How to Make Colloid Silver – The Easy Way!

by Michele

How to Make a Colloid Silver

The article “The Altoids Tin and it’s Many Uses” by Patton got me to thinking. I’ve had everything I needed to make my own Colloidal Silver generator for some time now, except for a little box to keep it in. I grabbed one of the tins and placed 3 9-volt batteries in there – yep, it fits, with room to spare for the wires.

The first thing I needed to do was to drill 2 holes in the Altoids can (not as easy as it sounds – and then I had to file down the sharp metal). Then I pre-assembled everything according to the instructions, making sure to put the lead wires through the hole in the Altoids can and the shrink-wrap on the wires before soldering it all together.

The instructions below are not my own, but copied from the Internet. These same instructions are on many websites, word for word, so I have absolutely no idea who to credit here. However, the pictures are mine, taken on my kitchen counter while I assembled my own colloidal silver generator.


While it has been discovered that 30 volts is the ideal for Silver Colloid production, 27 volts is very effective and happens to be the convenient result of wiring three 9-volt batteries together.


  • you’ll need three 9-volt batteries,
  • three battery snap-on lead connectors,
  • 2 insulated alligator clips,
  • 1 “grain-of-wheat” 24 volt 40 mA sub miniature incandescent bulb,
  • a foot of 3/32″ heat-shrink insulation tubing,
  • a foot of 2-conductor stranded insulated wire for clip-leads,
  • glass jar with plastic lid (cut holes for silver electrodes)
  • a small box to put it all in, and
  • 10″ of pure silver wire (.9999 fine).

This should cost under $30.00 for everything. Assuming some skill with a soldering iron, you should spend about thirty minutes constructing the generator.


How to Make a Colloid Silver Generator

Ready to Solder

Solder your three snap-on battery clips in series (red to black) to provide 27 volts. Connect a 24V incandescent lamp in series with either positive or negative output lead.

Solder the red insulated alligator clip to the positive (anode) and the black insulated clip to the negative (cathode) 2-conductor lead wires. Insulation is shrunk over soldered connections using a heat gun or hair dryer.

Cut your 10″ of silver wire in half. Bend top ends of your two 5″ silver electrode wires so they can clip over the top rim of a plastic or glass cup (not metal).

About 4″ of each wire should be submerged.

Use only pure distilled water with NOTHING ADDED!


How to Make a Colloid Silver Generator

My homemade colloidal silver generator, in an Altoids box


WARNING! Use ONLY pure silver (.9999 fine) electrodes. #14 gauge is the preferred thickness. Pure silver is sometimes available at electroplating supply companies. Or, ask at a jewelry store specializing in silver about who their wholesale supplier is.

Do not use sterling silver (.9275) since sterling contains copper and nickel.

NICKEL CAN BE TOXIC. (With this in mind, you may want to have a chemical analysis (assay) of your purchased silver in addition to the written word of your supplier.)


  1. Thanks Michele!

  2. The colloidal silver I made last night after assembling my new generator turned out great.

    I noticed about a half hour after it started, little bubbles in the water, and a little cloudiness around the silver rods. Within a few hours the water had become cloudy and the rods had some dark stuff on them. I was worried, but after looking it up on the web, talking to a few people I knew that made silver themselves, and held it up to the light to see that the water wasn’t really brown, it was in fact yellow, realized it was exactly how it was supposed to be.

    Also, my little light did not work. Not sure if I burned it out soldering it, or hot melt gluing it to the Altoids can, or what happened, but it made the colloidal silver without the little light – just fine.

    I am sure glad I finally got around to making that – one more thing to cross off my to do list. I have the parts to make a few more, to store in my faraday cage/old microwave (one is none, two is one, etc) so will add those to my ‘stores”.

    • Michele,
      Actually, your little light worked just fine. If you touch the silver wires together you would probably see the lamp light; however, when they’re in the water there is not enough current flow to make the lamp give off any light. It is used in this circuit primarily as a current limiting device, and did just what it’s supposed to do.

    • Update: OK this is weird, but last night I decided to make my colloidal silver a little stronger, so put back in the silver rods, plugged the batteries back in and the little light came on the whole time. I think it was just messing with me.

