Are There Too Many Survival Blogs?

Okay, I’ll admit it – I don’t read or subscribe to many survival blogs. I read several homesteading and gardening blogs but check only a few survival type blogs each week. It’s not that I don’t think other survival blogs have nothing to offer, just that I don’t have time to read 1,000 blogs each day.:sweat:

Which brings us to my question – do you think there are too many survival blogs?

How many survival blogs are there, I have no idea, but one thing is certain, there’s a lot. Just last week, I received six requests from new survival bloggers asking me to add their site to my links page.

Sometimes, it seems like there are as many survival blogs as there are survival blog readers, but are there too many?  Does having so many survival blogs (some with questionable content) help or hurt the survival / prepper movement??:-)

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below…

Are There Too Many Survival Type Blogs

  • No - we need more (50%, 179 Votes)
  • Yes - we have more than we need (50%, 177 Votes)

Total Voters: 356

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Please elaborate on your choice in the comments…

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  1. Plain and simple: I don’t know whether there are too many or not. What I do know is that there are sub-niches that tend to attract different types of audiences. Each blog has its own personality so to speak, some being folksy, others political, and others with a religious slant. Some focus on reviews of survival gear and others focus on prepping tips. There is something for everyone.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of rip-off sites that copy someone else’s content – verbatim no less. I wish there were a better way to police this but so far, I am unaware of any quick and easy way to track these lazy cheats down.

    A good blogger will do his or her research and that takes time. In addition, a good blogger will view the sharing of knowledge first and foremost and making a few bucks second.

    That’s my two cents, at least.

    — Gaye

  2. NewDawn says:

    When I was new to the world of the survivalists and the preppers – I read many blogs. After sorting out the fluff and the wanna-be-rambo types -I now only regularly read 2 “survival blogs” – MDC and JWR. I have written a contest entry for MDC – not the other one.
    I find that I gravitate here daily due to the community and the vast knowledge and helpful atmosphere. I also like MD’s style and practical, good advice.
    Anyone can start a Blog about anything – BUT only the ones with good consistant content will survive.

    • NewDawn,

      Thank you.

      • HeyMickey59 says:

        I agree with NewDawn. I read MDC for the bloggers info. and JWR for the articles. Personally, I could use less on Guns and Ammo, but that’s my preference. I just skip over that stuff. We are very new to prepping but are going at it whole-heartedly! I didn’t vote simply because I haven’t looked at any more sites to any extent, but I have contributed here, because I feel I may be able to help someone and I KNOW that they can help me! I like being able to pose questions and be assured of getting some advice.

        One thing though, that sticks in MY craw are people who blog but don’t have the grammar and spelling neccessary to make it easy to read. Sorry, if I offend anyone, just MHO. I would be the first to offer to help correct their writing, but I am, in no way, an expert or perfect. So, I make those kind of mistakes myself once in awhile.

        I WILL start checking out the other blogs (just figured out that you with blue names have your own blogs, woo hoo!). This seems to be a GREAT bunch of people and I think it would be so neat to get in a room with all of you!

        BTW, I am a homemaker, mother of grown kids, dog-lover, quilter, sewer, cook, reader and now…prepper! Go silver! 🙂

        • HeyMickey59,
          You stated that you “just figured out that you with blue names have your own blogs, woo hoo” which is only partially true. It means that we have our own websites, many of which are blogs, but some like my own are simply contact points. Mine currently contains only en email link for those who may want to contact me directly. I do plan to add some additional content as I get time, like my book list, and some links to my favorite preparedness sites, but life is currently too hectic to have any time to blog. I guess I would then fall under the banner of this topic of one too many blogs, but I don’t expect a lot of traffic, and that’s OK.

          • Omo Bob says:

            See, I learn something new here all the time…I thought the blue names were just that you knew a trick I haven’t learned yet, like how to add smiley faces…any way THIS is the blog I’m reading most often now, and that says it all for me.

  3. michael in NC says:

    freedom means freedom for OTHERS as well as for oneself.
    if someone wants to publish a blog why shouldn’t they?
    I don’t want the government or anyone else telling me I can’t.

    It’s up to each of us to make a judgement about the quality or accuracy of the information we glean from blogs, or any other source.
    I’ve visited literally hundreds of blogs since I became interested in prepping. Many (most) were lacking, and subsequently dropped from my list of sites to visit.
    I read this blog daily because it delivers.

    Best to all,
    Michael in NC

    • michael in NC,

      My question was not if they should be allowed to publish a survival type blog, but if there are already more than we need? And thank you…

  4. My view is that people come to these sites to pick up information and like the Internet itself some of that information is specific, some is heavily biased and some is actually rubbish. Your rely on other commenter’s, common sense and life experience to work out what is worth listening too and what needs to be discarded. The original articles and the discussions all widen your knowledge regardless of whether it is relevant to your own situation. It may also give you ideas for other areas where you have not considered some options. The reader picks and chooses themselves what they want to read about and how they prepare.

    In addition some sites have very narrow remits, looking at survival in specific areas, deserts, jungles etc. My own site looks specifically at the UK and only really has, slight, relevance to the suburbs in the US.

    In saying that I only visit about 20 sites myself. These are sites I like and am happy with the information and the discourse. I’ll visit new sites as I find them but if after a few visits I don’t like the content then I knock it off my list.

