Are Russian Troops Operating Inside America?

Over the past several days, I’ve received a number of emails, asking for my opinion about the reports from Alex Jones, and other online sources claiming that “Russian Troops are Operating Inside America”.

Well as most of you know, I don’t put much stock in anything that they say over at but that’s just me.

Why would the U.S. need active Russian security in the U.S.? They already have all of the police, military and federal agents that they need, without bringing anyone else in.

And as we’ve seen from the Edward Joseph Snowden incident the U.S. and Russia aren’t all that trusting and cooperative with each other, so I doubt that the U.S. would bring in Russia troops in an active role on U.S. soil.

I remember the “Mormon Cannery Raid” in TN that was “reported” by and others that turned out to be a complete fabrication. They do this to drum up links and traffic from other sites.

I also want links and traffic, but I try to do it by providing useful content… I want my readers to be informed and not have to waste their time wading through a pile of useless drivel.

Anyway, for an opposing view point here is what has to say about “Russian Troops Operating Inside America“.

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  1. I am very untrusting of the govt.. But if Alex Jones told me the sky was blue and the grass was green, I would have to go outside and see for myself. That boy has cried wolf so much he is damaged goods.

  2. As some might recall, back in the 1960’s the Drug Culture exploded on the scene. Later in the late 1970’s I read a interview of a member of the once popular band “Jefferson Airplane” that stated he and other members never took any drugs. They just played the role of LSD gulping “Hippies” to sell records. I believe that A.Jones falls into the same category. Same as Elvis’ “Christian Hymn” albums, or Rush Limbaugh’s “solid citizen” image/drug sniffing bust.

    It should be noted that the primo-Survival guy, who is supposedly a devout brother in Christ, (you know the guy with all of the books from Idaho) , appears on A. Jones’ program often, I hear. He also of late has featured another survival site which is filled with, racism and Neo-Nazi like posts, but pulls in high post counts. The secret is, most of the posts come from 3-4 people posting 10-20 times.

    We are all sinners in need of a Savior, me most of all.

    • Ghost,

      “He also of late has featured another survival site which is filled with, racism and Neo-Nazi like posts.”

      It doesn’t “ring any bells” but then I don’t have much time to read other sites… Can you send me the name via email? Thanks.

  3. yup….Alex Jones,Steve Qauyle,C2C,Glen Beck,Mike Weiner….all bottom suckers selling disaster

  4. Rob in Ontario says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they weren’t there under the UN banner or such and with the Presidents blessings

    • Even so , the number is insignificant to make any real difference . As mentioned above , we already have that in place ourselves .

      • hvaczach says:

        I am more concerned with the statutes and I can’t recall the name that via the patriot act allows Canadian Troops to conduct operations in the United States during “times of crisis or civil insurrection” Since when should the U.S. populous be subjected to NATO enforcement!

  5. ladyhawthorne says:

    What’s the old saying? Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.– Edgar Allan Poe

  6. Thanks for the snopes,com article M.D. I can quit worrying about the “Red Menace” for the time being and focus on some of the valuable information I need to really know…That I pretty much get exclusively from this site.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    With TDL running everything I would not be surprised, just disappointed. Again.

  8. JP in MT says:

    I have a few more issues on my plate that have to be dealt with before the Russians.

  9. Rider of Rohan says:

    I saw an article linked from my Twitter feed to a European Union rag that claimed Big Sis and Obama had asked for 15000 Russian troops to be ready to assist the DC area in case of an emergency or civil unrest. The article made no sense, and is likely conjecture on the part of some conspiracy theorist.

  10. Bam Bam says:

    I haven’t had time to research these claims but I do remember reading something about U.S. and Russian troops training together to provide security for the Winter Olympics next year in Sochi.

  11. Like I said when this subject got brought up, I had read an article about it-with a shaker of salt. Now, with that said, I dont put anything past the people in office any longer. If this is true it wouldnt surprise me. But I agree that at the moment I do have other issues to concern myself with.

  12. I would not be surprised if Russian soldiers are ‘stationed’ in the US, definitely at their Embassies, and probably more that are not uniformed, but ready to go into action if called up.
    The US has military units stationed within other countries, why not the flip side of that coin?
    Also, with Vladimir Putin denying Snowden’s asylum unless he stopped distributing American information, you can bet that TDL and Putin are ‘sleeping in the same bed’ for some reason that is not being disclosed… yet.

    • axelsteve says:

      Mike I think that it would violation of posse comatoss if ruskies operated in America.

      • Yeah, well TDL has already done that during the Boston Bombing incident; and if the Russians wear blue berets and a blue armband with a globe surrounded by leaves it would fall under a UN Sanction.
        The @$$holes in power will continue to find ways around The Constitution.

      • There is debate that the NDAA nullifies Posse Comitatus. Here is a page from the ACLU (can’t believe I’m actually linking there) –

        Also, this is a link to Russia’s version of FEMA –

        In the press release – “In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.”

