Should I Start a YouTube Prepping Channel?

The main reason I’m hesitate to do this is because there are already 100’s of such channels on YouTube and I’m not sure if another one would matter or help… I would still be publishing this blog on the same scheduled…

Please let me know your thoughts and concerns in the comments below…

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  1. patientmomma says:

    I enjoy the interaction with the Wolf Pack on this blog; I have learned many things from the Pack. While youtube would be easy to view, there would be no interaction, no exchange of information, no prayers for Pack families or encouragement from the group. Downloading a youtube video is not always permissible and even with permissions, its a storage hog. Plus, some of us are out in the boonies with only satellite internet and it can be difficult to watch youtube. Just saying…..

    • patientmomma,
      You make some good points that I agree with. I didn’t vote in this poll, because it comes down to what MD want’s to do, keeping in mind that it becomes one more task to add to an already busy schedule. The key thing would be if you can bring topics and information that are unique and not already covered in bulk on other channels.

  2. I would love some youtube videos from you MD. I am a person that learns by watching. Any special skills or ideas that you can share would help someone like me to learn. I watch as many as I can if it is a subject I need to learn. You bet, give it a try and let us know so we can access it. Keep this site though it is my favorite.

  3. There are 100,s of survival/preparedness YouTube channels but only a handful of people who actually live the homestead Prepper self sufficient lifestyle. There is extreme interest in channels that are about a self sufficiency,real world gardening,animals raised for consumption and would encourage you to start a channel,I promise you there would be an audience,and like this blog,you sort of developed a family/freind relationship with you most frequent commenters. I have the numbers and address to many if my subscribers that I’m now proud to call freinds.

  4. I would also say no. I have the time to go through a few comments and learn a lot, but it seems that the video’s are usually 5+ minutes.

    Now if you wanted to experiment, do a video and post it here.

  5. Your site is great, unless you can create enough good NEW material to support a tube channel, my vote is no. There are already enough sites recycling tube stuff. Keep up the great work.

  6. Hunker-Down says:

    You cant go Gault on U-Tube.

  7. I’m saying yes. As someone else stated, yes, there are hundred’s of channels out there, but only a very few are….well, practical. You live the actual life, & I prefer getting “real world” knowledge versus someone who just gardens, or just has the latest/coolest weapons. I like your balanced approach to the blog & think it would work well on YouTube.

  8. Bctruck is right about the numerous existing channels. What is missing is reality and development. Bctruck (and a few others)has a strong following because he tries to provide some basic skills and theory and teach people how to think (with out the condescending attitude) so that people can adapt to their own setting. If you do that, and not just dumb it down to offer cute DIY time wasters that make people feel good, you will be successful.

  9. M. D. Creekmore, The one question that I have is why you would want to start a YouTube channel?

    What are you’re motivations, and what do you hope to achieve.

    Without this information, how could anyone advise you.

  10. MD, really? It is nice that you ask our opinion, but to be honest it is all about the additional commitment of time don’t you think? For you to get it all produced and for us to watch it.

    For me, I don’t get Farraday cages, a good u tube showing me how to make one with out getting all technical would be wonderful. I watch u tubes and videos of all kinds when I am learning something…and I am not understanding what I am reading.

    BC’s video on the stove and didn’t you both do one on the Berky Filters? That was good.

    So if you got the time and the inclination, why not?
    I can think of a few things I would like to be more familiar with. Daily chicken care, how to tell when one is sick, the easiest way to build a cage so it doesn’t give me a back ache and make my knee hurt getting up and down cleaning it out.

    And yes, B Quad is right about reality and development, I for one have a great education, but sometimes when it comes to tasks I can truly spin myself into the ground making things way more complicated than they have to be. Ask my relatives about that…I can worry myself into way too many choices and wear myself out!

  11. Suburban Housewife says:

    I mostly agree with GregJ but then Worrisome makes some good points too. I tend to go to You Tube when I want to learn something new or I don’t understand something After giving it a little more thought – it certainly could be another income source for you, give it a try.

  12. I voted, “No.” I love the blog. It is the best in the field. Do not spread yourself too thin or your farm will suffer and you may burn out. Spring and summer will keep you very busy on the farm. I read everything printed; particularly, the daily news. I do a lot of research on the news as I believe in cross checking information. Good luck with whatever decision you make.

