslim vermin raping Sweden women and girls.
    We must stop muslim immigration /refugees coming to America.
    The true refugees should be given a safe place in their own countries.

  18. Many say well immigrants open restaurants…
    Where do their customers come from? Other restaurants, many American owned.
    These immigrant restaurants often receive unfair advantages, tax breaks, government grants, illegal workers pushing American owned businesses out of business.
    There cannot be an unlimited amount of foreign restaurants just because liberals want an unlimited amount of refugees/immigrants.
    Sounds crazy but makes sense.

  19. neo (new) liberals subscribe to ideology of potemkin (aka smoke & mirrors or the old shell game or playing ostrich while singing a muffled version of kumbaya- or come & get it). Classical liberals embrace freedom from government intervention. The cloward piven or hegellian dialectic versions ask/beg for government solutions. Terrorism is a political tool, which begs for more government as a solution- aka tyranny. France is doing it now (closed borders & more interventionism/war in middle east). Our Constitution offers the best solution here- those who want to kumbaya w/beheaders are welcome to leave….let God sort ’em out. If/when they jack w/us, letters of marque & reprisal, but ABSOLUTELY NO TROJAN HORSES! Aka neocons.

  20. The refugees are fleeing the same people you’re afraid of. They aren’t terrorists. They’re victims. You’re sickeningly racist and ignorant. Leaving innocent people to die is murder. You’re more of a terrorist than the refugees are. You want hundreds of thousands of people to die simply because they’re from another country.

    • Brenda,

      Throwing the word racist around has no affect on me because guess what I could not care less what you think.

      Why don’t you lead by example and let several refugees move into your house with you and your family, and you be responsible for all of their needs forever… that would be a good start.

      So what do you suggest? That we bring everyone from everywhere who is having issues in their own country into the U.S. and put them on the U.S. welfare system? Screw the American tax payer who has planned and worked for 40-50 years and paid into the system right… How about the homeless veterans…

      Already the Washington Times is reporting that Social Security disability payments will run out of money in 2016, so I don’t guess adding a few hundred thousand new dependents will matter much… right?

      Who is going to take Americans in and support us when the U.S. has crashed under the weight of the refugee influx…

      If you really want to help those Syrian refugees then you need to demand that the U.S. government stop supporting and arming ISIS and that we join with Russia and France and destroy ISIS in Syria to re-stabilize the country…

      Syrians burning U.S. Flag

    • I am not afraid of Assad he kept Syria safe for Christians, jews and even gays until Bath House Barry supported bad moslems.

    • let’s go over to Brendas hse & live large…..why isn’t the pope taking them in?

    • Erin Sullivan says:

      These are not helpless women and children fleeing for their lives. They are mostly strong, but lazy men looking for a handout! Please watch this video. You will never see it in the propaganda machine media!

      • 50% of the refugees we’ve taken in have been children. Stop watching Fox News and read REAL news stories. And I am doing everything in my power to help them.

        • Erin Sullivan says:

          That’s a totally made up number? Where did you even get that number from? Did you even watch the video? Its not like someone stage anything on the video! lol
          The men even say in the video at one !point that they want to go to a country that will send for their wives and children once they get settled! Why don’t you try to at least watch the video. You sound like you are brainwashed!

        • Brenda,

          I don’t care if they are 100% children. They are not our responsibility. My children are my responsibility, and I can hardly support them. We should worry about Americans and American children first.

          • No one human is any more worthy than another. Your life is not of more value simply because you’re a white American. You have zero morals.

          • Brenda,
            Why do you assume that I’m white? Why do you always, try to pull the race card? Only stupid people pull the race card when they have no real argument. As for one life being more important than another, Americans should be the number one priority of other Americans. We should worry about our children and country first. What if by keeping these “refugees” out we can prevent a terrorist attack that kills American children is that not important to you? Are Americans and American children not important to you. How do you feel about abortion?

          • Brenda, do you mean to be so insulting?

            I’m not sure if the things you’re saying are actually true.

            I have adopted two kids, every year I pay between 30 and $50,000 of taxes to United States government, on top of giving away tens of thousands of dollars in charity. I have sheltered an African child, put him through school, and currently have put two wells in place in Africa at my cost.

            Do you still wish to claim I have no morals?

