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As you all know, I don’t usually post on Thursday but today, I would like to take this time to send a shout out to our sponsors and advertisers.

They help support this blog by helping to pay the bills around here, providing a service and making needed products available to all of us in the prepper community, and they deserve your support.

If you do business with any of our advertisers (you should) then please be sure to tell them that you found their site via TheSurvivalistBlog.net. Thank you.

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  1. I put in another order with J.M. Bullion this week. Can anyone tell me why silver is below $20? I am assuming it is because the stock market hit an all time high and the fed said the economy still needs propping up. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I can only think that because the stock markets are up and the economy “seems” to be getting better people are not buying as much silver. Great time to buy a bunch more at the $20 range, because I think it will all change soon and go back to at least the $50 range .I don’t think this false sense of a great economy is going to last . Just my opinion , but I think some major changes in the stock market and economy are on the horizon.

    • JP in MT says:

      Bam Bam:

      If someone could get me to understand what is going on with stocks and PM’s, I’d sure be interested.

      I think PM’s are undervalued and stocks are way over valued. When the Fed Chairman can have a thought, not actually do something, just a thought, spoken out loud, and the market drops 300+ points in a day, it’s just something I don’t want to play with anymore.

      A wise man told me years ago, don’t invest in something you don’t understand. I feel I have profited from his advise.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      My 2 cents:

      Study the futures market, where PM’s are traded. There are a few megabanks that specialize in PM’s. They (indirectly owned by the federal reserve) have a big interest in keeping the herd in the stock market rather than chasing other opportunities. Those banks keep the PM spot price irrationally low by shorting PM futures contracts; thousands of contracts. (The spot price is the basis for what we have to pay on the “open market”.) This is irrational in the face of the actions taken by China and India and others in their gold and silver purchases. When they want to make a killing, those banks just reverse from short to long on as many futures contracts as it takes to get the price where they want it.
      As long as quantitave easing is the answer to the US spending binge the federal reserve will continue to direct those banks to keep the price of PM’s down so the sheeple will stay in the stock market, supporting the illusion that the dollars they are printing have value.

      If I had any money I would be buying silver. When the dollar crashes to its true value PMs (and all commodities and farm land) will explode.

      • H.D.
        Do you recommend coins, bars, or bags of chump change?
        Silver that is.


        • Hunker-Down says:

          I think the most recognizable is the easiest to use in a barter situation. It would be difficult to shave off a piece from a 10 ounce bar to buy a loaf of bread. That’s why I prefer junk silver dimes and quarters and silver eagles. Others don’t agree, but I would suspect counterfeit may be an issue in the more expensive options.
          If you can afford a hundred pounds of silver, gold would be a better option in case you had to carry it for a few miles in a SHTF flight.

  2. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Thank you all for advertising on this blog. I will order through you whenever possible and share your websites with my friends. Thanks again.

  3. Excellent. It’s nice to have all the links in one easy to access list. Thanks!

  4. Northernwolf says:

    Thanks to all of you who take the time to advertise on this site and show your support by doing so.

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    So many toys to buy, not enough money to buy all of them. But I’m trying. Not that I need it, but I see the brown-santa bringing me a Solo Stove in the next week or so…

    Sometimes I think I keep Amazon in business.


  6. JP in MT says:

    I have personally used the following:

    JM Bullion
    Solo Stove
    LPC Survival
    Augason Farms
    Camping Survival
    Slick Guns
    Sun Oven
    Prepper Website
    and Paladin Press

    I have had nothing but positive results with all of them.

    • JP in MT says:

      Plus the use of MD’s link to Amazon. I’m sure they have a couple of employees that I’m supporting.

    • I don’t have an amazon icon on my desk top any more,, I always use the link here. (way more than I should!)
      I’ve also ordered from Lucky Gunner when things get scarse locally.
      Thanks for having it all so easy to use MD.

  7. Jersey Drifter says:

    Is it my imagination, didn’t emergency essentials use to be a sponsor? Can’t find them here now. I must be getting soft in the head.

  8. Mary in GA says:

    DH has ordered a lot from Lucky Gunner and we found it here, I’m pretty sure he told them that, but will remind him next time he orders. He has been very pleased with them.

  9. Yes, what happened to Emergency Essentials? I ordered an Aquapail from them a year or so ago.

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