Please help me spread the word about The Survivalist and the Wolf Pack

Folks, think about it…. :-/  the more people who are prepared for a disaster the better off we will all be during and following a disaster, so it’s in our best interest to get as many people as possible interested and taking steps toward their own preparedness and individual safety.

If you still participate on Facebook please share links to some of the posts that are publish here. Same with Twitter, Google +, RedditStumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc…

If you have a blog or website and you would like to republish an article that you’ve read here because you think that it would be helpful to your readers – email me, I’m sure that we can work something out so you can share that article with your readers…

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Thank you for your help – together we can make a difference… :yes:

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. I post links from your website all the time on Facebook.

    • Mama J,

      Thank you – it is appreciated… I hope that the links help someone, somewhere, sometime. All we can do is spread the news it’s up to them to act.

  2. I advise people to check out “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” as a low-cost, common-sense, non-preachy intro to retreat-style prepping. I bought a copy and share it with people who might be interested.

  3. MD, have you considered linking up some of your top articles on a blog hop or two?

    Natalia’s just started a weekly (Saturdays) Preparedness Fair on Prep Utility Vehicle–here’s the first one:

    I bet some of the homesteader-y blog hops would also bring a good number of new readers who would appreciate what you’re offering. Let me go get a couple more links that might be a good fit. . . .

    • What is a blog hop? I’ve never heard that before…

      • What’s a blog hop? Well, the host blogger picks a theme that they want to encourage (Natalia’s = Preparedness Fair; Prairie Homestead’s = Homesteading; Gnowfglins = Simple Living)

        Then, the host does a weekly post inviting other bloggers to “link up” a specific article from their blog that relates to the theme. A software widget (called a linky) lets a participating blogger create a thumbnail picture that links back to the specific article.

        It’s considered common courtesy for the participant to put a link back to the blog hop post in their article.

        That way, the hop gets traffic from the host blog’s readership AND each participating blogger’s readers who follow the link back to the blog hop post.

        For the most traffic, it’s best to link up within a day or two of the host’s post.

        If you want to try it out, try linking up an article to Natalia’s blog hop from last Saturday–you probably won’t see much traffic from it, but you’d get the idea. Then you’d be ready to link up to the next Simple Lives blog hop on Thursday, and that should bring good traffic.

        • Most people only link up one article per hop each week. One of the recent contest winners or your 10 Ways to Keep Warm would appeal to those blogs’ readers.

          When linking up, you’ll probably have to enter a shorter name, like ‘Fleeing Wildfire’, ‘Intro to Honey Bees’, ‘When the ER’s Not an Option’ or ’10 Frugal Warmth Tips’.

  4. Mondays: Homestead Barn Hop At the Prairie Homestead, most recent edition:

  5. Son of Liberty says:

    You ask for us to help spread the word about Survivalist; and I do that; it is a good blog with many good things to say. But if you will read and encourage your readers (particularly Christians) to read “Discovery to Catastrophe,” you will be helping a great number of Bible believing Christians to see the validity of ‘prepping’ as never before. It will strike a responsive chord with those who have an interest in end time events, the apocalypse, prepping, survival – and Alaska (as the story line occurs in Alaska).

    People need an impetus to begin something, and this book has proven it helps people (especially Christian believers) to get off the dime and begin prepping in earnest.


  6. Burt Robinson says:

    You might be interested to know that you are listed as #10 on this site listing the top 50 prepper websites.

  7. Will do. I share periodically anyway depending on the person and/or subject matter.

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