Secret messages in the Batman Movie?


I’ve not watched the new Batman Movie and wanted to ask those of you that have is this for real? Are these messages actually, in the original movie or has this YouTube video been altered to include the names of both towns were the last two mass shooting have happened?

If this is for real? If so those messages would have had to have been put into the movie months before either of the two recent shooting happened… Could it be  merely a coincidence or is there something more going on here…?

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  1. georgeislearning says:

    Yup they sure are. Kinda freaky tbh

  2. Yes, sir both towns are named in the movie…

    Here are a couple of other YouTube videos… – notice the “father” laughing and smiling before going to the microphone. Don’t you find that strang? And notice that his is reading from q-cards… And no tears… – why are the first responders parked at and blocked in at the fire-station that is located near the school?

    Also check out this link

    “DENVER, CO, October 31, 2012 — A new group of actors is now available nationwide for active shooter drills and mall shooting full-scale exercises, announced Visionbox, Denver’s leading professional actors studio.

    Visionbox Crisis Actors are trained in criminal and victim behavior, and bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents in public places.”

  3. Yes M.D. both are in the movie very strange that both towns would be named in the same movie months before the shooting with one taking place in the town during the first showing of the movie in one of the towns that was named…

  4. Absolutely! They are all in the movie … placed there during production months before the release.

    Our reality is being manipulated, and there is a sinister agenda being pushed upon the people of America. People are sensing it hence the increase in gun purchases after each false flag.

    If you have time, read this from Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network from his DHS Insider.

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –

    You see … BHO’s idea of hope, change and success are NOT what we think of when we think of as an American President standing for America and it’s people. This is a very dangerous individual and how he got reelected is really not a mystery to me at all. This was all planned. God help America and the American people. They are clamping down.

    Did you know BHO is the FIRST American president to hold TWO Presidential positions? He is the American president AND the world president that heads the UN whenever the meet in the G20 meetings? America is planned to be ruled over by the UN. This is not a good thing for the American people.

    I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Do you own research, and don’t just take my word for it. Always ask questions and research, research, research!!!!

  5. Hunker-Down says:

    Too many of these incidents follow the same script.
    Find a loner.
    Add prescription drugs.
    Introduce guns.
    Identify a target.
    Shoot the shooter.

    This works all the way back to the Kennedy assassination.
    Of course I cant prove any of this any more than I can prove that our tax dollars are funding schools to teach the above. Most of us couldn’t pass the entrance exam to those schools.

  6. Crazy stuff. I am usually skeptical but this is nuts.

  7. I think we are grasping at straws here

    • T.R.,

      Why do you think that?

      What is the likelihood of the names of both mass shooting locations being named in the same film months before the film was released….

      And to make it all even stranger and less likly to be random is the fact that the first mass shooting happened, when that very same movie (Batman) was playing in the town that is referenced in the movie…

      And the guy thinking that he was the Joker…

      You could be right it could be all a random coincidence – but it does seem unlikely.

      • Its very strange , but also remember the guy that wrote the London Times ( I think ) crossword puzzle in WW2 , the words ” overlord ” and a few other coincidental code words pertaining to the D-Day invasion was questioned , it turned out to be just coincidence , a very big coincidence but coincidence none the less ……..he had no idea that the words he chose for the days puzzel were codes currently in use for the invasion preparations .

  8. Seriously? The movie was premiered in New York on the 16th of July and on the 20th in the rest of the country. The Aurora shooting took place at the midnight screening on the 20th. Kotaku has the story with a 7/20/2012 5:17 AM timeline on it.
    And then there’s this article that says weeks of planning went into the Aurora shooting.

    So how did an unseen movie affect the shooter? Did HAARP beam it out into the mind control device the government planted in the shooters head?

    These types of shooters are mentally ill. Period. They should be locked up away from society. Period. You know, like pot smokers, for instance. Looking for reason and conspiracies in movies is a zero sum game that distracts from solving the real problem. And maybe that’s the governments agenda. Try that conspiracy theory on and see if it rattles your tinfoil beanies while you play Beatles albums backwards looking for demonic messages.

