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china earthquake 300x222 Survival and Self Sufficiency LinksThere are thousands of survival resources on the Internet which can create an overwhelming experience for anyone looking for related information.

I’ve decided to help by creating a massive list of posts, articles and resources all designed to be a go-to reference for the survivalist, homesteader or anyone interested in becoming more self-reliant. This will be a work in progress and I’ll be updating this list often.

I’m sure I’m missing many other links. If you know of a great survival resource, please leave me a comment below or send me an email to let me know. If I add your suggestion, I’ll update this page with a credit link.


Point Shooting

Point Shooting – Colonel Rex Applegate, & Bill Jordan

Aimed Vs. Point Shooting

Rifle Shooting Positions

Rifle Tactical Training – Video

Rifle Drills-Basic Tactical Shooting – Video

Tactical Shotgun For Self-defense – Video

Firearm Safety and advice – Video

Trigger Control


Safety Rules

Hand-to-Hand Fighting and Self-Defense

U.S. Army Hand to Hand Fighting 3-25.150 – Based on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Eye Jab Simple and Effective

Biting - Again Simple and Effective

Knife Fighting

Larry Wick – Knife Defense - Video

Bas Rutten Street Self-Defense. - Video

Food and Water Storage

Prudent Food Storage - The Best On-line Food Storage Resource

Food Storage calculator - A handy resource for determining how much to store

Longer-Term Storage - 30 Years or More

Long Term Food Storage Part 1 - Video

Long Term Food Storage Part 2 – Video

Long Term Food Storage Part 3 – Video

Cooking with Food Storage Items - Video

Simplifying Food Storage

7 Mistakes of food storage

Washing Clothing

Washing Clothing Withouth Power Part 1 - Video

Washing Clothing Withouth Power Part 2 – Video

Bugging Out

Survival B.O.B. Basics Part 1 - Video

Survival B.O.B. Basics Part 2 - Video

Survival B.O.B. Basics Part 3 – Video

Outdoor Survival

Wilderness-Survival Based on U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76

Survival Topics Some Great Tips and Advice

Wildwood Survival More Great Info

Nuclear Survival

Nuclear War Survival Skills Free On-Line Book

Guide To Surviving Nuclear Attack

Nuclear Blast and Fallout Shelters FAQ

The Survival Garden

Sprouts and Enzymes – Garden in Your Kitchen

Jackie’s tips for hardcore homesteading Some Great advice on Planning The Survival Garden

Three Sisters Garden

Vegetable Gardening 101

Vegetable Gardening - A Wealth Of Gardening Advice From The University of Tennessee

Vegetable Gardening in Containers

Composting Home Composting Information

How to plant an urban vegetable garden


Home Canning A Wealth of Information

Drying produce Good Basic Information

Homemade Food Dehydrator - Total Cost About $10.00

Homemade Jerky

Pressure Canning Meat and Poultry

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

Storing Potatoes

Trapping Wild Game

Homemade Deadfall – The Survivalist Blog

Homemade Box Trap – The Survivalist Blog

Repeating Box Trap – The Survivalist Blog

Chicken Wire Fish Trap

Buckshots Tips, Tactics and Technics for Trappers - A Great Survival Resource

Raising Small Livestock

Building a Cheap and Easy Hen House – Large enough to accommodate 20-25 hens

Acquiring a Flock

Slaughtering Chickens

Chicken Nesting Boxes

How to Build A Rabbit Hutch

Raising Rabbits For Meat

Raising Goats For Meat

Raising Goats For Milk

Slaughtering and Butchering - Goats, Pigs, Cow and Recipes

Travel Trailer Homesteading

The Little Trailer that Could – Power Production

How to Construct a Small Septic System – Plan Designed For Use With Travel Trailers

Skirting a Travel Trailer

Winterizing A Travel Trailer

Living in Small Spaces – The Survivalist Blog

Survival Related Blogs

Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith)

Max Velocity Tactical

Be A Survivor Blog

The Home For Survival 


Mayberry Keep It Simple Survival (Warning: some foul language)

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest blog

Code Name Insight

Possum Living

Bison Survival Blog

The Suburban Prepper

The Harried Homemaker Preps

Self Reliance Adventures

The Just In Case Book Blog

Notes from the bunker…

Food Storage Made Easy

James Kunstler 

Coffee with the Hermit

Texas Preppers Network

The War on Guns

The Survival Spot Blog

American Preppers Network


Wretha’s Adventures Living Off Grid

Be A Survivor

Modern Survival Online

The Self-Sufficient Gardener

I Drive My Tractor In Pearls

Survival Cache

Suburban Survival Blog

All you need is mud

Winded Bowhunter

Bug Out Survival


No More Dependence

Backdoor Survival

Doom Survival Guide

Survival UK

Today’s Survival Show

Great Dreams

Activist Post

Armageddon On Line

Survival And Prosperity


Gun Bloggers

The Down Range TV Blog

Snowflakes in Hell

View From The Porch

The Firearm Blog

Sharp as a Marble

Hell in a Handbasket

The Smallest Minority


The Michael Bane Blog

The AnarchAngel

The View From North Central Idaho


NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog

The War on Guns

A Keyboard and a .45




The Obama Timeline…

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