Prepper News Brief 12/23/2016

1.) Unethical Website Of The Month: Bye-Bye Snopes: Ethics Alarms has been tracking the increasing political bias exhibited by Snopes, once the definitive “Urban Legends” web source to identify false stories on the internet, e-mail hoaxes and other pollution of public information. The website has made the disastrous decision to wade into political topics and to hire some new social justice warriors and wanna-be Democratic Party operatives to cover them, resulting in the site becoming a bad imitation of PolitiFact.

2.) Snopes Co-Founder Accused Of Embezzling Company Money, Spending It On Prostitutes: The Daily Mail also revealed that top Snopes “fact-checker” Kim LaCapria claimed on her personal blog that she has “posted to Snopes” after smoking marijuana. As TheDC previously revealed, LaCapria describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and once claimed that Republicans fear “female agency.”

3.) CEO Arrested on Charges of Fraud and Corruption: owners Barbara and David Mikkelson were detained by police today after an unrelated investigation of a editor lead police onto a paper trail of corruption, bribery, and fraud at the very heart of the fact-checking organization.

4.) Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House: As I have been arguing for most of the past year, the election of Donald Trump was inevitable and would precede the triggering of the final stage of our ongoing economic crisis. I came to realize that the Fed’s timing of their latest rate hike is highly strategic. Not only does it set the stage for a series of hikes that will crush U.S. stock markets this coming year and finally shock the public out of their fiscal stupor, but it also maneuvers the crisis right into the lap of Donald Trump and the conservative movements that support him.’

5.) Go armed my friends…ISIS Puts Out Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches.

6.) Christmas solar storm to batter Earth as flare blasts from massive hole in the sun: A solar flare is heading our way and it’s threatening to wreak havoc with modern life on our planet.

7.) Putin claims his military is more powerful than any potential enemy: Russia’s military today can overpower any potential foe but should strengthen its nuclear arsenal, President Vladimir Putin told an annual end-of-year meeting Thursday with defense chiefs. “We can say with certainty: We are stronger now than any potential aggressor,” he told the meeting. “Anyone!”

Meanwhile – Putin urges Russian nuclear weapons boost and Conducts Fifth Test of New Anti-Satellite Missile. Folks, they are getting ready for a nuclear war that they know is coming.

And U.S. intelligence and, now briefed president-elect Trump know it’s coming too – Trump Says U.S. Should ‘Expand Its Nuclear Capability’. Duck and cover all over again… but this time it will end in a mushroom cloud!

8.) The Bank of Canada just laid out how the economy could tank: In recent months the Bank of Canada has ramped up its warnings about heavily indebted households and the unreasonable expectations driving the housing market, yet all indications are that Canadians have stuffed cotton in their ears.

9.) New antibiotic resistant, pandemic syphilis strain identified: SYPHILIS is staging a comeback — and now medicine knows why. It’s a new mutation of a strain that tore through Europe in the 1700s.

Prepper News Brief 12/21/2016

1.) It’s Only Going to Get Worse: It’s already been proven that the U.S. government under the Obama administration has been funding and supporting ISIS – when Trump takes over this funding will stop (probably so) and I as a result I look for more and larger attacks to be carried out by ISIS on U.S. soil as a result. The Obama regime has already allowed them into the U.S. with their open door policy and they are just waiting for the order to attack after Obama leaves office.

2.) Chaos In The Streets Of Venezuela – Stores Ransacked – National Guard Called Out – Is THIS What’s Coming To America?: Back on December 15th, we reported the government of Venezuela had given their people a 72-hour notice on phasing out their largest bill denomination, the 100 bolivar, worth an entire 3 cents to every US dollar. However, as we learn today from Reuters, things didn’t go quite as well as the govt had planned with the citizens of Venezuela taking to the streets and widespread social unrest and chaos causing them to postpone the currency move until early January of 2017. And while some readers of ANP might ask why we continue to go back to this tragedy that is happening thousands of miles away from most of us, the answer is quite simple: We are heading for a similar fate!

3.) It’s the sixth major quake in 3 days and the 9th in this area this month and with a huge coronal hole still facing Earth: More to come?: We could be in for more major quake activity as an enormous coronal hole on the Sun is still facing Earth directly. This morning’s strike is the 14th major quake of December and the 142nd of 2016.

