Shooting the Ruger 10/22 Takedown with BX-25 Round Factory Magazine

Well, folks this is my first attempt at a video and to honest it’s more of a practice run than anything else. Look for more in-depth videos in the future, after I become more familiar with the process. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you.

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  1. Cool. So that is what a real man looks like, nice and strong. Nice rifle too.

    • axelsteve says:

      My son put a folding stock on his 10/22. I like the idea of the takedown model though.And I can see that it is reliable.

  2. “Nice and strong.” I will add sexy and humble. What do the rest of you ladies think?

  3. J Stuart says:

    M.D. , you’ve become a rock star. The girls love you. Who said prepping had to be a lonely endeavor.

  4. So, MD, tell us, who is that young, good looking guy you have shooting the 10/22? Bet you taught him everything he knows! Good job on your first video.

  5. Tinfoil Hat says:

    Good vid MD. Though I must now say, your OPSEC is shot. Through my sharp eyes, I see the cinder blocks in the back right have the companies logo etched in them. That company only supplies local merchants within a 5o mile radius in eastern Tennessee. Additionally, I can tell by there lighter hue that the Portland cement used for it had too little sand in it, meaning it was manufactured during the great sand famine of 2007. The only cinder blocks sold by the aforementioned manufacturer containing Portland cement processed during the great sand famine were distributed to a white male matching your description in the store. Said store security camera picked up your license plate, which I’ve run through DMV mainframes for addresses and located your retreat! Such an amateur move MD. A child could’ve figured I out. I thought you were smarter than that 😛

    Lol, in all seriousness, I may have to reconsider my Marlin Model 60 devotion. Nice looking firearm.

    • axelsteve says:

      Tinfoil Hat. Never give up on Marlins,Rugers are just a fad hahaha.

      • like cell phones,they wont be around long. just a fad like the pet rock and cabbage head dolls ;)) I love my ruger 10/22,s now there is one more variation that ill need.

  6. Bwhntr57 says:


    Very nice. I recently bought a 10/22 ATI Tactical because mainly it looked so cool. But I then mounted a flashlight ( smokin deal from Sportsmans Guide for 27.00, pressure switch and mount also ) to the Picatinny rail and a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight ( 79.95 from Botach Tactical ). Nice rig for ridding my retreat cabin of skunk and coyote after dark. Must admit they work well and the 25 round mag is handy .

    • L.A. Mike says:

      To all my prepper buddies, please be aware of tactical items bought from The Sportsman’s Guide, as well as any other site carrying any budget-quality items. I am a frequent SG shopper too, but sadly found their user reviews to be full of idiots rating the shipping and service. Any product reviews are normally assumptions rather than field tests. An example is a Shotgun mounted Light/Laser combo for “Home Defense”. All user reviews stated that it “should” work great, it looks cool, 5 star rating, etc.. On Amazon the same product was TESTED by 3 users and broke within 1-10 shots. PLEASE, PLEASE do your research on items in which you base your safety on. Stay sharp, Wolf Pack. Thanks for this site MD, and I hope everyone uses your Amazon link

    • axelsteve says:

      I think that them international model looks cool also.

  7. MD- couple of production hints, if you’re interested.
    I’m imagining you’re useing a small camera mounted on the tripod- which is a great way to shoot.
    Shoot the video in stages: four steps to great video are Long Shot (which you had); Middle Shot (which is belt up); Close Up (which is bust/head and shoulders); and Extreme Close-up (your eyeball). Of course, these shots are mixed in various forms. Medium shot of you and rifle, close up of rifle, etc. (I’m assuming you know all this, just getting to a point.)
    You’ll shoot your video in bursts of ten to fifteen seconds, except zooms and pans, which can take a little longer. Once it’s uploaded to your puter, you’ll play with duration of shot in the editing.
    Do the audio separate from the video, unless it’s a med/close-up shot and the mic is close to you and you’re describing the action in progress. I don’t know which editing system you’re useing, so this is a generic statement: you can lock the audio (or video) selection with a right click on the desired selection and choose your option, then click and drag to the appropriate spot on the time-line.
    Too, shoot audio on a separate tape/disc from video so as to avoid confusion in downloading, or just simply forgetting to download it from the video tape. (I also like to use a ‘take 1’ (or whichever attempt it is), 1-2-3-pause- talk so I can pick and choose the better sounding bite.
    In composition: watch the ‘headroom’. Too much is as bad as too little (you have a bit much free space above your head). I control this by moving myself closer or farther from the camera after setting the shot. For best ‘overall’ appearance, have the camera just about chin height to the speaker: it doesn’t make the audience look down or up the nose and people tend to follow the eyes.
    That should about do it for this lesson plan. 😉 (Sorry- I’m a retired news shooter and always get picky watching YouTube vids… you oughtta hear me scream at times!)
    Otherwise- looking forward to more vids from you. Maybe I can blast one or two off on various topics and you can use them as well- if you’d like we can discuss it.

  8. MountainSurvivor says:

    That is a great beginning, M.D. Seeing you handle the gun as you did, rapid placement of the parts, smooth access and efficient insertion of the clip, good stance and all, it would be very easy for anyone to repeat. You are a fine example and more videos would be of utmost benefit. 🙂

  9. riverrider says:

    awesome. i need to rethink those 25 rd mags now. that was a lot of stingers going down range in a hurry. enjoyed it.

  10. axelsteve says:

    I need to take a day trip to Reno soon. I can`t get the ruger 25 round mag in Komradfornia.

  11. JP in MT says:

    Good job.

  12. yardman says:

    M.D. awesome job with the video. I bought myself a 10/22 takedown for fathers day. I was jealous of some of my prepper buddies and I also needed a reason for buying a new gun… I highly recommend the 25 shot clips but make sure they are the Ruger brand. Some of the knockoffs wont cycle properly as the spring is a little weaker. By the way they are the same price. I have figured out a good way to improvise a sling which I will share later. Keep the videos coming!

  13. TarHeel says:

    I put a Leopold compact scope that I had on mine using the provided base and medium weaver rings. Only problem was when I tried to take the barrel off the rear sight hit the bell of the scope even though it was folded down lol. Waiting for extra high rings. Still cheaper than a new scope. Note to self: check before installing.

  14. TarHeel says:

    Oh and I forgot, if you put a scope on it, the barrel and the scope won’t fit neatly into the carry bag.

  15. michael c says:

    Good video – you are photo-genic. I am almost convinced to buy one (10/22) but remember that you also recommended the S&W 380 (yeah, bought one). Now, I wonder if you took care of that problem with the trigger on the 380. Is reliability in the “take down” the same as the solid rifle? Could the connection work loose?

  16. Survivor says:

    Good job, man!

  17. axelsteve says:

    I would like to get a Marlin camp carbine in 45 some day.

  18. serfsup says:

    I ,for one, would be interested in a youtube channel. Something along the lines of a southernprepper1 would be neat.

  19. great video—but could not hear what you said. maybe it’s my computer. good luck! It’s much more enjoyable to hear from you directly instead of the contest posts.

  20. Irish-7 says:

    Good video! Although I already own a wood stock version, I am intrigued by the Ruger 10/22 Takedown model. I am picking one up on Tuesday for about $330.00. It was a video by Hickock-45 that sold me. He was knocking down targets with ease (no scope). I have been a Ruger fan for many years, so I don’t need any convincing that they are quality firearms.

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