  5. I like having several sites to choose from but some of them start off good but then every time you think you are getting an e-mail about some good survival information you instead get a sales promotion. Some are out there selling everything from product to very expensive courses. Most preppers just don’t have that kind of resources to buy these outrageous courses for hundreds of $’s. They try to convince you that they are offering a really good bargain. It is pretty discouraging. I am very glad this site does not do that. It is o.k. to offer product that can be helpful, but some of these sites are totally not reasonable. Thanks M.D.

  6. There are way tooooo many survival blogs out there. All of them should shut down except this one…and


    Shameless plug (enjoyed the topic and the responses)

  7. Well yes and no , there are many kinds of survivalists so there are going to be sites geared to a specific survivalist mindset . As everybody knows we dont all agree on what is going to happen or how to prepare for it . Almost all I have seen have at least some information that is useful .I think the more , the better , to get people at least talking about the idea and need of survivalism if nothing else . I see sites that I think are geared for predators and raiders in training ( not my definition of a survivalist ) and I actually ran across one that was almost a contradiction . PC mentality survivalist ? WTF !!!!!! if you want PC , go talk to somebody running for election ! I speak my mind , like it or not !

  8. I have gone through half-a-gazillion prepping and survival blogs, sites, etc. I have found the ones I like, feel useful and are informative and bookmarked them. My favorites are visited daily.

    I have followed advice and prepared accordingly,though the journey is non-stop.

    There is a lot of garbage out there, and sites/blogs that are years old just floating around with no updated content. There are those out there that are off the chain with really whacked out philosophies. Some are entertaining while others make my eyeballs bleed. Common sense dictates my belief in content.

    In conclusion, I believe there may be too many…..but I pick what I want and leave the rest.

  9. Dustin says:

    Lots of blogs that cross-post from other blogs or have a LOT of “guest posts” in their own. I know writer’s block can creep in, I know some people would LOVE to have some extra cash come in from affiliate links or advertisers, I know some authors would like to see their books/DVDs/signature survival gear/etc. be commercial successes… we as the readers have the option to vote with our feet (or eyes, or mouse click, or whatever!).

    Some bloggers do this as a vocation, some as a passion, some as a hobby, some as a diversion. Quality, post frequency, and the manner in which reader feedback is (or isn’t) handled are all important factors to me, personally, but everyone dictates their own interest and tolerance level.

    My philosophy is “take what you like and leave the rest.”

    The danger is to the neophyte that is trying to get started and has little-to-no experience to temper the tremendous volume of information with. Bad info can (and has!) kill when it comes to survival and preparation.

  10. Agreed , one easy way to tell if its of any use to anybody is in content , some are just writing and discussion boards , no substance at all . If the site doesn’t have any product reviews , lists and reasons , pdf downloads or something serious , ….. i move on .

  11. fredisdead says:

    But, we don’t know that a new blogger is someone just starting out and that they have limited knowledge. A reader can get a feel for the writers knowledge by reading a blog for a while and comparing info there with that of trusted blogs. Getting just a bit of workable info from a new blog makes it worthwhile.

  12. Dean in az says:

    WAY too many blogs! Most are meaningless drivel about the Gov’t,what they ate today,or what gun they love the most. I enjoy reading most of the tech type article’s,but I don’t need a review of the best night vision to buy,how to nuke proof your home,or what works best for killing zombies.Yes,I believe in peak oil,and storing food,but don’t beat the issue to death.

  13. Here is my thought on this subject. I write a survival blog. At the time, I thought I was in a niche situation when I started it. Guess what, I’m not, and there are several that focus on urban and suburban topics, like mine. Now that said, I have RSS feeds set up to many that I like. It helps me do two things; one, scan the blogs for interests that I have, and two keep away from trendy topics of the day that everyone seems to be writing about. Sooner or later it is hard not to write about them, but hey, it is what it is.

    That said, what I also see are differing opinions and differing points of view with all the other blogs out there. This is good. And, it is good for everyone. I say this because it is too easy to to have one opinion and not broaden your mind to other methods of achieving your goals. At least to me, many of these blogs serve that purpose. In fact to diversify myself I brought aboard two contributing authors that are avid writers. I do not always agree with their point of view, but again, it helps to keep my from pigeon holing my own thoughts. I get ideas for new posts from time to time as well. At any given time I have two or three posts started and unfinished based on a concept I formed from someone else’s post.

    Now, are there too many, maybe. But if there were only five, we might be asking are there too few… Finally, I love this blog. It was one of the first I came across a couple years ago when I started reading them. M.D. does a great job and has a spectacular following. As for those of you who feel there is a lot of crap or garbage out there (and yes, I have been slammed by many telling me my content is crap), it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Personally, I do not like JWR’s writing, but he has several thousand followers, daily. I’ll bet many of the readers of this blog love his writing. Again, it is what it is and we gravitate towards what appeals to us when we find it. Sort of like dating, but not really. Was that a bad analogy? I guess that’s my sign to shut up now… 🙂

  14. I’ve explored many forums about survivalism and preparedness and have narrowed it down to a very few, this one and APN, and I’ll pop in to one another. Much of the information is repetitive although the people are different. Each may offer information and perspectives I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of.

    Whatever I can glean in the way of useful information is a good thing and it would be unfair to compare one forum against the other.