The Days Most Fascinating News and Opinion from M.D. Creekmore – May 18, 2017 Edition

Real news daily. M.D. Creekmore, provides a smart summary of the days ten most fascinating news stories…

1. EXPERTS WARN: Another Large-Scale Cyberattack Underway…

Another large-scale, stealthy cyberattack is underway on a scale that could dwarf last week’s assault on computers worldwide. The new attack targets the same NSA exploit “EternalBlue” that is being used as one method for rapidly spreading a ransomware variant called WannaCry across the world. Via Yahoo News.

2. Woman arrested after allegedly offering sexual favors for chicken nuggets…

Sorry, folks, but I don’t know what to say about that one… but looking at her photo that screams METH addict… I’d rather keep my chicken nuggets. Via WYFF 4 ON DEMAND.

3. Does Donald Trump still want to be president…

I don’t think that he really did at the start of his presidential campaign… he first ran as a publicity stunt and because he likes the attention of being in the media spotlight, he didn’t think that he had a chance of winning so he just said whatever popped into his head… but then he started winning… so he couldn’t stop and here we are.

President Trump seems hell-bent on courting controversy, if not downright enmity, from the Washington establishment. His vague comments about what he said, or didn’t say, to former FBI Director James Comey, as well as similar questions about what he told Russian diplomats in the Oval Office raise a serious question: does he still want to be president?

Via Fox News.

4. OUCH! Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria infection on face after cutting her eyebrow…

A mom-of-three told how she nearly died after a cut on her eyebrow turned into a horrific flesh-eating bug that ate through half her face. Donna Corden, from Leeds, slipped in the kitchen and banged her head on the cooker in January this year, leaving a gash on her eyebrow. The 45-year-old then developed a deadly infection called necrotising fasciitis and ended up in a coma for four days fighting for her life. Via Fox News.

5. Global stock markets fall as Trump turmoil intensifies…

“Calls for President Trump to be impeached are growing louder and that has created a sense of fear in markets,” said market analyst Jasper Lawler at London Capital Group. Via The BBC.

6. Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence…

Will Trump be impeached and replaced by vice president Pence?

“Removing Trump from office has increasing appeal to Republicans who are growing weary of defending Trump and are alarmed by his conduct in office. Abandoning Trump now should be easier because someone competent is waiting in the wings, they say…”

Via Politico.

7. Calls for Trump impeachment grow louder…

Democracy was at risk over the sacking of FBI Director James Comey because he was investigating the president, say democrats…

Democratic congressman Al Green wants Trump impeached – “This offence has occurred before our very eyes. It is perspicuous. It is easy to understand. We are talking about a president who fired the FBI director who was investigating the president for his connections to Russian involvement in the president’s election.”

They could not stop Trump from being elected so now they are moving on to the next step and that is impeachment… will they get it done… maybe. Via Metro UK.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh says that Obama Actually Did What Trump Is Accused of Doing.

8. What will you do when hackers turn off the electricity for months or even years…

World close to ‘serious digital sabotage’ says, Dutch spy chief Rob Bertholee… Via France 24.

Looks like Ted Koppel had it right in his book – Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

9. Supervolcanoes can cause massive destruction and affect climate patterns on a global scale for decades…

When Supervolcano Toba erupted, it emitted a volume of magma 28,000 times greater than that of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state. It was so massive, it is thought to have created a volcanic winter on Earth lasting years, and possibly triggering a bottleneck in human evolution.

The hazards from a supervolcano don’t stop after the initial eruption. They change to more local and regional hazards from eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis that may continue regularly for several tens of thousands of years. Via Eureka Alert!

Sadly, according to reports supervolcano Campi Flegrei is on the edge of an eruption

10. Grisly Footage Emerges From Venezuela At The Breaking Point – Is This The Future Of America…

Many Americans will still claim what is happening in Venezuela, thousands of miles away, could never happen here, all we need to do is take a look at what is happening now in places such as Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois and countless other big cities and small towns across America to see that it already is happening, though still on a smaller scale.

While the entire nation of Venezuela goes through the pain that comes with a collapsing socialist nation as shortages of food, medical supplies and other basic necessities become increasingly difficult to attain, the pain that millions of Americans feel is very real as according to Feeding America, back in 2015, more than 40 million Americans went hungry every day. Via All News Pipeline.

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. JP in MT says:

    Lots of “news” and none of it good.

