Review of the Thermos 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle

Review by BCtruck

About a month ago, I bought an additional 2 acres that joined my original homestead property. It’s a ways away from my tools and equipment and more importantly, water!

The land needs a lot of hard, labor intensive work and consequently,I drink a boat load of water. I had been using a 1 Qt insulated jug and it kept the water cold for about 4 hours in Louisiana sun. I tried a couple other cheap alternatives but I found none of them to be satisfactory.

I decided to consult the oracle (Amazon) and see if I could find some “yeti” type water jug.



This is the best 2 Qt. water jug I’ve ever owned. The length of time it keeps water and ice,well,,,,, water and ice, is phenomenal! I filled it up with ice from the fridge and then filled it up to the top with water. I worked on the land in the hot Louisiana sun for about ten hours. When I called it a day and went home,it still had ice! That is ten hours of being exposed to the sun, hanging of the shifter on my garden tractor.

That night, I drained and washed the jug. I put the jug ,with nothing in it in the freezer overnight. When I got up the next morning, I once again filled it with ice and water. I had it outside for about ten hours again. When I came home, I opened it up and realized I had only drank about half of the water and there was still a ton of ice in it.

I stuck the jug in the fridge and drank off it all the next day and it still had a few cubes left in it at the end of the day.

The jug has a neat handle on it that gives a real good grip to tip a half gallon jug back and drink from it, which reminds me. The spout is designed for drinking from the jug. When you close the locking spout cover,it does not leak.

I can’t say enough good things about this jug and for 20 bucks shipped,it didn’t break the bank. I give it five strips of bacon!


  1. This is interesting. I have never heard of this type of water jug.

  2. JP in MT says:

    I am really enjoying your reviews!

    • Im completely done with the new land, I have 4 machetes that I’ll be reviewing. I used these machetes more than any other time in my life and I’ve learned a good bit about them.

  3. Babycatcher says:

    You go, BC! Thanks for a great review! I have some land of my own I have to tackle and something like this will save a trip back to the house!

  4. BCtruck
    Not wanting to get personal, but I see you are in Louisiana. Me too. I am carefully attempting to get to know fellow peppers living in my part of the state. I am in the southeast part of state north of the lake. I am a very private person and very careful about bring people into my prepping world….but if interested in emailing I will check this site for reply from you

    • Thanks olivia. I live in sibley,up near minden. I gave up on opsec a while ago since Ive shown so much on my youtube channel. Even my name is easy enough to find. I did a very poor job of maitaining identity secrecy over the years and I said screw it,If someone asks,ill tel them.

      • Bwhntr61 says:


        There are enough sites out there that if you enter a name even for free you can get info on the person, so I see your point in saying whatever.

        Great review on that 2 qt. I am going to purchase now that someone I trust is rating it well.

        • The price has gone up significantly since I bought mine,but in all honesty, I would still buy it knowing how well it works.

  5. mom of three says:

    I’ll check amazon, out later and order one for my husband, he work’s a lot in the sun and he has a huge jug he sometimes brings along but most of the time. It’s to big. Water bottles are fine but get warm and he has bottle’s all over his van, so at least it better than tossing them on the ground.. I think this will do the trick, plus the bright color it won’t get lost in his van!!! Thanks for the great review:) ..

    • I can work in the heat all day,as long as I have cold water to drink. I was bringing a cooler with bottled water but this is working out better.

      • Hi bc, “I can work in the heat all day,as long as I have cold water to drink.”

        That raises an important question for preppers: How much water should we plan on per day if we expect to be doing any real work?

        The general recommendation is a minimum of one gallon per day, but I doubt that is anywhere near enough for working in a hot climate.

        A good friend who preps in Arizona recommends 5 gallons per day for any extended problem, as personal cleanliness will become a major part of the equation on top of drinking and cooking.

        I used to do field archaeology in 90-105 degree weather, and we went through a ton of water, but I don’t think I ever actually calculated how much. A lot though, and that didn’t include cooking or hygiene.

        My guess is that while 5 gallons may be over doing it in many places, one gallon is insufficient in an awful lot if one needs do physical labor.

        • ladyhawthorne says:

          Excellent thought Penrod.

        • I was drinking the full half gallon and pouring another quart into the bottle. I was drinking 3 quarts easy but I was starting at 6:00 am before it got real hot.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Penrod, at 90 degrees with 90% humidity and being physically active, you can drink a quart of water an hour and still dehydrate!!

      • Axelsteve says:

        I was using 2.5 liter bottles of soda for drinking water during work. I get thirsty easy due to medication that I take.I keep 2 of those jugs with me when I work.

  6. Thank you BC, I am going to order one!

  7. Thanks for the review. Good to know since I grew up in North Louisiana and still own 40 acres of “bug out” property there. The YETI equipment works, but is pricey.

  8. wish I had seen this review 2 weeks ago, although the one I purchased locally, the 64 ounce Bubba stainless steel insulated jug/water bottle did do what I needed. I wanted extra ice water in the car while traveling, and it still had ice when we got to our destination that evening. I have not tested it out in the sun all day, so I cannot say whether it would still have ice, but maybe I will fill it up and set out there and see. The day we traveled it was hot and with the ac in the car going on max, we were still warmish in the car.

