Scambled Egg Whites with Tomatoes and Herbs Recipe

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  1. Sounds good I’ll have to try it

  2. Good recipe, one that The Boss would force me to eat if I showed it to her. But since I hate to see good egg yolks wasted…..
    take the egg yolks and add lemon juice, then whisk hard while slowly streaming in your preferred oil until you achieve mayonnaise.

    Or pile up some flour on a large cutting board, make a well in the flour and one by one add the egg yolks and more flour as needed until you have a pasta dough. No need for a fancy machine just take pieces and roll out thin and slice with a knife or pizza wheel. You can even rub it over a large grater into boiling water and make fake spaetzle. Cook in well salted boiling water until done. Fresh pasta only takes an instant to cook.

  3. Schatzie Ohio says:

    Any thing with avocado has to be good in my book . I would just use the whole egg and forget about just using the whites.

  4. Nebraska Woman says:

    MD, if you want a “kick” in this dish, try using chili flavored olive oil.

  5. Personally, I do not care for avocado, so I would use whole eggs, and probably add zucs and jalapenos — things I have in abundance right now. I like fritattas made with whatever fresh ingredients are on hand and cheese — love some cheese with my eggs.

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