4.) At least 3 dead, 47 injured after strong earthquake hits Ecuador: At least 3 people have been killed and more than 47 injured after a strong and shallow earthquake registered by Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute (IGEPN) as M5.7 hit Ecuador on December 19, 2016.

Matthew 24:7 …’and earthquakes in divers places.’

5.) A massive coronal hole which has caused around 32 major quakes since September strikes again with a mag 6.7 hitting East Timor this morning

6.) Prelude To Global Collapse And How Swiss Refiners Just Exposed The Big Lie In The Gold Market: But the current stock market bonanza in the US is likely to be short-lived. It is not just the massive overvaluation which is pointing to that, technical indicators also indicate that we will soon see a major downturn.

7.) 71% Of Americans Don’t Believe Russia Was Responsible For Election-Related Hacks – as we know the U.S. Repealed it’s Propaganda Ban, so they can Spread Government-Made News to Americans. If they (especially, via the mainstream media) tell you that it’s cold outside then you had better go outside and see for yourself because they are probably lying.

8.) And here they go again…Washington Post goes “full treason” – fabricates entire story falsely claiming Trump won because of Russian hacks.

9.) Manuka honey kills more bacteria than all available antibiotics: Not all honey is created equal. While the benefits of raw, unprocessed honey have been well-documented over the centuries, Australian researchers have found one type of honey, called Manuka honey, to be better than all known antibiotics.

Prepper News Brief 12/19/2016

1.) Activists take to streets to protest Donald Trump ahead of Electoral College vote: A coalition of activist groups (Probably made up mostly of illegals who have no “right” to protest anything in the U.S.) on Sunday took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to protest against some of the labor and immigration policies proposed by President-elect Donald Trump, a day before he is expected to officially claim victory in the nation’s presidential contest.

2.) Burr..U.S average temperature 16°F – colder than any time last winter, and winter hasn’t started yet!: As this plot of hourly temperatures shows, the average temperature is 16 degrees. F, which is 4 degrees colder than any time last winter. What’s worse, the coldest part of winter is still six weeks away.

3.) South Korea very concerned over bird flu outbreak, aftermath: vice finance minister: South Korea is very concerned about a bird flu outbreak that has seen the biggest-ever cull of chickens and other poultry, its second vice finance minister said on Monday.

4.) Some H5N1 and H7N9 bird flu viruses could be one mutation away from spreading efficiently between humans. … According to a study today (June 6) in Cell, some strains of both viruses are just one mutation away from getting a better grip on the cells in our upper airways. – The Scientist Magazine.

5.) What colleges have turned into – University offers class on ‘The Problem of Whiteness’: “The problem of racism is the problem of whites being racist towards blacks,” he said.

6.) So oppressed… and funny how blacks cannot be considered racist no matter if they come right out and say “I hate you because you are white”. Everyone needs to get over this racism bull and realize that we are all being oppressed by the same powers that be, and we all no matter our color need to work together to end that oppression. They keep it going (with tactic such as the BLM being funded by George Soros) because they know it’s easier to conquer if we are all divided.

7.) The 5th major quake to strike in a 24 hour period hits Brazil: We could be in for more as the enormous coronal hole on the Sun is now facing Earth directly. This afternoons strike is the 13th major quake of December and the 141st of 2016.

8.) Can we avoid WWIII?: Enemies of western civilization are lined up vying to take over all, or pieces of the world leadership that have been abdicated by Obama.  Russia wants to destroy NATO, while at the same time dominating Eastern Europe, as well as projecting power in the Middle East.  China wants to control the entire Pacific Basin.  Iran wants to be the regional power in the Middle East, and is willing to share its power with Russia in order to obtain regional dominance.   All three hate America, weakness emboldens those emotions, and all are preparing for war with us.

9.) U.S. Goverment funding and supporting terrorisim: Congress Makes Deadly Announcement, U.S. Has Been Funding ISIS For MONTHS.

10.) Historical Evidence Concerning Climate Change: Archaeological and Historical Evidence That Man Is Not the Cause: What historic evidence is there about the claims of anthropogenic global warming. Historian Clayton E. Cramer presents both historical and archaeological evidence that you probably have not seen showing that the current warming is not unprecedented, and is not caused by man.