            If I do not know what to do to help someone and they die, because of my inaction, Am I truly a murderer? If so, many bystanders in hospitals are murderers, because they do not possess my skills and I could save the life if I get there in time where they can’t. Do you still wish to call people who took no direct violent action, murders?

            I’m not sure that’s the attitude that Jesus of Nazareth took.

            I’m quite willing to help people who are truly in need of help, but I am very confused by the videos that I see of young men walking through Europe. Didn’t they have a responsibility to protect their families back home? Who failed so that their nation is such a catastrophe? Did I fail?

            Or did my president fail?
            Or did the Muslim religion fail?

            Who is truly to blame here?

          • Country Vet says:

            Amen. Well said. 100 thumbs up!

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            Amen PepperDoc!!!

          • Islam will always be a failure, its third world thinking and views, barbaric. No place in America for that.

        • Brenda,
          Why can’t muslim countries help? Why is it our responsibility? Saudi Arabia is vast and wealthy, U A E is wealthy, where is there help?
          Refugees want freebies.
          NO, NO, human other than American citizens have a right to live / be in America!
          We have no right to move to Turkey, Yemen, etc, and demand food, apartments, free medical care, jobs, education, language class do we??
          Women and children unfortunately are being used as bombs also not just the cowardly men.
          Read articles at the Gatestone Institute for info on how refugees /invaders are treating their hosts. They are not appreciative for the help, just complainers asking for more, more, demanding more.
          I don’t watch fox.
          Savage said it best, we can help along with other countries to build them whatever they need in Syria until the war can be stopped, then they can help rebuild their own countries instead of tearing ours apart.
          Islam does not mix with any other religion. This is a judeo Christian country and should stay that way. They have vast areas to live in they just want freebies.
          Not just talking about Syrians but any middle east muslim or North Africa muslim.
          Islam has wanted Europe for thousands of years and refugees / immigrants are being used to spread islam.
          Mohammed was a pervert, rapist, child molester, murderer, total scumbag. Keep their culture over there.

        • Get real news from Refugee Resentment Watch or Pamela Geller’s site. A gay guy that posts over at Brietbart said that there is a larger proportion of fighting age men as refugees than there are in gay bath houses.

        • 50% WE’VE TAKEN IN ARE CHILDREN, not 50% of the refugees fleeing Syria.
          Majority are men. I know someone who seen the fiasco in Europe while vacationing, saw 90% men, thousands, acted like hooligans, trashed everything, everywhere they go.
          Scared vacationers, they left, headed north, roads were blocked, bus stations, train stations blocked, overrun with thousands of mostly men refugees.
          99.9999% of trouble they are causing is not on the news, some makes it to web with camera phones, ive seen some, scary to think that could be us, like an invasion, burning food, tents, busting car windows, flipped a car in one video, demanding better food, faster wifi, apartments, cash, etc, screamin about allah and how they will take over.
          These are NOT the type of people we need in America, they can stay where their at.
          They have zero, NO right to America or even Europe. Plain and simple.
          We can provide aid, help fix Syria.

      • I will. And I have also donated quite a bit and volunteer at a refugee outreach center.

        • Brenda you are a fool. What kind of stupid bitch would invite a bunch of proven child abusers and rapist into there home. You need to get mental help…

          • How can you claim someone you don’t even know is a rapist? I don’t claim you’re a rapist simply because other Christians have raped children. You can’t judge an entire country or religion by the actions of a few.

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Well, Brenda, you claimed that people YOU don’t even know (members of this site and other Americans disagreeing with your left leaning, political ideology) are “racists” so what’s your point about telling others they can’t call out others as being “rapists” as they see fit? I agree that both rapists and racists are repugnant, but Brenda, “Hello pot. Meet kettle.”

            Of course entire countries or entire religions should not be judged by the actions of a few . . . however, it’s important to remember that there are not “just a few” self labeling as jihadists on the extremist end of the Muslim religion. It’s a worldwide, exponentially increasing & ever expanding political (more political than religious) movement from the radical, terror inducing, Islamic / extremists’ point of view, Brenda. What about these differences is that which do you not fully comprehend?

