Sol-Ark EMP Hardened Solar Generator


  1. JP in MT says:

    Interesting product. I have a solar generator set in storage; presently I do not have a specific use for it, but the batteries are stored dry.

  2. PrepperDoc says:

    I’m really glad to see commercial providers begin to deal with EMP. This bodes very well for the prepper community — and for the nation as a whole — as these things become easily available.

    The price seems a bit high at $8/watt. You might be able to do a bit better. But you”re paying for their expertise and testing of their system.

    I hadn’t thought of the ferrites — they MAY do you some good. Their added impedance below 10 MHz isn’t that much but they may help in the higher frequency components. If you would like to add these to your existing system, you can buy them yourself easily from Digitkey for under $2 each. is just an example. That one will pass wires up to 0.3 inches.

    Like some other commenters on their youtube video, I didn’t see their surge suppressors (metal oxide varistors,MOV). I bet they have them liberally on input and output of their electronics — and you should too. Midnite Solar makes a great line of these andyou can add them to your system without too much trouble.

    Here is one of the midnite devices (they come in different voltage ratings,andyou need to pick one that will safely pass the voltage of the input or output that you are protecting):

    Remember that solar power that goes in and out a battery becomes INCREDIBLY expensive because of the cost of replacing worn out batteries. If at all possible, use grid power as much as possible & and only lightly exercise those precious batteries. My home system is 8+ kWDC, and has 38 kWhr worth of expensive lead acid batteries which I *baby* to try and make them last many times their waranteed 7 year span.

    • Robert J. Cornell says:

      Great post. Do you have any recommendations in Texas? Houston surgeon who’d like some competent advice and technical installation support. Thanks.

    • Polar gold says:

      For Prepper Doc or anyone else trying to save their batteries – I purchased a battery minder which defragments your batteries – have been able to bring batteries that were useless back to again – they’re about $100 or so – link is

  3. TexasScout says:

    FWIW, I just saw that Home Despot has 100-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel for $100 each.


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