How The Super-Rich Make Their Homes Super-Secure

Guest post by Janet Miller

When a person has a great deal of money and accumulated wealth, there is one thing that is absolutely constant and for sure: there will be someone, somewhere, who wants to take it, or at least some of it. Kidnapping and hostage situations are also not uncommon amongst the extremely wealthy, and security plays a huge role in seeing to it that it does not happen. So how do the rich secure their homes, valuables and loved ones?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence plays a big role in their security and the AI is usually connected to, and sometimes run by, their smart phones. Software that employs facial recognition can, over time, learn to “recognize” the faces of frequent visitors and quickly pick out who is not.

They are then able to alert the homeowner of said stranger. If a stranger is detected, information is sent to the homeowner via smart phone app, which allows them to view the person in question right from their device. This same type of learning ability also gives some motion detectors the ability to determine whether movement was caused by an actual intruder or by an animal or some other nonthreatening situation.

Smart shutter systems are another form of security device that is often used. It can seal off entire rooms in the event of a break in and many of the super-rich have blast-proof windows. If there is employed staff in the home, smart keys often give them access to certain rooms, but can also determine how long they are allowed to stay in said room. In addition to all of this, some have installed helipads atop their homes in the event that emergency evacuation is deemed necessary.

Different Kinds of Security Devices
Infrared cameras are one device that makes securing a perimeter quite a bit easier. Reading thermal heat signatures from great distances is not a hard feat at all regardless of what time it is and even reads through atmospheric conditions such as smoke. Since humans have a much higher thermal heat signature than trees or animals, they can be picked out quickly and at great distances.

There are also home security systems for inside the home that emit smokescreens that can be mounted in inconspicuous areas and utilized to disorient intruders. Or you can move up a security level or so and go for the system that sprays out gases meant to disable the intruder, sometimes for as long as 24 hours after the event. Other gases still attach themselves to the DNA of the intruder and can be read under UV light and traced back to a specific home.

There has recently been a trend in a more old-fashioned type of security as well: the secret passageway. If all else fails, you can escape through an obscure doorway otherwise disguised as a bookcase, wardrobe or wall.

Some Examples
The address, One Hyde Park, London, is home to Sheikh Hamah, foreign minister of Qatar, and is the world’s most secure home. Some of this penthouse’s specific features include purified air, bulletproof windows, a panic room, various recognition scanners as well as license plate recognition software, which was the brainchild of, and designed by, the British Army’s special elite forces.

Coming in at a close second is the home of Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The $135 millon Hala Ranch is located in Aspen, Colorado and has surveillance cameras that keep an eye on every square inch of the 95-acre property as well as a staff that monitors everything that goes on there full time.

Al Corbi lives in a residence in Hollywood that features some outstanding safety features. Biometric recognition software means that they do not need keys to enter the home, steel reinforced concrete caissons lodged 30-feet deep protect against the threat of earthquakes and panic suite that is completely ballistics proof allows for an incredibly good night’s sleep.

These houses typically feature high-level security cameras and incredibly sensitive motion detectors, but they also have features that are not quite as readily heard of. One such feature is rooms that are safe from biological attack as well as ballistic steel, armor-plated building materials.  All this is equipped with night vision surveillance recording at 240 frames per second with the ability to monitor remotely.

Janet Miller lives the RV life and is a survivalist and cofounder of JenReviews. She writes regularly and has been featured on Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Tiny Buddha, The Huffington Post and Fast Company.


  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    I think high-tech security is useful to a point, it needs the grid and police to come to the rescue.

    I feel you need a mix of new tech and older security measures to give you the best chance.

    I’m not a big fan of cell based alarms, I think any security that uses cell phones is prone to 2 problems.

    First: It depends on a working cell network. The cell network can be shut down by grid loss and or by the government if they deem it needed. If there is a chance of a terrorist attack the gov will turn off the cell towers so a cell based bomb can’t be set off. (This is a good thing as no one wants bombs going off)
    A good reason to have radio communications (amateur or CB radios) in place is just because the cell system can go down or be overloaded.

    Second: Cell based security systems can be hacked by bad people. They could even be able to look into your home with your own cameras.

    • TPSnodgrass says:

      Their “weak link”, IS assuming public safety will come to their defense/rescue.
      No, when the grid is down, you are indeed on your own.
      Excellent post, Chuck!

  2. These are the guys who end up getting stabbed in the back by their own security teams.

  3. Northernwolf says:

    Hal….open the pod bay doors

  4. PrepperDoc says:

    very interesting article
    I certainly can’t do all that stuff!
    But it gives me ideas.

