Is TEOTWAWKI really that Far-fetched?

by M. Edwards

I struggled with submitting this article because it is not the typical “how to” one might usually find here. Even so, the content is something I’m not seeing elsewhere and I think it needs to be shared.

We all know people who think we Preppers are nuts. They must think we are preparing for an alien invasion or something equally absurd because they can’t comprehend TEOTWAWKI ever happening. An EMP caused by solar flare or terrorist weapon which fries all our electronics? Simply not going to happen. A foreign invading army? Nope. Another decade-long Great Depression caused by economic collapse? Not a chance. Civil War? LOL! Whatever you throw at the naysayers they will quickly shoot it down as being totally out of the realm of possibility. We can’t change their thinking so we usually leave them be and go about our business, but I hope something in this article is found to be enlightening to those kinds of people.

Even among Preppers there are those who think TEOTWAWKI is a remote possibility which (they hope) will probably never happen, so they are preparing for more personal scenarios. By that I mean they are preparing for a day when they suddenly lose their job, suffer through a short-term natural disaster, or some other relatively minor event which is limited to their own household, community, or city. For them, that is a personal TEOTWAWKI, for their world will been turned upside-down for a short while. They believe having a 3-6 month supply of food in the pantry is enough and they become content with that level of readiness. In my experience, it seems very few are planning for long-term events (years) which impact the entire State, Time Zone, or Country. I would like to challenge that line of thinking because the possibility of TEOTWAWKI happening are much greater than some would care to admit.

It has been said there are two kinds of people: Those who divide people into neat little groups and those who do not. That was a bit of lame humor but, seriously, for the intents and purposes of this article there are two kinds of people: Those who hope TEOTWAWKI does not happen (mentioned above) and those who actually want it to happen. Of course, a good many who read this will recoil at that statement and respond, “Why would anyone desire TEOTWAWKI and everything that goes along with it; including martial law, detention camps, starvation, mass slaughter, etc.?” You would be right to ask this challenging question, of course, but the answers might surprise you.

Sadly, I believe there are many in government today who are actively working hard to bring about TEOTWAWKI in our society. It’s not because of sadism or “Schadenfreude” (taking pleasure in the misery of others), but rather because they don’t like the present state of the Union or the direction this country is currently heading. They want to change the very core of our country and take it in a totally new direction from where we have been. Needless to say, their vision for America is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind. For various reasons I won’t go into here, I believe our President is one of those people and he’s in good company with many other politicians in all three branches of government. Just before being elected he said we were going to fundamentally change this country. Yes, he wants this country to get a total makeover. Changing any aspect of an entire country is an incredibly slow process, especially when trying to change the very foundations upon which that nation has been built, so how is the former community organizer going about doing it?

Those who are familiar with the Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” might recall a quote from page 116, “The first step in community organization is community disorganization. The disruption of the present organization is the first step toward community organization. Present arrangements must be disorganized if they are to be displace by new patterns…. All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.” In other words, to bring about drastic change rapidly, one must first create chaos and then bring about new solutions to rebuild that which has been destroyed.

Using an analogy to demonstrate how this tactic works: Suppose I don’t like my carpet, but I can’t justify replacing it because it’s in good condition and my wife loves it. One day a leak develops in my roof which allows rain to seep into the house and onto the carpet. Being careful not to let a crisis go to waste, I ignore it while hoping the leak will eventually ruin my carpet so I can justify replacing it. However, my wife soon notices the leak and starts nagging me to fix the roof. I procrastinate as long as possible before finally trying a few minor fixes which I know won’t work (and they don’t). I let the situation continue until the carpet is moldy and my wife demands I replace it. I then fork out a huge sum of money for all the repairs and my wife complains that I should have listened to her as we could have saved so much money if only I had fixed the problem sooner. She is right, of course, but she wasn’t aware of my strategy from the beginning and that is why I continued to let her complaints go in one ear and out the other. Honestly, she would have had a fit if she knew about my strategy so I kept that part a secret from her. In the end, I got my new carpet, she likes it better than the moldy carpet we had, and she’ll get over being mad soon enough.