  13. Thomas The Tinker says:

    MD… What percentage of your time is put into this blog? Do you have the ‘production time’ to put into an ongoing Youtube series and maintain quality and relevance in both?

    FWIW.. put me in the NO side of the count. I’d truly hate to see what you have built in here damaged in any way by over work and thinner product.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Slept on it MD……… who are any of us to determine what a free man does with his time and efforts. Follow you Bliss olde man…. and go give it your most well aimed shot.

  14. 1MoreBoyScout says:

    I too, learn alot by watching. But by the same token, I learn alot by reading. There’s a lot to be said about the printed word, book or blog. I enjoy this site. There’s a wealth of info here amoung’st this Wolfpack. YouTube can be fun, but there’s a lot of “white noise” there as well. The choice is really up to you sir.

  15. I have done a lot like you and moved onto land. I am doing everything off grid and making everything I can. I understand you are many years ahead of me but I have no idea how you have the time to do this Site. It is hard to keep everything done now I don’t know how you will have the time. Now if you want to video things you are doing and posting them on You Tube like BC does go for it.

  16. I voted yes.

    Yes, only if that is what you WANT to do. You owe the world nothing, you do not have to teach anyone anything. If you want to start a Youtube channel, please, do it.

    If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

    But BY ALL MEANS, do NOT allow comments and redirect viewers here if they want to express their opinion.

    Oh and… plan an increased labor charge. The Wolfpack doesn’t want to lose you for anonymous viewers, no matter how glamour that may be.

  17. Chuck Findlay says:

    .There are a few things to consider.

    The extra time involved and will it detract from the blog time.

    Will the extra work generate extra income for you that makes the extra time worth it?

    Is there a prepping hole on u-tube that you feel you can fill in?

    Only you know what or where you should focus your time and then figure out if it will pay off.

    I do this all the time in my repair business before I jump too heavy into a new area.

    This may be worth trying. Do a few guest videos on someones U-Tube channel and see what the response is and then make a decision on your own channel based on how well it went over.

    I would guess that you could find someone in need of video content that would be willing to let you give it a try.

  18. Guy and (ladies) one thing that needs to be considered and I think is being overlooked is the fact that I can and would be posting the videos here on this blog as well as on YouTube.

    • I like that idea…………..:)

      • I was wondering about that. Also you can get pack members to share videos on making tintcres or shotgun or canning.There is Patriot nurse maybe someone could be prepper nurse. Videos why watercraft and firearms do not mix. Opsec would be a good video subject.

    • MD, this is exactly what I was thinking while reading down the comments.
      Post your video link here, as you do the articles, and the comments from your readers would be here on the blog.
      Of course, one can also comment on the youtube site, but the reader (or video watcher I should say) would have to choose the youtube link on the video to actually watch it on youtube.
      I vote yes!

    • In that case, change my vote to “yes”.

    • I voted No, b/c my learning style is that I remember more of what I read than what I watch. However, if u’re going to post ur videos here & continue this blog, then I’d change my vote to Yes if possible.
      MD, thanks for providing this blog/site. I’ve learned a lot. & wish u the best!

  19. I wish it would matter to me, but it does not. I cannot get traditional high speed internet where I live, so I cannot watch you tube videos. One day I am going to go to town and find somewhere with wifi so I can watch some of BC videos. Wish I could afford satalite internet, but that would take what little money I have for food storage every month. If you decide to do it, I would think videos showing how to do stuff would be best. How to build a stove/oven with found materials, how to pack a 5 gallon buckey, how to care for chickens/chicks, how to care for goats, etc. That stuff may already be out there, but I know I would trust your video because of the trust you have built through this site.

    • Forgot to mention that although I do pretty good reading instructions and doing, sometimes I need a visual. Some other people, need the visual because they are visual learners.

    • We have high speed satellite and 9 times out of 10 we cannot watch You Tube videos. They gave us all kinds of promises that it will work for our Roku and it does work sometimes. There excuse is the weather but it works better when the weather is bad for us. We have no other option so it is this or nothing. If that helps with your decision.

  20. Richard J Medicus says:

    You could become an aggregator as well as creating and posting your own videos when you have time. A few of your readers may be ready to create their own videos, but don’t want the hassle of having to create and update a channel. You could have contests similar to your guest blog posts.