            As well, it’s important to note: I agree that, possibly, a good majority of American, delightfully assimilated Muslims (but who knows how many because so few of the so called “moderate Muslims” refuse to speak up in defense of their religion and denounce these terrorists and so few refuse to openly condemn the violent & false “peaceful” members of their faith here in the U.S.) are good and decent people, wishing no harm on those that choose not to embrace the the 7th Century, Islamic beliefs.

            However, as it seems to be obvious that a good percentage of these American Muslims decide(d) to not become fully, American assimilate & have chosen not to publicly engage in civil discourse concerning such, so how’s anyone to know what the self labeled “moderates” claim to believe as honest truth?

            In recent history, (since the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, at least) when the limited number of well known Evangelical Protestant (Christian) ministers were caught sinning & falling down miserably from incidents of tax fraud to adultery (and I can even recall one incident of actual murder near Emporia, Kansas) most Protestants, including the majority of most Catholic Christians & Jews – even plenty of ethical atheists & agnostics – didn’t hesitate to condemn the unholy & immoral / unethical actions of the self labeled, “faith based” leaders.

            When the limited number of Catholic (also Christian) priests, bishops & cardinals were found out of the unholy actions of child molestation & cover-ups, most Catholics, including the majority of Protestant Christians & Jews – even plenty of ethical atheists & agnostics – did not hesitate to condemn the unholy & immoral / unethical actions of these abusers as well, and all did their best to oust all from public positions to demonized future behavior.

            Again, where are the majority of Muslims whom are condemning extremists & terrorists & evil attacks upon the innocents in these times? “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?” (This is a fictional movie reference, by the way, but wholly appropriate for absentee matters concerning this subject.)

            The radical & extremists & terror inflicting members of the Islamic religion wanting global jihad & wanting to establish a worldwide caliphate (meaning worldwide, Islamic Sharia law domination – as these are indeed the political ideals the terrorists wishing and working to establish their interpretation of the Islamic religion AND their subsequent interpretations of political views which are claimed to be prominent in their “holy book” want to see upon the face of planet Earth) are not “just a few” number of people. They live on every continent (save probably Antarctica)

            And they are legion!

            The majority of less self proclaimed “Islamic moderates” fail to acknowledge &/or admit the sins of such diabolical members (whom participate in be-headings / crucifixions / stoning women & homosexuals / selling young girls into slavery / training young boys for suicide missions / keeping women as sub class human beings, no matter what, etc.,) attached to their faith, (wanted or not) than the general, free thinking American public not of the Muslim faith.

            The less critically thinking of Americans & the faith based, (non critically thinking American Muslims) will continue to not call out the radical, extremist Islamic intents to be of a good & positive nature. And the less free thinking, general American public will welcome so called “refugees” within American borders, no matter any proven study / history of ill fated intentions.

            It ain’t rocket science, Brenda, to understand that a great many people simply don’t learn from history and often react in a knee jerk manner based solely on personal emotions and seldom based in fact.

            I wish you well, Brenda, and I will pray for your continued safety & long life, but there ‘ain’t no way’ I will ever fall prey to your snide remarks & “trollish” comments.

            If you really believe you must help the masses of Muslim refugees trying to migrate into the “Land of the Free” maybe you should donate 90% of your income for U.S. taxes (there actually is a line on your tax form to donate more than required, if you wish) to support & relocate the refugees from the Middle East to the U.S.A. Next, try teaching the very idea of America, aka, the Great American Experiment, to devout radicalized Muslim extremists on their own native soil before they head to America if you relate to them so much.

            P.S. Be sure to buy & pack a burka to cover your head & American based wardrobe, Brenda, before you get on the plane lest you be stoned to death for being an assertive woman in the homelands of the radical, extremist Muslim males.

          • The worst thing Jesus did was flip a table and chase some crooks with a whip. Moo ham mad sold islame as the way to get sex slaves as young as 6. Moslems also think bacha bazi is acceptable.

            Moslems could go to Saudi Arabia that has air conditioned, powered & plumbed room for 3 million that is only used one week a year, but the Saudi’s know it would be too much of a security risk.

          • Wish Saudi tents would be discussed on the news.. Why should we take the trouble makers.

        • Country Vet says:

          I started to pen another post, but instead, I will simply say that I have great sympathy for your family and neighbors and will keep them in my prayers. They are going to need all of the help that they can get. YOU are on your own.