    • tommy2rs,

      Okay, good so you think that both locations being named in the movie has nothing to do with anything?

      I don’t think that the folks bringing this up in the YouTube video are saying that the movie caused the shooters to go shooting, I think that they are saying that they were both planed events months before they happened, and the references to those locations being shown in the movie are a kick in teeth to say to everyone ha we got away with it by those involved behind the scenes…

      At least I think that is what they’re saying…

  9. I’d read an article on Drudge that mentioned the same ‘phenomenon’. Later, I heard a news report stating the same thing: those communities are in the movie.

    I have to agree with Cathleen in saying we’re being manipulated by the fed/NWO. Doesn’t make warm fuzzy feelings in my heart at all. Quite the opposite, I’m becoming hard-hearted and less trusting each day.

    Not to mention, I’ve lost friendly relationships due to events the last two months. So be it. I’m far from caring any more and am beginning to see these massacres for what they are: false flags and put-ups by a fed that wants to wag the dog to control us.

  10. RattleHawk says:

    I am usually skeptical also, but this is pretty blatant

  11. the Goldfinger says:

    “Coincidence is merely the puppeteers’ curtain, hiding the hands that pull the world’s strings.”
    ― Kaleb Nation, Harken

    Yes. Both places are referenced in the movie. Both shootings were planned false flag events, IMO.

    The perpetrators both were on anti-psychotic drugs which 1/1000 people will display extreme psychotic episodes. No mention of any of this in the MSM about the drugs they were on, probably because the big pharma’s have paid to keep the media silent on that issue or called in favors..

    The media’s stories have changed so many times they can’t keep them straight. I can come up with 30 questions that beg to be answered, and I’ve seen lists from other sources with even more questions of simple things that defy explanation, or simply don’t make sense or jive with the “official” story.

    Two weeks and still no toxicology report on Lanza? It should only take 2 days, but they don’t want that info out there because it will contradict the crazed prepper lone gun man narrative…instead, the chief medical examiner is looking to “genetic clues” to why he did this…why? because that could take forever! At least long enough for people to forget they never got a toxicology report which is what this clown is supposed to provide pronto!

    The Illuminati or whoever you want to call them, along with Freemasons, have infiltrated everything and they like to reveal their plans in advance, before they come to fruition. Its like calling a play, they know a few people will catch it, but not enough to change the play. They crave that recognition. Hence, the locations in the Batman movie.

    Both shooters fathers were also involved in the LIBOR scandal. One or both were scheduled to testify…another “coincidence?” Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone..

    The NWO can’t move forward till America is disarmed, its been a inconvenient problem and truth for a long time but enough of their plan is in motion that the timing is finally right. These false flag events, with guns as the scape goats, will ramp up until all the sheeple and a significant amount of normal people will clamor for gun control. I’ve read that they wont’ stop with just mass shootings, if that doesn’t work, they will move up the scale to more extreme means. The goal is to remove enough guns from the hands of Americans before they declare martial law and proceed to weed out all the ‘undesirables’.

    As far as the movie is concerned, with both locations referenced, I don’t see how anyone, in their right mind could pass that off as a mere ‘coincidence’…the probability must be staggering. If I was inclined to do the math on it I’m sure the odds of it happening coincidentally must be about the same chance of winning the Powerball lottery.

    • It always comes down to two things with conspiracy believers.
      First: “I don’t see how anyone, in their right mind could pass that off as a mere ‘coincidence’”. Non-believers are never in their right minds.

      Second: Wait, it’s coming.

      • Ron,

        Is it a conspiracy theory if its true? Look at all of the “conspiracy theories” that have be shown to have been fact by declassified documents. Do you think that the governemt and the media always tell you the truth?

