How to Be a Minuteman – Are You One of The III Percent?

By: liz west

The “Militia” is a time honored American tradition. It hearkens back to our Colonial history. It speaks to each of our individuals love of freedom, and the inherent lust for a fight that is bred into the American Spirit. It is dedicated to defense of home and hearth, only on a much larger scale.

It is my opinion, and my experience, however, that over time, the term Militia has been misused and misunderstood. It has bred a “movement” of (largely) under-trained, over-equipped, buffoons who, though perhaps good intentions, are far more prepared to raid a buffet than to offer any plausible resistance to tyranny, foreign or domestic.

This is not even mentioning the fact that in the age of surveillance from every angle, any sense of OPSEC is destroyed. Does anyone truly believe that the government is unaware of the activities of organized militias? Does anyone think that agent provocateurs aren’t capable of infiltrating and neutralizing any group that might be construed as even a minor threat? In short, if your local “Militia” were deemed any sort of threat, you would have no local militia, if you catch my drift.

Top Ten Ways to Blow Your Operational Security (opsec security)

Operational Security (opsec security)

After a while people will naturally start to form groups and communities for their own survival and you can become part of (or the leader) that group if you have skills to offer. Skills are more important than “stuff” when trying to join an existing group after a major long-term SHTF event, because they will need your skills but they might just take your stuff…

Invisibility When You Need It

By: nolifebeforecoffee

Most thinking people and almost all military veterans recognize that you can have the best preparations and training, equipment, contingency plans and a great stash of stuff ready to go but, when the time comes, if you are exposed or can be easily located you are vulnerable and all the time, effort and treasure you’ve invested could be all for naught, attracting unwanted attention.

Communications signals can be quickly tracked back to the source by simple triangulation of cell towers or by satellite and regardless of where you are, once you’re exposed there’s no place to hide. Watch any television program like CSI or NCIS; you know how they catch the bad guys — by tracking their cell phones. It’s child’s play and there’s nothing sophisticated about it.

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You are a target – are you ready for an attack by armed and organized looters?

Sometimes, I think that there are as many “survival blogs” and “doomsday prepper” sites as there are preppers – why 90% of people that’s been prepping over a week feel that they have to start a “survival blog” is beyond me. There are thousands of such sites online already, and most get little or no traffic and it’s a sure way to blow your operational security.

And to make matters worse the more popular a blog or website gets the less secure the owner is. Trust me, you can use a “pen name” or list your location as somewhere “west of the rock mountains” but if you run a blog and the federal government becomes interested they will have no problem finding out who is behind it.

I’ve read a lot of comments from folks expressing concerns about reading or commenting on such sites – but really, if they start rounding up ”survivalist” and “preppers” who do you think will be first on their list? Yep, that’s right… James Wesley Rawles, Mac Slavo, Jack Spirko, Lisa Bedford and you guessed it M.D. Creekmore.

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self defense items

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