Senator Feinstein’s Plan to Destroy The Second Amendment…

We folks it looks like Senator Feinstein has been hard at work in her attempt to destroy our Rights, The Constitution, the Second Amendment and our Way Of Life.  But she has been at this for the past 20 something years and has not yet succeeded and we are not going to let her and her cronies do it this time either.

Here is a link to her “Newsletter” detailing her plan to disarm you

Let’s take a look at a few of the “bullet points” in her gun ban proposal…

  • Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of 120 specifically named firearms

Folks, that is a lot of banned guns! One hundred and twenty wow – I did not know that there were that many “assault weapons” models made… I would love to see that full list… at any rate, we all know one rifle that will be the banned list and that is the AR-15.

  • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic

What is a military characteristic? Who will make that interpretation? A military characteristic could be anything from a black finish to a steel buttplate or wooden stock…

  • Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

Feeding devices that are capable of accepting more than 10 rounds, notice that she did not say magazine, or “clip” but “feeding devices” that would include rifles like the Marlin Model 60 and other tubular magazine fed rifles.

She states that there will be a “grandfather clause” for those weapons that will be banned but that are already individually owned, but that those grandfathered weapons will all have to be “registered” with the government including photograph and fingerprints. We all know what registered means – eventual confiscation.

She also asks for money to fund more ATF agents to enforce those new bans and registration. But of course no mention of funding for any type of increased school security

We need to stop this… now!

Join the NRA – don’t put it off any longer… do it!

Sign up every one of your family members and friends for a NRA membership – you might want to ask their permission first.

Write to your state representatives (don’t waste your time writing to the president or vice president) you can find your state representatives  contact information here. Let them know that you we will vote them out of office if they vote for or support any new firearms laws or ban. Period.

If you have a blog or website then please urge your readers to Join the NRA, to sign up everyone they know for a NRA membership and to contact state representatives.

By the way check out the title of the linked to article at the end of her newsletter titled “Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage” now you tell me that these folks don’t love a good tragedy. Disgusting.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Renewed my NRA membership. Am buying two guns this weekend too.. with those “scary” magazines and stuff. Bad me!

  2. private idaho says:

    thanks for the update md allready fired off an e-mail to my local rep
    i cant believe my favorite plinker will be outlawed what next? bb guns that hold more then one round. that lady is like the posterchild for why stupid
    people shouldnt reproduce

  3. The Last American says:

    I’m proud to say that I am a Life Time Member of the NRA and I take this issue to heart. The Sen. is off her nut and should seek help, because what she wants; IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

    If they can have a national registry for sex offenders why not one for folks with mental problems which might make them a danger to others, like Adam whats his name.

    I have come to the view, expressed by M.D. a few weeks ago. A State or two will need to push back should laws gutting the 2nd amendment ever get passed. Until then the NRA is our best voice.

  4. Hunker-Down says:
  5. recoveringidiot says:

    That woman and the people who have elected and re-elected her are anti-American to the core, IMO.
    One day these people will realize what damage they have done but it will too late, the boot will be on their necks when they think, darn, wish I had a way to defend myself from these goons.

    My local congress critters are 100% in the bag for Obama so I send bucks to the NRA and local grass roots organizations that work to defeat the socialists we have been sending to DC. The government of the state of NC is changing and I hope some of the gerrymandering that has been set in place over the last 100 years will be undone and the communists in DC don’t strike it down.

    Feinstein and people like her are the very reason our founders made the 2nd amendment, NOT so we can all have a chance to bird hunt.

    I say take some of that money that you were going to spend on unavailable stuff and send it to the NRA or your favorite gun rights organization instead.

    Happy new year!

    • recoveringidiot says:

      And I forgot, if you have a few bucks left over, send them to your favorite pro self defense blogger. Mr. Creekmore is at the top of my list!

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        Oye… MD! Do ya feel yourself moving to the top end of another list along with a few other blogmisters?

  6. charlie (NC) says:

    Does anyone have a link to the 120 specific firearms the bill proposes to ban? I’m curious to know how many of mine they think they will get.

  7. As soon as I get some money in the bank I’m going to join the NRA. Then I’m going to spend a bunch of time each day promoting the defeat of Feinstein’s bill. We’ll see how grass roots I can get.

  8. Warmongerel says:

    There are about 100 million firearms that are just going to “disappear” from the face of the earth. Invest in PVC pipe manufacturers.

