Choosing a Country Homestead in Tennessee

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Where to go? I read the recommended books, considered the options, including moving west where my husband’s family is located. But, I like the state where I live. Tennessee is listed as one of the top 5 “freedom” states and the state legislature, while not perfect, thinks about preserving the people’s rights more than other states I have visited.

Prepping in an Apartment with an Eye to the Future

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Circumstances have drastically changed in my life. From living in a five bedroom home that could easily be off the grid and located on four acres, I now live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on the first floor of a large complex in a nearby city.

It’s not too bad…I have a wooded area in back of me with lots of wildlife, quiet neighbors, and easy accessibility for my 94-year-old mother. I can honestly say that I miss only two things, my garden and my dog. It would have been cruel to bring her, a farm dog, to the city, so she is living with dear friends who live in the country. Enough on that subject as I tear up when thinking of her. However, she will be with me as soon as I can implement my plan (more on that later).

An Expanded Western Relocation Zone

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by contributing author Joel M. Skousen, Author Strategic Relocation

I have often been asked to comment on Jim Rawles’ concept of the Redoubt for survival relocation.  Rawles’ criteria of distance from population threats, defendability, and agricultural suitability focus upon a fairly limited area of the Western US, centered around Idaho, and includes Western Montana and parts of Eastern Washington and Oregon.

In reality, it’s a fine area and certainly matches my core recommendations in Strategic Relocation for security, safety and livability, but it may be too limiting for most people. However, having consulted with people and designed high security residences for the last 40 years around North America, I realize all too well that most people have financial, distance from family, weather and other personal limitations that simply won’t allow for relocation to an area so far north and remote from their needs as the Redoubt.

How we Found Self-Sufficiency in Newfoundland

This is a guest post by Lake Lili and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. We moved last year to Newfoundland. If you aren’t sure where that is, find the Gulf of St. Lawrence on your maps of North America. Go north to Canada and head to the east coast. It’s the large island between Quebec and the […]

Questions and answers with The Wolf Pack : Moving to the Redoubt of The East

My family and I currently live in NE Florida and really want to move to a more rural area that supports a self-sufficient lifestyle. Areas in Florida are not ideal, by any stretch so we had been looking in Western North Carolina as a possible area to move the family and start our own homestead. Until […]

Letter from B : Fifty below Zero

You read the title correctly. Last night when I went out to do chores, it was 40 below with wind chill making it feel like 50 below. As cold as the surface of the planet Mars. It was close to midnight and my first chance to get outside. This is the kind of weather that […]

WBIR local news TV report – Survivalists deem TN Plateau prime prepper property


A couple of days ago local news channel WBRI ran a news report entitled “Survivalists deem TN Plateau prime prepper property.” It was all about the area and how preppers are buying property and flocking to the Plateau, for safety and support in the event of a collapse of the current system. Sadly, me or was not mentioned in the […]

Cumberland Plateau: A Popular Destination for Preppers

Press Release… KNOXVILLE, TENN. – Are you preparing for doomsday? Maybe not, but many of your neighbors, friends and family are doing just that. Many Americans feel that the country is in a crumbing condition and are anticipating a doomsday scenario. This has them running to the mountains to seek the amenities of remote land. Owning […]

Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack : Advice on moving to Tennessee

Question from Harold I read with great interest a few of your articles. From all I’ve read, you are dead on. We live in Florida and plan to move to TN in early spring ’14. Most of the articles I read mention mid-to-eastern Tennessee. My search for property has taken me more to mid-to-western TN. […]

Here Are the 5 Freest States in the U.S.

According to (Glenn Beck Show) The 5 Freest States in the U.S. : 1. North Dakota is the freest state in the U.S., followed closely by 2. South Dakota, 3. Tennessee, 4. New Hampshire, and 5. Oklahoma, according to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s third annual “Freedom in the 50 States.” Surprisingly, Texas did […]

Map of gun owners in the Eastern Redoubt

Each yellow dot represents a gun owner… According to this report over 379,209 background checks for firearms purchases in TN in 2012 – that on top of the millions of guns already in the state.

A Prepper Stronghold The Redoubt of the East?

The results of our recent poll “Where the Wolf Pack lives” was very interesting. According to the poll 45 preppers / families (who read the blog – I’m sure that there are many more) live within the Redoubt of the East (Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee). Folks it looks like we are developing into a prepper stronghold here […]

Friday Poll: Where the Wolf Pack lives…


[poll id="10"] Click on the following link for more information about The Redoubt of The East, and why you should consider moving here if you’re looking for a retreat location located east of the Mississippi.

Monday : Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack

Question from Mike S I live in Florida, and unfortunately for me Joel M. Skousen in his book “Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places” lists Florida as the worst state in the U.S. for a retreat location. My question is this, do you think it is worth the effort of moving my family to […]

News form the Redoubt of The East

U.S.’s Oldest Cave and Rock Art Discovered in Tennessee : “At more than 6,000 years old, prehistoric cave and rock art found in what is today Tennessee is easily the oldest discovered yet within the United States.” America’s Ancient Cave Art : “Deep in the Cumberland Plateau, mysterious drawings, thousands of years old, offer a […]

Welfare map or where not to be when the SHTF

welfare map

Via an E-mail forward – original source unknown – accuracy unknown. The 11 States highlighted on the attached map now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed! Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year 2011, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. […]

Why South Dakota is a great Bug out location

This guest post by Cindi N and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. I’ve been reading the entries for a few months now. At first I didn’t feel I had much to contribute because everyone seemed so knowledgeable and way ahead of the curve on preparations. Frankly I was a little intimidated by the level of preparations some […]