Prepper News Brief 12/14/2016

1.) Experts Warn Of ‘Global Unrest On A Scale We’ve Never Seen’ And An ‘Unprecedented Epidemic Of Food Riots’ As The World Goes Beyond The Tipping Point: According to a report published by the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), our country is quietly preparing for food prices here to possibly spike by as much as 400% in the next 8 years. Warning us of a global crisis brought on by “food price and supply swings amidst burgeoning population growth, rapid urbanization, severe weather events, and social unrest”, one expert stressed we could soon see an “unprecedented epidemic of food riots.”

2.) Getting ready for war? China installs weapons systems on artificial islands: China appears to have installed weapons, including anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems, on all seven of the artificial islands it has built in the South China Sea.

3.) Trump Ramping Up Tension against Iran & China – Just a Coincidence?: Trump has made friendly overtures to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but is this overshadowed by the tension against Iran and China that he has been ramping up? Russia, China and Iran have forged a strong military alliance. To attack one of them is to attack all of them. Is the recent tension against Iran and China just random happenstance? Or is it being coordinated behind the scenes so as to lead towards further conflict and the possible outbreak of the NWO’s long-planned World War 3?

4.) Extreme couponer is attacked by a furious customer after holding up the grocery checkout line for 20 minutes: Folks, if you put the advice given in our article on “Using coupons to save money on preps” then it’s probably a good idea to take a can of pepper spray along on your shopping trips.

5.) Venezuelans make bank runs: Venezuelans are rushing to the banks this week in a desperate attempt to protect their savings from the government’s latest spasm of reckless financial policymaking and collapse.

6.) The beginning of global famine? 100 tons of dead fish in Indonesia, thousands more in Brazil 12.5 million chickens and ducks culled in South Korea ends another week in paradise.

And 3rd of all creatures died – Revelation 8:9

7.) NASA scientist warns Earth vulnerable to ‘sneaky’ asteroid, comet: Earth is essentially defenseless in the face of comets and asteroids that bring little warning, a NASA scientist has warned.

“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” (Rev 8:10–11)

8.) Warning Issued Of ‘Galactic Mass Ejection’ To Hit Earth: According to reports it is supposedly set to hit on December 26, 2016.

Prepper News Brief 12/12/2016

1.) The Global Economy Will Disintegrate Rapidly

2.) Russian hacks are a ‘false flag’: Most of the voting machines are not connected to the internet, so how could the vote be hacked? It’s all a bunch of crap to keep Hilary supporters riled up in hopes of somehow allowing Hillary to steal the election even after it’s over.

3.) Russian Hacking Reports All About Butthurt Snowflakes Looking To Distract The Public From The Truth: All the reports coming out about “Russian” interference in the 2016 presidential elections is geared toward only one goal, distracting the public from what the leaked emails published by Wikileaks revealed about Democratic corruption that goes all the way up to Barack Obama.

4.) And this is what they are trying to do – If the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again – they didn’t get the result that they wanted so now they want a redo.

5.) Christians in China being targeted and killed for organ harvesting: In a world controlled by money, man is capable of doing anything to get it, including the harvesting of organs from living persons. The victim dies during this heinous and tortuous procedure. The body is then cremated. No evidence remains of the burnt human sacrifice yielding hearts, livers, kidneys, corneas and more. All in a days work for the burgeoning global organ transplant market in the People’s Republic of China.

6.) Government Propaganda Was Legalized To Be Used Against The American People Years Ago!: For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2 2013 , that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts.

In other words, you can’t believe anything that you see on TV, read online or hear on the radio if it’s source is the mainstream media. If they say it’s raining outside then you better go out and look because the sun is probably shining.

7.) 11 volcanoes erupting around the world last week. The volcanic unrest continues and Disturbing String Of Earthquakes’ Strikes Our Planet are these signs that the coming end of times as detailed in the book of Revelations is near?

8.) Don’t stop prepping just because Trump won… get ready for the massive financial crash of 2017: Let’s skip some of the more outrageous predictions and focus on what’s real now. Donald Trump has inherited the economic collapse of 2017, and he will be blamed for it. This holds water because we have just seen the worst bond crash in 15 years. The Fed is also planning to announce a rate hike before year’s end. Consensus in the investing community is that a Trump administration will mean much higher inflation. History shows that higher interest rates always causes an economic slowdown.

