A Great Place to Hunker Down

This guest post by Marilyn C and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. If the SHTF on Saturday while I was away from home I was defiantly in the right place. I attended the National Preppers and Survivalists EXPO at the Nashville fairgrounds. I will admit I was excited as the publicity promised lots of educational opportunities and booths […]

Letter and question from Backwoods Prepper

We discuss a lot of things on here, why we prep, how we prep. I have a burning question that I would love to start a conversation about. But first for some of you that don’t know me. In 2005 after getting the survivalist / prepper bug I picked up and moved 750 miles away […]

News from the Eastern Redoubt (the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau)


Unemployed in Tenn. at lowest point since 2008 : “The number of unemployed Tennesseans is at its lowest point since the economic meltdown of 2008.” TN bill would charge federal agents for enforcing gun laws : A Tennessee lawmaker Rep. Joe Carr is introducing legislation to stop the federal government from enforcing a ban on […]

South Texas as a Survival Retreat Option

This guest post is by KNB  and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. I’ve read all the available blog/book info on retreat locations. I’ve reviewed everything on JWR’s Survival Blog, including his directive that everybody go live in the “American Redoubt”. I get it. However, I’m from Texas, and I’m probably not leaving anytime soon. If […]

From The Redoubt of The East aka the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee

Tenn. gun law to move forward despite school massacre : “Supporters of gun control have called for tighter restrictions on ownership in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, with President Obama hinting that he might back such an effort. But in Tennessee, gun rights advocates say they have no plans to change course. The […]

Our Location, My Parents, and Our Last Defense Location

This guest post is by By buckiqt and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, Located right off of Interstate 80. Its your regular small town where everyone knows what is going on, and its usually pretty quiet. We are blessed with a beautiful river, which is even more beautiful now […]

News and views of the Cumberland Plateau (the Redoubt of The East)

If you’re interested in TN as a retreat location then this post “The East Coast Retreat Dilemma” is a must read. Sunset On The Cumberland Plateau : video Fly the Big South Fork River Gorge : video Tennessee was ranked #1 in this recent list of Best States for Retirement in 2012. States with the Highest (and […]

Tips for setting up a survival retreat

This guest post is by Biff Brannon and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . There is some good literature out there regarding setting up a survival retreat location. In fact if you were not aware, MD Creekmore, the owner of this blog site has a book out called “Dirt-cheap Survival Retreat: One Man’s Solution” that goes into some […]

Hidden nuclear sites

Letter, from Riverrider I was just over a JWR’s site reading a post about hidden nuclear sites, like military and research reactors. One huge site was missed, and is poised to ruin his “American Redoubt” forever. It’s in the north-east corner of Oregon, housing spent fuel rods and nuclear waste as well as chemical munitions by the […]

The East Coast Retreat Dilemma

redoubt of the East

By Joel M. Skousen, Author, Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places Many people new to the preparedness field often get exposed early on to the writings of survival blogger and author James Wesley Rawles (Patriots and Survivors). I have a great deal of respect for Rawles and the work he has done to get […]

Interesting maps to consider when choosing a retreat location

pic population map

Click on each map for larger image… Percentage of people receiving government assistance by county… Gang activity by location… Population density map… Nuclear reactors in the U.S. Likely nuclear target map for U.S. How does your state and county rank? Let us know in the comments below…

Northern Maine as a Survival Retreat Location

A guest post by Andrew [This is an entry in our non-fiction writing contest where you could win - First Prize a 10 Person Deluxe Family Survival Kit,  Second Prize an Herb Seed Bank or Third Prize a copy of Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat.  For complete rules and list of prizes see this post.] Northern Maine has […]

Bloom Where You’re Planted

A guest post by Karen [This is an entry in our non-fiction writing contest where you could win - First Prize a 10 Person Deluxe Family Survival Kit,  Second Prize an Herb Seed Bank or Third Prize a copy of Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat.  For complete rules and list of prizes see this post.] A lot is […]

Tennessee as a survival retreat location: What you should know and things to consider before making the move

pic of Tennessee

Rocky Top you’ll always be Home sweet home to me Good ol’ Rocky Top Rocky Top Tennessee. (Rocky top written by Boudleax and Felice Bryant.) Are you looking for that perfect retreat area but can’t make up your mind on where to go? You’ve read the books and blog posts and considered the recommendations given, […]

Overall Freedom Ranking by State and Other Interesting Numbers

Interesting numbers to help you choose a survival retreat location.:yes: Overall Freedom Ranking by State according this report - the report factors in a number of elements, such as gun laws, homeschooling, seatbelt laws, economic freedom, smoking bans, marijuana legislation etc. 1. New Hampshire 2. Colorado 3. South Dakota 4. Idaho 5. Texas 6. Missouri 7. Tennessee […]

Kentucky As A Retreat Location

First of all I would like to say congratulations on your book “The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” when I order it from Paladin Press I thought it was just going to be about living in a travel trailer, but it is more than that. The sections on solar power, taking care of human waste, security […]