        I agree that everything said, by “conspiracy theorists” is not based in fact all of the time, but sometimes they get it right.

        • M.D. you asked, “Is it a conspiracy theory if its true? Look at all of the “conspiracy theories” that have be shown to have been fact by declassified documents”.

          Since there are “all” that many Can you give me three examples that do not require blind faith?

          • Ron,

            Would it matter? You would not consider anything but your own reality of the world no matter how much proof that there is to the contrary.

            1913 Federal Reserve Act, Project MKULTRA, Operation Ajax, Operation Midnight Climax, Air America & Operation Scatback, Watergate scandal, Iran-Contra, Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, Project SHAD, Manhattan Project – most of these were suspected to be true but were denied for years by the federal government…

            Now please don’t bother me with this anymore – you’re free to think or believe whatever those in power tell you to think and that is fine as long as you’re happy, I’m happy.

      • the Goldfinger says:

        You watch A LOT of TV don’t you Ron?

        “Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” — Bruce Lee

        I found a poem, just for you Ron…

        Oh yes I am a sheeple, footloose and fancy free,
        I don’t care to hear about a stupid conspiracy.
        My government Loves me, I heard it on TV,
        I live in the greatest… land of democracy.

        We have an army, it defends my liberty,
        they will prove it to you by earth, land and sea.
        I don’t need a handgun, my government protects me,
        except if I get sick, but then there is the big pharmacy.

        Chemtrails are not poison, they are just planes overhead,
        another stupid conspiracy, if they were we’d all be dead.
        I always like to follow, it is easy to be led,
        it is stupid when you tell me, my country’s turning Red.

        My president isn’t a commie, that’s exactly what he said,
        If you trust in him, he will always keep you fed.
        Free checks in the mail, don’t have to get out of bed,
        While others go to work, I watch TV instead.

        Food on every table, Monsanto sees to that,
        I don’t think it’s poison, even though it killed my cat.
        Fluoride in the water, I don’t give a shat,
        I love fast food, even though it’s made from a gym mat. (that’s a reference to the chemical found in the McRib Ron)

        I think one of my neighbors is owner of a Gat,
        so I called DHS, to let them know right where it’s at.
        I have no problem with the vaccines they mix in a vat,
        even though they are not tested, not even on a rat.

        The carbon tax is for nature, not just another fee,
        I heard it that straight from the commander, of my country.
        He cares about the environment, more than you and me,
        even though he let Monsanto kill almost every single bee.

        Oh yes I am a sheeple, footloose and fancy free,
        I don’t care to hear about a stupid conspiracy.
        My government Loves me, I heard it on TV,
        I live in the greatest… land of democracy.

        • Dean in Michigan says:


          That is awesome!!!!!!!

          But wait, can I really believe a guy that tried to rob Ft. Knox back in the 70’s.

          How did you get out of jail so fast?

          I’m sure Ron is wondering the same.

          • the Goldfinger says:

            Lmao Thanks Dean in MI. Unfortunately, that wasn’t me…although I chose my alias from that much adored character.

            I never did any time for that 😉 Although I have done time for a caper called Operation: Franklin Stacking (2 years Federal)!

            Those days are long behind me as I’m a security consultant (among other things) now with a very reputable international firm.

  12. The map clip is at 1:58:21

    Does anyone have a timestamp on the Aurora sign?

  13. Here is the problem with the theory. “Gotham” in Batman, has ALWAYS been known to be NYC. The “Sandy Hook” on the map is Sandy Hook, NEW JERSEY – Sandy Hook is a barrier spit, approximately 6 miles in length and varying between 0.10 and 1 miles wide in Middletown Township in Monmouth County, along the Atlantic Ocean coast of eastern New Jersey in the United States.

    The Aurora on the side of a building is the building of a Chinese corporation –

    Please apprehend that correlation in time does NOT equal causation.

    While it may in fact be a false flag operation – a person needs better evidence than this. I am not opposed to alternative theories, but am opposed to crappy logic.