9.) Should You Stop Prepping Because Donald Trump Won The Election?…Well… No!

10.) For all of you people who plan on bugging out then this book is for you – Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late.

Prepper News 12/9/2016

1.) They are losing their readership and viewers to the point of being completely irrelevant – “Fake news” hysteria hinges on the laughable assumption that corporate-run media has a divine monopoly on “facts.

2.) See THE ULTIMATE “FAKE NEWS” LIST… and Ron Paul says ‘Fake news comes from our own government’.

3.) If you’re not sure what an economic collapse looks like then here is an example – Desperate Venezuelan fishermen slaughter one another and turn to piracy – while starving villagers are forced to eat soup made from seawater as country’s economic collapse worsens.

4.) Washington state sues Monsanto over ‘omnipresent and terrifically toxic material’: PCB pollution is in “every waterway in the state,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said as he announced a lawsuit against Monsanto. It is the first time the agricultural biotech giant has ever been sued by a state.

5.) Top seven fuels that feed the cancer ‘fire’ and mutate more cells: It doesn’t matter whether you believe in “conspiracies” or not, because the fact is that American conventional food has been engineered and processed to cause cancer, and in many more ways than one. There is a definitive reason why one out of every three Americans get cancer, when next to nobody in America got cancer 100 years ago.

6.) Could This Trigger the Next Stock Market Crash?: The Italian referendum could spark a stock market crash, triggering the next global economic collapse.

7.) This Could Cause Global Economic Collapse in 2017: This has been a common refrain. Emerging markets were supposed to crash this time last year. But, last year, the prospects for a significant U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate hike were low, given the fears of economic collapse. This year, a rate hike—or even multiple rate hikes—seems inevitable.

8.) Scientists identify pandemic threat viruses: Experts at the University of Edinburgh have pinpointed more than 30 infections that are likely candidates for the next major pandemic.
The scientists found 37 different viruses they believe have the potential to spread across the globe.

The Clawhammer a Useful Prepper and Homesteading Tool

by Thomas T. Tinker

About 50 to 70 A.D. a Roman tradesman cast an iron hammer head with a cleft in one end. All the better to pound the iron nails he used … or to pull them out for re-use. This tool lays in an Italian Museum today. It took 30,000+ years of tool design to get to that point…. But I digress.

When our tradesman stuck a handle in the Hammer head, we had our first Claw Hammer. You in the pack can find a different definition for the ‘tool’ in every form of dictionary… I rather like the one in my University of Toledo, American Heritage edition. “A tool used to exert an IMPULSIVE FORCE.” c lose.

Curved – Straight – Rip – Geo/paleo – Framing – English … made of Chi-com pot metal or Titanium. For as little as $2.49 at the dollar store, or a nice “Stiletto, T-Bone Titanium & Steel 38oz.” for $219.99.. then there is the “Douglas Framing hammer”.. art on a hickory handle .. you can collect these multi-taskers right along with guns and ammo, Freeze-dried pintos .. or barter booze. Buuuuu..t Naw.. Prepping funds could be used better than another pile of iron.

Me… well, I like my Glocks..(there .. is .. a connection here) I like to keep the list small. I own 5 hammers (that I can find). 1 Estwing claw, 1 Klein electricians, 1 shorty dollar store(in the hardware drawer), 1 tiny tiny ball/tack and my CQB 28 oz. 16 inch Estwing milled face E2-28SM Framing hammer.

It is my go to ‘hammer’. My paver laying, root chopping, gardening troweling, stair building, asphalt patching, plaster hacking, rust remover, wood splitting, open carry out in the night when somethin went bump, is that the pizza man?, deck maint, de-icing, potato digger….. Mine has not looked that clean and dink free since…. Ah… the 80s. I for some reason have given it a name … Pork Chop. I suppose ya could hunt pigs with it too … right? .. but I own different tools for that…. Another article later.

We have other preps along this line such as our 26” campers axe, our hand axe. I will have an all steel ‘dry-wall’ axe by this June.

