Letter from Steve: A Solar Tsunami in late 2012/ early 2013

Letter written by Steve.

There are several theories as to what may be coming due to the Mayan long count calendar ending, everything from a rogue planet striking earth to a zombie apocalypse. I believe our big change is going to come from the solar tsunami that is scheduled to happen late 2012/ early 2013….why do I believe this…this is why.

At 11:18 am on the morning of Thursday, September 1, 1859, 33-year-old astronomer Richard Carrington witnessed an enormous group of sunspots explode and hurl several massive coronal mass ejections (CME)(solar flare) into space.

These CME travel at such a speed that they can reach Earth in just a few hours. Just before morning the next day, skies all over our planet erupted in red, green, and purple auroras so brilliant that newspapers could be read as easily as in daylight. Indeed, stunning auroras pulsated and could be seen as far as Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Hawaii. The CME’s also disrupted the telegraph systems causing sparks to fly, catching telegraph paper to burst into flames and shocking the operators.

So what would this mean to us if it happened in the near future? Well imagine a majority of electrical transformers overloading and blowing up, not just the ones on the poles but the ones at the power distribution centers…etc. Now I know it will be bad enough you lost your internet but even worse think about all the nuclear reactors out there that will be without power, the U.S. has 104 reactors which leaves about 330 reactors every where else…that is just the ones we know about. A certain percentage of these WILL have meltdowns.

So lets just say that the reactor situation gets under control, you still have the crash of the electrical grid which will possibly be down for over 6 months. So that will mean none of the following ATM/Banks, Food processing, Gas stations, Cell and land line phones and running water just to name a few. I feel that it’s at this point our society will collapse and the SWHTF. This is what I am preparing for!

Is all of this possible…of course…who would have thought there was a 40 foot tall carnivorous lizard walking around on it’s hind legs gobbling up stuff but there was(Tyrannosaurus Rex).

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  1. Mystery guest says:

    There is no way to know what will happen if anything happens besides a slow decline in our way of life.
    That slow decline should be feared more than even total distruction of the planet, because that means we are all going to be serfs with who knows in charge.
    But then again you should prepare for everything imagined in your mind and only fear, fear.

  2. Hunker-Down says:

    If a significant number of electrical transformers are destroyed by an EMP we will be out of power for years.

    Do we know where those transformers are made? Do we know if that source cares if we don’t have electrical power? Do we know the lead time to make a standard telephone pole transformer? Do we know the lead time to make industrial size transformer? Do we know how many pumps (gas, water, oil) will not run during the down time?

    The sheeple will run out of Cheetos and cell phones.

    • HD, most of the transformers are made in China. And most electrical companies do not stockpile them. They order them as they need them.

    • HD,
      Yes, We know where the transformers are made.
      We have a stockpile of the small transformers on the pole, and the ability to repair or build them.
      The big problem is the large transformers in the substations which currently cost up to $1M and have a three year lead time. However, if this even brought down all power on the planet, that lead time and cost will no doubt soar.
      That’s why I have several generators and a fairly large supply of fuel, although perhaps never enough.

  3. Interesting thoughts.

  4. Personally, I doubt anybody’s gonna give the word to shut down nuke plants unless it’s absolutely 100% that we’ll be on the receiving end of massive solar flares. “Management” not too keen on logical decisions. Nor would I count on many of the controls being fully hardened in the first place. Nor would I count on most of them being able to cool the rods forever and a day even if they do shut down.

    All that said, hopefully there won’t be a massive solar flare or EMP strike. Sorry, I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

  5. Interesting and it brings to mind a few questions…

    1. Were the CMEs of 1859 seen all over the world or just over the North American Continent/Northern Hemisphere?

    2. If yes to the first question, what is the probability that it will happen in the same area again? Isn’t it just as likely to happen over Europe or Asia?

    3. When there have been grid problems in the SE, they have not cascaded and have not been widespread as there are systems in place to stop them. On the other hand, when the NE has a grid issue, the cascade can be massive and widespread. Is it possible that the SE would see some protection because of their ability to stop the cascade effect?


    • GA Red,
      On #3, it depends on a few things. First of all, the U.S. has three independent grids: East, West, and Texas. Yes, Texas has their own separate from the others. On the last big grid down, which actually was triggered here in Ohio, our power was out for about 4 hours and states west of us either didn’t lose power or had it restored quickly; so, it’s possible that grid segments could be kept up. If however, the CME generated a strong enough fields over the entire mainland, all of the grids would be brought down simultaneously, and it would be a problem to get things restarted even if there wasn’t massive damage to the grid infrastructure.

  6. Alwasy something to think about in the back of your mind but my understanding is that the current 11 year cycle peaks in June 2013 and thus far has been very tame at about half the intensity as typical peaks. I will nontheless follow it mid next year.

    If anyone is curious: Depending on the speed and time of year, we get 18-36 hours between when it its noticed and Earth impact. However we would not know the severity till likely 30 minutes prior or less from satelight readings.

  7. I have to admit that I am not fearing TEOTWAWKI because of solar flares, grid failure, earthquakes in the Midwest, etc. Frankly, I am not afraid, but am preparing for the human element. Many people have lost whatever moral fiber they may have once possessed. Many people play violent video games that have one killing anyone in their path including women and children. I think these games desensitize humans and removes any compassion, protective feelings towards children and or women or any other human, and let them look at everyone as them vs me, as something to be eliminated so they can win.

