Canned Cheese, Butter and more

For those of you familiar with the Kraft canned cheese, you will be real happy with this new cheese from Bega – made in Australia.

Although the Kraft cheese is called cheddar too, most customers say it reminds them more of a white American cheese than a cheddar. Red Feather Real Canned Butter from Ballantyne’s in New Zealand

If you have been looking to add REAL butter, not powdered or freeze dried, to your long term food storage program, then look no further!

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  1. While I don’t use or store canned cheese (it is easy to make your own fresh cheese – even from powdered milk) I do have a few cans of Red Feather butter and can comment on it.

    I opened a 2 year old can of Red Feather butter last year to see what it tasted like. I didn’t like it. It doesn’t taste like butter. It is not a good alternative to spread on toast. Butter is easy to make and can be made from shelf stable cream. Store that to use when you need the taste of real butter.

    What the Red Feather butter can be used for is cooking. I have rotated my complete supply this past year and used it in cake recipes, cookie recipes and many other types of cooking. The results were wonderful! A good buttery taste without the awful ‘aftertaste’ you get when you eat it directly from the can. You can see one of the recipes I used it in here:

    Red Feather butter is definitely an asset in your food storage program. After the world ends, save it for special days such as when you need to make a birthday cake for a child, or to cook a special meal.

    I believe storing Red Feather butter, along with shelf stable cream can meet all your ‘fresh’ butter needs after the world ends for a good long time. Please be sure to rotate the cans every few years to keep them fresh. (I also recommend storing powdered butter to use for cooking in recipes when real butter isn’t necessary.)

    That should give you plenty of time to find someone who has a supply of fresh milk/cream you could trade for if owning your own cow isn’t in your plan.

  2. I like the cheese and the butter. I think the butter is delicious. If you are looking to but Red Feather butter, this is the best price out there right now.

  3. seeuncourt says:

    The bega cheese makes great tacos and is wonderful to cook with.

  4. JP in MT says:

    When we 1st found Red Feather Butter and canned Glee we tried them. I really liked to Red Feather, but the Glee is best saved for cooking.

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