The above analogy is basically how Obama gets things done. Pay close attention when watching the news and you’ll see this concept is in play virtually everywhere. “Fast and Furious” for example, was a DOJ program which purposefully overlooked straw purchases of American firearms by cartel members who should not have been able to acquire them. In other words, our existing laws should have stopped them at the sales counter, but government agents chose not to enforce those laws. They knew the straw buyers were going to take the weapons back to Mexico and allowed them to do it despite the fact it was against numerous laws. We had no plan to track those weapons except by documenting them when later found at Mexican crime scenes, which undoubtedly included the murder of innocents. The US would eventually be able to point their finger at the situation and justify passing more restrictive gun-control laws. Infringing upon the Second Amendment was their goal all along, but they couldn’t justify doing it. Create enough chaos, however, and the justification will appear as if by magic. Sometimes the chaos is unplanned, but it can also serve as justification to advance the progressive agenda (e.g. mass shootings are always used to justify their demand for tighter gun-control laws).

Note they are they willing to be complicit in the murder of innocents or dance on the graves of victims in order to have the opportunity to reshape this country according to how they think it should be. Interestingly, “Rules for Radicals” also teaches the end justifies the means so using these tactics to reshape this country is perfectly justified in the minds of Alinski admirers. Keep in mind Obama used to teach “Rules for Radicals” to others and Hillary is no stranger to the works of Alinsky either. I don’t think they are too concerned about TEOTWAWKI and everything that comes with it because 1) it would create chaos and allow them to reshape this country according to how they think it should be and 3) they are powerful and protected enough to escape the pain which is brought about by their changes. It should be no surprise this kind of government would be willing to cause TEOTWAWKI in order to accomplish their goals, if they felt it was necessary to do so. However, they really want “controlled chaos” and for TEOTWAWKI to happen on a number of small scales (e.g. specific times and places) so as to better manage the transition and outcome. I believe the day may soon come when they can’t control the chaos they have created in various places and that combination of circumstances may very well bring about TEOTWAWKI for everyone all at once.

One could easily write this off as a conspiracy theory, except for the fact the pattern keeps showing up elsewhere. Obamacare, for example. Some think Obamacare was passed in order to improve our national health care issues, but remember the Alinski model calls for disorganization followed by reorganization. With that in mind, I believe Obamacare is actually the instrument of destruction which was designed and passed into law by progressives to create more chaos in our existing health care system. Is it any surprise what followed was a billion-dollar Obamacare website that didn’t work, doctors leaving the system in droves, premiums skyrocketing, old insurance plans being cancelled, medical services no longer being covered, employers eliminating full-time jobs in order to avoid offering coverage, a mandate for all citizens to have health insurance, discussions of government bailouts for health insurance companies, etc? Of course Obamacare won’t work effectively because it was never intended to improve anything. It is merely a tool which causes further damage to the system in order to pave the way for an even more progressive solution in the future. Those who thought Obamacare was a bad idea were routinely ignored (remember all the Town Halls?) while the law was passed despite the majority of citizens opposing it. Those who don’t like Obamacare today are really going to hate “Heath Care Reform – Part 2” tomorrow.

The citizens, by and large, are not aware this is how government is behaving today. All they see are chaotic situations which government either creates through bad policy or is unwilling/unable to fix and it frustrates them terribly. They protest in anger, but are routinely ignored; just as I ignored my wife in the leaking roof analogy. However, citizens might think differently if they understood the chaos is part of the overall plan. For example, we all know the border is insecure and we protest to bring the matter to the attention of our leaders, but the power brokers in this country ignore them because they don’t want to fix it right now. They won’t openly admit it, but I believe they want terrorists and illegals to infiltrate our country to the point the system breaks so they will be able to implement immigration reforms. That’s how the Alinsky tactic works, but to speed up the process they decline to enforce current immigration laws while also talking about granting amnesty for those who are already here. As a result, earlier this year, Mexicans started hopping on moving freight trains and coming over by the thousands (aka “Death Trains” because of the dangers involved). Their kids are now enrolled in public schools all over America and we’re finding we do not have enough money, classrooms, or teachers to accommodate everyone. It’s all going exactly to plan and immigration reform will soon become the crisis of the moment which absolutely must be addressed with the utmost urgency.