          • Prayer doesn’t do shit. Maybe if you weren’t raised to believe in fairy tales, you’d be able to tell the difference between right and wrong.

          • Brenda, I wasn’t going to comment because I thought nothing I say would penetrate your thick skull. And I think that most of the posters on this blog are grownup and can hold their own in a conversation. I think that it might be best for you to stop posting your opinions and take a step back before you get a concussion beating your head against an immovable object. You don’t have to agree with us and that is OK. Part of being in this ‘family’ means that we can disagree with each other, but to keep family unity, you don’t get snarky about people you do not know. How about you grow up, act your age (unless you really are 12), and simply walk away from this conversation. By the way, I, too, will be praying for you. Whether you believe or not, we all answer to the same God.

          • Thankfully, it doesn’t really matter what you think. We are taking in the refugees whether you like it or not. There isn’t anything you can do about it. You lost that vote.

          • I don’t recall this was up for a vote. Good bye, Brenda.

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            Actually, Brenda, this is still a democratic country and it will be up for a vote. It’s called the Presidential election! And when we finally put a badass rebuplican back in office like say, Trump, he’s gonna shut that whole refugee bullshit down!

          • Interesting stuff…
            ‘People in Europe are full of fear’ over refugee influx : Leaders strongly disagreeing in public over whether the asylum-seekers were threatening “Europe’s Christian roots.”

            Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass influx of refugees : A leading Swedish politician says the country is facing a refugee catastrophe, which will lead to the “country collapsing.”

            German police say refugee influx poses security risk : “Germany’s police chief has said that the uncontrolled influx of refugees into the country posed a domestic security threat as more than 8,000 streamed over the Austrian border to Bavaria on Wednesday alone.”

            Rape and child abuse ‘are rife in German refugee camps’ women are ‘seen as fair game : : A culture of rape and sexual abuse is being allowed to take hold in asylum centers across Germany as Europe struggles to cope with the migrant crisis.”

            German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports : Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities on Tuesday of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers.

          • Every election it’s up for vote. Bernie Sanders is going to win this coming election without a doubt. Republicans are dying off. Society is teaching children to be decent human beings even if their parents don’t.

          • Brenda,

            So our children belong to the state and you think that the state can raise them better than their parents… is that what you’re saying Brenda? No no Bernie Sanders the socialist isn’t going to win anything… He isn’t fit to be elected dog catcher…

            People are fed up with the b.s. of Obama and the democrats and want a change (just like they were fed up with Bush and the Republicans when Obama was put in office), unfortunately I’m not sure that it will make any difference who gets elected…

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            You’re right every election is up for a vote and as a registered independent who voted for Bush twice and Obama once, I was going to vote for Hillary until she decided to throw us under the refugee bus! Everyone knows that moderate independents control the vote sweetheart! Here’s the smallest violin in the world playing my heart bleeds for you!

          • Who will feed the monkeys when the white man is gone? $27 trillion wasted failing to make non Asian minorities equal.

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            BTW. It is up for a vote in congress right now! It’s called HR3314. So I encourage everyone to please call your representatives and tell them you support HR3314!!!

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            This conversation is getting really hard to read on my phone! Lol

          • Every open borders advocate and everyone who has supported immigration from third world nations is morally culpable for both the crimes committed by the invaders as well as the measures that will have to be taken in order to expel them. ~ Vox Day

            “The anti-fascists and multiculturalists and diversity advocates are creating more Nazis around the world than Hitler ever did.”

    • Brenda how and who should pay for the housing, food, medical care, and education of these hundreds of thousands of “refugees”?

      Also do you think that these people are more important than Americans? Should the welfare and wellbeing of Americans not come first and foremost?

      How do you feel about abortion?

      Are you a Hillary Clinton supporter?

      • We can easily take care of Americans and the refugees.

        Abortion is up to the woman. A fetus isn’t a living being if it is unable to survive outside the womb.

        And no, I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

        • Bath House Barry shorted the veterans hospitals $2billion but throws away more than that on moslems that need taxpayer paid classes on how to use a toilet.
          Evolution didn’t stop at the neck. If they could contribute to a 1st world nation all they would have to do is copy how 1st world people live.