    • charlie (NC) says:


      • I am going to go throw mine in the lake and have someone take pictures of me doing it. If they want them, they can go diving to get them. The mud on the bottom of the lake by my lake house is only about 8′ deep and clarity is not so much either. If I can’t use them, I am not giving them to the Feds to use against me.

  9. BTW, my sewing project is done except I want to move two pieces of velcro over, and the pattern will be coming soon.

  10. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Thanks for the update M.D. I have wrote a letter to all my Congressmen the day before yesterday. Below is a copy of the letter. I hope every member of the pack will do this as well as join the NRA if you are not already a member.

    Honorable Senator McConnell,
    During the next few days and weeks, there is going to be a flurry of Bills and propositions concerning gun control following the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. As United States Citizen and more importantly a Citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I oppose any and all restrictions concerning my 2nd Amendment rights. The tragedy in Conn. had nothing to do with our freedom to bear arms but was a failure of our society to acknowledge the many issues that face our country. Mental health, violence on television, violence concerning video games, lack of corporal punishment in schools, no prayer in schools, and the loss of moral values throughout our country.
    Any conversation over gun rights should also contain the preceding topics. I oppose any limits to gun ownership as well as new limits or taxes on ammunition or magazines. I do agree serious conversations need to be held but they need do not have to start with the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment. Please take into consideration my comments in the coming weeks and know I support the Constitution of the United States. God Bless America!


  11. Rob in Ontario says:

    Canada this past year reversed its long gun registery- all shot guns , rifles- no matter the caliber- had to serial number registered with federal gov’t- in order to buy a non- restricted firearm or ammo a gov’t issued card must be shown——- hand guns have been restricted for close to 100 years here still able to get licence for them thou — but some how they pop up at all the gang shootings— all weapons are to be rendered inoperable by using a secure locking device or removing the bolt or bolt carrier or locked safe or room not easily broken into and ammo located away and locked up

    • Rob in Ontario,

      That is where we are heading…

      • Rob in Ontario says:

        yes I can see that from here you are – but even here in the north we saw that it didn’t work – the long guns are not the problem – its people with mental issues or such— I had to show id to buy BB’s for a crosman air rifle last week and yet 10 minutes before that I bought a SKS with same id even then they hardly looked at it-

      • As an Ontarian, all in all it’s not that bad. I mean, most magazines are restricted by a rivet that’s easily removed. Not that I’d do that now of course, I keep my firearms completely legal to all aspects of the current law. However, if there were ever a TSHTF or WROL situation, the magazine cap is easily remedied…

        Regardless, stuff that doesn’t make sense is still stuff that doesn’t make sense. Do you have any recommendations as to how a Canadian can show support?

        • Mike, thanks and yeah, I can think of some ways to help! Get on every blog and on Facebook and start posting that you live in Canada, here is what happened with the weapons,here is the results, and tell the US that you DON’T want this to happen here, too

          I worked for a short time as a student nurse in a hospital in the Soo. Everyone who wanted universal health care that posted to FB, I would write “you don’t want this because in Canada, where they have this kind of coverage,this is what I SAW…” such as a pair of twins, born 2 days before the 24 week period were left to die as preemies, because it would cost to much to care for them for a couple of months. People’s medicines kept in the beside tables (except for the powerful things) and you were expected to take your own meds. If you were too sick better have a family member around to help you do it. In spite of this, I saw nurses, standing around doing nothing and chatting. A friend went in after waiting for months for a heart procedure (A fib ablation), procedure was done. After 48 hours, sent home. The problem reoccurred a few weeks later. Sorry, get to the back of the line, we’ll get you when your turn comes up again. Stories of friends of mine coming to the states for immediate treatment and paying for it themselves because some of these things were life threatening and had to be done, but the social medicine in Canada did not think it was necessary or needed to be done in a quick manner. Not enough doctors, hospitals in adequate condition but not great. Old equipment. Now maybe not all hospitals up there are this way but the Soo hospital was.

          People could not argue with what I SAW. They hide their heads and say Oh, that isn’t what it’s about but when I posted,they would sit up and take notice. They may not like what I said, they might not even believe it but they can’t say “you didn’t see this” because I DID. So they shut up. In the meantime, the person who had been wavering on a decision about health care got to hear what I SAW. The others didn’t bother to try and cut me down, which was good.