The media is largely playing along with lying government officials throughout this whole process. They don’t expose truth behind government dealings, but rather help conceal it to make favored politicians look good. They are on-board with the advancement of the liberal agenda and if we listen to them then we can be assured our border is secure, Obamacare is working wonderfully, and Ebola is nothing to worry about in this country. A good number of people are not interested in hearing the truth, but only that the news is presented to them in a biased way which matches their viewpoint. Thankfully, a good number of people aren’t so easily fooled. Despite what the government is saying about America being safe from Ebola, a majority of Americans want to ban flights from Ebola-infected countries. However, government is hesitating to do so. I don’t know their motive, but it’s clear the same tactics are being applied in that situation too. They want chaos to come here because that is how they implement drastic change in this country.

There are many things about our economy and government functions which are chaotic and unsustainable, which makes me wonder just how far and wide the application of these tactics really goes: Maintaining high levels of debt and deficit without having a budget, cranking up the currency printing machine while having an economy which is largely dependent on credit purchases, and having more government benefit recipients than there are taxpayers (to name a few). I could list a few dozen other examples of why we should all be concerned, but others have written much about them already and they all point to the same inevitable SHTF outcome. The thing is our country can deal with singular breakdowns like the burst of the housing bubble a few years back just so long as everything doesn’t collapse at once. The progressive agenda will keep advancing until that total loss of control happens. Logically speaking, freedom-lovers who desire a restoration in this country should be hoping everything collapses at once (aka TEOTWAWKI).

So, I’ve identified two very different groups of people who are or should be hoping for TEOTWAWKI, although they do so in different ways and for different reasons. One group feels immune to the fallout which comes with TEOTWAWKI while the other group will most likely be the primary targets of a government which is trying to change our way of life during TEOTWAWKI. When the two groups clash there will undoubtedly be a Civil War. As awful as that would be for individuals, there is a silver lining within it.

First, although being very difficult to endure, TEOTWAWKI is exactly what this country needs to change direction towards restoration. Serious events such as Katrina and 9/11 were not enough, for it will have to take something of much greater magnitude to put us on that path. Some will claim they are already on that path and working hard to move this country in the direction of restoration, but know elections and protests are not going to do it. TEOTWAWKI is truly our only true hope if we want to return to the vision our Founding Fathers had in mind for this country.

Second, the attitude of the citizens prevents restoration given the fact we are so extremely and bitterly divided in this country. If government doesn’t manage to cause TEOTWAWKI which then leads to Civil War then Civil War which eventually leads to TEOTWAWKI will be sparked by the hatred which exists between citizens in our society. A recent example of that hatred involved participants in the Moms Demand Action gun-control group who openly voiced their desire to see licensed firearm carriers killed for exercising their Second Amendment right in public. Some of them were even encouraging the idea of calling the police to report a man with a gun in the hope the police would show up with guns blazing. (source: That is how much they hate their fellow citizens who have a difference of opinion when it comes to the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Since there are no peacemakers capable of making peace between the left and right, it’s only a matter of time before that level of hatred, bitterness, and anger sparks a Civil War in this country and that will consequently cause TEOTWAWKI.

Another benefit which can be gained through TEOTWAWKI is that people undergo a situation which causes them to rethink their attitudes and priorities. Keep in mind many of the social problems which exist in our country today are not found in many third-world countries which have much lower standards. I believe we developed our particular set of cultural issues because of the fact we have enjoyed so much progress, we have higher standards, and life is actually pretty good here. Most of our poorest citizens live better than kings of the Middle Ages.