        The question is, why would we need “experts” to help us with the security of mass events? Even if they were just providing advice…

        It’s just really weird…

        • Because we have little experience in it o a large scale . They on the other hand have been at war with muslims on their own soil for a long time .

        • Doris Jones says:

          Ed That Matters and MD,
          I really agree with your question Ed of why would we need
          “experts” of Russia (or other countries) to provide assistance at OUR countries mass events? No sense to it.

          The “experts” from Russia that are training here ARE “military experts” and not just general paper pushers–it was clearly stated that the trainees were in fact members of the Russian Air Force. Even the link you cited MD says that both countries agreed to have “experts” train and that “public events” were situations that could use this type cooperation. No, Alex Jones does not seem to be a reliable source. I don’t think I put up a link to him? Hopefully not. If we check out government and public information sources, it does come to light that we have this “agreement” even if it is couched in harmless sounding terms.

          No, worrying about the Russians is not THE top priority for most of us, but just one more step in the wrong direction by our government continuing to get us more and more involved with other countries so that we cannot act independently anymore. That was more my point–certainly not fear mongering nor hype.

          • hvaczach says:

            The only argument they could give is Russia recently dealt with large scale military operation’s against chechyan terrorists. But then the question is raised who do they fear could put up large scale military resistance that they could deem to be terrorism? The Sarcasm drips from my fingers as I type.

      • axelsteve,
        The posse comitatus act was essentially eliminated with the NDA.

  13. whoisbiggles says:

    Yep, saw this report. Sounds sensational and legit until the reader switches on their brain.

    15,000 Russian troops – hmmm took 1.6 million Allied troops to occupy West Germany and west Berlin directly after WW2.
    A Germany that had been bombed into submission, was starving and its armed forces had been obliterated.

    Would Putin waste 15,000 troops – maybe if they were all some of his domestic opponents?

    Seriously no nation is going waste their soldiers lives fighting under a UN banner in America.

    I worry more about food and water contamination, flouride, MSG, overuse of antibiotics and medications, GMO crops, etc.

  14. Problem with article is that it was run previously, 2012 I think. It does not make it past any kind of smell test.

  15. Doris Jones says:

    Training of Foreign pilots. While I do not know whether Russian pilots are receiving training or not, I do know for SURE that foreign pilots are being trained right now on our top level simulators. I have a family member that is in charge of this training and he often relates how language can be a barrier in certain situations but said that “most of the foreign pilots have a fairly good command of English”. Now this training is for very advanced pilots and involves the best training available on simulators–I think the cost of 1 simulator is well over $16Million. This is for multi-engine jets. When I next speak with him I will do my best to find out the countries that these pilots come from and if there are any countries that are disallowed for this training. Maybe Russians are excluded. I still think we should be very very careful in permitting foreign pilots to receive our top training. Can we be certain these skills and this knowledge will not be used against us–and who will THEY “share” this with?

    • Even if we have the best team going , we wont make the playoff because the school cant afford the bus trip or the uniforms . Just sayin .

    • I see pilots from a lot of other nations, usually NATO ones, whenever I go to the Eglin AFB BX. Also many non US aircraft. Saw a couple of Viggens about two months ago flying around the area. We train with all sorts of nations over here and over “there”. The NATO training for the F-35 program is done here. So is all the EOD training.

      I go back to a previous post. So what if we do train with the Russians. We are not at war with them, they are not a war with us. We fought two wars with Germany and we embrace the Germans as our good buddies. Russians are not 8 feet tall, or some mythical monsters that some people can’t seem to quit harping on. Russia has neither the sealift or the airlift to bother any country( with conventional weapons) they do not share a land border with at this time and for a long time to come. You all can worry about the Russians, I worry about the loss of our liberty and freedom to a insatiable federal government in the name of keeping us safe.

      • Doris Jones says:

        It is really not about “Russians” particularly nor any other specific group. It is that we will FOR SURE “lose our liberty and freedom to insatiable government” when that government becomes a one world government. If the enlargement of our own USA federal government is now robbing us of freedom–how much more will a larger world wide government rob us?

        I think Russia has a lot of great people, strong history and wonderful culture.(I watch some great programs on RT.) I just do not think our becoming SO intertwined with ANY other nations helps us in the long run when we share our military, our knowledge and even our weapons.

        History has shown that “allies” can become “enemies” when their own welfare comes into play.

        I am totally with you Eagle about holding onto and preserving our freedom. We just see some different dangers. I am not worried about “war” with Russia–just about losing more freedoms when we must first have a “committee meeting” and agreement with one or more other countries before moving forward on a goal or action for the USA. Direct and quick action is often the wisest course–having to “check in” with too many others makes that impossible. See recent UN situations where nothing gets effectively accomplished.

      • +10

  16. None of your business says:

    Read some history before you discount this rumor. Throughout history rulers have used foreign troops to put down their own people. Many American soldiers would not seize guns from another American, nor would they arrest of kill another American.

    Russian and other foreign troops will have no problem with executing large numbers of Americans. You should be very afraid when you here of foreign troops on American soil and you should be taking action. You won’t.

    Move along people. There is nothing to see here.

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