  21. I voted no, you’re just too ugly for video MD. Plus you might scare any babies in the room, who’s parents might watch it.

  22. nick flandrey says:

    I’m new to the blog but I’d vote no. The signal to noise ratio is very low on general Youtube video bloggers. The best youtube content is very focused on one thing.

    Video production takes a LONG time to do well, and doing it poorly could “damage your brand.”

    Youtube video is a SLOW way to convey info. Most people read much faster than they talk, so it’s more efficient to read.

    That said, there are topics that are best ‘shown’. I think you could do one a month or one a quarter of that type, and it would be helpful but only if it was narrowly focused on a specific thing.

    Lastly, you would have to consider how you would come across ‘on screen’. Would you narrate your video? (Can you speak well, write scripts or wing it? Do you have a good voice for it?) Would you appear on screen? Would your physical appearance add to or detract from your message? All of these things can be overcome if the content is compelling, but it takes time.

    For annoying voice see the very successfull EEVBlog.

    For no production values but oddly compelling see youtube user ‘poroldchap.’

    For long drawn out presentation see ‘NutNFancy’.


  23. I have not got into watching utube yet. My DH is a visual learner I learn by reading and doing. I think that utube would widen your audience and so more people could learn how to survive when shtf.

    I think there are some out there that want to learn how to help themselves but do not know where to start. They do not have any family or friends that garden, raise animals or to be self sufficient in any way. I live in a small town and I am always amazed at the number of people who do not know how to do basic tasks such as sewing a button back on a shirt. Many do not know how to cook all they can do is stick something in a microwave.

    Yesterday DH & I went out to lunch that is next to Kroger and the parking lot was full of people buying groceries and the line at the gas pumps was long. We are so thankful that we do not have to worry about doing that. We are already prepared already.

    It has been sleeting here since early this morning, the roads are not too bad yet but later today and tonight it will be bad. Just north of us it is just a couple of degrees colder but it makes all of the difference. Stay safe and warm! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. By all means start posting Youtube prepping oriented videos. The more the merrier…

  25. By all means start posting Youtube videos, they’re a great way to learn prepping skills.

  26. I think the vid’s would be a welcome addition but could not replace the blog. I vote yes if its an addition to what you already are doing.

  27. I voted no. While I do view some videos on youtube, I don’t have an account there, and don’t want to create one to keep track of your channel. When I want to find something on YouTube, I just look it up, or follow BCTruck’s links from here. I learn plenty here, and me going to YT would take up alot more of my time, as I’d spy something else on the sidebar to keep me there.

  28. As it has been said before,”The cream rises to the top”,and from the post I read from others Preppers here, they are very knowledgeable and know what are quality/informative vids and which ones otter BS! Please move forward with your endeavor ,we look forward to your success , thanks,mike

  29. Forgot to mention : I hate videos.

    Unless they’re about DIY-projects, I never watch them. I just prefer reading.

    Anyone else is a barbaric, old-style philistine like me?

    • I’m with you Seamus, I like being able to read at my own pace, skim, reread. Fast forwarding and rewinding doesn’t do it for me. However, I think there are some topics that would be greatly enhanced via video.

      MD, I would think a small, occasionally updated channel would be your best use of time. Make sure everything on there is high quality and worth watching through. A tip from other videos, you come off so much more professional, and credible if you think things through for even 5 minutes first. So many videos are full of the producer saying uh, and hesitating, then awkwardly moving around.

    • I hate videos, too, unless I need to learn something real quick. That said, I know MD has more to share and I would probably enjoy watching.

  30. Great idea and an easy way to deonstrate everything you talk about. More information = more members and more prepping! Good luck with the new idea.

  31. Well, I voted “no” because there is so much already out there. Maybe not really good stuff, but even bumbling idgets get it right once in a while… But after seeing MD’s comment about about posting in the blog as well, I’ll have to change to “yes”. But really, MD, it comes down to “do you want to?’ If you do, go for it! If not, that’s OK too. See, contrary to popular opinion, I can make because a yes/no decision, maybe.

  32. mom of three says:

    I voted no, but before you decide you need to lay it before the lord. Are you getting a prompt to do it ? Give this decision up to GOD, and let him lead you, more is not always better.