For example, most Americans don’t know what it’s like to breath the polluted air in Beijing or New Delhi, but the smog-tainted air of Los Angeles is fairly clean by comparison. As a result of always having fresh air some people have developed a heightened sensitivity to offensive odors. Their intolerance goes beyond cigarette smoke to include factories, breweries, livestock farms, slaughter houses, canneries, and other odor-producing facilities. Never mind the useful products, jobs, and economic benefits which are generated by these facilities; the hyper-sensitive work very hard to ban the odors as a public nuisance. They would rather the business shut down or relocate than tolerate offensive smells in their neighborhood (e.g. hot sauce factory in Irwindale, CA). Such a thing doesn’t happen in China or India, for they simply go about their business without giving much thought to their nostrils.

Our grocery stores are always well-stocked and we have the ability to choose what kinds of food we consume. Some people have chosen to avoid animal products entirely and the extreme practitioners have formed groups such as PETA to protest the “murder of animals” as a food source. Other health-conscious people complain about obesity and how our food is too high in salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol, etc. You won’t hear such complaints in starving countries, for they eat whatever they can get their hands on and be thankful for it. However, here in America our solution is to impose bans and restrictions of all kinds. Never mind countless high school students are now skipping lunch entirely and cafeterias are operating in the red while throwing out more food than ever, politicians take pride in forcing schools to provide a healthy lunch.

In countries were civil war is happening it is not uncommon to see people carrying firearms in public, even full-auto rifles. They do so not only because they can, but because survival depends on it. This isn’t necessarily true in America as most citizens would say it is a relatively safe country. Most citizens today live out their entire life without ever owning a firearm. Some of them are saying America is so safe we no longer have a “need” for firearms, especially the “scary-looking” ones. Of course, they are working very hard to ban them entirely despite it being a right secured by the US Constitution. They are truly no longer Americans in spirit given the fact they have total contempt for our fundamental document which outlines how we are all going to live in this country. The rights secured by that document used to be our “common sense” (knowledge which is common to all), but now we each have a different definition of what “common sense” means and people who can no longer admit they are wrong argue about who is right.

I am citing only three examples, but, if I can say so delicately, we’ve become a nation of ban-happy pansies. The general attitude of Americans has seemingly changed from, “I don’t like X, but others do, so let X be for their sake” to “I don’t like X and those who do like X should not like it either, so we must ban X entirely.” Sadly, their efforts are working! Freedom-lovers are losing more of their rights and privileges every day (even the things they simply enjoy doing, watching, or consuming for personal pleasure) and there is no hope of reversing this trend. We have become so spoiled in this country that many citizens can choose to behave like divas as the expense of everyone else. Knocking them off their high horse and bringing them back to reality will require nothing less than a TEOTWAWKI situation. Divas would quickly get over themselves if America suddenly became like a third-world country.

Again, I am not minimizing how difficult TEOTWAWKI and/or Civil War would be to endure, but am saying it would bring some unexpected and welcome restorative changes in our country. With so many bigger things to worry about people would have greater tolerance of the little things. Political correctness would no longer exist. There is nothing which can restore appreciation for freedom, all kinds of freedom, as living through martial law. People would regain their respect and appreciation for the firearm as a useful and desirable thing to have. When government is seen to be the tyrant it really is then fewer people will rise up in defense of it, so a certain measure of truth, real truth, will once again be important to consumers of news. It is inevitable, but if it doesn’t happen soon then my children and grand-children will be left to deal with it, so I’d much rather be the one to endure the hardships now so they might enjoy greater freedoms and peace in future years. It would be incredibly difficult to endure, but better it be me right now given I am prepared for it.