  2. Everyone please give me your feedback, and advice to make this daily column even better.

    Also feel free to give me new column title suggestions… current title “The Days Most Fascinating News and Opinion from M.D. Creekmore”.

    • Alpha Man; I like the news thread. However, I noticed the “opinion” is not plural. I think it should be plural. Maybe ‘interesting’ could be used in place of “fascinating”? Sadly, I don’t find much of the news today fascinating. More troubling than anything.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        I would say keep going, look at third party sites for unfiltered news, we have some “pirate” type news in se arizona that often reveals whole cases whereas mainstream local media ignores it and posts only what gets reads-

    • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

      Howdy MD , news to me is more about useful information like a National Geographic Magazine or going to Cabela’s up in Hamburg , Pennsie . Been going over your request for a few minutes now . Information is what I got . There is plenty out there to mix in with ” news ” such as Scientific American , Field & Stream , my favorite since about 1985 – Backwoods Home , Grit , etc . .

      As far as copying their stuff for discussion and learning purposes most just need to have the source listed .

      I may be a doom and gloom investor but to me life is to much fun regardless of what most people watch and listen to 20 hours a week …… all year round ….. all their lives . Useful information is my favorite ….. not exactly news … but .

      One can always play mental volleyball with various articles which is done here to a point anyway on some topics .

      • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

        Of course I hit send then think of an example . Trailer RV world magazine , not long ago ran an article on really small trailers . This is news in the RV world . How would it apply to surviving / prepping . News is also new products as they relate to what this site promotes = Knowledge ! ! !

  3. IdahoBob says:

    “Does Donald Trump still want to be president”
    I believe he wanted to be president because he loves this country and wanted to make it great again. Do not get sucked in by the left who clearly do not love this country and want to make it into a third world country.

    “Venezuela At The Breaking Point – Is This The Future Of America”
    It might be if we abandon Trump. It should be obvious to everyone now that our elected Republicans are Rinos and have more in common with the Democrats. Also the Democrats are far left communist/socialists at heart and would eagerly take us down the path of Venezuela if they though it would get them more power and money. It is interesting that in the past the Democrats belonged to and were supported by far left communist and socialist groups but they hid this from the public. Now they are much more open about their affiliation with these anti-American groups. What has changed? I think they are confident that they will get rid of Trump and the the Republican Rinos will cooperate with them in the dismantling of our constitution.

    • IdahoBob,

      No one is getting sucked in by the left – I think Trump ran as a publicity stunt thinking that he had no chance of winning and then when he saw that he might have a chance he got more serious about it. Trump was not my first choice Rand Paul was and then Ted Cruz but then when it came to the point of being between Trump and Hillary I had to force myself to vote for Trump. But to be perfectly honest it doesn’t matter who runs or is in office in Washington because it’s still going to end the same because we are far past the tipping point.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      IB, I hate being that guy, but, trump doesnt give a fig about any of us or this country. Many of his largest holdings are offshores. πŸ™‚ think Casino’s and China πŸ˜‰

  4. Off topic, car attempted to go on a pedestrian walkway in time square, 1dead 12 wounded. Just a day after Bin Laden’s son called for lone wolf attacks. May be drunk driving though.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      My wife is there atm, literally at hotel above where it happened – while she enjoys traveling, being in nycommunism makes her a bit wary

  5. 3) Trump knew how business was cut throat but didn’t realize that in politics cut throat was literal with people like Hillary & the rest of the Democrats. Body count.

    8) Invest in alternative energy, generator/solar/wind installation/manufacturing companies. Gas stations first. Lol

  6. anonymous says:

    #2 topic – the reporter got it wrong. The woman was initially selling condoms that came with a free demonstration and had to switch to chicken nuggets because she forgot lunch at home. All just a misunderstanding. :^)

  7. Goatlover says:

    Is anyone else reaching the point that I am? I just can’t bring myself to read most of the so-called news anymore, regardless of its source. There’s so much craziness in our world and so many articles of fake news that I can’t stomach exposing myself to it. The world’s done gone nuts, is unimaginably corrupt, and I’m over here thinking about how I can increase my self sufficiency….hate leaving the farm anymore!

    • tommy2rs says:

      The world is the same as it always was, you just hear about more of it thanks to the 500 cable channels and the internet with every second person having a blog to repeat the worst of the click bait headlines. (now there’s a blog title if one believed in Truth in Advertising. Get all your news here on Click Bait Headlines! We promise every third word will be spelled correctly….lol) But I have to agree with you on one point….I hate leaving the mountain. Regardless of all that I still read everything I have time to read. Of course I also take a lot more aspirin these days for the headaches I get from the constant facepalming

      • tommy2rs,

        We need a few more prepper blogs… don’t you think? When I started this one there were only two others now there are 100’s fighting for the same 10 readers left that are still interested in prepping after Doomsday Preppers went off the air and Trump made it to the White House.

