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Remember the more people that we can get to prepping the better off we will all be when the balloon goes pop.

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About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. mom of three says:

    Two close friend’s I have given you’re blog name to. I have to really know the people before I do it. I don’t need people thinking we are crazy so I only give your sight out to like minded people.

  2. Teresa Farrow says:

    I did not know about the Amazon connection. But now I cannot find the “widget”

    • Teresa,

      Look in the left sidebar – see where it says “Shop” below that is the Amazon widget.

      • Teresa Farrow says:

        Sorry to keep this going but I do not see it…there is Paladin Press, Wiki Arms, prepsos and Lucky Gunners. It is likely right before my eyes.

        I use Amazon for most of my shopping or I would not keep asking.

        • Justkat says:

          I use an ad blocker. I disabled it on this page and refreshed and now the link is there.

  3. Brearbear says:

    one friend gets mad if i talk about prepping…(thats your thing)…
    another jokes that he will be showing up at my retreat…

    last 2 girlfriends “support anything i wannaa do”. (one of them gave away…
    all the preps i left her)…(she said she did not have “enough” room
    to store it all)…awaiting a Christian prepper woman…this time. (if thats Gods will).

    except for here…i am alone. opsec keeps the preppers silent?


    i try to teach inspire…

    but i will try M.D.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      (Opsec keeps the preppers silent)

      That’s the truth, If you talkabout prepping to others you get blank stares, dumb looks that tell you the other person thinks you are crazy and the common answer “I know where I’m coming if anything ever happens.”

      Non of these make a person want to talk prepping or about prepping web sites.


      • I am relatively new to this blog, I was enthused to say the least when I found it linked in an Amazon review. Anyway this has been my experience as well over the years. I am definitely the black sheep in the family, at work and amongst most of my friends save one. It’s amazing how far people shove their heads into the sand when it comes to prepping (or in their cases, not). My wife is slowly coming around but even she sometimes looks at me with the crazy eyes. It adds to the challenge I suppose, nothing worthwhile is easy. Anyway I’m glad to be able to have access to like minded individuals so I can continue learning. OK back to the shadows…

        • Hyde
          Hello and welcome to the site.
          Personally I like using the terminology ‘self reliant’, see how your wife responds to that description instead of prepper.
          You might ask her if there is something wrong in being a little extra cautious and not having to worry about getting to the grocery store every day. Hope that assists you with winning her over..good luck.

  4. Ronald says:

    Well I bought Surviving the economic collapse and Rawles book I think it was surviving the end of the world you might want to check (I bought them this week ) and I used your websites.

  5. People I know who are gardening, I emailed the article on raised bed gardening and box gardening. At the bottom of email…for more information…
    Also at the bottom of email…eat better for less $$$. Your savings account
    is better invested this way vs stocks, 401k’s, etc. NON GMO food! Know what you’re eating. Gardening this way is better on the knees and back.

    Couple friends responded with “are you a prepper”? Do you lay awake thinking bout zombies?
    My answer…in the past 2 years, how many natural weather related disasters have occured in the US?
    My grocery bill is growing daily, due to inflation.
    I prepare for natural disasters…and my investments have changed to necessities of life.
    Think about it…… (end of email)

    Keep in mind…
    Ya can take a mule to water…ya can’t force him to drink….unless there’s a little sugar cube …. to persuade him.

    • Lynn,

      Good job and thank you…

    • Brearbear says:

      very sneaky Lynn!

      i actually hope the pack reads this new post…
      maybe we can brainstorm ways
      to “ninja” the masses a wee bit… (Lynn style)!

      The thing is…Switzerland has perhaps the worlds
      best civil defense system.
      Damn. does that mean that entire country
      are ALL a bunch of “prepper wacko’s”?

      i humbly want ALL people and countries
      of this planet to have a major civil defense plan!

      Nature is beautifull…but she can throw
      a nasty curve ball…and we may only get one
      strike…or we are out…for good.

      as much as our western lone wolf go it alone crapola goes…
      community/helping each other seems to be the
      only real way.

      would really like to see humans get it together…
      help each other…protect MOTHER EARTH…
      …and reach for the stars!

      what is out there?

      this is my all time favorite book…next to the Bible:

      “The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps by Marshall T. Savage is a book (published in 1992 and reprinted in 1994 with an introduction by Arthur C. Clarke) in the field of Exploratory engineering that gives a series of concrete stages the author believes will lead to interstellar colonization. Many specific scientific and engineering details are presented, as are numerous issues involved in Space colonization.”

      who knows…maybe Gods plan IS for us to

      • Brearbear
        Thank you for your comment and the Millennial Project. Will add to my library.

        If we think outside the box…people will listen.
        Don’t forget few boxes of sugar cubes.

  6. I think I used the amazon link right. I ordered a bunch of computer parts for son’s birthday.

  7. Testing 123 (2nd test)

  8. I talk to friends and family about reducing grocery costs through gardening and becoming more self-reliant. I can also expand on the commercials one TV station is airing about being prepared for tornado season – they are even emphasizing that the power could be out for a week or more. I also share articles and photos that MD posts on FB sometimes.

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