  5. Interesting article. I agree with Chuck’s points and Six bears especially.
    In addition, I have been looking at crime rates as part of moving to a new location. Just on a whim I looked up the murder rate (crime we do not survive) in Venezuela, and was surprised to find it is only 58 per 100,000, much higher than US 4 per 100,000. Not that I want to live in Detroit ghettos. My current neighborhood is 0 per 100,000 for years.
    Even during times of desperation, deaths by murder are very low. The article is about Uber rich people, who have exceptional needs for security.
    Although guns are a basic need for self defense, I think being low profile (gray man) is the best defense. I live more modestly than my neighbors and look poor in comparison. As I get better acquainted, I realize I may have a higher net worth because they have fancier houses and lots of toys, built on a house of cards.
    It occurs to me that Kim Kardashian needs a bit of dosh if she took $10 million in jewelry to Paris and kept it in her hotel room instead of the hotel safe. Insurance pays better than a sell off with negative publicity. Just saying.
    Live around like prepared people and in a low crime area to improve your odds. Of course have a gun for self defense, Better to never need it.
    Real death rates soar when governments kill their own citizens, the number one murder Stat since WWII. Beware giving up constitutional rights for ANY reason (fear of others).

    • Encourager says:

      Living in Michigan, I was going to correct you about Detroit. However, even with all the news about Chicago’s murders, Detroit is STILL the highest as of 2015 – 42 per 100,000. ACK!

      Makes me wonder why Chicago is in the news all the time and Detroit isn’t….

  6. I’m with Chuck on this one. You can have all the security that money can buy. And it can all be undone in a second by some one very far away who knows how to hack into your system. Or by some one you know who is pissed with you. I would rather be like Rebecca and be the gray person who is there but doesn’t stand out in the crowd. With or without money, dead is dead.

    • Axelsteve says:

      That is why 4 footed security is still a good idea. You can`t hack a rot or have battery problems with a pit and a shepard can smell you before you can see him.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        No, but you can kill the dogs.

        I read FerFal’s book on the 2001 Argentinian collapse and in it he said that if someone had dogs and suddenly they died you could expect a break in within a few days.

        All you have to do is to toss a poisoned piece of meat to the dog and the dog alarm is gone.

  7. For more on the Kardashian robbery:

    I’m no great fan of the Kardashians, but yikes. Gun to the head. Must have been terrifying.

    • Bruce Jenner says:

      I’m no great fan of the Kardashians, but yikes. Gun to the head. Must have been terrifying
      Yeah because you’d need a canon to the butt for her

  8. canadagal says:

    Rich or poor we may all be glassed over & dead if USA sends in terrorists to Russian cities as they have threatened & USA hasn’t provided bunkers for its citizens like Russia has. In case you haven’t heard Russia is running a drill Oct 3-7 to get 40 million citizens into bunkers. All cities involved.

    • American pacrat says:

      I have not seen that news story, but you know how it is the fluff stories are more popular. Shove the important news stories under the rug.

  9. TPSnodgrass says:

    One’s personal security detail is as only good , as long as your money can keep buying their loyalty.
    Sooner or later, your money WILL run out, and/or, your “attitude” will get you whacked by your own PSD. HAppens all the time all over the world.
    YOU have to be “lucky”, ALL the time. The “other side”, only has to be lucky once.
    Therein lies the REAL problem.
    Better to have NO profile and be “grey”, than advertising, because like KimKardashian, somebody IS going to answer your adm and you will not like it at all.

    • Well said, TPSnodgrass.
      SECURITY of the Rich & Famous.
      Here at FORT: Living-Room, we keep security at the top of our concerns. We think our best measures is using what GOD gave us between our ears, and to discuss/plan/act on security the best we can.

      Q: When did Noah build the Ark?
      A: BEFORE the Flood………..Keyword: “before”
      ( If You LOOK Like Food / You WILL Be Eaten )

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    The Kardashian’s are are world class publicity hounds, I question this being real. We may never know…

    It may be real, but Kim Kardashian knows how to sell herself, keep herself in the limelight.

    Also posting what you do every few min on Facebook blows any chance of privacy out of the water. ( Again Kim Kardashian knows how to sell herself, and I think she will do anything to stay popular.)

    • Chuck,
      I had a moment’s doubt about the veracity of the account. If anyone inside had anything to do with it, it would have to be her pig husband, Kanye. He uses her, imho.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        He uses her, she uses him. Media hounds like them are all about themselves and anything that furthers that agenda is OK.

        I could not imagine living is such a shallow way.

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