Little Known Ways to Secure Your Home and Defend Your Survival Retreat

bphomedefenseOver the past couple of months, I’ve had several readers ask me for my opinion of Bulletproof Home Defense; you know the one, because you’ve probably seen it being advertised on a number of popular prepper websites and blogs. I think that the first time I noticed the banners was on the SHTF Plan blog…

Naturally, continually seeing those banners all over the place means that a lot of preppers are buying the product (if not then the banners will not be running month after month), but many people are hesitant to do order without first getting the opinion of someone they trust.

So let’s get started. The first question that needs answered for most people is, of course, what is Bulletproof Home, and how will it help me…

The Bullet Proof Home Defense is both a downloadable and a physical product – you can order just the downloadable product (a 149 page PDF file / book), or for another $7.95 you get both the downloadable product and a  physical product.

I think that the physical product is a CD with the same files, but I’m not sure because I only ordered the downloadable Bulletproof Home Defense product.

Okay, now that we know what it is, the next question is – what is it about?

Bulletproof Home Defense is about how to defend your home and retreat now and after an extended disaster, such as an economic collapse, pandemic, or natural disaster. There are a total of 149 pages, that make up nine total chapters – including; Home Defense for Preppers, Defense Concepts and Strategies, The Right Defensive Attitude, Don’t Become a Target, First Layer of Defense – Your Perimeter, Second Layer Of Defense – Hardening Your Home, Third Layer of Defense – Inside Your Home, Self-defense, and Other Considerations.

A few of the subjects covered inside the chapters include – Deter and Delay, Rural vs Urban Defense, Legal Issues when Defending your Home, OPSEC, Appearance of Your Home, Light Discipline, Storing your Stuff, Lookouts and Snipers, Alarms, Barricades and Obstacles, Denial of Access, Traps, Fortified Positions, What About a Safe Room, Weapons, Communications, Family Tactical Team Work and about a hundred other categories and subcategories are included in the book.

It took me about three days to read through Bullet Proof Home Defense – it covers the subjects in-depth and better than the latest book that I’ve bought on the subject which was “Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics“, also a decent read, but with very basic information.

Another thing that I liked about The Bulletproof Home, is the number of free bonus reports that were included, including; Crash Proof – How to Survive an Economic Collapse, Doctor in a Box, Boomers Guide to Prepping, Unlimited Power, and The Ultimate Prepping Coach.

Now what I didn’t like – when I placed my order, I had to go through several pages before landing on the page where I could get the product that I had ordered which was the The Bullet Proof Home. Each page was an offer to buy, other related products, and while some of those looked good and might have been worth it, I just wanted to the product that I had ordered.

And while this wasn’t really a big deal, because all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button on the right to quickly, move to the next page, I did find it kind of aggravating.

Over all it’s a good product and better than most of the other books that I’ve read on the subject of home and retreat defense.

If you’re looking for more information on the how set-up and defend your retreat, then I think you’ll find Bulletproof Home Defense informative and useful.

Please share your home and retreat defensive ideas in the comments below…

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Thanks for the review. I have also seen the advertisements and was skeptical. After reading, A Failure if Civility, {which is awesome) I have been looking for more info on home defense. Thanks

  2. The book “A Failure of Civility” is a very well thought out book because it combines scenarios with very practical nuts and bolts advice. It is too bad it is now out of print. Hopefully, there will be a second printing.

    Thanks for the review MD. It sounds like a valuable book.

    • patientmomma says:

      Amazon has a price of $125.00; is this for real or is it a typo??

      • – $39.95 – But they’re out of stock. They usually sell out of stock within a couple weeks of having it available, so if you see it’s available, you should probably buy it.

        I have no connection to this book or the authors. Just saying….

  3. Thanks for the review.

  4. I’ve added two feet to the hight of my fence. That would be the “delay” part. I guess I’ll have to buy the book to learn some more tricks.

  5. poorman says:

    I have six foot high blackberry bushes surrounding my house that funnell everything to the driveway

  6. test dummy says:

    We have an alarm system consisting of critters that will go off if anything seems strange. Large dog out front. Larger dog out back. Paranoid dog in front part of inside the house. Meanest dog in bedroom with me and DH and our own”teeth’ nearby. Also only one way in with a vehicle.

  7. We have a total collapse looming in South Africa and I would like to order the set of books. However, it seems the seller won’t ship to South Africa. Why? We need it the most.

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