This is why you never start a new shooter with a heavy recoiling caliber

This is what happens when you have “too much gun” and not enough experience – never start a new shooter with a heavy recoiling caliber.

Stupid Internet Gun Stuff – Press Checks

How to Reload Your Pistol and Rifle – 3 Videos

The SKS for Canadian Prepper’s

The reason why I am going to talk about the SKS is for multiple of reasons. First of all in Canada it is not legal for 95% of the population to own AK or AR style firearms as they are considered prohibited or restricted. The SKS is considered a standard Hunting rifle in Canada so you only need a basic Firearms License to possess one here. Second is they are very inexpensive to buy in Canada ($150-$300). Ammo is very Inexpensive and easy to get. I bought 1300 rounds of Bulgarian FMJ for $200.00 plus tax. Hunting Ammo is about $15.00 for 20 rounds. The last reason why I like them is they are reliable, fairly accurate and are easily accessorized.

Glock 42 .380

Jerry goes over the brand new Glock 42, Glock’s smallest pistol yet, and runs it through its courses with a close and long range test (up to 110 yards), reliability with different ammo, and how it stacks up against what else is on the market!

Basic Knife Throwing (Russian Army Style)

Lever Guns for Survival and Defense?

Lever Action Rifles for Survival – What do you think?

Shoot to Kill

How to Carry a Gun

I Hate Glocks… So Why Am I Going to Buy One?

glock handgun pic


Just saying the word creates all sorts of connotations in different people. Some people love them, swear by them, create shrines and worship them. Others have developed a gag-like reflex of pure disgust when they hear the word. I used to do the latter.

Oh, how I hated the trigger! Oh, how I hate the sights… and the grip angle! Don’t even get me started on the grip angle. I love 1911’s, and I always will, but then something happened. I decided to try out all sorts of guns for my first concealed carry. So, I developed some criteria to meet my personal needs. The god-like 1911’s failed the very first one!

Glock 19 Perfection in a 9mm Handgun

pic of Glock 19 Gen4

Some prefer revolves over auto loading handguns, while others simply want a simple .22 for target practice and recreation on the weekend. The “perfect” handgun for me may not be right for you or your needs, it is a personal choice that only you can make.For me the perfect handgun is the Glock 19. I […]

How Much Ammo Do You Need?

Photo by: Ken

Your centerfire hunting rifle or the very capable shotgun really doesn’t need a large amount of cartridges if used for larger animal food gathering. If you live in a game rich area and depending on the size of your family or group, you may take 2-6 deer or similar sized game per year. Another point about large game harvesting. To make it last you must have refrigeration or be skilled at preserving it with other means like salting or canning.

Let’s assume you know how to hunt game and the worst case is 3 shots for the kill or three rounds per animal. At the kill/ammo rate mentioned that’s 18 cartridges a year for six animals. For five years of hunting that’s only 90 rounds!

My Gun Choice Mistake – Don’t Do What I Did…

Yes, I said a Mistake!

I started my ‘survival gun’ collection about 10 years ago. Now I’ve been a hunter many years longer and have had all the hunting weapons under control, but when it comes to survival weapons the mindset must change slightly. Your choices now must include the versatility of self-defense scenarios along with hunting or as I like to refer to it as Food Gathering.

I, like many have searched the web for information to see if what I was doing was correct and if others concurred with it. In the beginning I found many survival and militia forums along with endless blog’s to sort through. The one common denominator among the forums is the huge popularity of the gun topic. This topic certainly doesn’t deserve that kind of attention and is obviously a guy thing.

I started to buy those weapons they touted as “the ones to own”. Some of the recommended guns were the Ruger 10/22, WWII military rifles of all makes and models, the AK-47, AR-15’s, sniper rifles, pump shotguns and the .45 caliber 1911 hand guns to name just a few.

Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio – An After Action Report on Civilian Shotgun Training

By Tom The Tinker I have done an article in the past on the training available to the general public at Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio.  www.TDIOHIO.COM.   I have done an article in the past regarding the shotgun, in particular the 20 gauge ‘social shotgun’ which I have found to be more than adiquit in […]

Ruger 10/22 Spare Parts Kit : What You Need to Know to Keep Your Ruger 10/22 Shooting for the next 100 years!

Ruger 10/22 and Glock model 19

The .22 rimfire is probably the world’s most used, yet underrated cartridge. A .22 rifle is one of the best, if not the best firearms, one can own for foraging in a survival situation, allowing the survivor to take small game quietly and can even be used for larger game with proper shot placement. Many deer […]

AKs are NOT Accurate!

Warning: some foul language…

What’s the farthest target that you’ve ever HIT while shooting an AK?

Shotguns for Home Defense – Myths and Realities

James Yeager talks about shotguns for self-defense and related topics like ammo and tactics…