Growing Vegetables Indoors : Survival Gardening during a Worst Case Scenario

Growing Vegetables Indoors

Growing Vegetables Indoors for Beginners Keeping your garden safe and out of sight, from hungry looters and refuges after the collapse could mean the difference between life and death for the survivor. If your retreat can be seen from the street and anyone passing by, then having a traditional garden planted in rows is an […]

Permaculture Gardening Tips for Food Production

aquaponics grow bed with the cover off

The purpose of this article is to encourage you to give it a go; you don’t need pre-planned garden maps drawn by experts with pretty pathways, grafted fruit trees and ponds. Sure this is a nice idea, but getting back to reality and a working class budget, you can create mini permaculture systems in their own containers, and extend this out to be a part of a larger system.

Even the smallest system is going to get you motivated to do more within your garden; the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and planning. You can easily put your own traits into the system, for me I have enjoyed immensely the conversations that it has provoked in regards to raising rabbits for meat and pelts, as 99% of people in my area think meat comes in a package from the supermarket.

You do not need to jump in and spend loads of time or coin on this, I aim to keep the system maintained on a daily basis and add something to it on a weekly basis.

Questions and Answers with The Wolf Pack – Watering the garden with water from Aerobic septic system

Question from Bull I have a question.  Would it be a problem if I relocate my raised beds so the sprinklers from the Aerobic septic system would keep them watered?  I’ve had more than one salesman tell me that the water is clean enough to drink, but have never been able to get one of […]

Build Your Own Potato Growing Box

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I’m going to try building my own potato growing boxes next year and give this a try. It looks like it would would great, and allow growing hundreds of pounds of potatoes with a few of these boxes scattered around the house…

If you’ve done this I would like to hear from you… how well did it work, how many pounds did you get, tips, advice…

Organic gardening – what I’ve learned and you should know…


We have a half-acre garden that sits in an area with sun most of the day. We have a few trees on one side of the garden, ad depending on what/where you plant, you want to take in consideration the daily sunlight that the area gets as well as what you’re planting. We tend to plant the “viney” plants such as cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchinis, etc. in the area of the garden that is partially shaded by the trees during the day. This is because during July/August our summer heat is brutal, and those plants tend to wither and die under our humid, unrelenting heat. Geographically, you also want to take note of the sun rise/fall and whether or not you plan to plant corn or any other tall crop. One year when I was a kid, we mistakenly planted our tomatoes on the wrong side of the corn and they were soon dwarfed by corn stalks and didn’t do well at all.

Letter from B : Hugelkultur beds

This weekend, I had the privilege to attend a 4 day workshop with the Sep Holzer. People, you may feel like storing 1000 cans of beans is the answer but if we are perhaps headed for a world without grocery stores, you might want to re-think your plan.

Traditional agricultural practices developed in the last 75 years or so use big machinery, lots of water, artificial fertilizer and monocropping to achieve pretty produce that is devoid of real nutrition and full of chemical ick. Large corporations are doing their best to squeeze every last penny from the depleted soil. This way of farming isn’t about feeding people, it’s about making money. Everything about it screams unsustainable – are we listening?

Three Days of Work and a Whole Season of Fresh Veggies

garden 1

Okay, so my wife and I have gotten into the self-sufficiency kick over the last few years. From food storage to stocking up on supplies for any unknown event to gardening. For the last few years we have tried to jump right into the gardening but have constantly failed due to various soil and weather problems. This year we decided to take on both challenges with square foot gardening inspired beds. Understand, we are not professionals, we just like the hobby and decided to jump in with both feet.

Okay, I know I’m not original, but I did put my own spin on Mel Bartholomew methods from his bestselling book All New Square Foot Gardening. For those few of you that haven’t heard, square foot gardening basically uses raised beds sectioned off by square feet and a matrix tells you how many of each type of plant can be planted in each square foot.

The idea is to use every bit of your growing space without waste. The second portion of this method is to use a specific mix to create your soil, so that it provides the maximum amount of nutrients, aeration, and water retention as possible.

Back to Eden gardening method

back to eden 1

Our family has been gardening for over 12 years with mixed results. Some years have been great and others years have been terrible. Living in southeast Michigan certainly has it’s benefits (go Tigers!) and it’s disadvantages (lots of rain sometimes). Last year our family researched and started a new (to us) gardening method called Back to Eden. The Back to Eden garden method has been developed by Paul Gautschi and he has been doing it for about 20 year with great results.

How To Plant Three Sisters Garden – Sustainable Agriculture With Companion Planting

How to plant a three sisters garden. Three sisters garden is sustainable agriculture through companion planting. Three sisters companion gardening allows one to plant the same crops in the same location season after season without the need to rotate crops. Traditionally, a fish was buried in the bottom of each hole to provide nutrients to […]

The Mittleider Gardening Method Explained


The Mittleider gardening method was developed by Dr Jacob Mittleider, who aimed for a method that would be high yielding and could be used in a diversity of countries (it is currently documented as being used in 27 different countries), conditions and be able to be an accessible and natural method to grow food. It is a very successful method of high yielding crop production in many countries and I believe this to be an excellent method and it has its place in both small and large scale agriculture.

The idea of this method is it aims to combine the best of both soil gardens and hydroponic gardens, being that everything that the plant needs is coming from a nutrient fed to the plant weekly rather than from the substrate.

Gardening tips and ideas to help you grow more vegetables with less work

Is your space for a garden too small to be effective? Last year we planted bush green beans in two plots, each 2 ft. X 4 ft. They were in the middle of a 24 X 4 foot raised bed. We got two kinds of harvest from that space; enough green beans to can 36 half-pints (enough for a year for the DW and I) plus way more than enough dry seeds to plant this years garden. Because we save seeds our cost to grow green beans this year will be zero. Because we bought a pressure canner and jars two years ago, our cost to can a years supply of green beans will be the cost of the fuel to heat the pressure canner.

Top Ten Tips to Help You Garden Smarter – Not Harder

This is an entry in our current non-fiction writing contest  by the mem Having gardened in several different states and countries, I have had to adapt my gardening skills to a myriad of climate, space and cultural issues a number of times. I have also had to start new gardens on many occasions. I have been asked why […]

Grow Your Own Food

Host Evita Ochel talks about how we can get more sustainable and self-sufficient by becoming accountable for some of our food production.

Raised-Bed Gardening – East Tennessee State University

Click on the link below to go to the post and watch the video…

Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?


By Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse Blog Do you think that the price of food is high now?  Just wait.  If current trends continue, many of the most common food items that Americans buy will cost more than twice as much by the end of this decade.  Global demand for food continues to rise steadily […]

It’s time for bed…

I interrupt your garden planning to bring you this special bulletin… As we begin out prepping journeys that we always talk of beans and bullets. But as the basic needs are fulfilled, we need to expand our acquisitions to daily items used without thought. In this case I am talking about beds and linens. My concern is that come the evening of the day the SHTF, we are going to collapse in exhaustion and what you lay your body down on might suddenly become vastly important.

Need a Aquaponic Garden? Here’s How You Can do It – cheap, easy and effectively…

Water is pumped up to the grow beds from the fish tank

This is an entry in our current non-fiction writing contest  By B A few months ago, I learned of the practice of Aquaponic Gardening. As a homeschooling parent of a bunch of very active kids, I am always looking for multifaceted projects that can enhance my kids’ educational experience while being true to my prepper ideals. Aquaponics fit […]