    • Hey, Brenda, Islam is a religion and not a race. So the issue here cannot be racism.

      • You are discriminating against them based on their country of origin. That is racism.

      • Bam Bam,

        It’s also a political and governing system via Sharia law. their goal is to force everyone in the world to convert to Islam and live under Sharia law…

        • As is the goal of Republicans/Christians. What’s the difference? Christians are constantly trying to deny rights to others based on their religious beliefs.

          • PrepperDoc says:

            Correct me if I am wrong, but the only “rights” I as a Christian wish to deny others are things such as…

            and so on.

            Where you disagree is what is the definition of some of these terms.

            Generally, all societies place limitations on peoples’ actions; most forbid rape, murder, theft etc.

            Exactly what is your authority for what constitutes a “right”?

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            LMFAO! The ONLY reason that you, Brenda, can enjoy all of the rights and privileges that you take for granted in these United States IS because of the Christians that founded this country and made it the DEMOCRACY it is today! If the Middle eastern Muslims come here and take over, you can kiss those rights and privileges GOOD-BYE!!!

          • Erin, pls refer to Article 4 Section 4 of US Constitution….. this document guarantees a republican form of government…. I don’t mean to preach & I apologize, espcially to one w/a beautiful Erse name (2 actually) such as yours, but let me continue….. NO state constitution (of the 50) mentions the words democracy or democratic either….lastly the Declaration of Independence follows suit in that it does not include those ‘D’ words either. We do enjoy/employ a ‘democratic’ process in that we vote for ‘representatives’ who are (supposedly) bound by law (from Greek ‘Res Publica’ aka the public thing i.e., the law).
            Democracies are self defeating in that the majority can vote away the personal properties of the minorities. Said differently, a democracy is a sheep & a pack of wolves voting on what to have for lunch. A republic is a well armed sheep……
            As Brenda is all for voting for the property of others (majority rules) she falls into bolshevik bernie sanders camp; as she has stated.
            I’d ask her if she is now or has ever been a member of the communist party, but we had better not for our legal system is such that by asking that question one can get sued or fined or detained….. so don’t ask, don’t tell. Invite her statements, they will reveal the bent….

          • sorry to get preachy Erin, hv GreatThanksgiving

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s what makes this country great! Happy Thanksgiving!

          • BlueJeanedLady says:

            Very interesting observation(s) Erin & Bobbo! Me & DH & Sis & BIL got into this same conversation about a year ago. (It was a friendly argument / debate as we are – generally – of similar political persuasions.)

            Sis said, “We live in a democracy.”
            BIL said, “We live in a republic.”
            I said, acting the peacemaker, “We live in a democratically elected, representative republic.”
            DH said, always the realist, “Technically, we live in a constitutional republic.”

            Of course the merriment of the lively conversation continued, but no one left wounded! 🙂

            Long story short, our holiday & family get-togethers aren’t too uncomfortable or painful when the subject of politics (as it always does) arises! 🙂

            Have a safe & giving thanks, Thanksgiving & holiday weekend, all. Keep taking care, too!

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            All I want to know is if the Muslims became the majority voting power in this country, is it possible for them to vote themselves into power in both the legislation and judicial system in order to change our laws in such a way that would make their sharia law the law of the land? They did this in Lebanon in the 1970’s and they just did this in Eygypt. What makes us think that they can’t do that here eventually.
            My daughter says that they can’t change the constitution, but amendments can be nulled like the 18th amendment was nulled by the 22nd ammendment.

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            All I want to know is if the Muslims became the majority voting power in this country, is it possible for them to vote themselves into power in both the legislation and judicial system in order to change our laws in such a way that would make their sharia law the law of the land? They did this in Lebanon in the 1970’s and they just did this in Eygypt. What makes us think that they can’t do that here eventually.
            My daughter says that they can’t change the constitution, but amendments can be nulled like the 18th amendment was nulled by the 22nd amendment.

