New advertiser, 40% off and free shipping on Mountain House food items and a free blog! (one of our advertisers) is offering up to 40% off and free shipping on Mountain House food items from March  9th through March 15th 2014. Click here now to check it and see what they have to offer… Also be sure to visit their free blog called Refuge.

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  1. smiledr says:

    Maybe I am blind but safecastle only shows one MH product at 40% off.

    • smiledr,

      I don’t know how many they are going to have but look at the date – it does not start until tomorrow.

      • smiledr says:

        My bad.

        • Today being the 9th, there is only the one item @ 40%. The rest are @ 25%. With membership there is other discounts. It says even for sale items. Will see when membership is available in a few days.

    • I must be blind too. I don’t recall ever seeing this advertiser. Thanks for opening my eyes, M.D.

  2. Ozarkana says:

    I ordered about a thousand dollars worth of freeze dried food from safecastle a few years ago. I poked the wrong button when it came to signing up for their membership. NO ONE made any response to my requests for help sorting it out so I could get the member discount on my purchases. That was the first and last order they ever got and will ever get from me.

    • I read the fine print under the membership instructions. I sent in for the membership today and will place the order when the processing time is done and I can get the discounts. Also as a member, I get $40 gift certificate good for 90 days when I purchase 4 cases of MH. Even though you feel burned, if you have time, try again if you feel the pricing is worth it.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    The Mountain House items are not 40 percent off. You can actually find the 72 hour kit a lot cheaper. Just go to Google Shopping and put in Mountain House 72 hour emergency meal kit and you’ll find the regular prices are $10 cheaper than the sale prices listed here. Perhaps the prices will change tomorrow when the items actually go on sale.

  4. hvaczach says:

    I have not purchased any freeze dried food to date. the per serving price is really a detrement when trying to tie up so many loose ends at once. With the wife working full time again I plan on investing in some in the next couple month’s. So is Mountain House knida the go to in every-ones opinion or are there better meals out there? Price seems to be pretty consistant thru all the company’s with in reason so quality would be my biggest concern when I make the plunge.

    • I have never patronized meals in a “pouch, can or bucket” I guess the convenience is OK for 2 weeks, but I intend to cook in the hereafter (SHTF) and for that reason I buy just the individual products. ( beef, chicken, corn, tomatoes, etc.) The cost is cheaper overall and I can make anything I can imagine in my head, ( which is quite imaginative). Also I think you can do better on staples, (beans, rice, etc.) at big box stores or even Walmart. With that being said I have bought from the Mormons. ( )They have been doing it for a long time and they know how to do it. Their selection is extensive and their quality is excellent.

    • I prefer Thrive (shelfreliance). I confess, I’m also a “consultant” with them, but I did that because I liked their stuff better, and it gave me a big price break on my own stuff. Mountain House is ok, and they do know how to market their products everywhere, but you can do better.

    • Not my first choice. I do not wish to step on any advertising toes not do I wish to step on MD for running this ad.
      But MH is good but not the highest on my product list. So I will say it is not my first choice and leave it at that again, MD Pardon the step on your advertiser.

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    Mountain House is the most expensive because it’s the best. It taste great and last for years. If you find it hard to budget in a big purchase, buy single meals at Wal-Mart. Yea it’s more expensive to do it this way, but one meal out les per week for a few months will help to fill a backpack of very tasty food. For a get-home bag you could get by this way and the single meal bags are partitioned for a quick easy meal. Add a homemade alcohol stove ( a backpacking cook set and you are all set. If you want to buy all MH meals for home it’s going to be expensive, I don’t think many here go this route for this reason.

    Backpacking food was expensive in the 1970s when I first joined the Boy Scouts, but today I can walk through the isles of any grocery store and find lots of good tasting, light weight, and easy to cook meals that easily work for cooking on the go.

    MH meals are great, but don’t think they are the only option for a BOB or Get-Home-Bag.


    • I agree. Go to and for lots of good ideas if you own or are willing to buy a dehydrator.

      • Tom Arnold says:

        Thanks for these links. Some great recipes and info.

      • Just Me says:

        I also really like these two websites for dehydrating my own foods and simple recipes using very little fuel. I get an email about once a month from Glen at backing chef with new recipes.

        • I bought a dehydrator … did a bunch of carrots. Placed them in a foil pouch with oxygen tablets. Good vacuum seal. Then I read that botulism or some other deadly sickness could grow in the pouch. I got scared, threw them out and have never tried to do any other foods. Maybe I’ll get up the courage this summer.

  6. Chuck Findlay says:

    I purchased the Freezer Bag Cooking book
    ( from Sarah when it first came out several years ago. I got it for backpacking, but it’s ideas are well suited for a bob or get-home-bag. It was well worth the price.

  7. Chuck Findlay says:

    Is there a contest for having to most post go into moderation limbo? If so I would think I’m a contender for a prize…

  8. Sioux0624 says: also has freeze-dried foods and a blog. Shipping is only $4.99 no matter how big the order. is another good place for freeze dried foods with lots of articles and recipes, monthly specials and a lot of non-food preparedness items. sells FD food as well and has a daily special every day – they also have a lot of “just add water” soups. Thrive is good but usually more expensive and shipping isn’t a good deal. I have been a member of SafeCastle for years and their prices are usually higher than the others, but they have canned butter, cheese and meats (the real stuff) if you want luxury items. For the BASICS such as wheat, beans, dried milk, oats, etc. – find the nearest LDS/Mormon facility and get it already canned in #10 cans for WAY cheaper than anywhere else. You don’t have to be a member although some of their storehouses will ask you to arrive on a particular Saturday between certain hours to get an order, and they may need you to make an order a week or two in advance so they can pull it. They are not open full time. Shop around, compare – don’t depend on one place or you may be giving up some good sales and opportunities elsewhere!

  9. mom of three says:

    I don’t know seems a bit spendy, I would buy a dehydrator and do my own. I just bought the nesco American Harvest food and jerky maker, on line from Walmart. Along with some asprin, my shipping was free at a little over $50.00. I just did two bags of frozen peas @.56 a bag 10 ounces dryed to fit one pint mason jar, we did some taste test, I am impressed with this unit. I also dryed a jar of applesauce, in four hours. I understand having some canned food, but not on my budget, all these companies are way too expensive.

  10. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I want to thank Safecastle for advertising here. I will give their store consideration when shopping on line.

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