Now I ask you gringos and gringettes… after seeing a re-run of what ever that zombie series is…. I noticed a fella humping around a nice 28oz. 16” Estwing.. would you say Hollywood has indorsed it’s … other uses? I was so proud I wiped down and re-polished the face of Pork Chop the very next trip to the basement. I also put the claw to the belt sander and put an ever so slight ‘edge’ on em.
Now be honest with yourselves… how many of us cannot pass ‘our’ favorite tool/hammer without just picking it up and twirling it our hand .. not a question really, you know you do it.

Is there not a place in every spot we would leave a flash light? Would this ‘tool’ have a place in the trunk of the car… with our GHBs? In the spirit of conversation and self-examination….. what other uses does the tool have? I could, we could, learn something here….. try not to be … redundent humm could ya.

Thank you for your time. Thank you MD. As always, any comments, questions, suggestions or odd death threats are welcome and I will make every effort to post back.

Prepper News Brief 12/07/2016

1.) Journalists Struggle To Define ‘Fake News’ Even As They Declare War On It: Someone asked me yesterday why was not on the list… well for starters this isn’t a dedicated news site. We post links to important news articles here but don’t usually break or report the news. We tell you how to prep and survive after the poop hits the fan.

2.) Goodbye and good riddance – Few troops clap for Obama during final national security speech – now if that demon Hillary would go away my days would be full of smiles. Meanwhile in his last days Obamas Living Large on Taxpayers’ Dimes.

3.) Bill Holter: Every Society is Only 72 Hours From Pure Anarchy (Video): It is often said that at any given moment, any society is only 72 hours away from complete anarchy. Why? Because even in the most affluent societies, there isn’t much more than a three day supply of food available. Once food runs out, economic conditions can deteriorate so quickly that they rival scenes found in big Hollywood blockbusters like Mad Max. Look at Venezuela for example, where people have been breaking into zoos, and killing the animals to eat for food.

4.) Start “Doubling Up On Your Prepping;” Countdown to Economic Collapse (Video): Negative interest rates and big debt governing under Obama have set us up for a fall. Easy money, cheap money and free flowing, unlimited credit to the top of the heap have brought things to a desperate point of no return.

5.) Global warming? Forecasters predict temperatures to fall 35 degrees BELOW average as a polar plunge sweeps across North America: Chicago breaks 76 year snow fall record.

6.) Tell us something that we didn’t already know – Mass surveillance exposed by Snowden is about control, not counterterrorism – Oliver Stone to RT.

7.) Bird flu the silent killer is on the rise with millions of birds killed just in the last few days – Folks we will have a pandemic that will kill hundreds of millions, according to the CDC it’s not a matter of if but when. Are you prepared to “bug in” and wait it out?

8.) We Are Most Assuredly Headed For Armageddon: We are most assuredly heading for Armageddon, and I suspect that the new U.S. president may be seen as the fall guy, rather than those who got the world into this mess over the last 30+ years.

9.) Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Svalbard Global Seed Vault: 860k seed samples stored for survival in case of a global extinction event: A huge underground concrete structure dug into the side of a frozen mountain in a remote archipelago halfway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole – but is the facility really there to benefit mankind by protecting crop diversity, or does it serve a more sinister and secret purpose?

9.) A massive market crash is coming in 2017: History shows that higher interest rates cause an economic slowdown. This makes sense, because economic activity slows when it becomes harder to borrow money. The Obama administration has already set Trump up for a major recession, but the bond crash threatens to bring it on sooner.

Prepper News Brief – December 5, 2016

1.) Experts Warn Of ‘Global Unrest On A Scale We’ve Never Seen’ And An ‘Unprecedented Epidemic Of Food Riots’ As The World Goes Beyond The Tipping Point: The November 28th story from the Daily Star tells us that according to a report published by the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), our country is quietly preparing for food prices here to possibly spike by as much as 400% in the next 8 years. Warning us of a global crisis brought on by “food price and supply swings amidst burgeoning population growth, rapid urbanization, severe weather events, and social unrest”, one expert stressed we could soon see an “unprecedented epidemic of food riots.”

2.) Russia, India and China prepare a strike against dollar: In 5 or 7 years Russia, China and India will completely reject dollars and euros and take to payments in national currencies. Thus, closer cooperation of these BRICS countries may strike the US dollar in the long term.