          • Hi Erin, I’m not a scholar or expert in any field. Much less the US Constitution….. I do know parts of it well, but it would take a lifetime to become VG @ it. Some of the later amendments have been passed to nullify earlier, so your sis may be right.
            Similarly, be wary (i.e., VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE) any attempts @ a states or constitutional convention. Erected officials don’t follow it now, why would they follow it then? & if passed, the new public thing would be pretty,as in pretty ugly.
            I kinda like Tom Woods opinions; Mary Webster has a version of Federalist Papers written in today’s lingo- informative; Joe Wolverton II, JD writes for The New American (TNA) I’ve read numerous articles by him (TNA is a semi weekly publication of John Birch Society, of which I’m a member).
            The best advice I can give is to TRY VERY HARD to read The Federalist & Anti Federalist Papers. They were written in late 1700’s & were published then in numerous newspapers. Written so as to put forth to the public what wasbeing debated @ Constitutional Convention. Once that ‘old dead white guy lingo’ is grasped, their wisdom becomes astounding.
            Perhaps not conclusive though, as the Bill of Rights now contains 10 items. But over 200 were originally proposed, which the Federalists first whittled the 200 to 12, & now 10 remain.
            Here’s a little food for thought on that matter…..Hamilton was against The Bill of Rights being included (Hamilton was a bankers tool). Why? He said they would confound & distort the Articles… look @ your original question…. hmmmm. Personally I feel they should be included- more checks & balances against those who would do us harm……. The need is to be informed & talk over w/our compadres, inviting new discourse. Then follow up w/action: GET INVOLVED!!!!!
            BTW, much of the US Constitution is to be found in the Bible of course in different words….. am I demanding or what?

          • Apple wont sell its watch in Indians because you cant get pizza at your lesbian wedding, but you can buy it in Saudi Arabia where they toss homosexuals off the top of buildings.

        • The Latest: US to give $419 million in aid to Syria refugees meanwhile VA faces $2.6 billion shortfall. Just goes to show who and what is important to our government.

  21. Thomas The Tinker says:

    What could a person add to what has been ‘said’ above…..

    This is not going to end well for any involved. No funded nor unfunded and mandated ‘benefit’ has ever…. ever… been administered fairly once the issuing authority or the public have been given the chance to ‘amend’ the small print. So what news there…….

    We…. Us…. have shared in the creation of a fiscal knot so complex and deadly that to solve all issues…. we would have to reset to a zero based system. That in of its self would doom more of us than would want tolerate the pain and suffering….

    Ergo…… it ain’t gonna happen by choice! ..

    .. and ergo .. why I prep…….

  22. I’m in south central Texas (north of San Antonio and south of Austin, a so called sanctuary city). In the news this morning, yet another group of Middle Eastern refugees have turned themselves in to the Border Patrol in Laredo. Last week it was two families of Middle eastern descent. I’m guessing they’re not from Saudi Arabia or Israel.
    I’m not surprised at the negative influx of Mexican and Central American citizens, even though TDL gave the long term workers amnesty, most of them don’t want it. They’d rather qualify for free health care, free food, free rent, that way they get to keep all of their paycheck. Lots of them have families here, most are unmarried, but claim 8 dependents so even less gets taken out. They get questioned, they disappear, go to Mexico this time of year and don’t come back until after the first of the year. They’re more afraid of the cartels, but I believe there is a fear of what the refugees will take away from them.
    The Border Patrol has quietly been ordered to place caches of water and I’m assuming food in many of the ranches that are used by illegals as their pathways into the US. I’m not sure just what is going to happen, just that it won’t be good, one way or the other.
    We’ve got neighbor’s who are bitching and complaining about guns, shooting and hunting. It is not against any law where we are, and even to quote a neighbor “was never so poor they had to kill something.” That was a true face palm moment, another example of the exodus of airheads to the country, who also said the realtor who sold them their 6 acres told them in Texas, you had to have at least 100 acres. I just want to slam my head in a door repeatedly, used to be most of this area was hunting leases, and now occupied with a bunch of aged hippies who experimented with LSD just a tad too much back in the 60’s…

    • Some more info that might be gossip or hearsay, the refugees in Texas custody were not families but individuals who were apprehended in a chase. Supposedly information out of the upper command level of the Texas Dept. of Public safety.

