Should you stop prepping because Donald Trump won the election?

Since Donald Trump became the president-elect, I’ve gotten several emails from readers asking me should they stop prepping now that Trump will be the next U.S. president (we hope)… It’s like they think that all our issues and potential disasters will be magically fixed with a stroke of the Trump pen.

No all our issues and potential disasters will not be magically fixed with a stroke of the Trump pen.  All our problems as a nation and threats such as economic collapse, natural disasters, coronal mass ejection (CME) and pandemics will not just poof and disappear and be all better when Donald Trump takes office.

Folks he isn’t God. He is a man just like all the other presidents before him and isn’t going to magically fix all our problems. I’m not even sure that he is going to stand by most of his campaign promises after he takes office… I really, truly hope that he does, but I’m sure. All that we can do is wait and see…

I hope he at least tries to deliver on what he promised voters to get elected and does manage to make some changes for the better, but I’m not going to put any faith in that happening until I see it actually happen.

But I do know that just because he was elected all our problems aren’t going to just “poof and gone” and then we are all living in utopia once he takes office. No, it’s not going to happen… we have too many problems and have fallen way too far down the rabbit hole for it to be fixed without MAJOR changes and cuts in spending and other changes that most people aren’t going to like.

Lot’s of folks, myself included, believe that we are in just as much or even more trouble now than before the election because all Economic Indicators Are Pointing Towards A Depression…

And that The Central Banks will Ban Cash, Raise Rates, Crash It All…

Many people also say that Donald Trump Inherited the Economic Collapse 2017 and that there is nothing he or anyone can do about it…

So no, you should not stop prepping, sell your guns and go on vacation or to the strip club just because Trump won the election, no instead you should double up on your preps because the collapse is coming sooner rather than later. Stock the pantry and the ammo it deep – you’re going to need it.

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  1. My plans have not changed one bit. I’m just glad we won’t have to deal with the immediately soaring prices and shortages of ammo that would’ve resulted from the Hildabeast’s victory.

    • Afternoon from a wet Seattle! My son started reload for my 45acp about 500 rounds whitch well give me over 1,000 rounds that my rifle can shot! Bought from Sams club more Tang ! Now I am started running out of space ! I have heard outher people running out of space I could not believe it now I know why

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      Well, for now we can pause to catch our breath. That election was exhausting.. So now we reassess the situation. The 2nd Amendment seems safe now, for 4 more years. That means no immediate Civil War where Gun Holders won’t have to shoot the Gun Grabbers trespassing over our property lines. We need to Arrest the Chaos makers that hate America and our constitution. Still look for economic collapse, where the Fed is gong to raise rates on Dec 14th, that I read. Also Global Collapse in many currencies, and the banning of Cash like in India, Australia, and inflation like in Venezuela and people starving, and see what happens if that spills over into the US economy. We should see Gold and Silver explode upward due to demand Globally for Physical, and the rumors of the US Dollar crashing big-time. Watch out for those who oppose the Trump Agenda unleashing False Flags. Look how our world changed after 9-11. I sure hope Trump takes America back to our Constitution that’s been shredded, and put some teeth into convicting Government employees for wrongdoing. And throw some bankers in prison for all their manipulation and plunder. Yep keep stockpiling lots of food, 1 to 2 years Min. Keep working at it. Make sure your Water source is protected, and we are encouraged, that over 2000 Vets are in ND right now supporting the Souix, in protecting their water source. As one Vet said, (pharaphrase) “This time, we are really fighting for Americans, and on American Soil.” We wish them all warm thoughts, as it is suppose to be Zero Temps up there. Walk your perimeters, and check your fence lines, and set up one good Observation point with a visual of your property access, and harden it with sandbags. Keep an extra ammo box filled with magazines for your battle rifle, and stash the box behind your hardened LPOP position. Set up several if needed. Camo and hide the position. 1 is none and 2 in one.

  2. Prepping is a mindset, a way of life. While I’m thrilled that Mr. Trump won, his election won’t stop all the things we prepare for, like blizzards, hurricanes, etc.
    I’m primarily concerned about economic collapse. Fractional reserve banking will, of course, lead to economic ruin.
    I do believe that Trump will be less likely to bring us into WWIII. I’m still not getting rid of my gas masks or Geiger counter.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Prepping is a mindset, a way of life.

      That’s the answer, when you change your life to a life most people lived in the past you find your life is much more fufilling.

      That being a life of not living beyond your means.

      Avoiding debt.

      Producing as much of your own food as you can.

      Repairing your own stuff when it breaks / learning skills you will need instead of paying others to do things.

      Start a few small home-based service businesses to make money.

      Saving for big purchases and not buying with debt.

      Saving for lean times (saving cash and food) so you can weather storms.