3.) The Pain of American Decline, and the Solace of Trump’s Populism: In the 1950s, the U.S. was the world’s largest creditor, as its national debt was negligible at that time. In 2016, however, the U.S. becomes the world’s largest debtor (with about 18 trillion dollars in total debt), whereas China (including Hong Kong and Macao, as part of China) and Japan are now not only the world’s top two leading creditors but also the largest buyers of U.S. debts, as the U.S. is now dependent on Chinese (and Japanese) financing to keep its economy going. China, not the U.S., now also has the world’s largest foreign currency reserves.

4.) A massive coronal hole is turning toward the Earth on our Sun: Large quakes could be in the offing this week!: A massive coronal hole on our Sun is turning to face the Earth in the coming days and is releasing solar wind which could reach Earth as early as Wednesday causing wonderful auroras. Coronal holes are considered by many experts to be the primary factor for causing large earthquakes so keeps your eyes open and your ears peeled.

5.) A Massive blast of polar air set to move into Canada and the US this week: Extreme low temperatures expected: This week will see extreme cold moving into Canada and the US as a blast of frigid air moves in from the depths of the Arctic.

6.) The Obama legacy: Obama vacation costs uncovered; They now exceed $70 million.

7.) Victory! Dakota Access protesters WIN as Obama administration BLOCKS oil pipeline that was to be built next to Native American land – kicking off wild celebrations in Standing Rock.

8.) Protesters at Dakota Pipeline have noticed unidentified crop dusters spraying chemicals over them late at night: Unidentified aircraft have been seen flying over the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s encampment. There is a growing fear among the activists that they are actually being sprayed with chemicals by crop dusters late at night, flying above with their lights off.

9.) ‘Fully Armed And Ready To Attack’ – Jihadi Compounds In The U.S. Stockpiling Weapons And Preparing For ‘End Times’ Battle : While Trump’s desire to fix a broken vetting system is welcome, there are already thousands upon thousands of Islamic extremists already inside of America… many of which calling themselves moderates. According to June 2015 poll by the Center of Security Policy, 51 percent of U.S. Muslims believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah,” and nearly a quarter of those polled think “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

10.) Nearly 1500 new viruses discovered in China: We’ve reported regularly on the sad state of environmental affairs throughout China, including its massive industrial pollution, fake organic food industry, and its contamination of soil, water and air. Now, it seems, the country has become a purulent cesspool of potential infection, as well.

What did you do to prep this week?

Well, folks, it’s time for another what did you do to prep this week. I hope everyone has done something prep wise this week… Remember the more the better but even little things count.

I had a reader email me a few days ago telling that he had been prepping for a few months and had done a lot prep wise but wasn’t sure where to go from there, he asked what my suggestions were for taking his preps to the next level.

I told him to cut off his power, water, phone, and to not go to the store or buy anything for two weeks. I told him that by doing so any holes in his preps would become obvious. I told him to take notes, and write every detail down regarding what he needed, substitutions made etc.

I told him that at the end of the two weeks, he will have a personal and much better list of preps, gear and skills to learn than I or anyone else could suggest because everyone is different as is their situation and thus their needs are different.

So if you feel like you’re at that point where you’ve been prepping for awhile and are not really sure where to go from where you are now, then cut off all utilities and don’t go shopping or buy anything for two weeks and it will be axiomatic what you need to do next.

Okay, what else… Oh, yea, I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to get our email newsletter subscriber numbers up to 25,000 by the end of the month, well yesterday we added over 200 new subscribers to our newsletter so we are off to a good start.

But I digress, what did I do to prep this week… bought some tools… tools are always a good prep…



Ordered three of the One Month Food Packs from Augason Farms these will be given as Christmas gifts to three different people that I know who are “on the fence” when it comes to prepping. Hopefully, the gift will get them started.

I also ordered ten copies of Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath to give to others this Christmas – I only give books to folks that I know will read them.

Another favorite gift is the Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife and I ordered ten of these, also for Christmas gifts.

My Christmas shopping is now almost done… YEs!

Well folks, that’s it for me this week… what about you… what did you do to prep this week?