  23. This just goes to show how corrupt this administration really is.

  24. The following is not right on the subject but skims the edges—–I am a 100% disabled veteran, service connected and combat action. I have never been diagnosed as being depressed since my discharge in the 1960s. Today I learned that my VA major diagnosis is depression. I was never treated for, nor sought treatment for, depression. I asked about that new diagnosis but received no good answer. I know that Obama has pushed programs that confiscate guns from veterans diagnosed as depressed. Also, their finances are taken out of their hands and given over to financial managers. So, these refuges are coming here to take my property and money, riot in my church, rape my wife and daughters, etc. and possibly wear special vests ‘ornamented’ with bombs to destroy the nation while I am deprived of my right to defend my family, our home, and our money and possibly shipped off to some sort of mental institution. I think the line , to use Obama’s term, has been crossed.

    • Get a lawyer, and a psychiatrist. I would go fight that…

    • Erin Sullivan says:

      I thought that was only if you were admitted to a psych ward against your will? Not just for getting voluntary treatment.

      • That’s correct. One has to be deemed mentally incompetent by a judge and just having a diagnosis is not sufficient–it usually takes criminal activity associated with the mental disorder along with a persistent refusal to comply with medications.

        • I will be at the VAMC tomorrow at 0900 for an MRI. I intend to check into this more deeply. Then, if needed, I will pull in DAV and/ VFW to help.

          I am not a psych patient. I never was treated for post traumatic stress issues. My diagnosis was changed recently without my knowledge.

          Veterans, especially disabled veterans, have been “visited” by swat teams, put into “safe” facilities, had any guns confiscated and finances taken out of their control — all in the name of national security.

          Numerous sites online with reports of this sort of thing., info-wars, and more.

          • Erin Sullivan says:

            OMG! That’s awe full! I feel like the Muslim brotherhood is trying to take over America threw attrition and then when they are ready to implement sharia law, they want to be able to take out all of the Patriots first! Has anyone else seen this video?

  25. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    ” They are potential democrat voters. ” This cracked me up as they are Sharia Law Voters and have no interest in Secular Progressive Liberal Politics . So called Moderate Muslims are so ONLY if strict Muslims are not around . I had hundreds in the casino , wives with no head scraves , drinking liquor , etc. . For some reason Democrats seem to think they can teach Muslims to be more secular and leave their religion at home or in the Mosque . One would think with 1500 years of history and behavior they would know better .

  26. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    ALSO ………. for those who have not ………. YOUTUBE …. begin viewing European country TV news broadcasts of what has been going on the past 4 years and more so the past 18 months . IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET SICK …. TYPE IN SWEDEN RAPE EPIDEMIC . Of course this is occuring in England , Norway , Denmark , Germany , Holland , Belgium , Luxemborg , Italy , Austria and France as well . What is transpiring in Germany now may very well destabilize that country . It will be horrible to see NATO get destabized so how can any normal person want that here is beyond me . They are not kittens . Read the Koran and Sharia Law , live with strict Muslims – not the watered down version in the States .

    • Wish some of that European news would make its way here, unbelievable what havoc muslims are creating in Europe. Majority of Americans dont have a dam clue, just want to invite every poor person on Earth to America for lifetime of freebies and daily terrorist attacks.
      These PC morons are going to destroy America like their doing to Europe right now.

  27. by ethnicity, most babies murdered in this country: black; 2nd most: hispanic…. per stalin, 1 death a tragedy, a thousand deaths a political statement….

  28. I have to wonder why someone of Brenda’s ilk and attitude is even visiting The Survivalist Blog. Isn’t someone with her opinions, reading a prepping website, rather like inflating a pair of water wings and drilling holes in the dam at the same time?

  29. PrepperDoc says:

    Above, “Brenda” has asserted: “A fetus isn’t a living being if it is unable to survive outside the womb.”

    Folks, this is completely, scientifically, medically FALSE. And unless we stand for the Truth, we descend into darkness.

    What *IS* true is that our Supreme Court has declared that the unborn are not a “person” in the sense of the protections of the 14th Amendment.

    That the fetus is a LIVING BEING is beyond dispute by educated persons. Let me give some examples:
    We track the heart rate of the unborn during labor, and at every prenatal visit after a certain time in pregnancy.
    Advanced centers now perform surgery on the fetus to correct certain medical problems.
    We consider the health of the fetus in every decision about administering medications to the mother, since some easily cross the placenta.
    I educate my residents on the physiology of the fetus; the heart circulation, pulmonary, changes to that circulation at birth, etc. My residents are expected to understand exactly how all this works….at every stage, both before and after birth.