      Prepare for the unexpected as it may just happen and being prepared is a whole lot better then not being so.

      Do these things and you won’t be as affected in a negative way by who is in the White House and while we can hope Trump does what he campaigned on, your world won’t end if he doesn’t follow through.

    • LESS likely to bring us into WWIII ? Please explain this one so I can understand your thought process here. This guy is vindictive to an extreme; just look at his twitter history. Once Trump finds out about the “Trump Rooster” statue they built in China, I fear he will launch the nukes. So, in my mind, triple the prepping efforts.

  3. Quit prepping? Oh come on, M D are you feeling a little sadistic or just want to get a little laugh this morning?

  4. If anything, I am more inclined to increase my prepping. What is going on now will not end when Trump assumes the presidency. The only thing that might change is that he won’t show up at our door with weapons drawn to take our stuff for the good of all the people. I think he will encourage us to do more for ourselves. But, like our host, I will believe it when I see it.

    • Trump may have been elected, but he hasn’t been inaugurated yet. The democrats have gone all out to stop him and get the “Beast” in. I won’t let my guard down until the inauguration is over. Even then, there are so many out there that want to do him harm and there are so many of the old guard Republicans who want to thwart his goals, he is still in dire danger. I won’t give up prepping. In fact, I may double down. I see us in perilous times. I still think we are in danger of getting hit with staggering inflation and possibly recession due to triggers that may or may not have been placed by the individual in the White House. I’ll never be able to refer to him as president. I feel that there are dangers of economic crisis, international crisis and domestic crisis. The domestic crisis will be part 2 of what is currently going on and fostered by the leftist forces currently in place. Not to mention the fact we could have terrorists incidents here from the clowns Obama has invited in. So no, I won’t give up prepping. Now isn’t the time.

  5. I quit prepping once Trump beat the Hildabeast and since tdl is going away. Since tdl healed the planet like he said he would during his aceptance speech I figure why prep?
    The fema camps will now be financual empowerment centers.
    (heavy sarcasm there pack )

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      The FEMA Camps will be where all the Illegals go after being rounded up for mass deportation. Mexico is preparing for the mass influx in Mex Criminals. Mexican Cement Co’s are already submitting interest in Bidding on the Wall. We’ll see.

  6. This thinking is so backwards .The church is godless and full of arrogance and sin

    God gave America Trump for two reasons
    First to make ready Israel for her destiny in God’s plan
    Secondly, to allow a period of time to repent in the church. Unfortunately, so many are so caught up in prepping g for some epic battle that they have become delusional and blind.

    You will all die in your sin unless you repent. This battle is the Lords and you are in the way. As usual.

    • #1 – How do you know the Devil didn’t give America Trump? Fooled by the Devil?
      #2 – Yea, because Trump is such a Christian leader?
      #3 – There is no such thing as sin. Sin is an imaginary disease invented to sell you an imaginary cure.

      • Gary I think you may have missed a dose of your meds. You’re saying God put Trump in through Divine Intervention like the ancient belief of God choosing the King or Queen. I think you’re touched. Maybe you should be prepping for the Horseman coming your way through the valley of death. Just an idea.

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      GaryO – The current occupier squatters need to get out of Palestine. That’s their destiny. History reflect they’ve been kicked out over a hundred other countries over the centuries.
      I’ll also bet ya that US Voters put Trump in the WH. Do you need a recount too like Jill Stein? lol

  7. James Stamulis says:

    I agree with most of the posts here and i also believe we could see the globalists collapse the economy and try and blame it on Trump. The Illuminati are as real as God is and they do not give up power until God says enough is enough.

  8. Stop being prepared because one politician was exchanged for another politician. Lol….good one. Makes as much sense as throwing out all the diapers after changing the baby once. With pretty much the same results.

  9. Tractorgirl says:

    I am continuing my preps because President Trump cannot stop climate .
    ,,droughts..tornados..water…fires and the such…and I am still worried about our ability to always have robust harvest of fruits and veggies…such as in Florida. And California …prices have to go up when shortages preps guard against high prices to a point….it will help somewhat and I can help feed my extended family….my garden was good to us this summer and canned the excess… I am trying to be awell rounded prepper…I feel like my load is not as heavy as before the election…I feel so relieved and time will only tell if the U.S. Is going to get a break from crazy politicians ….I have felt so much better these past days since the election….whew…..

    • Anonamo Also says:

      God PROMISED us climate change in the 4 seasons. Climate change is normal, that is what makes it climate!
      Having one political leader over another will not stop thunderstorms, snow storms, ice storms, or floods. The effects of chemicals being sprayed in our atmosphere will not go away soon, but may take decades for the trees to recover from drought/flood events… and wildfires caused by manipulation of weather . I am less stressed after the election, but to stop prepping would be less than intelligent. I was born at night, but not last night.

