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This is a guest post by Rex J

There has been a lot of good information put forth on this blog and others concerning food, water, shelter, and defense. There was recently a good article on mental preparedness and I do remember one on “Roach Control”. There are still subjects not overly discussed and I know this group has varied backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and even some true wisdom; therefore I know there is at least one person with at least one answer to at least one question. Let us once again share our knowledge with one another. I only ask one thing. Please do not belittle someone if you do not agree with his/her comment, but state what you believe to be a more correct answer/response/comment.

These are questions I hear quite often from members of my two groups and once-in-a-while from others that know I’m into disaster preparedness.

  1. What about pest? How do I prepare to handle such things as mice, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes and other possible infestation? For instance; this past summer mosquitoes were almost non-existent and fleas were the worst in over 30 years (due to drought).
  2. What about toilet paper? I know some folks stockpiling corncobs and I can tell you from experience (share-cropper son) that cobs are a last resort at best. Catalogs and magazines are not made from the same type paper they used to be and heard that due to the ink used, repeated use of newspaper can cause a health problem.
  3. What about washing dishes and clothes? What would be the best method and is there one detergent/soap that could be used for both?
  4. What about hot showers or just hot water period? What are some of the ways/things I could prep for this situation?
  5. What about storage? How can I maintain a 60 +- deg. storage for my food with limited space and/or facility without electricity in hot/cold weather?
  6. Does a smoke house really work for preserving meat long-term? If so, for how long and how well smoked does it need to be?
  7. What about an EMP? We’ve been told that if there is no power to it, an EMP will not hurt it. Is that true?

I’ll stop here, as these are the most asked questions. Some of these questions could spawn an entire article by someone. Look forward to your thoughts/ideas/opinions. If there is any other less discussed item you can think of, please make it known. He, who thinks he has thought of everything, definitely has a weak point in his perimeter and thus is in danger.

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I Timothy 5:8

I’d rather be 7 years early than 1 day late!

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  1. Pest Update!
    Found “Mosquito Shoo Geranium” at Farmer Seed and Nursery in Bloomington, IL 61704 (a division of Plantron, Inc., Faribault, MN 55021). They’re $5 each, can get 2′ tall, must be brought indoors in winter, hypo-allergenic, easy to grow, and a pleasant fragrance that keeps mosquitoes away.
    Worth checking out . . .