Tennessee Considers Training And Arming Schoolteachers To Protect Against Shootings

At least someone is considering real solutions to mass school shooting and protecting the children of the state of Tennessee…. hopefully, other states will follow…

Tennessee has emerged this week as a center of the “the answer is more guns in schools” sentiment following the Newtown, Conn. elementary school shooting. State Sen. Frank Niceley (R) told TPM on Tuesday he believes it’s time for that to change. He plans to introduce legislation in the next session, which begins Jan. 8, that will require all schools to have an armed staff member of some kind. The current language of the bill — which is in its early form — would allow for either a so-called “resource officer” (essentially an armed police officer, the kind which most Tennessee high schools have already) or an armed member of the faculty or staff in every school in the state.

You can read the full article here.

Please contact Governor Bill Haslam and our Tennessee state Elected Officials (even if you’re not a resident) to express your full support for arming teachers and protecting our children… :yes:

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  1. SurvivorDan says:

    Nice catch MD. A little good news showing some folks still have some common sense is a welcome relief.

    • Survivor Dan,

      Texas & Tennessee stopped aggression and protected our Constitution and borders before. Now we have to protect our young and old from our own government. Still prepared….join us if SHTF……look for small distressed (upside down) US flags for a trail.
      God Bless all!

  2. Warmongerel says:

    There’s a district in Texas which will begin to allow it’s teachers to carry.


    And Gov. Rick Perry is talking about it going state wide.

    The Left is, of course, horrified. We really do live in two separate countries.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      If I don’t relocate to a lovely tropical third world country teeming with little brown girls and no GPS/camera-crazy/electronic-evesdropping/thought police then I think Texas – Tennessee – Missouri are all candidates.
      Arizona is steadily moving towards purple (politically) with the influx of those liberals who have fled the terrible policies and taxes of the states they helped ruin.

      • riverrider says:

        the district in texas said he had received calls from as far away as missouri about how to implement it.

      • S. Dan,
        Not to change the subject. The only 2 states in US to consider are
        Texas and Tennessee. No state income tax, very friendly people, and conservative govt. I speak from experience and knowledge, raised in 1 and lived ovr 10 years in the other. Not to mention less snow and freezing temps than MO.
        Currently downsizing and headed from Mickyville of the South to 1 of the T states.
        Get out while ya can

    • According to this article, Harrold ISD approved the Guardian Plan in October 2007, which I understand has been operating since August 2008:


  3. Not a bad idea , at the very least , it will make more responsible people comfortable with firearms .

  4. SurvivorDan says:

    By the way, some may have noted that I wrote that I was investigating returning to Honduras to live after a thirty-five year absence.
    With very strict gun laws, Honduras now has the claim to fame of having the highest per capita intentional homicide (mostly by firearm) death rate in the world. 13 times greater than the United States.
    Just sayin’ ….

    I have struck that place off my list of tropical paradises.

    • They beat Brazil ?

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I believe Guatemala was in second place but with only 2/3 the rate of Honduras which was 91.6 intentional homicides per 100,000. That’s 1 in 1100 people! The US rate was 6.7/100,000,if memory serves (since I can’t get the UNODC 2011 crime stats up on my other screen).

        We are still much higher than the European Union but many of them are effeminate snail eatin’ sissy boys. There! I said it! Met many European men lately? My God they’re back to fanning themselves and saying things like , “Oh gracious me!” while feigning they are about to get a case of the vapors. I’ve seen it! What is that? Or when facing a serious social situation they say things like, “Don’t touch me. I…I..I know someone in the mafia!” I heard a grown man from Madrid say that! He did make my biker friend laugh so he got a pass. But really!
        Am I ranting and off topic? Oh…….

    • SD,
      Honduras might not be such a bad place if the loonies are shooting themselves instead of other people. East TN is a nice place to be. Average cost of living is good but if you still need work it isn’t the best place due to lack of jobs. I really was looking for something closer to where MD lives (not that I really know where that is, but the Redoubt of the East). I’m a little further east tucked into a nice “hollar” with a like minded neighbor or two and the black bears. Used to live in TX but there just wasn’t enough water to keep me happy.