  33. Fenland Prepper says:

    I’d vote yes, kind of you to ask, but only because you would also post here.
    The blog is fantastic and I have already picked up many ideas shared by the wolf pack so if there were how to videos posted here, then I don’t need to look for you on you tube!
    I am planning on putting in a hand pump by hand drilling to the water table in the garden next year, so if we were able to offer vids to post here that would be good too.

    • i have never seen hand drilling please write an article about it for this site. thanks.
      our computer is old and is terrible at showing video but as it has no sound the vids would not do me any good anyway.

  34. Encourager says:

    I voted no. Mainly because I do not want to lose the interaction of this site. Saying that, I am one that learns by watching and doing so I may get a lot out of a UTube vid.

    But go ahead and try it once. You may find out you really enjoy doing it. Protect your OPSEC including what is in the background of your video.

    If you love doing it, go for it! Only you can decide if it is worth your time and effort.

  35. I find myself unwilling to watch video presentation of information that I really want to understand. I much prefer text documents, which can be stored for later re-reading.

    If you find that you absolutely must do this, (your arm is being bend behind your back by n’er-do-wells) at least provide them in a video format that is NOT Flash. The HTML5 video standards are supported by all browsers and are NOT proprietary. Yes, it is true that Youtube now allows SOME videos to be views without flash, but it is not the default and not easily configured.

  36. …do what is best for you…
    …even if i wanted to…i will not be watching them as i access everything from my iphone…
    …utube eats my monthly gigs…
    ……my light weight backpacking nomadic lifestyle
    prevents me most of the time from video.
    …gave away my hot dang tower computer…and now a year ago my laptop…

    your valuable time making vids of high quality may take away your time from other things…family is #1…and this site hold world class excelence so…

  37. I would enjoy your videos if you choose to produce them. I say save your time and money and keep it invested in what you are already doing. As you say, there are others out there. I would just refer us to those you may find interesting.

  38. More information from different sources is always a good thing.

  39. Draq wraith says:

    My vote is no, why because YouTube began censoring their channels, and doubtfully anyone would close caption your channel for the deaf or people who have crappy cell phones to watch it over. Tired of censors and tired of anti weapons mentality.

  40. in the end its up to you and how much time it takes away from your other activities. are you willing to give up more of your time to do this or are you strapped for time as it is!! i watch maine prepper and the patriot nurse on you-tube but not much else. id definately watch you on the tube if you did something but realize its a time hog!!

  41. ozhillbilly says:

    You would already thirteen thousand plus subscribers!!!

  42. If you want to go ahead,that said, you tube politics and the burnout factor need serious consideration.

  43. Yes, definitely !
    Its true that there are a ton of channels that cover homesteading and prepping, but there are just as many blogs and books out there. None have your perspective MD. I watch Youtube everyday and always learn a new tip or trick. Its much better than the crap on TV, and it does have a bit of interactivity. A channel of your own will enhance the blog, and reach more people, providing details that can just be shown on video. Its up to you, but I hope you’ll give it a try.

  44. Jersey Drifter says:

    I didn’t vote, because it is really up to you. You have a great site here, and a LOYAL following. As long as you have the time and this site doesn’t suffer, then go for it. I for one will support you here or on YouTube, or on both. And I am sure the Wolf Pack will also support you the best they can. If it doesn’t work, you can always stop making videos, and put all your energies back into this site. And this site might pickup some new members thru YouTube. Just hope they are the right kind.

  45. Oh… and I hear the money is pretty good!

  46. I would say yes ONLY if you had somebody able to assist you/handle the time it takes for filming, editing and maybe scripting. Don’t overextend yourself.

  47. Do the videos when you have the time and the subject and see how it works. The ones that want to watch will watch, the ones that don’t or can’t won’t. I say why not try it, that way you won’t have to wonder what if I had.

  48. Chuck Findlay says:

    Hopefully you would still maintain this site as it is now. I noticed that Glen Beck now steers people to his Blaze TV channel on-line for some things and in my opinion doesn’t talk about them in depth over the radio as he use to. This lowers the quality and therefore my interest in listening to his radio show as much. It’s an easy trap to fall into in that you may finding yourself focusing more time and the best info to your videos instead of putting your best content here. If you do this the blog will suffer.

