Review : The Silver Bomb, the end of paper wealth is upon us

Review by Thomas T. Tinker

A short review of “The Silver Bomb: The End Of Paper Wealth Is Upon Us” By Michael MacDonald & Christopher Whitestone. An independently published work. c/r 2012, 182 pages. Here after referred to as “The Bomb” for the sake of my poor keyboarding skills.

I found this piece of work while surfing through a number of blog sites at sgtreport A good number of those that post at SGT have an agenda and /or a business to support. Mike and Chris are… no exception and besides… it worked. I went to and took a look inside the book and promptly ordered (3) three copies… 2 as loaners and one to annotate. It’s a keeper.

‘The Bomb’ is laid out in 14 charges…. Chapters. The first is a very deep cutting.. short 40 page history of Money as it has evolved to the present. Chapter one is not easy to digest. Maybe that is because it will tend to give the reader some bit of heart burn, not due to any complexity, which complex it is.

Mike and Chris have dug very deep in history and give the reader a rude new point of view.. reinforced with a good number of rarely printed.. Politically incorrect facts. Adam Smith’s quotations on pages 43 and 44, Benjamin Franklin from the Autobiography, page 45. I had been taught all through childhood that all… our founding fathers had only the best of intention for the lot of us.

The words and works of Alexander Hamilton in context with the creation of our first ‘Central Bank’ have actually broken my foolish youthful trust. (The First Bank of North America, est. 1781) ‘The Bomb’ highlights and correlates more than a few points of view that relate to a common to one… The President of the United States.. Abraham Lincoln and Chancellor of Germany.. Otto Von Bismarck.. Grover Cleveland.. Tricky Dick Nixon.. to present players.

The official web site.. is the creation of the authors and is tied to I don’t advocate either one. Each has its value to anyone ‘surfing’ for connected or disconnected bits of information and insight… but hell.. Mike and Chris would like to sell you something more than a copy of the book.

I should have given you the premise of this work from the getgo. I had to find it in the context and then.. the authors slapped me in the chops in chapter 12, pg.174. Paraphrased, “The entire premise of this book is that the world, particularly the western world, stands at the edge of the change of an epoch… It will also include events that have no prior precedent and will never happen again.” That is hardly a detailed statement on my part.. Mike and Chris lay it out in long detail throughout chapter 12.

Well enough…. MD can link you to I am not a financial advisor.. a market guru.. just a member of the prepping choir. “The Silver Bomb” can enlighten, educate, disturb. Although Mike and Chris have a bias.. and a business.. Their work has a place and valid view. Go to Amazon and take a look inside. As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or the odd death threat…. I am ever you’re humble servant… Love and kisses… Thomas T. Tinker!

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  1. The Last American says:

    The is a very good article on “American Thinker” today written by Karl Ushanka titled “Obama’s Stealth Redistribution Strategy”. In it is explained how Marxist Governments use economic circumstances like we have today to, as Lenin said, ” Crush the bourgeoisie (middle class) between the millstones of taxation and inflation”.
    Of course, gold, silver, land, food, are the only things which hold their value under Communism, until the State/Party decides that they want those too, but by then your guns are done so you hand them over as planned. Winner winner, Chicken dinner Marxism/Obama/Satan!

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      These ‘connections’ are made very clear in the book. That is what tends to give me the heart burn. One would have to be a student of Polysci, economics macro/micro, finance, european history, early american history, with a minor in manipulation and propaganda. As to land! Seems unless it is paid off with title in hand and not in the county records… electronic.. I’d worry about proving ownership.

  2. When “money” is no good, stuff always will be.

    PM’s are a way to preserve wealth and not a bad thing to have. But stock up on the basics first!

    Thanks for the article, more information on this is not a bad thing.

    • Our money became no good the day we stopped backing it by tangible materials . Its just now biting us in the ass because other nations are starting not to honor the worthless money ……………….that sort of thing only works if your cadre of nations agree to honor unbacked currency ………… they are not .

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      JP: A thousand words is not enough to give the depth of this work it’s due. Like I said… these fellas have motives.. bias. Chapter 7 “The Great Correction”, Chpts 12 & 13, “Pace Yourself and Storage” address ‘Stuff’ and what and timing. It’s a good piece of insight.

  3. riverrider says:

    so silver is good, or bad?

    • IF… you have all your preps up to your idea of ‘snuff’, I would call it a good idea. I suppose I am sort of ‘silver bug’. Junk Silver is where I put all… my rat hole cash at the end of each month. Equal “face value” in dimes Quarters halfs and cartwheels. (Morgan head Dollars) YouTube a vid called What an american bank run would look like.

  4. MountainSurvivor says:

    The title says it all and I’ll take your word…s…for it, Thomas T. Tinker.

  5. Interesting article . I was wondering why on all the prep-er and survival websites they talk about food,guns,ect but nothing about this. I store ” junk silver ” as there will still be some kind of need for money besides bartering for food and other things.

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