      • Michele,
        Not messing with you. Your original solution was just water which does not conduct electricity all that well. When you did it the second time, the water already contained suspended silver which is a good conductor, allowing more current to flow, and letting the lamp glow bright enough to be seen.

  3. SaratogaPrepper says:

    Excellent post! I finally have a weekend off coming up and now I have a project I will enjoy AND be useful. The only question I have is how long does it need to run? I wonder if .9999 silver bars or coins would work? Where’s the wife’s cat to test the solution on?

    • If it’s .9999 silver it will work and be safe. No need to test it on the cat, it will be just fine.

      I didn’t pay attention to how long it took, a few hours. If you currently use colloidal silver, make your solution about the color of the solution you are now using. There is also a wealth of information on the web.

  4. Comfortable Survialist says:

    What do you do with it after its built?

    • Make colloidal silver with it.

      While I am not a doctor and cannot advise you on medical diagnoses and treatments, colloidal silver was used in the near past and currently today for those of us who are not fond of drugs that can kill our livers, etc., for antibiotics (bacteria), anti-viral and anti-fungal uses.

      The Internet has a wealth of information on colloidal silver.

  5. Jennifer (Prepping Wife) says:

    What is a Silver Solloid Generator? I apologize for my lack of knowledge about it……

    • Lack of knowledge is nothing to apologize about, you are now learning something new – always a good thing.

      A colloidal silver generator is a device that puts pure (.9999 – do NOT use sterling silver) silver ions/molecules in suspension in DISTILLED (not tap or purified) water.

      Silver was commonly used as an antibiotic until the 1940’s.

  6. Just posting this link as an FYI for those not aware of what Colloidal Silver is, how to use it, why one should use it carefully, and how the generator fits into the topic.

  7. Thanks, Michele! Another great example of self-sufficiency.
    BTW, has anyone heard from LP yet?

    • Yes, Lint Picker is fine. He was out in Nevada looking at a piece of property.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Hi Christy, I’m home – safe and sound. Thanks for asking.

      Michele, thanks for keeping track of me (appearantly I’ll need a hall pass if I ever want to leave the Pack again.)

      I’ve heard of colloidal silver but never really knew what it was used for. I remember hearing about people being born with a silver spoon in their mouths, meaning they were rich enough to use silver tableware, not the pewter tableware that the poorer people used. And by using silver tableware, they got miniscule traces of silver into their diets, which protected them from diseases and gave them a better chance to live and thrive. But I assumed it was an old wive’s tale. So silver really has preventative and/or curative properties?

      My standard thought process is that if something really works, the big pharmas will distill it and sell it at inflated prices. So does this stuff really work? And if so, why isn’t big pharma selling it? Maybe they are, under a proprietary name?

      • Worrisome says:

        LP it can be bought and you will find it in vitamin and health food stores. Read up on it tho before purchasing, because one form of this is absolutely worthless and another is very very good…But be careful, read my post about turning blue!

      • Drug companies can’t put a patent on it, just as they can’t with herbs – thus they spend a lot of money to convince people it doesn’t work. You can buy it in health food stores or on the web – or make it yourself.

        And yes, you should at least let us know before you just disappear again if you’ve recently injured yourself rather seriously. From I’m too hurt to drive to the doctor, and am house bound, to no contact had us all really worried.

      • The big pharma companies found more profitable (expensive) antibiotics that actually worked and didn’t cost a silver dime.

      • charliebuck69 says:

        In times past,folks put a silver coin in their milk pitchers,before pasteurization came about,to keep milk fresh and germ free.I have been making coll.silver for years now.Kills viruses dead,works on pink eye,Parvo in dogs,lots of other nasty stuff.Store it in amber bottles in dark area,not fridge tho.Be safe Wolf Pack,Stay Low and watch your back.God Bless America!!!!

      • SrvivlSally says:

        Lint Picker,
        There was a time when people in America were dropping like flies but those which had a pacifier in their mouths and ate, literally, from true silver ware and drank from silver glasses did not. As history has proven, silver saved lives. With current-day experimentation with electricity, silver can be manipulated and the spectrum has broadened. There is a product called Silver Sol which comes in a gel and liquid and it has the capacity to heal all sorts of things. I have not tried it as of yet so I cannot make any recommendations as to it’s worthiness but you can find it at: They have a lot of silver-related products for sale. Look for their starter pack.

