Tactical Tips: All Weather Training

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  1. The thing I like best about this series is that the video’s are short and to the point. Most “training videos” are 30-50 minutes. I don’t always have that much time in one shot.

  2. Thanks for these videos! Really enjoy the info, they all seem to be spot on and right to the point. Plus I’m a Ruger guy!!

  3. Lol…I just got finished cleaning up after a session out in the rain with my backup gun. Nothing like running (with two pounds of mud on each boot) up on a target and then skating another two feet in the mud before you’re stable enough to take a shot. Or trying to hold on target when your cold, wet and shivering. At least I didn’t sprain or twist anything this time, though my shoulder aches enough to make up for it and my hands aren’t far behind.

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