          So get on FB and start posting. And thank you for helping to pass the word around. Just tell what you have seen! And that gosh, the gangs always seem to have plenty of weapons and the rest of you are sitting ducks….

          I personally thought the assault weapons bill was just that, the big old honkin’ mow ’em down Schartzenagger kind. I was disturbed to see the “requirements”….

  12. Robert Moore says:

    This proposal by the senator is a lesson in Russian/Chinese negotiating. She doesn’t expect this to go through. She simply starts at the most extreme ridicules point she could find. Then when she only gets 20% of what she asked for her opponents think they won something, not realizing what they’ve given away. And her supporters will see it as a foothold and dump even more money and effort into getting her the rest of her wish list since they “failed” to achieve the goal of disarming the country.

    • Rich Wright says:

      You have predicted her exact plan. This was also her agenda for the 1994
      AWB, even though an utter failure, she was able to get a gutted shell of a law passed.

    • Don’t be surprised to find that she DOES expect it to go through and will be tireless in her pursuit of it. She is a mad dog when she gets the right bone!

  13. Oh, crum. Recently someone posted a rather lengthy post on what happened at Sandy Hook and the possibility of a set up/false flag. I can’t find it now. Does anyone remember where it was? Thank you! I wanted to share it with a friend.

  14. I have an old Remington model 73 .22 short gallery rifle with a 20 round tubular device capable of continuous feed. This semi-automatic assault weapon of terror was handed down to me from my terroristic great-grandfather. It now resides with my son, a former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne who served in Iraq, now classified as a potential terrorist. This unholy weapon of mass distruction that has problems killing a rabbit, let alone a human being, probably will be banned along with lever action rifles.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the founding fathers never intended for our society to become technlogically advanced and didn’t foresee anything other than a flintlock being invented. Ben Franklin simply was an abberant anomaly when he discovered electricity. I mean, really, it’s normal for someone to fly a kite in a thunderstorm. And what about Eli Whitney and the cotton gin? That time saving machine should never have been invented. The airplane and car, trains…hey I know, it all started with the invention of the wheel. Yeah, that’s it!

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Scott g: It is appaulling.. apolling..apoca lip stic… to think that you would continue to hand down such a weapon of mass distruction! Have you no idea how these insane sandbox vets are trained…. Dear Gawd, not a fur baring animal in North America will sleep until such a weapon is truned into flatware and sold at your Bed Bath and Beyound.

      Now as to how all this started, I must agree with you. That pityless grunting fools bones must surely be dust in some French Cave coating the rusting hulk of some evil invention such as a….. Singer sewing machine… treadle model I would think.

      Again Sir… shame!

  15. Please write your reps in dc. We can not lose even one of the bill of rights and keep our contry and republic. God bless you all, Cowboy semper fi

  16. sent mine off to my rep

  17. Warmongerel says:

    My Senators are Al Franken (no…seriously) and Amy Klobuchar. Writing them would be a waste of 1’s and 0’s. My Representative is wholly against this, so I’ll drop him a note thanking him. My Rep used to be Michele Bachmann until the redistricting. That still pisses me off. I loved her.

    For the rest of you, if there is any hope of threatening your Congress-creatures’ hold on their power…BOMBARD them!!!

    • And we lost Cravaack this year as well. He wasn’t much good, but at least he was pro-2A (albeit a bit less so than I liked). That POS we got in exchange has been anti-2A from his very first trip to DC decades ago.

      In short, I don’t see much hope for MN to be anything but liberal commie anti-Constitution and it may be time to move these old bones.

  18. MD, I won’t bother with writing letters. Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi and Mike Thompson are all within a short drive of me…………and we don’t see to eye to eye on anything! Of the 4, Feinstein does respond to what letters I have written usually within 3-4 weeks, Thompson takes months to respond, unless he just decided your statement is not worthy of response. Boxer sends you a page of her “accomplishments” on the hill and never responds directly……neither does Pelosi. Feinstein harkens her gun hating days back to SF when she was involved in the Harvey Milk incident. Every gun is evil because a gay guy ate a bunch of Twinkies and lost his mind. See, she has never ever been able to confront evil and call it what it is………she sees only the inanimate tool of evil. Nothing new here for her. Beating the same drum in a new skin. And so, if directed, I will help support members of Congress that are pro all ammendments; against ObamaCare; seeking justice for both Benghazi and Fast and Furious; better border protection; immigration exodus, etc. Any suggestions folks?