To briefly summarize, there are some people who are working hard to create the very chaos which may bring about TEOTWAWKI. They are like a juggler expertly tossing a dozen balls into the air creating an incredible display which is both seemingly chaotic yet tightly-controlled, but it only takes one momentary loss of control for everything to come falling down at once. That could very well be how government creates TEOTWAWKI. Meanshile, the citizens are so bitterly divided and angry they may one day spark TEOTWAWKI themselves. It almost started at Bundy Ranch, NV last Spring, again during the Summer in Ferguson, MO; and other opportunities for it to happen currently exist in States where firearm confiscation is being implemented or considered right now (such as CA or CT). One way or another, TEOTWAWKI is bound to happen.

In conclusion, my purpose in sharing these words are to encourage others to 1) be mindful of how government operates by using chaos to implement change, 2) avoid wasting time, money, and energy protesting chaos (social issues, political problems) as you’ll only be ignored, 3) form your own conclusions and follow your intuition regardless of what major news outlets are reporting, 4) know Civil War and TEOTWAWKI are inevitable, and 5) plan for a long-term crisis. Be prepared


  1. Babycatcher says:

    Thank you for a wonderful article! You have expressed this so succinctly that it was easy for me to understand. Blessings to you.

  2. The left wants to convert our constitutional republic into a socialist dictatorship. Their two biggest barriers to this is our strong middle class and private gun ownership. The federal government is pulling out all the stops to destroy our middle class. You can see this in everything they do: Obama care, massive illegal and legal immigration, spiraling higher taxes, welfare, repressive laws and regulations, etc. If we don’t stop them they will win. It is likely that it is already too late to simply defeat them in politics and kinda freeze their efforts. It is likely that with the massive illegal and legal immigration who are mostly here for ‘free stuff’ that it’s over for Americans. From now on the left will dominate politics thanks to this massive invasion and your vote will never again affect public policy. We will get three new Supreme Court Justices who will discover that the 2nd amendment does not apply to common citizens but was only intended for the military. This will be followed by oppressive and confiscatory gun laws backed up by violence and long jail times. IMHO when this all begins to unravel it will be more or less ‘sudden’ and unexpected. It could be as fast as days to weeks from things being more or less normal to the president declaring a national emergency and news blackouts and military occupation or something close to that. The news blackouts will be necessary because they will be doing some terrible things to groups and cities that would incite average Americans so we must be kept in the dark. This cannot end well.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      The left wants to convert our constitutional republic into a socialist dictatorship. Their two biggest barriers to this is our strong middle class and private gun ownership.

      I would add to that a strong family unit. Through left leaning policies (Feminism, no fault divorce and the courts hostile action toward men) it’s getting harder and harder to find a family that hasn’t experienced divorce these days.

      And if you add Hollyweird’s help at destroying the family in just about every TV show and movie you get pop culture changing to left-wind views everyone has.

  3. Thomas The Tinker says:

    M. Edwards … Fine work! I would pay to have the opportunity to discuss this at length. It is glossed over the majority of the time in the blogs … this one as well … as it is a long deep subject to approach.

    Thank You MD for posting this. It needed to be presented this way.

    I am a ‘Fan’ of history. No race, breed, creed, tribe nor nation has survived it’s own self inflicted destruction… NONE. I believe our nation began it’s ride down the slippery slope in the Thirties. It takes a while… generations. It is the recorded history of past falls and fails that crops these drawn out events in to the short ‘sound bites’ of today. These lull and delude the general public into thinking they (the fall of empires and states.. the failures of societies) are always a Bolt from the Blue event.. a Black Swan events that can’t happen with out their seeing it coming.

    There is an old saying … “The man who says the least .. knows the most.” Sound advice to build on. M. Edward and MD, Thank You again. We could all talk less. Listen, look and read more and … know more.

    M. Edwards: I am one of those who does not care to see the sudden EOTWAWKI come upon us as a bolt from the blue or a black swan event. I am .. one of those who believes that only an End of the Nation as it has developed… could give us a chance to rebuild it as our founders .. hoped .. it would.

    A Cancer must be cut out … totally destroyed … or it will return and kill the host.

