How to make “fat girl” potato soup

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So here in Tennessee, it has turned a bit cold and wet outside. For my family, nothing warms us up better than my “Fat Girl” potato soup. Be warned: there is real butter and milk in this delicious soup. It will never be considered diet friendly but, it is comfort food at its finest. In addition, it is extremely affordable and can feed a whole house with leftovers to spare. This is a soup that I make when I need to use up leftovers and bits from the fridge during the winter. Best of all, these ingredients are probably in your fridge or pantry right now and most are shelf stable.


-4 slices of bacon- diced

-1 cup diced celery

-1 cup diced carrots

-1 cup diced sweet onion

-2 cloves of minced garlic

-2 boxes of scalloped potatoes (just the potatoes not the seasoning packet)

-1/2 stick of butter

-1 cup diced ham (I am using leftover ham from Christmas.)

-1 cup milk

-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

-2 cans cream of mushroom

-2 cans cream of potato

-1 can cheddar cheese soup

-2 cans chicken broth

-salt and pepper to taste


  1. Brown the bacon in a large pot then ladle out onto   paper towel. I use a Dutch oven on medium heat. Don’t burn the bacon. That seriously is considered a crime down here in the south. We love our pork.
  2. Add the diced ham and heat through. I told you we love our pork!
  3. In with the yummy bacon grease and ham, add the celery, carrots,   onion, and garlic until they begin to soften (about 5 minutes) then   add the butter and salt and pepper to taste. Oh yes, it smells amazing. Do not be surprised if family   members begin asking what smells so delicious. I tell mine to stay out of the kitchen for their own safety.
  4. After the butter has melted, deglaze your pot with one can of chicken broth. Turn   your heat down to low and let simmer for about 5 minutes.
  5. Now add the soups and milk. Stir well. Let simmer for 5 more minutes. The smell is killing ya I know but it will be worth it. I promise.
  6. Add potatoes. Save the seasoning packet for another time. This is a great starter for broccoli cheddar soup. Another   recipe for another day.   :o)
  7. Let the potatoes soak in all the goodness for at   least 30 minutes on low. If you like your soup thinner, add the other   can of chicken broth now. My family likes it a bit thinner so I add ½ can for the taste. Adding this also helps the soup stretch a bit further.
  8. Stir in half of the bacon and half of the cheese.   Let simmer for 10 more minutes. Don’t fret. You have almost made it to amazing goodness in a bowl. You can do this.
  9. Serve with leftover cheese and bacon. I even add   some diced green onions if I have some in the fridge. Enjoy the yumminess! Go ahead and get seconds. You are going to want some.

Feel free to modify any of the ingredients to your family’s taste. Sometimes, I substitute the dried potatoes for 5 fresh potatoes by dicing and parboiling them before I add them to the pot.  You could also use shelf stable milk, garlic powder, and freeze-dried veggies as well. Just use a bit more chicken broth. I keep these dry ingredients on hand and in our emergency meal kit. This entire recipe costs me about $7.50 and easily feeds 8 people with leftovers. That is less than $1 per person. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

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  1. Since I am a BIG fan of potato soup, my thanks for the recipe!

  2. riverrider says:

    YUM! i think i’ll surprise the misses with this next week. nothin like coming home to hot potato soup.

  3. That sounds good ! I’ll get my gf’s borsch ( veg. soup ) recipe and post that , good for cold weather meals also .

  4. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Ms. Belle……… can I skip the carrots? …… Please.. please?

  5. Delish! Nothin like some comfort food to get you through those cold winter days.

  6. I am almost at the end and it’s amazing. Very easy to make thank you for sharing.

  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using real butter and milk as opposed to fake oils like margarine. It fills you up faster and you eat less. Besides, I found out that margarine is so rancid by the time it’s done being processed that it has to be bleached and deodorized! I always wondered why there was ‘artificial coloring’ listed on the label. It creeps me out to read about it!

    • +1
      We only use real ingredients when cooking anything. We will only substitute when we absolutely can’t get the natural food product.

  8. I made this and it was YUMMY. My whole family really enjoyed this soup.

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