    Given that the MSM said the rifle was used in the CT shootings, and that Lanza wore a ballistic vest – and it turns out, according to police reports that the rifle was in the car, and he was wearing a fishing vest with lots of pockets – Maybe the Newtown PD’s suggestion that false reports be prosecuted was directed at the the carrion media haunting their town?

    Occam’s Razor people!!

    • From your wikipedia link:

      Aurora Plaza is a 185 m high skyscraper in the Pudong financial district of Shanghai, China, that was completed in 2003. It is one of the more recognisable of the smaller towers in the Pudong skyline, due to its curved sleek facade, its large “AURORA” logo and a large video screen projected onto the front of the building at night.

    • In Newtown, there was a shotgun in the trunk of a car.

      In initial report that I heard on the radio, there was supposed camouflage clad individual in the woods near the school.

      No report of this that I can find. What happened to this person?

      • You are assuming that such a person actually existed and the story was an example of crappy reporting.

    • Thank you. Some fresh air.

  14. Will this be the “assault rifle” of the future?

  15. Two things come to mind:

    1) If there is indeed a planned and purposeful mention of the two towns in the movie, is there a third or fourth town mentioned that might not yet have happened?

    2) You can take almost any incident, after the fact, and backtrack it through time to “prove” a conspiracy. It’s been done over and over. It does not make a conspiracy necessarily real.

  16. Folks no matter if either or both mass shootings were planed or staged as some suggest or just as the media has reported it.

    One thing is 100% certain and that is that the media and gun banners are going to milk every one of the murders everytime they can to gain support for their agenda.

  17. the father of the shooter in the Aurora, CO theater, as well as the father of the shooter in Newtown, CT were due to testify at the Libor hearings. Not much to read about it yet but you can find it.

  18. Severed Head says:

    “Every War Starts With A False Flag Operation””

  19. Has anybody heard mention of Web Bot predicting either of these? I haven’t looked and this is mildly concerning as is…

    Good to read all the responses. It seems most are asking the difficult questions but staying reasonably grounded. Sawbuck makes a good point about Occam’s Razor and my skeptical side is doubting itself.

  20. Here are a couple possible explanations for some of the inconsistencies regarding what was heard on the police radio. I’ve responded to several dozen emergencies in my time and none of them ever had entirely accurate information. Mistakes were made by dispatchers who got inaccurate information from the reporting parties. People who I believed were perpetrators of a crime were actually innocent bystanders and people who I thought were innocent bystanders were actually involved in the crime.

    In these situations, the police err on the side of caution and everyone is a possible suspect. I was acting as a dispatcher one day when I sent my supervisor on a prowler call. It was about 1:30 a.m. and there were no street lights. I had a deputy from another jurisdiction acting as back-up. They were coordinating their efforts to corner the “suspect.” I heard my supervisor saying, “OK, I’m close. I can hear him trying to be quiet. He’s coming nearer. I’m almost on him….” The next thing I’m expecting to hear is, “Dispatch, I’m 10-15 with the suspect.” What I heard was, “OH CRAP! IT’S A COUGAR!”

    Quite often, nothing is as ever as it seems. What you find at a scene is rarely what you expected. I am inclined to believe that both shootings in Aurora and Sandy Hook are false flags, but because of my experience, I’m also inclined to believe that only part of the theories surrounding both incidents are accurate.

    A police dragnet is cast wide and anyone even remotely resembling a suspect is stopped and questioned. The vast majority of them are innocent bystanders who are let go with a hasty apology. As I’ve said before, I’m inclined to believe that the shadows in the woods were somehow involved either as shooters or handlers, or both. As for the shadows seen running by the classrooms, again, I would give more credibility to these being possible shooters, but not the guy initially proned out.

    As for the theory that a company of professional disaster scenario actors were used, I wouldn’t believe that for a second. My reasoning for this is that a conspiracy of this magnitude must be kept close and an absolute minimum number of people are involved. It’s too hard to keep something like this a secret and using a company like this simply involves too many people.