  4. Peter Horacek says:

    The sad thing is, the Illusionist In Chief has been performing his tricks for so long, a great many people actually believe that what he’s doing is actually magic.

    Our society is a monster eating its own tail. Prepare for what’s coming, and indeed keep an eye on what that other hand is doing.

    In short; keep your Bible open and your powder dry…

  5. Beautifully said. Analogies were easy to understand and apply to the present activities. Alinsky and his teachings have probably had the most profound effect on this country and the world at large. I am old enough to remember how WW II brought this country together. We as a country needed to support our troops overseas. Rationing, survival gardens, and women going into the factories to replace the men going overseas became totally acceptable thus becoming the new cultural norm in this country. Change comes about with dissonance; good or bad. It will take an assault on the masses involving personal survival to bring the people together with a common cause. Only that will allow the people to forget the importance of their personal biases.

  6. patientmomma says:

    Great article; thanks for explaining it so even my kids and neighbors will understand it. I’m sending everyone a link and have printed off a copy to keep in my binder.

  7. Big power wants people to be helpless, in the event of a war. Sixty years ago, the Feds were teaching people how to survive a nuclear war. Not so today. Today, most people say, that you can’t survive an atomic war. With 90% of the population gone, and computer records destroyed, property would be easy pickings. Next, 300 million people will be brought in (to help rebuild, of course). These people will be comfortable with corruption and no Bill of Rights. Game over.

  8. I tend to agree.

  9. Great article — I am one who has beliefs along this same line.
    That said, what is usually left out of this kind of discussion is the possible actions of the “enemies” of the US during this type of “disturbance”.
    Present times in the world are not like the Great Depression of the 30’s — where the rest of the world was either “depressed” also, or still crippled as a result of WWI.
    So, I believe the troubling downside to a TEOTWAWKI in the US would have the “opportunists” in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or ?, licking their chops and working whatever means possible to make sure the USA didn’t rise again.
    And an internal “civil war” with a powerful outsider jumping in — will take a track that neither side (of the civil war) imagined.

    THAT is the real scary thought of the potential outcome of the present US internal strife.

    • Patriot Dave says:

      I agree. There will be a large number of opportunists who will jump at the chance to claim some land, natural resources and slaves. We could be fighting multiple enemies on multiple fronts. From drug cartels and those claiming parts of the southwest for Mexico; Left coast for China, Russia, and other Pacific rim countries; isis, alqeada and other muslim terrorists all over; Cuba and Venezula into Florida and elsewhere; who knows who else. Environmentalist-treehuggers don’t realize none of these entities care one whit about our trees, water, wildlife, air, ecology.

  10. Those people who are students of the Bible, have puzzled for years over the question of where the United States is in the prophecies of end times. This article leads me to believe that the events coming our way could cause our nation to become so totally disorganized and disrupted that we will not be recognizable as the country we have been and are today. God Forbid! May it not be so! Those of us who believe that God is in control must pray earnestly, fervently, and sincerely That He will protect and guide us through these times. If He still has a use for us as a nation, He will do it!

  11. Oldalaskan says:

    Add to this article the book “Hillary’s America” and if she is elected you will have a perfect storm

    • Well said by ALL – Billery Crookton’s America will leave us with No Guns, Millions more of Aborted babies, and her spending us into oblivion! One of the best articles I’ve seen on any blog for some time.

  12. Good article, TY!

  13. Wow – Outstanding article, Thank you!! BG

  14. Profound insights. Thanks Mr Edwards for writing it and MD for posting it.

  15. A wonderfully written piece. I’d like to copy and print it and hand it out to everyone I know. God Bless & Help Us All.

  16. GeorgiaPeachie says:

    Great article! An open conversation that is very much needed.

    Dare I say what I feel? I agree there is no fixing the damage that has been done to our nation without an extreme disruption of government services and regular day to day life. I don’t believe the country is fixable without many of the invading illegals and so called refugees being made to leave. They simply will NEVER want America to be as it was founded. It isn’t in their frameworks.