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      I like your Tractor.. lol I’m going to try and get a lot more fruit bearing Fruit trees planted here in this spring. It will all help later on for sure. I too feel about a 70% reduction in stress, since Trump has won. Keep one eye open.

  10. For the British point of view visit:
    The link might not be around very long, so check it soon.
    It is not very short but gets the point across quickly. The originator, Professor Dartnell, has a book out that sounds interesting also.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      PNW thank’s for the link, interesting article.

      Not that it will do any good (too many sheep in the world, and my family) but I sent it to a few people to read.

      • Mr. Findley,

        I also thought the article was quite eye-opening. Prof. L. Dartnell has an interesting point of view on most any subject. If you are under the age of 30 I would advise to inhibit any conversations with Prof. Dartnell in his decreed choice of interest. As in astrobiology. You will most definitely be retired prior to his summary.

        I have been trying to ascertain the internet related data dump site for a western European ‘How to survive SHTF scenario’ analyzed by various groups and some of the faculties of Oxford, Cambridge, etc. I have a few papers but haven’t found the website they place their inputs. They are mostly interested in ‘after’ vs. ‘prior’. Which, from a personal point of view would be of a greater interest since the few articles I have read help with how to continue vs. how to get ready. And, in a European point of view. (I don’t really care for Shepards Pie….but they do. And have survived for quite a while.) Having a lot of ‘stuff’ is one thing……knowing what to do with it is quite another. Or….how to do it.

  11. There is a way out that nobody speaks of. All it would take is a very smart, tight lipped, LARGE group of exmilitary guys to surround, swarm, and exterminate these globalist swine in whatever venue they physically meet. SLIT THEIR THROATS AND GUT THEM. HUNT THEM DOWN, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    • I’ve been saying that for years,THESE SCUM IN NGO’S,FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,BANKERS,none of them will stop till they stop breathing,BUT everyone wants peace,THERE WON’T be ANY PEACE TILL THEIR ALL DEAD…and THAT you can take to the bank….

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      Yep, drop a few 5000 Lb bunker busters on their picnic meetings. Drone them.

  12. AND LET ME ADD,If the people of america do not repent of their sins against the LORD and our FATHER,and throw all these whores out of the schools who are teaching the children to stumble,THE LORD will take ALL the children from you,IF their value has dropped to the level of worthless,and IT appeares they have ,he’ll take them all for sure,BUT I FEAR no one cares about anything in america any more now,YOU DO REALIZE THAT DESTRUCTION WILL BE YOUR FUTURE??

    • Arizona,

      As a retired teacher, I take insult (for me and all teachers) at being called a Whore. Teachers can only teach what is decreed by the school board. Teachers do NOT make the curriculum. They have no say in what is taught. They can only do the best they can do under the restrictions they have placed upon. As a matter of fact, most of the teachers I know ARE Christians (myself included)! So…judge not that ye be not judged.

    • Arizona – Then send your kids to private school or home school! ! !

      I shake my head at the short sighted, narrow minded thinking within these comment sections. Everyone wants the government out of their lives, but you REALLY want the government (public schools) to teach religion?!?!? Are you NUTS?!?!? Public schools should teach reading, writing, math, science….not religion, politics, etc.

      Repent to who’s God? Which God? Don’t say the Christian God, because even the so called Christians can’t agree how to worship their God. Otherwise there would be ONE church, not 101 Churches teaching 101 “truths” and scamming people out of their money with empty promises. Whats the difference between a preacher and a politician?!?!? NOTHING ! ! !

  13. I spend my days prepping, but, more importantly, repenting, praying, returning to Torah, (YHWH /FATHERS instructions) that were given for eternity. FATHER said to worship HIM in spirit and TRUTH. Remembering the Shabbath and celebrating the feasts. COME OUT OF BABYLON –be ye separate. The so called church looks just like the world and hence why we’re in this sinful mess. NO ONE MAN can fix America. The Donald was friends with the Clintonistas and also 19th cousin to Killary.
    He is a mason, graduated one of the colleges that teach mind control. Have my guard up???? HAHAHA!!!!!
    Only Trust in YESHUA. All of these politicians not only are liars but are great actors. It’s all a play and we’re the audience, but some of us are waking up.

  14. In Florida, I can recall times when there would be a major hurricane bearing down on the lower half of the state. There would be warnings and alerts. Everyone down there would buy supplies, board windows, and maybe evacuate. A cold front would come along and nudge the hurricane so that it merely brushed the coast. A few weeks later, they had returned, unboarded the windows, and eaten the supplies. Another (usually smaller) hurricane would come along and the warnings would be ignored. There would be a lot of property damage, a few deaths and injuries. There would be an outcry that the volunteers and free relief supplies were not coming in fast enough to help the victims.