    • Here in NJ, we have the wonderful left-wing Senators Menendez and Lautenberg. Menendez is one of Obama’s key players. Lautenberg simply does what he’s told to do as he’s been too senile for many years to have more than a few lucid moments, which seems to be when they push him in front of a camera real quick. Menendez’s people email back (many weeks later) a list of accomplishments, rarely anything pertaining to what I sent. Lautenberg’s people, if they bother, do the same several months later usually just to acknowledge that they got my email. Rep. LoBiondo isn’t necessarily anti-gun but he’s become more and more liberal every term after he swore he’d never run again after x # of terms. I can’t trust him anymore.

      But I will email these persons anyway. One note to all is if you can also send letters to their local offices and maybe even make a phone call. Via the congressional website, emails go to their DC office and often take quite awhile to be read.

  19. Orwellian States says:

    I joined the NRA last week after reading article calling for the death of NRA members. Also, I am searching for 6″ PVC pipe – a small drainage problem?
    I don’t know where all this is going. My criminal defense attorney son-in-law said that the 4th amendment is already history – they are chipping away at the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th etc. What’s next – I’m 66 and from my experience I believe the nation has gone down the crapper. This is not the nation I grew up in during the 50s and 60s. No more patriots – only politicians.

    • Gosh, kinda makes me wonder how those leftie loons would kill so many people. When agitated, their methods are usually worse than what they pretend to be against. Oh, I know, they’ll bring in their professional demonstrators — the ones that usually sneak in and start riots and fires.

  20. Okay, I emailed my senators and representative in DC and I’ll follow up with letters and phone calls.

    Anybody else catch the 459 deaths by “assault” weapons? What the politicians NEVER mention is who were the perpetrators. Could they be gang-bangers out of prison after felonies and using stolen or illegally imported firearms to shoot each other or to rob liquor/convenience stores? Or could they all be regular jane/joe? I’ll make a sure bet that the vast vast vast majority were the former. The police arrest them, but the courts and the prisons certainly fail.

  21. Oh, just absolutely flipping great. Somebody marched into a police station this morning in Gloucester county, NJ, and shot 3 police officers. More fuel for the fire. So much media fouled-up coverage just keeps bringing the whackos out of the woodwork. At least this time, the police are holding back on releasing info.

    • Mari,

      He took a used one of the police officers guns to do the shooting – but you’re probably right they will say this is proof the we need more “reasonable” gun bans…

      • And if someone can waltz into a police station, grab one of their guns, and proceed to shoot three of them — how safe does that make the average citizen feel? Plenty of police shot lately. Very very bad when the first row of authority is attacked. Bad to shoot anyone, much less cops in their own station.

        Gloucester county is run by a very strong Dem machine, with plenty of money-making corruption. The facts might come out as an interesting story, or it might be another whacko incident. Over the years, it seems that whacko incidents just have to run their course.

        In any case, I wish the officers a good and speedy recovery.

        • Mari,

          Apparently they felt over confident in their own station and he took advantage of them when they let their guard down.

          Most police in my area buy their own guns at the local sporting goods store I wonder how they feel about the new gun ban proposals?

  22. I don’t know how many in the Pack have gone through the process of getting a NFA registration so here’s what’s involved.

    1. You pay for the item at the Class 3 dealer. You can not take possession of the item until the process is complete.

    2. You fill out the appropriate paperwork. This includes fingerprinting and a passport-sized photo (you will need 2 sets).

    3. You send or take the paperwork to your local sheriff for approval. There are usually no legal requirements for his approval/disapproval. State law only covers the generality of legal ownership. That I know of there are no standards a denial must meet.

    4. Attach a $200 check, to either the Dept of Justice or BATFE (the form says which). I recommend you use a bank money order or cashier’s check, but a personal check will do (see #6).

    5. Send or take all of the above back to the dealer. If you sheriff has disproved you “request” you can now get your money back and you do not have to do #4. End of story.

    6. Now this paperwork gets sent to BATFE for “approval”. This process takes anywhere from 3 to 7 months! They have no required time limit and actually a very limited number of people doing it (I heard they were down to 3 in September). I have not heard of a case where a person was approved by the sheriff, passed a NICS check, and was denied. It just takes time.

