Sanitization and Hygiene – How do you measure up?

This is a guest post by Bam Bam and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. As preppers we contemplate the likelihood of various SHTF scenarios. We are well versed in the kinds of natural disasters that impact our areas. If you live along the Gulf Coast, you are prepped for hurricanes. If you live in the Midwest, you are prepped for […]

When Chronic Illness, Becomes Acute…

This is a guest post by Denise H and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Let’s face it, we can and have prepared for the discomforts we will incur when the power fails, the severe storm hits, and the supply chain has a glitch. There are certain events we don’t like to think of : among those […]

Health and Survival : Minerals in Your Diet – part 1

This is a guest post by Papabear and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. In an effort to stay healthy most people these days focus on vitamins that their bodies need. There are also minerals that are essential for our health, well being and survival. This article will look at most of the minerals that we […]

What’s in Your Herbal Medicine Chest?

This is a guest post by Bam Bam and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Michele’s article on herbal medicine has inspired me to write up a piece on my top 10 herbal remedies. These are in no specific order. These are the remedies I tend to use most often. 1.Elderberry Tincture: I make this tincture by the […]

The healing power of Herbal Medicine

This is a guest post by Michele and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. This is hopefully the first in a series of many articles on herbal medicine. I’ll try to get off my hinny and get a few more written fairly quickly, and if we are all very lucky, we can get some of our other herbalists […]

Antibiotics And Their Use In Collapse Medicine(tm), Part 2

by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones of One of the most common questions that I am asked from prospective survival medics is “What antibiotics should I stockpile and how do I use them?” There isn’t a short answer to this. Actually, there isn’t even a long answer to this, but anyone that is interested […]

Fish antibiotics in survival settings – what you should know.

by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones of Years ago, I wrote the original article on aquarium antibiotics as an option in a survival setting. Many of the questions that we field during our speaking engagements are related to the stockpiling of medicines. What fish medicines are equivalent to the human versions? What illness is […]

Letter on “Fish” Antibiotics from Audrey M

I am new to your blog and have found it to be quite useful in helping me know what to buy and how to prepare. There may already be mention of this in one of your posts, or in the many comments….but I simply don’t have time to read through each one to find out! J […]

Diabetes and Survival, Part 2: Type 1 Prevention

by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones In Part 1, we discussed the long-standing history of diabetes (also called “diabetes mellitis”) and the main types of diabetes. We also described the symptoms and signs of diabetes, including those that led me to diagnose it in my own son when he was 8 years old. Finally, […]

Diabetes and Survival: Part 1

By Doctor Bones aka Joseph Alton One of the most common questions we receive during our travels is about Diabetes (formally known as Diabetes Mellitis) in a grid-down scenario. Diabetes is problematic for the survival medic in that the medications used to treat the worst cases are unlikely to be manufactured or keep their potency in […]

Prepping With Infants and Toddlers

By Naomi Broderick, prepper author with Protect Your Home, who provides ADT in Phoenix, Arizona. When you’re miles out on the road on a long road trip or out on a family trip, the realization that you’ve forgotten diapers or a pacifier can be an irritating but resolvable setback. However, when it comes to emergency […]

Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack : Can both everclear and vodka at 100 proof be used to make various tinctures?

Question from Hunker-Down Several Wolf Mack members are making tinctures from vodka and brandy. I’m trying to make elderberry tincture and read that the correct way is to use 100 proof vodka. All the stores I checked only carry 80 proof vodka, but just today I found a store that has Everclear and 100 proof Schminarof vodka. […]

Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack : what other homesteaders are doing for health insurance

Question from Scott G My wife and I have an interesting question for your readers. We have been planning a homesteader lifestyle for some time now and we are 4 years away from actually making the jump. The one nagging item that we can’t seem to figure out is health insurance. I’d love to hear […]

Letter : Shelf life of prescription medications

Hi, Mr Creekmore, I just discovered your blog, and I am thrilled! My husband and I are seriously into prepping, and your blog was a godsend! In your blog, “Ten MORE Things You Can Do NOW“, you had a commenter named Bryce who stated that medicines past the expiration date lost their potency, and became poisonous. […]

Fish Antibiotics in a Collapse by Dr Bones

As you know our usual posting days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but this was such a good and important video that I decided to go ahead and post it today instead of waiting till tomorrow. Please also visit the Dr. Bones website for more post TEOTWAWKI medical tips and advice.

Prepepping with a chronic illness : Tips to help you cope and prepare

This is a guest post by Red C.J.  and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. My prepping challenge is preparing with post-disaster chronic illness or chronic pain, and this is for the many others with chronic illness(es) or their loved ones. My situation is far from unique, as one-third to one-half of Americans live with chronic illness […]

Adversity and Survival

by Joe Alton, M.D. aka Dr. Bones of I recently read an article about a young man who lost a leg to a land mine while hiking in a third-world country.  This stalwart outdoorsman was instantly transformed into a frightened victim with months of  surgery, physical therapy, and prosthetic training in his future.  His  journey […]