    I equate this election to the big hurricane. We’ve dodged the bullet for now, but you never know what the future holds. Was anyone prepping solely because Hillary might become president one day? Do you really think that because Trump one that all riots will cease, the terrorists will give up and go home, and all the Agenda 21 planners will fade away? And lets face it, that extra stuff comes in handy during blackouts, ice storms, hurricanes, etc.

  15. It makes one wonder, really wonder. Did some kind of intergalitic event happen where people suddenly lost their reasoning? For millions of years there have been weather catastropies. Societal collapse, plagues, and on and on. No leader of any county can alter the weather or the way life deals its cards. Something to think about… I can recall my parents telling me as a youngster that the Democrats create war and the Republicans create depressions. The truth is each party deals with what the preceeding party in power did or caused to happen. Say we have a financial collpse after Trump takes over. Did he cause it? No. It was caused by the doings of the Democrats the past eight years. There is no way in hell that one leader can right the wrongs of what happened the past eight years overnight. Considering all that has happened in and to this country of ours over the past couple of hundred years that would make anyone with any common sense NOT want to prepare. Remember, any government powerful to give people what ever they want is also powerful enough to take it all away.

    • Don’t forget years of Republican Bush rule that allowed Big Business to rape our country so badly we were sent into a recession from which we still have not recovered.

      I can’t really fully blame one party or another – in the end it’s Big Business screwing us over no matter who’s in charge in the White House.

  16. Cheryl Laurence says:

    I’m kind of thinking that he will bring 7 years of good fortunate and then afterward we will have 7 years of bad – The Tribulation. I recently saw the 2 cows with the number 7 on their foreheads. One cow had a long skinny 7 and the other had a short thick 7. Maybe they were forewarning of the same thing that happened in Egypt. Only time will tell.

    • FL Prepper Off the Grid says:

      Cheryl, find one more cow with a 7 and that’s 777 Very Lucky, You are 2/3rds the way there. 🙂

  17. Quietly_Will says:

    I too agree with most of these posts. I am relieved that we seemingly have bought a bit more time. Remember the RINOs have aided the foolishness of the last 8 years and they are still there. One man isn’t going to change that. The liberals, elites and big money today want the nanny state and will work towards that end. The sheeple don’t remember N.O. and how long it took to mount a response. Imagine a whole country like that. I lived in the north east during the black out of the 60’s. It was a short lived event but should be a lesson on how easy it is to turn out the lights. Every time I meet a self sustainably goal I add another. It is a life style that gives me great peace of mind.

  18. Old Sarge says, I have to agree with Tractorgirl. Keep up your preps, but a LOT of stress, or as we say in the military the “pucker factor” is WAY down!

  19. I agree with several commenters above including Chuck Findlay, Overwatch, cgbascom, Tractorgirl, Quietly_Will, and others. While I’m somewhat relieved that he was elected, I’m not ceasing to prep. He’s just one man. Nothing has changed in this country. We still face all of the threats we did before. And the nation is still on its long, slow slide toward socialism. The collectivists haven’t magically stopped but seem to have redoubled their efforts. I’ll keep prepping, thank you very much, and continue to pray for our country. Keep on prepping.

  20. This erection cycle reminds me of 1999/2000….’vote for Bush, to rid us of Clinton’s’….. Then The Shrub packed his administration w/CFR members/elitists….. Now the Donald doing the same….
    Drain the swamp? I hope so, doubt it.

  21. BTW: Watched Trevor Loudon’s video: ” Enemies Within ” ….. 1- identified progressive social democrats links to our buddies in red…
    2-interview w/cair official:only 2 or 3% of immigrants are violent/anti USA…. So out of how many millions does doing the math equate to?
    Also saw: Mel Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’….. VERY worth time & cost of admission.
    Decided to ‘go organic’, will begin to route out older food preps, route in as much organic as I can…..
    Lastly, 4 gals of turkey vej w/barley done tonite….going in pressure canner 2moro….
    A Blessed Advent & Christmas Season to all!

  22. I can’t add too much to what has already been said about Trump and the future. I do agree that even if Trump tried his best to keep all of his campaign promises, he can only influence Congress so much. Most of Trump’s promises require legislation, not executive orders. Yes, he will get some stuff through. But all of it? Probably not.

    I have not stopped prepping, although I will confess to a bit of a slowing. A let down post-election. This post and the accompanying comments have squared my mind away to get back up to speed. I too am less stressed with Trump elected, but the socialists are trying their best to screw up the Electoral College and I feel the stress coming back.

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