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I would like to thank everyone who voted for my new site on The Top Preppers Sites page, thank you (and feel free to vote again).

So far the site is doing great with over 15,563 hits and growing – but for some reason, I’m having trouble getting other site owners and bloggers to mention it or add it to their blog rolls or links pages.

I’ve emailed everyone on my blog list in the footer of The Daily Collapse Report, but so far only two have returned the favor or even emailed me back.

Bam, Bam even took it on herself to email Matt Drudge (Drudge Report at [email protected] ) to suggest that he add Daily Collapse Report to his links but so far no link from him. Thank you Bam, Bam for making the effort, It’s appreciated…

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  1. I would delete them – pathetic that they can’t even email you back despite the fact that you have the potential to send them loads of traffic from your links…

  2. MD, I know you know,but I want others here to know that I truly appreciate being included in your links and I have returned the favor by adding a direct link from my channel to the collapse report,as well as doing a video sharing the news with my 15,ooo subscribers. I will continue to like and share all your facebook posts and once again,I’m honored to be on your list of reccomended links.

    • Gone West says:

      Hi bc – just want you to know that I checked out your channel and it is EXCELLENT. MD does us a huge service when he adds links to others pages. He is secure in his knowledge and strength and isn’t afraid to share. Others obviously not so much. Their top concern is usually follow the $$$ – MD’s is us.

  3. OldSoldat says:

    I would give them more time before deleting them. Maybe they want to check it out a bit although they should acknowledge the request.

  4. Not sure which 2 have responded, but I have seen reference to your site on 2 blogs. They may be taking a “wait and see” attitude on your new blog.

    I like it.

    • JP in MT

      What are they waiting and seeing – it’s not like MD is a nobody in the prep community (unlike most of them) he has been running a site for nearly 10 years that I know of, while most of those assholes have only been doing it 6 months. They should be honored that MD would even email them.

      • Mike:

        I don’t know, I’m just trying to figure out what is/might be going on. I understand loyalty, I understand longevity. I just thought it might be a possible answer.

  5. I emailed Drudge too – told his he should include Daily Collapse Report on his link list on his site. We all need to email him!

  6. Slick Prepper says:

    Drudge is probably afraid you will take a few of his 10 million daily readers. After all you new site is better organized and put together than his with better links, news and content.

  7. Wonder how much email Drudge gets every day and how long it takes for him (or does he has staff to do that for him?) to winnow the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, before he gets fed up and just dumps everything that’s left…

    Think about it, 9.8 million hits over the last year. That’s a lot of potential email.

    • He probably gets a lot of hate mail. I suspect if I got that much hate mail I wouldn’t answer emails either.

  8. The site’s been up less than a week. Who knows what’s going on with the other guys–sick, vacation, back to school, big project, family, spam filter, didn’t see email yet etc.

    Do you have analytics on DCR? If so, you could follow up in Sept. with an August “traffic report”, like:

    “In our first 11 days, your site received X visitors from DCR, both through our links to your articles and your listing on DCR’s blog roll. Is this helpful to you? Let me know–I want DCR to benefit our readers and the sites we link to.”

    If anyone hasn’t responded/linked back by Oct, you can send a “Sept. traffic report”, & ask them to respond before your “first 60-days evaluation” of your blogroll & wait list.

    You chose each site for your blog roll for a reason. If there’s a fair chance they’d get on board by mid-Oct, seems like that’d be a win.

  9. Chuck Findlay says:

    15,000 hits in the first week, not too bad. But things take time, as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” Even God took 6-days, give it time…

  10. riverrider says:

    okay don’t hate me but…i don’t like it. too cold and impersonal, and the commenters aren’t wolfpack. jmnsho.

  11. MD
    With all that is going on I have not had time to really check out your new site. Did give it a quick peek when you first introduced it. I have book marked it, but I also liked the Monday news segment you would put up on the site.

  12. Chuck Findlay says:

    A suggestion, when you click on a link have it open a new window.

  13. OldSoldat says:

    Still a pretty “busy” blog. I like how you took my suggestion and consolidated articles under a particular topic area. Maybe instead of dating the articles as suggested above you could find away where if a particular reader goes on once per day or so that person can readily scroll and identify newer submissions for those who hit and run. Maybe highlight articles that are placed on your blog within last 48 hours somehow. I don’t know. These thoughts were given about a minute of my thinking time but if you are want to leave articles up for non-daily readers, something for the daily perusers would be nice.

    Admittedly, I’ll miss the commentary from the pack on the regular miscellany but I get it albeit that did separate you from Drudge and other survival-collapse reports blogs. We still have the article submissions to rant on but their might be more off-topics. LOL Maybe you should have a “Rant Thursday. Oh well, I could do this all day but don’t wanna.

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