    7. You now get to take possession of your weapon/device. That’s assuming someone hasn’t changed to law, misspelled something on the form, and that the business you started this with is still in business!

    Under Finstein’s “grandfathering” this is what I see as the process you will have to go through for EACH weapon that falls into this category. What is the status of your weapon in the mean time? This process is what is not understood by the general shooting public, those that hasn’t done it. The term “grandfathering” sound so benign that most will accept it without looking at what it means.

    There are a couple of differences depending upon the weapon. You can own a rifle that you are converting to a “Short Barreled Rifle” as long as it is not yet configured as such. A short-barreled shotgun falls into a different category and the fee is only $20.

    SO, my advise is to tell all of you friends in the “gun community” just what this “grandfather” clause is really all about; this includes your elected officials! It’s nothing that you want to, or should be involved in; and BATFE is not staffed to handle the number of requests that are going to come in, so no telling how long the wait will be. And those guns could be subject to confiscation while you “request” is being processed.

  23. i hope she is 100% successful in passing her bill as written. why? because that will be the final straw, the bite too big of the apple. if some watered down version passes, not so many patriots will be willing to risk their blood to fight it.

    M.D. adds : sorry riverrider but I had to remove part of your comments – I don’t want the jackboot thugs hauling you off to Gitmo…

  24. I live in NYS within a heavily blue district, so writing my congresspeople will be a quixotic use of time, but I will still probably do it anyway. About the only person/group who stands for what I believe in is the NRA, so I became a Life member yesterday.

  25. It amazes me that Feinstein can site studies on her website that claim the previous ban decreased crime. The exact same studies are cited on Wikipedia showing they had no effect at all on crime. She is blatantly lying with statistics and the steeple are believing her. Worse yet, I live in the people’s republic of kalifornia. God save us.

  26. Tactical G-Ma says:

    1. Chairman Mao would be proud of Ms. Feinstein.

    2. What’s our chance of getting NY, NJ, and CA to secede from the Union?

    3. Again I ask, where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him?

  27. Wonder if this so called gun ban will be like Obamacare and the Senators and Congessman will be EXEMPT from it!!!!! If that happens then that is the day they all need to dragged out and spend the day swinging from a tree.
    Just want anyone monitoring this blog that I (George) did not post this my neighbor was using my computer!!!

    • Of course they are exempt! I’m told Feinstein has a carry permit…..but, nevertheless, they have CIA/Armed Body guards with ……..papers…..! Like papers history proved didn’t work!

  28. Hello all,

    I live in Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau, and I have emailed both of my senators. I also joined the NRA last month, so I am trying to do my part. I know a lot of my friends will not give up any of their guns regardless of legislation that is passed, and they state that they’ll fight to keep them. I think it will only take one incident of such, and everyone else who owns guns in the US will follow suit.

  29. I can’t believe she is still in office. I’ve started a petition on the White House site to get her impeached for her repeated attacks on the 2nd – they violate her Oath of Office to protect the Constitution – please sign it and share it with others and let’s get rid of this beast…

  30. MountainSurvivor says:

    Common sense was never one of Feinstein’s qualities.

  31. I’m thinking…….Thank you Senator Feinstein!
    She may have single-handed created the fastest turn-around in the economy of the United States with the sales of firearms and ammo. She created the LARGEST impact in sales for the shortest time period on record. And more Americans are armed, locked and loaded then ever before, even people that have never even touched a firearm.

    You have to love our hired idiots. doing the right thing for the wrong reasons!

  32. Petitions aren’t going to get it this time people. Do you know your local militia chapter? Are you a member? There are many articles and points of history that reference the militia as the force to keep a national army or police force in check. Made up of citizens it is the last line of defense for the common man. In 1778 the citizens of the brand new United States had the very same fears that we do now. There were many who were anti-federalist that knew the elite would abuse any power given to them. They cautioned for the states to keep a strong militia to counter this power grab. The strength of the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or actually gun ownership. It has everything to do with the militia and the security of the free state. In a surprising juxtaposition it was the states of Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York that demanded that a Bill of Rights be included in the Constitution of The United States and Massachusetts had a provision for the right to bear arms long before the Constitution was ever written. This has all unfolded before. I don’t know where you stand but friends I stand with Washington, Hamilton, Madison, Henry and The Sons of Liberty.

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