Item of the week: Sunforce 60 LED Solar Motion Security Light

Sunforce Solar Motion LightAs you know (or you should) home security is a big part of prepping. As preppers, we have lots of stuff to protect namely our family and supplies and as times get worse, and they will, this will become even more necessary to our very survival.

There are several good books with details on how to go about doing and I recommend the titles listed below :

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As any home security specialist will tell that one of the first priorities when securing a home / retreat is lighting. You need to be able to see what is going on without being seen yourself and the best way to do that, cheaply, is with motion activated security lighting.

I have this type of lighting active on each side of my house as well as at other strategic locations around my property. The lights I use are a mixture of solar lighting and those that run off the regular power grid.

The ones powered off the power grid are brighter and are my main security lights, with the solar security lights being a supplemental backup that are effective when the grid power goes down.

Sunforce Solar Motion LightI’ve used several different brands of solar security lights and I’ve found the SunForce 60 LED Solar Motion Light to be one of the best in the price range. They are easy to put up, charge up fast, and are bright enough to light up a normal sized yard.

A cool feature that I really like about these lights over the other one I used in the past is that the light and solar panel can be mounted in separate locations. This allows the solar panel to be mounted in the best place to catch the sun’s rays and the light fixture to be mounted where it will cover the best area even if that area isn’t ideal for sun exposure and charging.

While an EMP will cause problems mainly with the power grid and electronics that are plugged into the power grid, it’s a good idea to cover all the possibilities and these lights are small enough and cheap enough to put back several in a Faraday cage for safe keeping.

These lights would also make excellent barter items after an EMP power grid failure.

What type of lighting do you have lighting up your yard when darkness overtakes the light?

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  1. Thanks for the info. The solar lights I have tried were cheap and as a result ineffective.

  2. Wow, very cool. I just did our new place with lights powered by the grid because I had heard that the solar one were not so great.
    So where would an old preacher find these? We would like to place a few around our “woods” to help keep the Coyotes away.

  3. I’ve got two of these out in the garden and they work pretty well. I’m trying one on my run and gun (ok ok stump along like Walter Brennan and gun) trail in the woods along with a Mr. Beams 300 lumen to simulate going up against a tactical light while trying to shoot. Even knowing where they are it’s amazing how badly one can shoot when your night vision is destroyed by a bright light in the face. I built extra large backstops on those two stations and it’s a good thing I did….lol.

  4. TY for the referance. I’ll give these a try.

  5. Looks like the same solar motion lights sold at Harbor Freight if you have one in your area. I have one for my alley side driveway and it works great. Easy to mount and setup!

  6. Love my solar powered led spotlights 🙂 awesome product!

  7. I like the solar sensors (Everbright $13.) and the solar light sticks that we can use as flashlights, but whatever makes someone happy, great.

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