  8. Worrisome says:

    Just remember one thing folks, yes it has a reputation as something that can heal. Recently they have begin to use it in a salve that is used in burn units and is replacing the use of debrasion on serious burns. The caution however is, that if used too much and who knows what too much is, it will turn your skin blue and once it happens, it is permanent. Oprah actually had a guy on her show that had been using colloidal silver for most of his life and he was………….literally blue…………….but he was healthy!

    • Worrisome says:

      Also astronauts take it with them in space………what for I don’t know, but take it they do!

    • …and when he dies – he will be preserved forever.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Worrisome, the term “blue state” could take on a whole new meaning. I think being blue would be kind of cool – no racial implications when everybody is blue instead of white, black, brown, yellow, red, striped. Right?

      I once saw a man on the news who had eaten only carrots and carrot juice for so long that he literally turned orange. Obvously some people lack good common sense.

      Well, how does somebody determine which is the good kind of colloidal silver and which is the bad kind? I don’t want to make my own, I’m a lazy prepper.

    • SrvivlSally says:

      I always wondered if the Oompaloompas from the Wizard of Oz were real. But, they are as tall as most of us now, so that makes me wonder if they were not been given some growth hormones as they traveled along the yellow brick road. 😛

    • If you read about the people who turned blue from the silver, they will tell you they ingested it every day FOR YEARS. I personally do not recommend that.

      However, you will not turn blue by taking it or using it when you have an infection. Common sense people!

  9. I had never heard of this until today. I read this article this morning and had no idea what silver colloidal was. Later this evening I just finished my book I’ve been reading, Gaming the vote by: William Poundstone. Anyway on the second to the last page they say that the Senate candidate from Bozeman started drinking this and he drank too much and turned blue!!! I just thought it was ironic that I found out about this antibiotic twice today in two different places.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Twice in one day? There are no coincidences – definitely a sign from above.

  10. Thanks for the article. Great information. I have a friend who makes it for me, now I can return the favor.

  11. Hillbilly Mom: His name is Stan Jones and has run for most of the state’s major offices (Senator, Governor, etc) as a Libertarian. Great guy and yes he looked like he had a blue tan. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy several conversations with him, some we agree and others we agree to disagree.

  12. The batteries are the weak link in this device – replace them with ultra capacitors. I think that output will improve too since the u-caps have very low internal resistance. They can be charged a half million times and never need replacing.

    Add a 10V solar panel to the top of the tin box and you would have a self contained silver generator that would last for decades.

  13. TexasScout says:

    I’m trying to understand how this works , for if I remember my elementary science, “distilled” water is a perfect insulator.

  14. SrvivlSally says:

    I have a c.s. gen. at home that I made myself and I use an OHM meter to tell me if the batteries are operating/full and that current is moving through everything. It really helps.

  15. I made a CS generator last century when I was looking into all things alternative. It was rough and ready with bad solder joints etc, but it worked and made “something” which I drank by the glass. Usually one a day. The stuff you buy at the health stores have a dose of one spoon (desert spoon) per day. Well except for by crook back, I haven’t had a sick day since I don’t remember when. No colds, flu, nothing (with the odd food poisioning which may not count). Short answer: CS does work well internally, and it’s also a treat on external cuts and abrasions. Cheap as to make, easy to take. Oh, and I’m not Blue, just a little depressed on some days, LOL.
    in Oz.

  16. Patched up a dog once using CS, Aloe vera and Hydrogen peroxide. I couldn’t stitch her up, so I held the wound,(a 4×4 triangular tear in her skin) with masking tape. She healed with no sign of infection and you couldn’t see the scar. All of the above are in my first aid kit now.
    just sayin’
    in Oz

  17. everything you ever wanted to know about colloidal silver but were afraid to ask….

  18. no soldering needed. it just snaps together

  19. Chilly Beaver says:

    Informative and inspiring article, I believe I will give it a shot. Ive been reading about CS for sometime but had it allocated to the “hippy’s and witchdoctors” side of medicine. With some of the links, and a few more searches after reading the article and comments, I think I will actually build myself a generator, now to find the silver wire/rod.

  20. Thanks for the article. Great information and inspiring article.

  21. James M McDonald says:

    Put a current limiting diode in the circuit to keep the silver as small as possible.

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