    “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack

    My advice is to think this over before chasing another false flag of disinformation.

  21. Disinformation and misdirection are taking on new levels in the media and has become more brazen. I don’t know if this movie is a false flag or not, but I am glad we are talking about it.

    For me, the difference between Syncronicity and Conspiracy is what is important here.

    Conspiracy is a deliberate act by others to manipulate a desired effect on behavior and thought. It is wise to be concerned about Conspiracy as such behavior protects people by signaling a need for heightened observation and awareness.

    But Synchronicity exists. Quantum and classical physics both talk about the nature of Chance. Synchronicity is a perception of links between non-causal events, so to make logical sense of them. That perception often enables us to cope in a crisis, and observe potential patterns that could impact our lives positively or negatively.

    Is this movie a link bound to other events by chance or by design? I don’t know yet. But I will be viewing the film with both potentials, so either way, I will learn something by it.

  22. Ian Fleming once wrote that (and I paraphrase here), “once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and three means something’s going on.” I’ve never subscribed to that and neither over the years has that nasty org Mafia. Once is coincidence and twice is BS, something’s going on. Wouldn’t we just love having some of the few honest investigative reporters left working these incidents!

    Whether or not the Aurora and the Sandy Hook shootings are false flags, there is still the matter of whackos insanely believing they see messages in dark cult “entertainment.” Many years ago, the entertainment industry had to stop using legit possible phone numbers and addresses in movies, shows, and songs. (Note on TV shows that phone numbers start with 555, which doesn’t exist.) Then we had the Dungeons & Dragons introverts, and not a responsible parent in sight.

    Years ago when children played war or cops & robbers, there was a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys. Too often today that distinction is missing. Some of it is bad parenting. Some of it is rotten to the core peer pressure, particularly in gang (or wannabe) neighborhoods. And then we have the liberals (in the media, in the schools, in the home) telling children that it’s fine to do whatever they want so that they feel good. But then when something tragic happens, they just scratch their heads and blame it all on something else.

  23. With Regard to Mass Shooting Events as FF’s:

    Articles have been written in regard to your line of thinking in “You Are Being Lied To” © 2001 by the Disinformation company in an article on Page 124 titled: “Anatomy of a School Shooting” by David McGowan.

    Also in “Everything You Know is Wrong” © 2002 by Disinfo Company in an article titled: “Witnesses to the Massacre: Other Participants in Columbine” by Russ Kick on Page 74.

    Bowling for Columbine has a peculiar clip: @3:25 – 3:51 detailing the shooter “Harris’ diary also detailed ideas…” see if for yourself.

  24. Well I guess there is not as many smart people out there as we think there is. I think that we all need to stop all the BS and sit and think what is going on in the world RITE NOW. It seems to me that there is so many country’s that want us to fall and are just waiting for the rite time. I think the best thing that could happen is to take all your love ones and family and get together and start training for what you think is going to happen. If you think what is all going on is a joke then we will see you in the funny papers. There is nothing more importune then to train your families. In order to do that you need to start doing your homework and research and DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ALL THE OTHER FOLKS. The number one thing you should be worried about is yourself and families.
    Maybe a good idle would all the families get together and start and build there own little township. But I do know one thing the SHTF is going to happen and when it does will YOU BE READY. I do not think as many people will be as ready as they think cause they are worrying to much and listening to much to what other people have to say. So bottom line is to take care of yourself and study and research things your not sure of and go from there, you will be surprised of the things you thought you new but your not as good at it as you thought.

    Bottom line take care of yourself and families and maybe you will be one of them who will survive.


  25. I think calling what passes on TV for news, “journalism” is a false flag in itself. After an event I was involved in I had the very disgustful experience of being on the news. They edited the story to make me look very bad. DW was mad as heck. News is pure theater made up and edited to present the official state opinion, not actual facts.

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