Simple DIY Solar Food Dehydrator


  1. Very, very cool.

  2. Hummingbird says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and how-to. I have a small portable greenhouse that will probably never be used so I would size the dehydrator frame to use the greenhouse cover. As it is now, I have no off grid dehydrator.

  3. JP in MT says:

    There are times that I wish we could count on having the weather for one of these. Great for off grid though.

  4. loclyokel says:

    Good start to your dryer. I found a Permaculture site a while back that had a solar dryer that had the hot air go into the top of the dryer and flow downwards and then was ventilated from the bottom of the dryer thru a black pvc pipe which created a convection type of air flow to remove excess moisture and get a more even drying effect. It is here, starting at about 5:18 . . I think this is a little different design, but they do it for income (selling their product) so I’m going to say it works well for them and seems well thought out.

    • loclyokel says:

      Other than that, good video. I have never heard of drying cucumbers as this builder is showing us? Did I miss something? I do pickles of all kinds, and just have never heard of drying them. I can see them fresh or pickled. How do they reconstitute, and how are the used when dried. Anybody? Just tryin to learn something new here!