        • Seems to me that anyone who gave up prepping because The Donald won the election doesn’t believe in hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, solar flares, cyber war, or North Korean nukes. Or even in long term unemployment.

        • Oh my gosh M.D.; when I went to that vote site you had posted, I couldn’t believe how many there were. Almost ridiculous.

          However, I tend to stick to the Wolf Pack and occasionally I read “Ask A Prepper”. That is more than enough.

        • Owl Creek Observer says:

          M.D., I think you’re right, but a lot of us now have our preps at a level that we feel is about right for our situation so it’s more a matter of using and replacing what’s there. Of course there are always those things that we hadn’t thought about earlier so we do add them but that’s about it.

        • tommy2rs says:

          What’s needed is more like this one where people can toss ideas, opinions, arguments back and forth. Too many prepper blogs have had the comments sections invaded and ruined and the owner does nothing about it. There’s too many that just post whatever and no discussion allowed. And even more that are just full of crap and are a waste of bandwidth. And don’t even get me started on Reddit as a source of information.

          • Jesse Mathewson says:

            Tommy, ive found redditers to be basically morons with a keyboard sadly- went once and never again

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I live in a part of Southern Illinois where, as the country song tells about, our traffic jams are due to tractors. That’s my idea of home.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      GL. i read headlines, and if something really important or interesting i read or watch entire article… get most news from you tube… check weather every few days,unless something serious coming thru. Know exactly what you are talking about. … too many killings, too musch garbage going on. Trying to mind my own needs and cares while staying alert to the changes going on around .

  8. Just went to the big town today. Couldn’t get home fast enough, Too many cars, too many people, and not at all comfortable. GLAD i’m back to my little piece of quit. Did not feel safe.

    • You sound like me Bebe. I started ordering more of my food and household items from just so I can avoid crowds. I even have the cab company deliver my meds on occasion. They charge the same price as if I had taken the cab to the pharmacy. I am always glad when I get back home.

  9. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Definitely never getting my nuggets πŸ™‚

  10. No one has given any advice on this column so I guess that it’s perfect! Yeah!

  11. Penny Pincher says:

    Nuggets of wisdom, LOL

    In other news, Ebola has broken out in the Congo again and if I recall the doubling period is quite short, they estimate 400 cases which it’s probably more like 800 now due to people not knowing they were exposed yet.

    Cases #2 and 3 were the people treating the first patient.

    So here we go again. I hope nobody flies here this time. But I’d think the best thing to do is get ready to quarantine/bug in, just in case.

  12. 7) Trump impeachment: any Republicans talking impeachment are living examples of why the Republicans are properly known as the Party of Stupid.

    Republicans working to overthrow their own President….talk about how to at a minimum drive Trump’s supporters out of the party, and at a maximum bring on an armed revolt. Until 2015-16 I had never heard Americans volunteering that ‘America is over.’ Whatever legitimate criticisms we can make of The Donald -and there are plenty of them- Trump gave hope to a lot of people who had given up hope.

    Impeaching him is to declare war against people who found new hope. How well is that likely to work out? Democrats and Republicans joining hands to thwart the will of the Unredeemable Deplorables who have the effrontery to think they have a right to run their own lives as they see fit?

    • Penrod, Please do not confuse Juan McCain for the voice of Republicans. That’s just the MSM’s illusion.

    • tommy2rs says:

      War has already been declared, the battles have started and the sooner everyone realizes that the second civil war is raging the better. We’ve seen who the aggressors are, question is how long is too long to wait before taking the fight to them.

  13. It is going to be to late to prep, if you don’t start now. Food prices are going up and I just don’t know where it will all end.
    I go to the store about once a month, so I notice things that change quicker than most do, This is some of the changes I have seen in one month, food not re-stocked, and re-stocked with something else that is fast and easy, but not for long term storage. It is hard to put my finger on all the changes, but I can assure you things at the store are changing, and it’s not just the prices. People you need to pay attention to everything around you, look with your own eyes, don’t listen to what the news is telling you, look yourself, see for yourself. Now how about some prepper advice, Love You All Granny

    • Linda,

      So are you saying that you don’t like this column or that you don’t like news in general?