    • They beat Mexico too?

  5. riverrider says:

    VIRGINIA gov bob mcdonald said: “i think its time we talk about arming our staff and teachers.” I LOVE BOB!!!! bob for prez! did you hear about bushmaster being sold off? yeah, in an effort to limit lawsuits FREEDOM GROUP, owned by CERUS GROUP, owned by GEORGE SOROS, sold off the company. they said it was because they didn’t want to be a part of the gun culture anymore. riiiiight. northern va gunshop sold 2000 hicaps since friday. good luck getting them back feinstein. meanwhile dick’s sporting good chain is pulling their ar’s off the shelf and won’t sell them any longer. they have seen the last of my money. hang on folks, this is gonna get ugly;)

  6. riverrider says:

    michigan assembly passed a bill to allow ccw in school, gov vetoed it. grrrr!

    • River Rider? I think you need to get out of Michigan……….????

    • Encourager says:

      Actually, many in the gun culture here were glad it was vetoed. We needed to start over after the bill got watered down and then added to it (not positive way either). He did the right thing. Now we need to go back to the drawing board.

  7. Brilliant idea. Better yet, hire unemployed ex veterans as security, or as teachers. They keep the right weapons near them at all times and they are trained to run TOWARDS gunfire, not run or hide from it!

    • riverrider says:

      now thats an idea i can get behind. tdl has been yapping about hiring vets but done little to get it done.

    • Good idea, Mungo, but Janet Napolitano has already declared veterans (and supporters of gun rights) to be potential terrorists. I think we’d have a better chance of getting the teachers armed. Either way, I’m pretty sure these options are not what Obama and company have in mind.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I was about to voice the same sentiment ’till I noticed NANN! already said it.
        As a vet, that sort of Leftie crap propaganda makes my blood boil and I WANT TO HAVE A FLASH BACK AND GO NUTZ AND KILL EVERYONE!!!! {sarcasm}

        Can’t have any crazy vets in positions that might require traits like courage and self-sacrifice…..

    • Mungo,
      And they might just make better teachers than the brainwashed ones we have in so many places.

    • Encourager says:

      Or hire retired LEO’s.

  8. I had an unrelated meeting today with the speech therapist and one of the teachers, and mentioned that I thought teachers should be armed – and thought they were going to wet their pants. Sometimes, I really think I need to sell my house and move to another state, California is getting ridiculous.

    • Michele………I concur………I might not wait for my kids after all. Can’t believe what I heard this last two days just walking around town at lunch time!

      • Michele & worrisome:

        If you move, and the kids don’t, it gives them a place to go rather than have all of you stuck there when things go south.

      • Michelle, Worrisome,
        As I mentioned above to S. Dan, the two T states are place to be.
        Wholehartedly agree you”re better off out of Cali. Lived So Cali for 23 years and haven’t regreted leaving for a minute. If nothing else move to save your $$$, and your sanity. Your kids will follow. Currently I’m heading back to one of the T states …Starting over
        at age 60 +. Currenly in the Mickyville of the Southeast.

        As they say…come on down ! Good luck

    • Is getting?

    • I home schooled because the school I was in was not serving my child.She had 6/10 symptoms of dyslexia and a speech problem. She couldn’t read but 4 words, she lost her reading vocabulary between second and third grade…She now reads for pleasure, has taken college courses, sucessfully. Home schooling might not be right for every parent…but it will work, Your child will have a rounded education,it is cheaper fically_even tho you pay for education twice, thru the tax system and in actuality. It is much easier on your peace of mind. There is no homework assigned from a teacher, with no re:for what you need to do that night. It actually takes less time and has much more flexibility. More on this later..

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “California is getting ridiculous.” …..getting…..?

