Review: The Tactical Advantage Set – Gabriel Suarez

I’d like to thank the folks at Paladin Press for donating this book and video set for review. Paladin offers a huge selection of books and videos not found anywhere else – I suggest you check them out to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget to mention when you place an order.

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When I watched Mr. Gabriel Suarez’s gun fighting video “Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting video” I was impressed with the quality and instruction –  excellent and I highly recommend it for owners of all AK type firearms. His books and videos are easy to understand, of high quality and he actually knows what he is talking about. But best of all instead of trying to impress you with complicated theories and maneuvers, adheres to the K.I.S.S. principle.

The Tactical Advantage Book/video Set can be purchased separately but since Paladin sent the book and video as a set, that’s the way I’ll review them here.

Don’t buy this set expecting to learn the fundamentals of handgun and use. This isn’t basic instruction, if you don’t have a strong foundation and understanding of the basics such as safety, shooting positions, site picture, trigger control and other fundamentals in-place, my advice is skip this set and concentrate on the basics before moving to more advanced techniques.

The goal is to teach you to move safely through, and clear a building. Suarez shows you how to navigate corners, clear T-intersections and doorways, traverse stairwells, clear rooms and a host of other skills needed to clear a structure under hostile conditions .

This is a great set and should be required viewing for any one interested in personal defense, from the homeowner investigating a suspicious sound in the night, to the police officer or military operative searching for a bad guy inside four walls.

No matter how skilled or tactical you are – moving through a structure searching for an armed opponent is extremely dangerous and there are no guarantees that you will make it out alive or unscathed.

In most instances when a homeowner hears a suspicious sound or expects an intruder it is best to stay put. Find cover and, or concealment, facing the door with your weapon at the ready and if possible call the police, tell them that someone is in your house, where you are inside the house and that you are armed.

I think this set would benefit the survivalist / prepper most is during an escape. Sometimes you may need to get out of the dwelling and away from danger. The techniques and strategies presented will work just as effectively while escaping from a structure as during a search.

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  1. J Stuart says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I was wondering about this product and may try it now.

  2. I’m not what you call a “gun slinger” by any means. However I have read and viewed Gabe’s book and videos and found them well worth the coin.
    Gabe himself has an interesting story, first as a member of LAPD, then as convicted felon, and lastly as someone who now walks with a Bible in one hand and an AKM in the other.

  3. Mr. Gabriel is placing himself in great danger possessing ANY firearm as a convicted felon. Convicted felons may not “legally” posses any type of firearm in the US. Simply touching a firearm will result in another felony charge. Sentencing recommendation will be 25 to life, no parole.

    In addition, simply handing a firearm to such a person, withing the US, can result in two felony charges. One for the transfer bu the owner and transferee.

    I should hope that such possession is not within the US.

    And yes, I am an attorney.

    • Sorry, Mr. Suarez. These charges will apply whether the conviction is known or not.

      • Travis,
        I’m not certain what sort of deal Gabe Suarez made when he was convicted, but I do know that he runs a very good school for firearms training and does that for various security agents around the world. He is seen as “the AK guru” by many.

        It’s my understanding that he was jailed for some sort of Police corruption and that he turned his life around while serving his debt. When he got out his record might have been wiped clean?

        • A cursory search in CA case files states that some charges were dropped (there were seven total, conspiracy, money laundering…) and one was plead down to misdemeanor, to which he plead guilty. Original charge was Grand Theft (a felony, plead to basically petty theft, workman’s comp fraud).

          Charges against his wife were all dropped (accessory to dropped charges), except one misdemeanor for which she served one day.

          He served 7 months, with 250,000.01 (exactly) restitution paid to, Santa Monica PD.

          The original DA was going for the throat. That DA retired or went into private practice. I speculate (I hate speculation…) that the new DA was clearing up pending cases. He got lucky.

          So, as it was not a violent misdemeanor (misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature) that he plead guilty to, his rights would have been restored after some period of time (usually a year probation) without supervision.

          Must have hired some REALLY good lawyers. I can tell you that I’ve never been able to get that much for a client.

          The theft charge arose when while being paid workman’s comp, he started a training company.

          Bottom line he is not a convicted felon.

  4. I did a little checking and Gabe Suarez went to jail because he taught firearms classes while on sick leave. He was charged with ‘Workman’s Comp” fraud.

    • Please see above.

      Also note that a convicted felon will never have his rights restored (can’t even vote…). So never get tagged on a felony in particular, or any sort of aggravated misdemeanor.

  5. Sheesh! I can’t help but wonder about some people’s children.

    Really: What is the difference if the man ‘has a record’ or not if his skills are valuable and he is fully capable of teaching them in a clear, coherent manner? Some people seem to think that only ‘pure as driven snow’ instructors have any knowledge or ability or right to teach. What hogwash. It isn’t the lilly white ones who’ve got the real world experience to understand reality or have the ability to teach it. For one, I’d rather be trained by someone who’s ‘BTDT’ than some couch potato who watched a few YouTube channels and thinks he knows something.

    As to the ‘legality’ of Gabe carrying a firearm- Gabe has been carrying, using, and teaching firearms classes world wide for moreyears than I care to remember, and documenting these classes and weapons use in places such as Front Sight, dozens of Palladin books and videos, as well as his own websites and documented on others’. So Travis is barking just to hear himself bark, which is not what Gabe does: when Gabe barks, it hurts.

    As a ‘yes, I’m a lawyer’ gambit: most lawyers will research a little before making a judgment, especially one in writing.

    In conclusion, Gabe has made some very useful, quality videos that are well worth the price of admission. His Combative Pistol Marksmanship is a good tutorial for the beginner, taking one from the purchase to end uses for beginners. Advanced Gunfughting is just that- for those who’ve got past the basics and want more. However, I have to admit I think Gabe is a bit more wordy in his presentations than needed. And then he starts shooting and you understand the words much better. He is a gun fighter and an excellent instructor of gun fighting skills.

    A week, or week end, spent in one of his classes will make anyone a more well rounded, better shooter of either handgun or rifle or shotgun. Just pick the right class and don’t worry if Gabe ‘has a record’- he can teach, and that’s what matters.

  6. Richard J Medicus says:

    That a felon will never get his rights back should not be. When a felon serves his time he should automatically have ALL rights restored.

    Another book to look at is “A Failure of Civility”. It’s about creating a Neighborhood Protection Plan.

    An easy read with good self and neighborhood protection information.

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