The Return of Bird Flu: Overdue Pandemic Time?

Today we discuss the avian influenza virus that is spreading rapidly, as well as the historical precedent for pandemics preceded by woes in the animal kingdom.


  1. My dad was born in 1906 and was 12 years old in 1918 when that pandemic took place. He did get the flu and the doctors placed the house under quarantine. But the interesting thing is later that day a horse driven wagon came by and my dad was loaded into it along with other patients and taken to “the Pest House”. It was not a hospital but just a place with beds and attendants where the sick went to either die or get better. Obviously my dad got better. A strange way to treat the sick when you think about it.
    I want to say something more relevant about the flu. What makes any serious communicable disease “serious” is how easy it can be communicated. So wear the mask if you like but don’t think it will save you, it will not. It is most effective in a hospital environment and it is most effective when the sick person uses it. Or maybe more accurately when the person who might be likely to transmit viruses or germs wears it. Not the healthy person walking the street. Why? Because you are exposed 24/7 and you cannot wear it 24/7 AND it is most effective in catching the emissions from your nose and mouth and not in preventing airborne germs from entering your nose and mouth. In other words if we have a flu pandemic everyone will most likely be exposed to the virus regardless of masks or staying home or other steps you might take. Like my dad you will get it (or be exposed to it) and your survival will be based on your strength/luck or your resistance because of past exposure or flu shot.
    The thing is, if a disease was not so easy to spread amongst a population it could not become pandemic. And if it is very communicable then you will be exposed to it mask or no maks.

  2. Back in the early 80’s I was in Baltimore and an AID’s patient was in isolation room and she was my patient for the next 12 hours. No one knew anything about it. Now they know it comes from a anal canal of a monkey and one of the original 12 patients was a flight attendant. The virus mutates every 24 hrs and that is why a vaccine can be found.
    Then the Swine flu that did damage to the spine. It hits then goes back in to pigs for seven years mutates and then come out again. Every year the CDC takes a estimated guess for the yearly vaccine.
    As for the bird flu, so far because it hasn’t mutated to infect humans. Test have come back that a normal protein in our blood keeps us from getting. But that can change if the virus mutates. Unless it’s respiratory, personal hygiene is your best defense. Our local super market has hand wipes but hand washing is the best. I keep hand sanitizer in my truck. Also carry a couple masks in my bug out bag in my truck. I also have a few isolation kits from when I did home health.
    Try to keep your hands out of your mouth, nose and washing your hands frequently.

  3. Encourager says:

    Love her hairband! LOL, yes, today I am easily distracted.

    She talks about the N95 mask. I have found that the mask she shows fogs up my glasses. They make a N95 mask with a valve on it that vents the mask and does not fog up glasses. FYI for fellow glass-wearers.

    BTW, Mr. H. Snerlink, we do not mock each other on this site. And we do not tolerate trolls.

    • Almost There says:


      Something that’s worth mentioning as well is to make sure people buy the right size if the company has different sizes The N95 does not work with a beard either. It cannot make a seal.

      I bought the North 7700 half mask with the P100 particulate filters per the advice of someone that is NBC certified. This mask is VERY comfortable, adjustable and will not fall off your face. The N95’s only last a little while as she mentioned, get crunched up and out of shape when stored. I do have both (Kimberly Clark for the N95), it would depend on what I was doing as to which one I would use. At this point, I wear reader glasses for close up, so it may be advantageous to get the one like you mentioned with the one-way valve for those times I need to wear glasses.

      Ditto on the Mr. H. Snerlink comment.

      • Encourager says:

        Almost There — Ack! Did not know this! Where to get the North 7700 half mask??? My dh has a beard!

        • Almost There says:


          Using the host link, on Amazon. Get a few filters as well. You would use the filters until they don’t filter anymore. The P100 filters are for particles. They also have different filters that fit this mask that are for chemicals and gases, but the guy said that one would most likely encounter particles rather than anything else, in case you need to prioritize the purchase. I think this mask can also be found with a eye shield, but he said with radiation, you don’t have to worry about the eyes, only inhaling. I don’t have the eye shield. And these block 99%+ versus 95%.

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