    I would like to see TEOTWAWKI happen sooner rather than later and at a rather fast pace. Why? Because the large majority of people who are preparing right now are Patriots…lovers of the Constitution and God fearing folks. Having those type of people be the “survivors” to take our country in the right direction is my dream.

    With that said, I am still preparing my family for longer than 9 month. The goal being 2 years. Still working on skills too.

    God Bless and everyone prepare for long term!

  17. Raven Jacobs says:

    I just wish every person living in the USA could read this article as it hits the nail squarely on the head. Thank you.

  18. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    THE EOTWAWKI has been going on in Europe for 5 years and only in the past 18 months has some of it been reported in the USA . The media gives almost no coverage to what is going on . It is working . This video is 19 minutes long . I have cousins in England & Italy . I have friends in Germany . None of the video tells the whole story of what is going on . It is a media black out here . Even in Europe they do not report most of the crime and problems as it is not friendly .

    They want you to believe only women and children are drowning in the Med .

    I chose this video as it is concise and to the point in 19 minutes . Even still it does not come close to the whole truth .

  19. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:


  20. thank you.
    i waste time every year by writing to federal senators several times about issues.
    they pay no attention.
    the baffling thing for me is that i could not understand why they stand by and let rome burn.
    then i wondered if they thought they would escape from the terror.
    now i see what their game is. this article has brought together the pieces of the puzzle.
    where our elected officials are concerned, it is a matter of wolves trusting other wolves.
    when we are dead or otherwise disposed the little wolves will find that their trust was sorely misplaced.
    i still don’t understand what these evil doers will have in place of the USA.
    do they think that they will all be dictators, like pharaohs, their every whim catered to by a population of helpless slaves?
    what is their goal?
    and why?

    the rot is so thorough and the wool so entirely pulled over the eyes of most of the population that the evil ones’ task will be a piece of cake.
    i am sure there are not enough real americans left to do more than be exterminated, under media silence, and thought no more of than to be held up as an example of bad behavior.

    as far as induced abortion is concerned, once the camel’s nose is in the tent it is all over and soon euthanasia is common, along with other atrocities those in my generation find to be unconscionable.

    as one poster here commented, ‘God has laid the axe to the root of the tree [USA]’.
    God has endured the stench in His nostrils of our immorality as long as possible. we have sown the wind and must reap the whirlwind.

    firebrands here, remember the words of the Bible–the wise man hides himself in times of trouble.

    God bless all of you and keep you under the shelter of His wings.

  21. Very well stated and I agree. There will have to be something coming down the pike. The issue I have had for some time is that when the topic of civil war comes up, who will this be fighting? Gov’t. against people? A free for all? What? It’s not like there is going to be uniforms of grey and blue.

  22. Patriot Dave says:

    Well drafted, organized and articulated. Good timing too.
    “1) be mindful of how government operates by using chaos to implement change” I have seen other people write on this. You had an excellent analogy. Your article is like your wife finding a carpet catalog under your mattress. One point I would like to add: Obama and others like him also get away with their destructive policies, regulations and behavior by constantly campaigning against them and blaming others when things go bad. The gop is fine with taking the blame, because they are complicit, un-indited co-conspirators, who believe they will be part of the ruling class too.
    “2) avoid wasting time, money, and energy protesting chaos (social issues, political problems) as you’ll only be ignored” I do not recommend getting un-involved with politics. We have to vote. We have to support Constitutionalists. We have to get Qualified people to run. We have to pray for revival. God is still sovereign. He may have mercy on us if we repent and pray. We don’t have to go through TEOTWAWKI. Assyria dodged judgment when they repented after Jonah witnessed to them for 3 days after being whale food. USA is presently under God’s judgment as set forth in Romans Chapter 1. The key to reversing it, is 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    “4) know Civil War and TEOTWAWKI are inevitable, and 5) plan for a long-term crisis.” My problem with hoping for TEOTWAWKI, is once it is started, BOTH sides lose control over sequence of events and outcome. For example the Russian revolution did not turn out as the original revolutionists planned or hoped. There are just too many factors and players (both foreign and domestic) that cannot be controlled by anyone. Too many competing agendas, goals, and desires. America could become FUBAR.