      • Love This Column, but not to happy with all the politics. Gripping about politics is not going to change, we need to prepare and not get side tracked.

        • JP in MT says:


          I can’t speak for anyone else; here, we are still prepping. We have not bought a lot of additional food for the last couple of months, mostly due to the money going to other high-priority issues. We still add something every week.

          As far as politics – I refuse to put my future into any persons hands that does not have a vested interest in it. So far, 45+ years of listening to politicians, I have not found one. Some are better than others, but they are still 2 sides of the same coin.

    • JD in NY says:

      Your absolutely correct on the food prices going up, for months I have buying the frozen concentrate OJ for 1.09 I went last week and it went up to1.99! Seriously??? Then there were other items that I buy about every 2 weeks and yep those all went up a minimum of 25 cents each. And there are a lot of holes on the shelves where food should be and when I asked most of the time I get well it’s was on our order but the truck didn’t have it. Hmmmm and that is not at just one store either. I have a budget I HAVE to stay in for food like most people and each time I go to the store I come home with less no matter how hard I try, UGH. I can’t wait for the garden to come in so I won’t have to buy fresh fruit and veggies for a few months.
      And Yes more garbage foods on the shelf with coupons (which I won’t buy even with coupons) instead of good solid food. Maybe to keep your body & mind malnourished so you are easier to control? Just a thought

      • Prepared Grammy says:

        I was at a big warehouse store and at my local grocery store in the last month. At both places I was told that something was “weird ” about getting items restocked. It’s just not happening like it used to. They said this just started a few months ago. Hmmm.

  14. Moon wolf says:

    The Daily Nugget .. possible name?

  15. Question for our leader. I notice you now have the advert. If I click on your link, will you get credit? It would be just as easy to go through your link as the one I use. I was really glad to see it here. It has saved me much wear and tear by ordering online.

  16. My interest level in prepping has diminished over the past couple years, though it’s still there. The reason is that I’ve spent years of time, money and energy prepping for things that never happened. Nuclear war, pandemics, EMP attacks, economic collapse – you name it. None of that stuff happened.
    I know: “….could be right around the corner!!!” Right.
    Just glad I never moved to the middle of nowhere where there are no jobs and little economic opportunities.
    The tired old trope is that doom is always lurking around the corner. Yet that’s led a lot of people to live in fear of things that never happened.
    I’m keeping a certain level of preparation in place but most doomer sites are focused on the end of the world, and that’s just a bit much for me.
    For those that disagree, enjoy life in your bunker or farm!

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Phil T,

        Prepping for doomsday is a fantasy propagated by Rawlsians and his silly idiot mentor, they have made millions off of selling lies and fantasies to people.

        Is there a historical precedent of civil unrest (10-25 year cycles), pandemics (much rarer and generally area specific), Carrington events (every 50-75 years scientifically proven- power varies, several minor ones a day hit earth), governments rise and fall (hello, history) but the reality is…most of us or our parents have never seen these things.

        ALL OF US have seen minor world changing events occur individually, from cancer through homes burning down.

        THIS IS WHAT A TRUE PREPPER/or whatever ridiculous term the leftist/rightwing elites label us. You see yankees (my term that generalizes both sides of that political coin) hate that southerners (again my generalization specifying those who desire self reliance over reliance on others) dont need them.

        If you prep, make sure your not buying alt fiction and ridiculous notions – I remember Rawles and his mentor and huzzah crowd prior to Y2K, of course I also knew enough about computers too know he was an idiot (or just a shady used car salesman) regarding that, do I enjoy electronics (absolutely typing on one right now) do I rely on them to live…NOPE.

        Prepping is just smart living.

        Not prepping shows ignorance in the extremis, much like people who refuse to buy auto insurance, health insurance etc., and than piss and moan when personal shtf- πŸ˜‰

        Waaa waaa I hear constantly, you know what my whining is based in?

        That this government so many support keeps passing laws that make common sense illegal- and do so with intent. Take a minute and look around…where do most silly laws come from- not people who are self reliant, you dont see farmers and ranchers and even urban self reliant types marching and hurting people…just saying.

  17. C Bonnett says:

    Trump is playing the Media and the Democrats like s fiddle. 30 years of dealing with the NY media, he is a master. While they grapple for the pieces of red meat he throws them he’s making changes to the country in profound ways not making it to the media. Toy don’t get 74% reduction in illegal immigration just because you were elected. He meet with the Russian Foreign Minister and it leaked out that he gave away “secretes”, only to embarrass the Media by making it look like they were fabricating “fake news”. He declared war on them in January. Do you think he just forgot? He needs to discredit them completely and he will. Just watch and laugh.

