Ruger 10/22 Spare Parts Kit : What You Need to Know to Keep Your Ruger 10/22 Shooting for the next 100 years!

Ruger 10/22 and Glock model 19

The .22 rimfire is probably the world’s most used, yet underrated cartridge. A .22 rifle is one of the best, if not the best firearms, one can own for foraging in a survival situation, allowing the survivor to take small game quietly and can even be used for larger game with proper shot placement. Many deer […]

AKs are NOT Accurate!

Warning: some foul language…

What’s the farthest target that you’ve ever HIT while shooting an AK?

Shotguns for Home Defense – Myths and Realities

James Yeager talks about shotguns for self-defense and related topics like ammo and tactics…

An Often Overlooked But Critical Firearm Accessory

Quick Adjust Sling AR-15

One extremely important accessory for a shoulder-fired weapon is frequently overlooked by preppers. It is unpretentious, cheap, readily available, and easy to install. It’s the sling.

Suffering from a lack of sex appeal, lost in a plethora of available furniture, and definitely not the cover-girl of gun porn, the lowly sling often suffers from a lack of appreciation – until your body has paid the price.

Through the years, I have conducted numerous training sessions and can now easily identify the guys and gals who have experience in the field… the folks who have carried a long gun for an extended period of time. Their slings are functional and comfortable – like an old pair of well-worn blue jeans or a seasoned pair of boots. They fit, function, and perform critical tasks without fanfare or ritz. Those who have ignored this critical component suffer – sometimes badly. More on that down-article.

The .40 caliber sucks – James Yeager from Tactical Response

James Yeager from Tactical Response talks about why he thinks the .40 caliber sucks, and why the only defensive handguns that you should own, should be chambered in 9mm or .45 acp. Personally, I’ve never liked the .40 and don’t see any need for it, same thing with the .357sig.

If you can’t kill it with a Glock 19 and 16 rounds of 9mm 115-grain CorBon +p then it would probably be a good idea to RUN…

Watch the video then tell me what you think in the comments below…

A Quick Review of the Mosin Nagant 91/30

rifle 1

This is an entry in our current non-fiction writing contest  by Bunker John Some hate it, others swear by it. Whatever one’s stance is on the rifle from either a practical or collectors stance, I am to give a brief review in my experience with this gun, which I have quickly fallen in love with. By the end […]

1911 vs Glock 41 my thoughts

After I posted James Yeager’s video – Why 1911s Suck, I’ve gotten several emails (and comments to the post) asking what I think. Well let’s see, I currently own three Glocks, a Glock 41, Glock 19 and a Glock 26 and my personal favorite is the Glock 19. If you’re looking for a defensive handgun the […]

Why 1911s Suck – James Yeager


The best .45 ACP made today is… The Glock 41 – I own one and love it… I’ve owned a a bunch of 1911′s over the years and none even come close to Glock’s new gen 4 model 41. The Glock model 41 is lighter in weight, more accurate and with a 13 round magazine has almost double the capacity of the typical 1911.

Girls and Guns

Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine Laws

A long time ago, I married a city girl. With her came two very citified daughters, thirteen and fifteen. Very beautiful and bright young ladies.

Their previous education on firearms had come from three sources, anti gun family members, friends who had no knowledge of firearms, and of course, the television. To them, guns were a symbol of violence, they were evil things that killed people. Teaching them about firearms was going to be a challenge. I knew they had a lot to learn. What I didn’t know at the time was how much I also had to learn.

Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack : Seeking Gun Advise

Question from Anonymous I have a question for the Wolf Pack gun gurus. We are thinking about adding to our small collection of arms. Both my dh and I have 9 mm handguns. I have a Glock and he has a Springfield. We already have a couple of Ruger 10/22s and some shotguns. We have […]

Poll : Do you reload ammunition?

Also feel free to let us know what you consider to be the best re-loaders and tools…

Questions and Answers with the Wolf Pack : Need information about this old Smith & Wesson

old smith and wesson

Question from Kathy I was wondering if u could give me you’re opinion and expertise on this old handgun that I have. Its a Smith & Wesson 1 and 1/2. On top it says pat. Apr. 8.55 July 5.59 Nov. 22.65. There’s also a number that looks like 9541 and either an 8 or 6. There is no one in my area […]

FFL License – You Become a Target, Right?

Our last article on the Federal Firearms License (FFL) topic created great discussion and many follow up comments. Several concerns were raised and now we hope to better address these open items. With Obama in the Oval Office and many speculating another pro-gun control politician, Hillary, likely to replace him… firearms and related items are in demand at […]

NRA Releases List Of Celebrities, Organizations That Support Gun Control

According to the list provided by the NRA, these people and companies have given money and/or support to gun control measures and/or organizations. If you believe in freedom, the Constitution and your right to own the firearms of your choice then please do not support these organizations, companies and/or celebrities. Here is the complete list: […]

Reloading / hand loading & bullet casting makes more sense now than ever!

This is a guest post by Sam K and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. I must confess, I am a consummate ammo loading fanatic, an addiction that started with saving money, to allow me to shoot more in my cash strapped teenage years and continues into my 50′s. That has allowed me to chase accuracy and improve my […]

Eyewitness to Hitler Warns: “Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns”


From The Daily Sheeple - Written by Kimberly Paxton When Katie Worthman was a little girl in Austria, she witnessed firsthand Adolph Hitler’s rise to power and the Soviet communist occupation that followed.  She also witnessed, for decades, the distortions of the media when it came to the reporting of the events. From her eyewitness perspective, Worthman said that the […]

Thinking of Reloading? Some reality on a fun hobby.


This is a guest post by JSW and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. There’ve been quite a few comments about doing bullet reloading as a form of employment when the crunch comes down. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic, given from a shooter-reloader perspective. The Legal Issue. Once the stinky hit’s the oscillator I think ’following […]