    Clearly doctors do not treat the DEAD; in all the above examples, they are treating a living being.

    We should stand up for the truth. We should call those who err to correct themselves.

    • Begs the question that if Brenda thinks a fetus is NOT a living being what is it doing in the womb for nine months…dangling in between living and dead? In suspension until it is born, then all of a sudden it becomes alive?

  30. Bam Bam & Prepper Doc…. my thoughts- 1- the SSA has @ its core socialist ideology, no socialist ideals work; 2- as it involves transfer of wealth, leeches will surface to ‘get some’, hence it’s unfair to contributors; 3- state schools teach their charges to become dependent on the state- hence thrift & self reliance become dead issues; these are the lessons to be taught when children are young….. as they age savings, inflation, investing, avoiding debt, personal budgeting, check book management ought be ‘trickled into’ curricula…. still later in school statism negatives, sound free market economics, capitalism, supply & demand issues, etc ought be taught, freedom & liberty issues vs statism…..4- Q: why would state schools teach a curricula antithetical to their continued existence? 5- A: NO FEXXEN STATE SCHOOLS; 6-What part of NO do public serpents not understand?

  31. MD- when citizens become fearful, they often turn to ‘someone’ to give them peace of mind. That someone is almost always a tyrant. Note borders are closed, police (forces) are engaging in sweeping actions, tourist $$$ still invited, stepped up war in mideast. The slime who created the problem are still guarding the henhouse & want more power/dead ostriches. The mideast rulers are not taking them in. But (former president of socialist international) antonio gutterres is the un’s lead guy, assisted by slimer anthony lake (clinton appointee for cia head job due to leftist/marxist ties), are in charge of ‘managing’ situation. Think of sadam & tito….they ‘managed’ different ethnicities w/iron fist. That’s the end game.

  32. Prepper Doc- TYVM for these links! I have read the first & will take the time to read the 2nd….. An unfortunate twist regarding typical Washington double speak….. they lie! SSA has over the years lied regarding the program. Court case determinations bear this out. They will release bunk to snow citizens, then be forced to retract when truth sets us free. I am grateful for the pittance I receive, but have a hard time containing my angst when I think of the extra cash reserves I would have had I not been forced into this socialist potemkin village. If I ern over $16k in a fiscal year, I lose benefits- supposedly to help the ‘limited’ reserves aid the poor. Hogwash! Our feckless leaders want everybody but the ‘in crowd’ poor….. Thanks again!

  33. Heard something very interesting on a talk radio program last nite…..the host I consider a sophist…..but this news item quite alarming……. seems the aclu has filed suit in court (I think federal court) to stop state governors’ actions regarding taking in the refugees in their respective states. Court overreach a problem here but to me this is overshadowed by a nonelected group trying to override state sovereignty. This group’s founder a socialist & the lion’s share of its court actions against liberty, w/an occasional pro liberty case thrown in to cover its agenda.
    Again, this group is unelected & wishes to use a worse than corrupt legal system to increase its political power. Of which it has been elected to none…..

  34. Here in Missouri, property owners are taxed for schools. In-fact, most taxes that property owners pay goes towards funding schools, and those taxes keep going up.
    Landlords have to keep raising rent to pay for those taxes. Poor people are living under bridges, in cars or wherever they can because they can’t afford housing.
    The influx of refugees will have to be “educated.” Who do you think will be stuck with that bill?

    • Just teaching English to refugees costs billions. There are over 1600 ESL students in my county school system here in Kentucky, over 25 different languages spoken, school system says they have an interpreter for each.
      Its not just refugees causing problems but legal and illegal immigrants, with over 1 million a year (legal) coming to America it is very expensive.
      Drove by the Bosnian restaurant today, 2 BMWs, lexus, hummer all parked there as usual. Probably not paying taxes, uncle Sam probably gave them huge grants to start businesses. My nephew said most Bosnians his age (around 22) drive $40,000 trucks.
      I say its well past time for drastic cuts to all immigration.

      • Erin Sullivan says:

        All I want to know is why are we letting haters of the western world into our country?! The Boston bombers were from Krygistan although they claimed to be from Chechnya. What does it matter? They obviously hate us!

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