      Those teachers don’t have much contact with a self-reliant, independent, stand-on-your-on-two-feet kinda woman everyday.
      They are probably still talking about that ‘dreadful’ woman and her ridiculous ideas. lol

  9. Wishing I was still living in TN!

  10. Looks like we may be split on armed “guards” in schools or not. The map will probably look like the election map.

    • riverrider says:

      we had them. budget crunch, they were the first fired, then teachers. should be the otherway around. the teachers union is up in arms at the mear suggestion of arming teachers….don’t let dick’s and the rest fool you. they pulled the guns for liability reasons no moral grounds. they see the lawsuits coming.

  11. We use armed(non-law enforcement) people to protect other buildings (banks, social security offices, nuclear facilities etc.) so why haven’t we been giving our schools the same level of protection? They say school is no place for firefights…well i got news for you…they’re already having firefights. They’ve just been very one-sided firefights.

  12. Northern TN is a fine place to live – but just like other parts of the country, some areas are better than others – depending on what you want. I know for a fact that good land with water nearby can be found right now up in Northeast TN not far from the Virginia borders. The Appalachias are beautiful but the economy is rough.

  13. As a father of a first grader, I am all for allowing teachers to be armed;

    a) If they want to. I’m not about forcing anyone to do anything, especially something they may not be 100% comfortable and/or confident in doing.

    b) They get special training. Active shooter scenerios require different actions and reactions than the self defense scenerios taught in most CCW classes.

    c) Keep who the staff CCW’s are 100% confidential within the staff of the school. The element of surprise and the unknown of who is going to be the defender mainains the greatest deterrence. There are not air martials on every flight and you don’t know when they are. That possibility of one being there goes a long way as a deterrence.

    • oHIo,
      I concur with you and everyone should realize that the first letter in CCW or CHL is “concealed”. The bad guys hopefully only find out when it’s too late for tham.

  14. Tactical G-Ma says:

    As a mother of a middle school English teacher and the mother of Special Ed teacher, I cannot expect them to be swat team members as well. I just don’t agree with teachers carrying because it could be seen as a challenge for the troubled person/s. Teachers are already targeted on social networks and the rumor mill borders on slanderous. I would prefer to see trained aux police/deputies patrolling the grounds. Even groups like the Grey Panthers.
    On Long Island, I saw numerous guards in the high schools when my sons college group went to the schools to perform anti-drug skits.
    I do believe that schools need to drill for fire and assault. They made us get under tables in case the USSR nuked us. Just like we teach our children not to go off with strangers, we need to teach them that there are other kinds of dangerous people in society but that the adults in their lives are doing the best they can to protect them. Learning of the dangers of life does not make a child warped. But there is age appropriate information.
    The SpecEd teacher daughter used to teach in a big inner-city school. They were on lock down almost every day. Prepare your children for bad things. You have them look both ways before crossing the street, don’t you?

    • Tactical G-Ma
      Before arming teachers with guns, insist each teacher has a fully charged easily accessable cell phone, turned on, at all times while on campus. Was appaled that the vice principal ran into one of the classes, under the desk with teacher, pulled the land line phone under the desk to call the authorities. Valuable time lost !
      Eliminate the Fed Dept of Education, give each state the governing power over education. That money alone would be used to either install security cameras and software to complete identy checks on everyone entering the school, or fund security officers to be placed on campus. Education needs to be returned to the states.
      Removing guns won’t reduce killings. The method of attack will change from guns to bombs made with Sudafed and other over the counter commonly sold items.
      Listening to news today, 1 parent sent an elementary school age kid to school with a loaded small pistol to protect himself. Give your kid a cell phone, prepay minimal minutes a month, tell your kid, emergency use only, call home, mom and dad’s work, or 911 only in an emergency. Older kids, high school, parents organize with other parents and the school to walk the halls or outside grounds. In the 80’s, my husband and I took time from our jobs to “police” schools for our kids. Perps always assume while class is in session is the perfect time to do their violence. Be proactive not reactive.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Sending a gun to school with your child is down right lunacy. People just don’t get it. Like texting while driving. But TDL just ticked me off in his noon address saying most Americans want to ban assault type weapons, DH had to grab me before I threw a pan at the TV. No one has asked me yet and I haven’t voted yet. So how does he know what I want?
        I don’t have an answer but why couldn’t someone wear one of those pendants or have a panic button at each of the teachers desks?

