SurvivalHax 4 in 1 Tactical LED light, glass breaker, pen and fire steel: Weekly Product Review

tactical pen reviewSurvivalHax tactical pen is an amazing little tool, I have a sweet spot for kubotan’s and always carry a 4” long slim flashlight specifically because I can use it as a kubota (not the tractor). The idea of a kubotan is having a force multiplier that is also “generally” nonlethal. SurvivalHax has created an amazing tool that combines some truly necessary survival tools inside of a beneficial easily pocketed pen!

“Hence, when able to attack, disability will make you seem weak; when using our abilities, we must seem as though we have none; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” Sun Tzu for the Bushcrafter

Using a kubotan or tactical flashlight like what SurvivalHax has created is relatively simple, it is a matter of holding it so that an end protrudes from either side of the hand, this is why you want at least 6” long, though a 4-6” flashlight will work well also. Held in this manner it can be used as an impact weapon or if it is 6” it can be used as an impact weapon and pressure/prying with a person’s joints. Contrary to popular Hollywood mythology propagated by bad movies and worse instructors calling themselves professionals; a solid joint strike, pressure or pry will go a long ways towards disabling even chemically enhanced attackers.

This video shows how the technique works, though I would suggest purchasing a mid-range rubber practice rod and deviating from the typical “strike this way, no this way” approach taken by so many clueless instructors. I have never been in a fight where an assailant or defender followed a Kata (and those who tried generally lose quite spectacularly. The video also shows some pretty awesome cane techniques. Personally, as I use a cane, I have adapted my training in Muy Thai, Escrima/kali and Jujitsu to incorporate my permanent disability. Make sure you know local laws! Remember this is a TACTICAL LIGHT, eg., primarily a flashlight. If you are not allowed to have a kubotan or flashlight with notched tip, grind it down!

So the review, how did this tactical pen stand up to my abuse. Honestly, it was nice, as in VERY nice! I did my normal throwing it around, dropping it, and breaking things with it approach. It is made with a solid aircraft grade aluminum, (not even sure what that means) and fits together very well with rubber spacers keeping electronic parts and the fire steel from getting wet (this is essential, once the coating is rubbed off of a fire steel it WILL come apart if submitted to water) So here are the pro’s and the cons of this particular tactical pen.


tactical pen reviewWell made, it is strong and VERY well made, after bashing it around and throwing it onto both dirt and concrete the light still worked as well as the pen, the fire steel did not budge and cast solid sheets of sparks.

Inexpensive, at $19-$22 depending on where you get it, (I picked my first one up from SurvivalHax (dot) com link attached it was $22) The next two I purchased (as gifts for less prepared individuals for pre-Christmas and birthdays) I purchased through Amazon for $19.99 (I have Amazon Prime) and using MD Creekmore’s link I am able to help him out as well! Just click the links and purchase, I highly recommend checking out the other items on the SurvialHax website as they would make decent gifts for people who are less or completely unprepared!
40-lumen flood type light, plenty bright for night time and dark spaces, is not a spotlight so reduced distance but does provide a nice bright area of light when needed!

The pen is solid, works well and writes great!

Glass Breaker is like most glass breakers, it will work, however, remember most modern glass and ALL modern auto glass is safety glass, this means while you can break it, it may in fact not come out, understand this is a definite possibility. It is a safety feature so be aware!

Kubotan use, amazing, zero issues when using it as a pry, pressure and impact weapon. It is quite well put together.


Name, sadly litigation is a serious issue and something we ALL must contend with. This is why I do not use RIP ammunition, I have not even tested it, it is also why I avoid ALL firearms and knives that are named from the manufacturer like, “Judge” “Liquidator” etc., I mean people, seriously, names like this scream SUE me I wanted to kill little Jimmy! Regardless your mental intent, a name sadly makes or breaks a deal with many things. Calling this a “tactical pen” would make it illegal in NYC, California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Hawaii and a few other places. Maybe rename it as a flashlight pen, for marketing to those markets?

There are no other cons that I could find, it is an amazing tool at a reasonable price, and even if you do not want one for yourself, get one or a couple for presents to others! It cannot hurt to be prepared! I highly recommend this as a tool for your EDC (every day carry) and would absolutely say get one today!

Free the mind and the body will follow…

About Jesse Mathewson

Arizona since 86', lifetime prepper, camper - criminal justice advanced degrees, numerous certifications, 1+ million rounds (shooting for decades), prior contractor, instructor, current volunteer, disabled, honest, father of two husband of one - all budget and prepared. Jesse Mathewson reviews because regular people need someone in their corner as well!


  1. Rabid Rabbit says:

    Sorry to see you limping, Jesse. ‘Ever try horsetail tea to rebuild torn ligaments and broken bones? A cup a day for two weeks eliminated pain diagnosed at the hospital as degenerative disks (that they wanted to fuse). I’ve used it off and on since ~’91 (I’ll go for up to six months pain-free off of the tea, then do something stupid and have to get back on it.
    I’ve also had good results from eating shrimp w/shell-on to repair damaged joints. Try to find wild-caught, not farmed (avoid Gulf of Mexico Corexit-contaminated (thanks Obama).
    Thanks for your tips. I made an umbrella with a solid galvanized steel shaft once for protection. If someone went for me the umbrella dome would pull off, leaving me with a substantial spear in hand. Unfortunately I left it at a local theater event, never to be seen again. If you need an umbrella always check with the management of the venue you’re attending. Lots get left behind.

  2. Rabid Rabbit says:

    That 3/8″ diameter steel rod could also deliver bone-breaking whacks if you didn’t want to spear someone.

  3. I’ve been carrying a similar tool for years and have never had problems–even with airport security.

    I also carry a credit card knife in my billfold–again no issues of any kind.

  4. Mechanic says:

    Piece of rebar from Home Depot cut to your desired size makes a serious Koboton.

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