    On another note, has anyone tried the Rtic brand coolers and cups available online from Rtic? They are suppose to be equivalent or slightly better than Yeti at half the price. As far as I know, the Rtic brand is not available on Amazon or in retail stores.

    • I looked at the bubba jug,but this had such high reviews at the time that I decided to go with this one.

    • ladyhawthorne says:

      A friend of mine has an Rtic 20 oz cup and it will hold ice & water all day in 100+ degrees. I bought a similar cup I think was call trak or trek at Wallmart for about $8 and it works just as well.

      • I saw a video of someone cutting a yeti “insulated ” cup open . It had nothing in it except space between the inner and outer wall.

        • Old Country Boy says:

          Kind of like dropping in a stainless chimney liner down an old large chimney, then sealing top and bottom. The air space then becomes the insulating factor.

  9. Just read this to DH and he has added it to the wish list to buy on Amazon (thru this web site of course). Thank you, as always, for your humor too.

  10. Axelsteve says:

    5 strips of bacon is impressive! What did the thermos cost in ballpark figure? I know prices vary .

  11. anonymous says:

    I’ve had a Bubba Jug for several years and am pretty satisfied with it. I usually leave it in the car and Texas summers are a bit fierce. Just leave it out of full sun and you should be good to go.

    I’m interested in checking this one out though – Thanks for the review sir ! Five strips of bacon – high praise indeed !

  12. I just checked Amazon. It’s $49.95 now,

  13. Curley Bull says:

    You did good again BC!! You may be the reason they have gone up so much . . .
    Thanks for the review.

    • Hey CB. I’ll be in your neck of the woods Sunday or Monday. Bev has a outdoor faucet leaking and I’m the designated plumber. Bumper to bumper is moving across the street! He bought the building so he won’t be going anywhere.

  14. BlueJeanedLady says:

    Nice review, BC. Much appreciated. I’m very impressed with the *5 bacon slice* rating you gave this Thermos brand jug! 🙂

    IMHO, one can seldom go wrong with a Thermos brand product. The original company (I believe they’ve added some other brands into their fold over the decades) has been around since 1904. I did have to look that original start-up date as I knew Thermos been around – “like forever” – but not sure how long – “like forever” – was for the Thermos brand itself. (Ha Ha!) The company still seems to be quite consistent & ambitious about using the highest quality materials and newest construction technologies available, year after year, as they continue to grow & enhance their products & brand name reputation, mostly at “non designer” type pricing, i.e.; still at “reasonable” pricing considering how long they last.

    Even with that said about the newer products, I still have a couple of relatively old, made for coffee, type Thermos brand containers plus an old lunch box style, soup / hot food – short & stout, 2 cup size – Thermos container, from my Mom’s ‘young wife’ era (late 50’s early 60’s). All these old Thermos containers remain in good & quite usable condition. Plus, I also own a couple of half-gallon & one-gallon-sized cold drink containers from the 80’s that are also reliable & none the less perfectly adequate considering the years of wear & tear – – – not to mention several newer Thermos products living about my kitchen, garage & storage areas that we depend upon for food & beverage transportation when needed.

    Good stuff – those Thermos brand products! Glad your new purchase was a successful pick for your needs and, yes, good for you for getting exactly what you wanted at such a price bargain price, too. Thanks again, BC, for sharing your review of such. Continued happy ice cold &/or steamy hot beverage / food consumption container wishes for all. 🙂

    • I started long haul trucking in the early 80,s. A Stanley thermos and a chain drive wallet were two things that were mandatory if you wanted to be taken seriously as a trucker. I had that thermos for 30 years until I left it on the top of a diesel fuel
      Pump at the petro in casa grande Az. I bought a new one but without all those miles on it, coffee never tasted as good again.

  15. 803DixieGirl says:

    Enjoyed the post and will add it to my Amazon ‘wish list’. Since you reviewed one that keeps it cold, hope you don’t mind me sharing the one I consider “Best” for keeping it hot. Last winter, as snow started coming down and fearing a power outage, I filled several thermos type containers with hot water. The next morning and on into the day, the Hydro Flask won hands down for keeping it hot! On the other hand, my newest Stanley Thermos was the biggest disappointment. I now give Hydro Flasks as gifts and I’m getting the same response.

  16. We’ve got yeti cups, rtics, and another off brand. DH even got one of the 2 qt. yetis to make bloody Mary’s for the boat.
    Reviews? The rtics and other off brands work just as well as the Yetis. In fact, the lid on my off brand is sealable, has straw hole as well as chugger. My DS even made me a stainless steel straw for it out of tubing scraps meant for sterile applications. The yetis are cup dujour here in Texas. Tervis tumblers are second best, but when it’s 99 degrees and the humidity is 75-80%, you have to keep cold water with you all the time. Grandkids have glommed on to the 24 oz rtics cups we got for coffee as their drink cups when we are visiting our RV…

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