    The second problem goes back to my other point. This government will use a false flag event to bring it about and blame it on the patriots-constitutionalists- who are already labeled ‘domestic terrorists’. The vast number of sheeple will believe the state run media (fka mainstream media) and will beg, No Demand, government to protect them from the evil hateful domestic terrorists and do everything necessary, including destroying the constitution, to protect them from patriots.

    I don’t think we can hide from drones using FLIR, IR and stingers.

    I will make one prediction. If DJT wins, we will see this regime and the 4th arm of the gov. go into overdrive to enact as many exe. orders and regulations they can between nov. and Jan. But I really don’t trust DJT to set any of it aside either.

  23. TEOTWAWKI: (Definition of):

    9 November 2016.

  24. GeorgiaPeachie says:

    Have to disagree with you on Trump, Dave. Trump, by all previous ACTIONS and WORDS is a Patriot through and through. For you to throw out there that you don’t trust him, without even a word WHY you don’t, sounds very liberal/progressive speak.

  25. and nero fiddled as rome burned!!

  26. Metacomet says:

    You had me up until the Obama-bashing. I’m not sure why this activity is so popular with preppers these days. I never see any discussion of how the Presidents Bush allowed our country to get systematically raped by Big Business to the point we headed into a recession, and left Obama to clean up the mess, which of course he cannot do since the problem left behind is so pervasive. Mind you, I’m not a fan of Obama, but I have never seen any other president who wasn’t off on his own agenda in some way. I at least have decent medical care now because of “Obama Care” since Big Business and Corporate Greed sent my job to India – but nobody seems to care about that. Obama did not send my job to India – the wheels for that were already in motion by years of Republican rule allowing for corporate greed to run rampant to this day. And also thank goodness for this medical care I have now, since as a veteran I was stuck with the VA for many, many years and I’m surprised I’m not dead now. Talk about Big Business – don’t get me started on the VA! Thanks from a grateful nation my ass.

    I do however blame Obama for including us more in the “world economy and trade” and encouraging more foreign nationals to take our jobs. Although that trend was started way before him by way of corporate greed looking outside of our country to save money, he has done nothing to stop it and has actually allowed it to grow. Most of our medical records are now taken care of in foreign countries, especially India (I was a medical transcriptionist), call centers in foreign countries, etc. Look at what happened at Disney World where the American workers were laid off and actually told to train their new Indian workers who were brought into the country literally by planeload on these H1b visas – a program started by W. Bush in 2004.

    It is interesting to note that Ancient Rome in its waning times was using more and more “foreign workers” to take over basic state functions – just sayin…

    I guess I am taking a longer view of the sources of our current problems, looking back beyond Obama to deeper origins. I’ll end with a quote from the TV series “I, Claudius” about ancient Rome where a character says “Rome is sick, sick to its core, he’s just the rash it’s come out in.” The reference is to Caligula, but hey, you can fill in any blank you want for that name.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

    • Bilge Pump McCoy says:

      If you have decent medical care it’s because someone else is subsidizing you. And that someone is me. My costs have tripled. I have kids to put through college and other expenses and I sure as hell don’t want to subsidize your health care at the expense of my own family. Get a job and pay your own damn bills.

  27. Bilge Pump McCoy says:

    I have a different perspective on those who ridicule or “poo-poo” preppers. I view them as dangerous parasites that will be a threat to me and my family if there is ever a national disaster of some sort. They will be the ones knocking at my door looking for food (or thumping me on the head and taking my food). I encourage people like that to NOT prepare because I want them to die off as quickly as possible. Sorry if it sounds harsh but I have pretty much had it with that group.

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