The Need To Defend Yourself With Lethal Force

This is a guest post by Mark M and entry in our non-fiction writing contest – where you could win $100 cash. All opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of M.D. Creekmore or readers of The Survivalist Blog.

Right to the point; I highly recommend that you have the ability to defend yourselves with lethal force. Let me explain:

I own a variety of big (long) and little (short) weapons. They’re of course all considered lethal firearms by our legal authorities. I estimate I have somewhere in the vicinity of 2,000 rounds (I need to take a more accurate inventory) for all my weapons combined.

Currently, I’m in the market for an 8 shot 12 or 20 gauge “security” shotgun to add to my self-defense arsenal. I also have my son, who lives in Tucson, checking prices for AR-15’s as a possible additional longer-range, semi-auto fire-power asset, but they’re a little pricey these days! (M.D. Creekmore adds; actually over the past couple of years prices have dropped on AR’s and a good one can be bought for around $800.)

I target practice just once in a while, to stay fresh, accurate and self-amused. It’s a great hobby and also a lot of fun, and not all too expensive. And since my chronic fibromyalgia pain went full-blown I don’t deer hunt anymore, which is extremely saddening for me. The great and vast outdoor spaces are truly one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, probably His very greatest for me, right after my “Dearly Beloved”!

I have collected all the fire-power primarily for self-defense of our home, possessions and our lives. Some may feel that what I’ve amassed is overkill, if you’ll pardon the pun, but I would strenuously beg to differ. If and when the SHTF – and like you, I believe it’s only a matter of time before we have some serious breakdown in one form or fashion in both our economic and social structures – I will defend “with extreme prejudice” all that is mine, including taking human life if necessary, but only as a last, desperate, final option (with unequivocally no exceptions).

Obviously, having to kill your fellow citizens as a last resort will indicate that we’ve climbed a rung or two down the old evolutionary ladder, and had a totally horrendous breakdown in civil society, and most probably a dysfunctional Federal government or worse to boot, with no more or wholly inadequate food delivery commerce and little or no local governmental support or services, and that we’ve all been left to our own devices to survive and protect our property and lives for some extended period of time. Now that’s saying a serious mouthful!

This is a situation that is playing out in several parts of the world “RIGHT NOW” in some degree, and to think that it can’t happen here in the US is just plain suicidal! I do only hope and pray that our nation can be spared the worst of societal breakdown nightmares, but I just cannot see our escaping some kind of serious debt or currency collapse, with all the attendant mischief and calamity. And I honestly believe this will catch a majority of our people unprepared, and that it will lead many individuals into thinking that they will then have the right to take whatever they can find or confiscate, at any and all costs to survive, because there will just be no other choice.

I think the situation will only become lethal when and if people can’t feed themselves, ZERO OPTIONS! If that happens, then the citizenry will do whatever they must, and that’s when good, prepared citizens will have to defend their property and possessions. That’s when you’ll wish you had weapons for self-defense, if just for simply frightening people away. Because if you don’t, all that you have, or ever could or will have had, will be taken from you, by force most probably, and that could result in serious injury to you and yours, but likely worse!

I don’t want to hurt anyone, I never have. But I’ll do absolutely anything to protect what’s mine in a life or death situation. And the way our government is behaving, the way our government has continuously acted, in its horrible warring and endless debt creation and now, money printing, it’s as if they are planning on and making way for our nation and its’ people to break down and totally fall apart! It’s as if they want us at each other’s throats, stealing, hurting, and ultimately, even killing one another!

For a very long time now, the Elites have made it very clear, in their various group writings and position statements, that population control and forced population reduction are necessary in any manageable future human earthly existence. They believe that the Earth’s carrying capacity has been greatly exceeded and abused and corrections are now necessary – vast, brutal corrections – and therefore all the little people must and will pay, because we’re all quite unworthy anyway. No wonder America exports so much death and destruction! It’s sadly become what America does the very best. And that may all be for the very worst for American citizens, and their future!

If you have no say in controlling anarchy, you’ll not survive anarchy. And we all may not be able to survive a coming anarchy, but we can sure try to control it for a good little while. That’s my plan anyway. It should be yours!

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