        • Encourager says:

          TGM, you have some good ideas that I agree with and so does Lynn. I would like to see at least administrative staff trained and armed. But I would also like to see retired LEOs, retired military or retired EMTs trained and patrolling not just inside but outside the school on a random basis so one watching the schools will ever learn what ‘schedule’ they are on.

          The powers that be just don’t get it. They keep focusing on the weapon of choice, not the perp. If a person with their mind made up to maim our children has no access to a gun, they would just choose another method. Look at the crazy in China who attacked children in a school with a machete. We need to address the ignorance of the mentally ill and how to confine and treat them. Putting them in a hospital ward for three whole days and drugging the heck out of them then turning them out on the street is not treating them. It is numbing their conscience to right from wrong and sending them out to do mayhem.

          • Encourager,
            The powers that be get it fine. The progressives known that they cannot reach their end goal without a compliant and unarmed citizenry. Never let a crisis go to waste seems to be their motto, and their end goal is to destroy the 2nd amendment and the power that it gives to the people to keep their government in check.

  15. Good to see The Volunteer State considering the same….here in Ill-annoying,common sense legislation stifles regular breathing & other things necessary to life. Anyone surprised? A big thumbs up to the home of Davy Crockett!

  16. Harry the hat says:

    Front Sight has proposed training 3 people for each school district for free! All the school district has to do is send the request on their letterhead and one of the people should be the head of security.

  17. This is they did in Israel and it worked.

  18. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Nancy V.
    It’s cold in them thar hills. And there is a fault line there. Middle TN is safer but still cold. Besides you have to deal with the vacationers. Thanksgiving weekend it took 5 hours to drive from Knoxville to Atlanta. I have a feeling that if TSHTF, there are going to be too many folks heading that way.

  19. I view it much like the improvements to air travel after 911: better cockpit doors and arm the pilots (teachers).

    With something like 100,000 public schools in the US, $10 billion would buy a lot of ballistic doors that could be quickly closed to keep bad guys out until help arrives. For another $10 billion (even if it’s double, it’s a pittance given how much we just throw away in foreign aid, but I digress…) you could put a 4ft high steel panel in the hall wall to provide hard cover against shots through the wall. Wrap ’em up tight and wait for the calvary.

    Then beef up the school entrance. Of course, in CT I understand that he shot his way in. But it would least let someone know he’s coming, so they can sound the alarm to lock the blast doors.

    Then allow teachers to be armed as the final barrier.

    Makes a whole lot more sense than banning a semi-automatic carbine that is functionally exactly the same as every other non- assault weapon semi-automatic carbine. Someone still needs to explain to me how a pistol grip, folding stock and barrel shield make a firearm more “lethal” than the exact same weapon without those features. Again I digress… sorry.

    • Mark,

      I wonder what they would be saying if he had used a pump shotgun and a couple of revolvers to do the shooting?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I am under the impression that assault weapons are illegal except for LE and military. Tactical looking semi-auto weapons look cool to kids. They look just like the ones in the video games. Paintball and airsoft guns are made to look like them too. I even added tactical grip and stock to my shotgun because it is functional.
      I obsess over owning an AR-15 .223 and I am an old lady with a shooting range and hunting grounds. Now imagine being young, bored, and fascinated with playing Call of Duty and access or even knowledge of where an AR-15 is. If you immerse yourself in a imaginary situation, you are more likely to act on the compulsion.

  20. Our AG just put his stamp on it here


    • oHIo,
      Wow, AG Mike DeWine has not always been thought of as pro gun in any way. We’ll see if anything comes of it, but even a dialog is a good start. I get the BFA updates but hadn’t seen this one yet.

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