    • C Bonnett,

      From reading your comment I’d guess that you’ve been listening to Alex Jones, since you pretty much repeated all of his recent talking points about Trump. Jones has been love struck on Trump ever since Trump went on his radio show when no other candidate would.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Not sure why anyone watches that liar alex jones, he promotes lies like candy- and loves division like sharpton and jackson- its sickening.

  18. JD in NY says:

    MD as for your title it works for me…I just hate the news no matter who presents it but I read it to be educated on what’s going on in the world, ohhh to be blissfully ignorant at times πŸ˜‰ .
    As for impeachment well they were talking about it before Trump was even sworn in. So nothing new there. As for Comey,yea I’m going to believe him, sure, right after the tooth fairy drops off the unicorn I asked for when I was 5.
    I feel bad for the people in Venezuela as they starve and I’m sure TPTB are eating just fine. can it happen here? Why not, most people don’t bother to put up food or money and TPTB know this, much easier to control people when you control the food and money (up until they push people to the breaking point then all hell breaks loose).
    As for people prepping or stopping to prep because of one man is a little ridiculous. The Donald can’t stop a winter storm, hurricanes, job loss, grid failure from accidents, etc… so why stop?
    MD as for only 10 preppers left well I think you are exaggerating a bit…there has to be at least 11 on your site πŸ˜€ LOL

  19. Abenaki Prepper says:

    Would not suprise me if RNK is behinded the attacks on the attacks on the computer systems and there Nuke program is a smoke screen

  20. Red tower says:

    I am remembering an old prepper’s adage from years back: “Prepare as if there will be no tomorrow; live as if there is.” Most of us old timers have that one down pretty pat, but i’ve been encountering a number if folks around here who see the events of the day and feel the uneasiness in their mind, but still can’t manage that leap to acting upon it. They ask me what to do, and listen with interest but never DO. It’s like leading the horse to water, but it won’t drink.
    Someone mentioned how things in the stores are changing. They want us eating junk, the chemical Laden food that keeps us calm and dull and lethargic, unwilling or unable to buck the system. And no, I didn’t get that from Alex Jones. Though he isnt wrong, he isnt aware of how close we are to this reality being fulfilled. Neither are most people, even the ones who are awake.
    Stay ready, wolfies, and God bless.

  21. 123pieguy says:

    M.D. – I have to say that you, along with the contributions of so many here, have produced a pretty effective community and reference resource for all of us. I don’ t chime in very often, but am so thankful for the overall (that does not mean every) attitude and most practical advice given by so many. Not much into the political chatter – being a general (small g) Trump supporter, but he does need some level headed adults to help him manage, I’ll admit.
    You asked for a few ideas, so here’s one. This group is a pretty good mixture of generally conservative, self sufficient individuals. And while there is some slight diversity of opinion on a few issues that come up, I am reminded of the recent kerfuffle in Democrat circles when pro life women tried to partake in a womens rights or some such parade. Could not be tolerated! Purity of doctrine or small minds think alike or some such rule of nature being expressed, and we were all rightly amazed at the intolerance.
    Now…my point and suggestion. There are a numer of topics (did not say litmus test) that pop up in this lively forum at times. And while I generally agree with the overall sentiments, the are a few topics that, like the pro life one, that find me not marching in the main throng of the parade, so to speak.
    So what I propose, with some hesitance, is a once a week , adult, rational, fact based if possible online DEBATE topic. Members here usually are well behaved and usually rationally reacting sorts. Some members are quite mature and well spoken when disagreed with (certainly depends on the tone and manner of differences expressed).
    This could be an exercise for the group and for each member in how well we are able to hold conversations with those we may not see eye to eye on regarding certain topics. And each of us me included may find out something we may have to chew a bit more than we have in the past. I have changed my mind on a few major topics myself over the years, in part thanks to frank discussions with those of a different mind.
    So what say you, M.D. everyone else here? Or will we all react like the parade organizers? Just who do we let in our parade? Some may be marching already, but I will be the first to agree that not everything goes. Might be a challenge figuring out the proper edge of the discussion. And what topics might we kick around? I’ve got a few be wish to hear from others.
    Forgive the long post, M.D., but you asked.

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