    I like u-tube, but I find I don’t read the comments too much on u-tube as they almost always seem to me to be a lower quality response then I find on here and blogs like it. U-tube also seems to generate petty bickering in its responses to a subject.

    The interaction with others is an important part of learning and interest in any given subject. This is why I hardly go to Rawles site as there is no responses to any given subject.

    And while I have never done any video myself so it may seem like I should not criticize the way people do videos. But then I do watch them and there is a large number of poor quality videos as far as production. While the content may be to my liking, the audio quality, jumping around of the person, stop and starting (Looks jerky) of the video instead of doing it in one-take. And many times a static camera detracts from the message as does not having a camera operator at other times. I’m sure there is a lot more to making a good video then having a camera and sitting down in front of it and talking. You need these skills to (being able to seduce the camera so to speak) have an interesting video.

  49. Why not?
    In the age of information, use all avenues available to you to get your message out there. It’s sensible, useful to many and good business.
    People learn in a variety of ways.
    Some are visual learners and would appreciate short videos (especially instructional ones rather than social comment – although some folks love that too).
    Go viral!

  50. Stick with what you are good at.
    You’ve got a good blog.
    don’t do anything that would thin it out.

  51. Enzo Pamronan says:

    I would not watch your channel, reason OPSEC. I am working on minimizing my electronic trail. Same with Facebook. No account, do not view. FB security is a joke.

    Why, of course my first name is Enzo.

  52. This is your decision. Everyone here will support your choices, even if we disagree with it.

    Expansion of business can look really good, but sometimes the price is not worth it. Do you have enough time to devote to it? What is the increased hardware, security and legal requirements? Do you need to hire lawyers? Lawyers can really save your posterior in expanding business ventures, especially your business involves copyright laws, US and international. The time spent planning, creating, uploading videos, dealing with fees, could be significant. Server security, record keeping, backup needs, would also increase.

    Just a thought about decision-making that I learned: “Once you make the decision, the rest is easy.”

    Whatever you choose, we will support ya ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. White.Buffalo - Doug says:

    Hi … It really is your decision – but, as you say —- there are many-many YouTube postings and even you posting a video may-well be ‘just one more’.
    —– but, I for one enjoy the ‘reading’ of your postings and the corresponding replies.
    You-Tube videos are good in that a viewer can repeat and re-check the material. However, unless you have a scripted dialogue (so that the information you share is concise and ‘watch-able’ and not just a ‘ramble’) and/or a text of what is shared (so there can be a copy made or referred to with the video) – much of what you will share can easily be lost because of the possibility to delete and/or some other malfunction in the system or your explanation or information is not easily ‘see-able’ or a really quality ‘viewable’ from the perspective of your presentation style.
    I read every one of your postings and for-the-most-part copy (cut and paste the article and/or posting) so I can have a permanent ‘hard-copy’ to use as a back-reference in my note book and I correspondingly take notes from the material for references and/or further investigation)
    Hope this helps – just keep-on-keeping on with all the good stuff you keep sharing with all of us.

  54. I say go for it, if you have the time. I’ve learned a lot from YouTube videos and it can only give your blog more exposure.

  55. Antizombie says:

    As an educator in my past life, I can tell you that because of all the different learning styles some may indeed benefit from a utube style presentation. Some are tactile (feel and touch), some are visual ( watch and learn) and some are auditory (listen and learn). You have a wealth of info and your blog is tremendous. Only you can make the final decision and from reading this blog I’m sure that it will be the right one. Good luck and I’ll be reading and (maybe) watching.

  56. Chuck Findlay says:

    I like U=Tube, but I like blogs like this more as I can and do make a folder with useful info in it on all kinds of subjects.

    MD if you decide to go ahead with this I would first watch a lot of U-Tube videos with a notepad handy and make notes of what bothered you about the video presentation and make sure you don’t do those things.

    If you don’t know if you will have enough to fill a good channel, maybe work with a few other bloggers that don’t have any U-Tube videos and start a shared channel so non of you will have to work too hard but still able to have something we will find useful. The more viewpoints you have the better the content.

  57. MD yep, would enjoy watching them if you do post them, good idea.

  58. Southern Belle says:

    I would love it if you would start a YouTube channel. I think it would be cool for members of the Wolf Pack to submit their videos as well as their articles. ๐Ÿ™‚

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