    The Bible is clear that in the last days, it will be hell on earth. Sons will turn against fathers, fathers against sons, mothers-in-laws against their daughters-in-law; there will be no mercy, no compassion. I hope we do not have to go through that, either my dh or sons.

    • Encourager,
      When a FPS game player takes on real world fights, the first time a hole spurting real blood is generated will test their mettle. You can use some of the games like Battlefield 3 to actually practice tactics, but most people don’t since you have a never ending supply of do overs and no real pain or blood. IMO, the first real world encounter will change that rather quickly.

  8. JeffintheWest says:

    If a major power grid collapse occurs due to destroyed transformers from an EMP effect, we will be without power for years — there is only one company in the CONUS that currently manufactures major transformers, and they will need emergency power to do so. The USAF estimated (when I was in military planning) that it could take up to five years to bring the power grid fully back on line, and that assumes that no other major issues occur (like loss of control by the Federal Government). If something like this happens, its going to be a long, cold, five years and a LOT of people are going to die.

  9. “…due to the Mayan long count calendar ending…” I’m sorry, yes anything can happen but even the Mayan’s are getting tired of being blamed for something that their calender does not say and never did. The Mayan community has asked that this stop. This is 2000 EOTWAWKI all over again.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “There are several theories as to what may be coming due to the Mayan long count calendar ending, ”

      I think the date stone carvers took a break. I mean they were soooo far out into the future, what could a vacation hurt? Then something bad happened (like a tidal wave at the local Mayan beach resort or a nation wide rent-a burro strike, etc.) and they never got back to carving more dates in stone. Or maybe they collectively bargained for better conditions and a lucrative pension and the Mayan rulers got disgusted with them and sacrificed them all and there were no more stone carvers.
      That’s it.
      I’ve done extensive (three beers) research .
      That’s all it was.

      • SDSurvivorDan,
        There was Y2K and May 5, 2005 (5/5/05) with the alignment of the planets causing, well nothing. Biblical prophecy, Nostradamus, Cayce, Tarot cards, and Ouija boards. Most of these either don’t pan out, or can only be explained as true, after the fact. I suspect if you try to buy a calendar here in the U.S., you’ll only find them for 2013 or maybe clear into 2014, but no one seems to be worried that the end will happen because the calendars haven’t been printed; or that as advanced as the Mayan culture may have been, it was a stone age culture whose technology and understanding of the cosmos is infinitely small compare to ours. Everyone is looking for the magic peek into the future, and except for looking at trends (like the massive number of dollars being created) there are no credible ways to predict things, at least in my opinion.

      • The archaeologists recently found the workshop with the notes for hammering up the next calendar. We flip our calendar pages, the Mayans rolled theirs out.

  10. Ohhhhh…and that to be followed by two major comets, one in spring and a far larger one in fall. The following article says that if the comet coming in fall follows their prediction, it will be one of the greatest comets in mankinds history.

    This is starting to sound like the last chapter of a favorite book (hehe)…severe droughts, floods, wild weather, famine, awesome manifestations in the skies.
    Prep faster!

  11. A disaster can be set off by a number of conditions, and it doesn’t have to be a big one. WE are on the edge of a cliff and all it takes is a feather to push us off.

  12. Ohio Prepper:

    All the other predictors you mentioned have no real credibility. But the Bible has made over 400 correct historically verified predictions and never been wrong! So what is predicted as far as the coming tribulations to come over this earth should not be taken lightly. Christ told us in Matthew 24-25 to clearly watch for events foretelling these end times. Now wether you, or others, choose to believe or not is irrelevant. It will occur and we should all prep for it in the spiritual sense ( get right with God ) as well as the physical needs. God Bless all wolf pack and MD for creating this forum.

    • Bwhntr57,
      By predictions, do you mean that someone successfully predicted an upcoming event with any amount of detail, or do you mean that someone looked at a event after it has occurred and determined that the event had been predicted, which in this case is really more like postdicted, which is not the same thing.
      Too often people try to align events that have taken place with their prediction source and attempt to show how the event was predicted. I have not personally seen many of these events that were predicted with any real accuracy.
      What I have seen are people like Jean Dickson make 250 predictions of upcoming events and at the end of the year show the 15 that she got correct, omitting all of those that didn’t hit the mark.

  13. NASA has (3) satellites that monitor the sun’s activity, linked to all water/electric utilities to alert solar attacks. Shut down of grids are protocol on alert.

    Power company’s are replacing older equipment with ‘shielded’ products and water company’s are monitoring the solar concerns.

    I only know this, as I golf weekly with a senior executive of our local water company and a recently retired supervisor of out local electric company.

    But, if someone is in the restroom when it calls…..?

    • Unleashd,
      Be prepared for people to tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It was the same with me on the survival forums back in 1999, just prior to Y2K. I’m an engineer who had worked on some of the supposed issues and my circle of friends included engineers in many of the industries that would be affected. Most of the issues were moot, and the real issues had all been corrected and tested; however, those of us who brought the message of no real problem for Y2K were called either stupid, or part of the conspiracy. A large CME will I suspect be the cause of some problems with the infrastructure; but, like Y2K, the effects are being hyped by the ignorant, those with agendas, and those with books to sell.

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