Haven’t Bugged Out Yet? Then This Is Probably How You’ll Die

Today’s non-fiction writing contest entry, "Haven't Bugged Out Yet? Then This Is Probably How You'll Die" was written by Canyonman I've been lurking around this site for quite some time, and have finally decided to officially drop on in. I have followed or belonged to other forums and blogs in the past, but as they progressively became overrun with mall ninjas, trolls, … [Read more...]

Bug Out Bag: The Only Contents List You Need

There has been a lot of talk over the years about bugging out, bug out bags, bug out bag lists, bug out gear and the best bug out bag. The subject of “bugging out” is bound to come up in any conversation about survival preps and every survival blog has at least one article posted about how to put together the best bug out bag. Why Bug Out? The subject of bugging out and … [Read more...]

I’ve went through our older posts (and some newer ones) about bugging out and bug out bags and linked them all on one page for your convenience…

Bug Out Bags (BOB) tactics, tools, and tips on bugging out, bug out bag content lists, bug out locations research, and more. Everything that you could ever need to know about bug out bags and bugging out can be found through the page linked to below - articles and tips about bug out bags and bugging out. Articles on Bug Out Bags, Kits and Bugging Out … [Read more...]

Cheap, Light Shelter Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag

by Mike I have the same mindset as M.D. – bugging out is your absolute last resort. You’ll never be able to carry as much as you can store in your house, and your house is (or very well should be) water tight. That being said, there are going to be situations where you have to get out. If your city is under water. If Ebola is going around (stay away from people with blood … [Read more...]

If You Don’t Put Together Your 72 Hour Survival Kit Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later!

This short modified excerpt is from my book 31 Days to Survival - this would also make a good bug out bag packing list, with a few modifications... As with any “prepping shopping list” you’ll need to tailor the suggestions listed below to meet your specific needs, skills, location and circumstances - no such shopping list can cover the needs of everyone in every situation, … [Read more...]

What gun is best for a bug out bag?

As Most of you know, I’m not a big fan of the head to the woods bug out bag survival strategy. In a nutshell you’re voluntarily becoming, a refugee, but looking at the recent disasters in New Orleans and Haiti it is obvious that a bug out bag and bug out strategy are not only needed but required for anyone prepared for a disaster. A few days ago we talked about bugging out … [Read more...]