The Federal Reserve is Engineering The Economic Collapse: Peter Schiff

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  1. All I know for sure is we, collectively, can not continue to spend our resources like we are. It is unsustainable. That goes for money, oil, energy, or whatever. We are scavenging at a “civilized” level. If you don’t make it from the components, someone else has to. If you don’t produce the components, someone else has to.

    Making soap at home, from store bought components is a great way to save money, but what are you going to do when those components are no longer at the store, any store.

    Whether there is some big conspiracy for the wealthy to rule over the poor, the middle class has to disappear for them to go back to a true elite/serf system. They may think they want that, that they are naturally more capable of running things that “their lessers” they need the middle class to do the things they don’t want to do.

    I think there will be tighter controls over wealth and arms. But elimination of the middle class will do more harm to the elite than many think.

    • When the elite of the elitists controls the world’s wealth, they won’t need anything, but slaves. They will simply kill off what they don’t want and make the world their slave. That IS their plan. It will work……for awhile.

  2. The Federal Reserve has been engineering America’s collapse since 23 Dec 1913. Even before the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the central bankers were playing their games all the way back to the late 1700’s.

    You can call them the Feds, the central bankers, but the bottom line is they ARE the House of Rothschild, formerly known as Rothschild and sons.

    They have in FACT manipulated every war we have been in since 1812. They are manipulating us NOW.

    America has been a stalwart country for over 2 centuries. We have had a great military presence, we once had one of the best economies, by and large at one time, we had honest journalists, we had good health insurance, we weren’t afraid of losing our weapons and we damn sure weren’t talking about preparing for a SHTF scenario, much less some form of revolution.

    So what happened? Obamao happened. We can’t blame everything on the doof, but we can blame over $8 trillion in increased debt and rising. He has the highest dept to GDP (at 102.7) percent of ANY administration in history, yet the tax revenues have been the highest for 2 yrs running.

    It is not just the economy per se that will take us down. To take a country down you must create total societal chaos on ALL levels. The Obamacare is basically defunct. This administration has forced fed the taxpayers with with all manner of illegal miscreants now on welfare and free medical. Obamao is thrusting more illegals on this country with his Syrain imports costing us an untold fortune. Control the media is a high point to breaking down society. Foist “Acts”, agendas and laws on citizens that are in direct conflict with the Constitution. Create an amoral society. Encourage racism. The Baby in Chief has done all this and more.

    Lastly, desperation sets in. His last year in office he HAS to disarm us. His puppet masters have stepped up the pace. The controllers know, as long as America is armed, they cannot take us down without one hell of a fight. We can only imagine what hell awaits us in 2016….Obamao’s last year squatting in the oval office.

  3. nimble fingers says:

    I respectfully challenge your statement about the House of Rothschild. Without any backup, I challenge your first 3 paragraphs. They sound like Jew-baiting. I don’t like that.
    Backup your opinion, please.

    • ” They sound like Jew-baiting. ”

      Puhleeeeze!!!!! The Rothschilds aren’t even true Jews. They are Khazars aka Zionists……the money changers sound familiar? Nor is any of what I wrote an opinion. It IS fact!J

      Judaism represents the REAL Jews. How hard is it to do some research?

      Let me know when you need more light reading. I can recommend several dozen good books.

      Even M.D. posted an article on the FRS. Go holler at him. At least HE gets it.

      Fyi: The Federal Reserve Act expired 2 years ago. Yet it is still running our money. They screamed Billy hell when congress recently suggested it was time to audit them. Ron Paul at least tried.

      From the man who signed the FRA into law for 100 yes….

      “The government, which was designed for the people, has got into the hands of the bosses and their employers, the special interests. An invisible empire has been set up above the forms of democracy”.

      “A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible”.

      You tried this BS once before, if you are going to do it again, at least use your real nic.

      • nimble fingers says:

        ~Hola Izzy….
        I am finally getting back to see what you had to say about the Rothschilds. Thank you for your response. I was hoping you would have something to share and you have.

        Many years ago I read about this family. I followed the founder and his sons, their ups and downs, over 2 centuries, and they have always been hated. Jealousy, I guessed back then, and still think so, was the cause of such animosity. Its been a long time, but what I remember is they took financial risks big time for governments, kings at the time, and were rewarded accordingly. At the time, no one knew who would come out on top, so, financially it was a risk. They took it. I remember that no one else came forward to help out the government/King at the time. Also, I remember that laws of the country were biased against the Jews at the time. I remember thinking the Rothschilds had no choice at the time but to loan the money. One has a choice always, I know, but realistically, the Rothschilds were targets, and I really don’t think they had a choice but to find the money to help the government or King as the case may be. Its been over 25 years since I’ve read about them, so this is all coming from deep memory.

        Anyway, I took a look at the first link you gave. I read the first part of it. The most outlandish proposal is that the Rothschilds are satanic or satanists. You know, just saying things doesn’t make them true. I’m sorry, Izzy, but the author of the first link is filled with anger, with malice. It oozes through the writing. It sounds like propaganda. It isn’t a reasoned, thoughtful, presentation.

        Much of the first part of the article was new to me, and some of it I already knew. But from long ago, I admired the way the Rothschild clan were loyal to each other in a time when Jewish people were targets of pogroms and confined to ghettos. They had a plan and wanted to survive. Perhaps the fact that they have survived so well is what causes such anger against them. After all, to live well is the greatest insult to one’s haters.

        You don’t know this about me, but I am one who searches for the beginnings of things. I spent the last 18 months looking for the answer as why Mr. Foley was beheaded. I wanted to know why. I now know why. Another time, I wanted to know where the ornate 1st letter found in medieval manuscripts came from. It took I while, but I found the source. Another time, I looked for quite a while to find out who began writing, the first alphabet. I found an answer for that, too. So, in keeping with what I do, I am going ask myself this question and then find the answer: Are the Rothschilds merely accused or are they really the Source of a modern banking conspiracy?

        But this isn’t the real issue, I think. I think it is about blame. It is so easy to blame the very wealthy for just about anything. Why the Jews are so hated, blamed as Zionists….and why is that bad, when they are just returning to their homeland which God Himself gave them!…and not being “real” Jews. That is the real issue I think. Which brings me back again to my first comment to you about Jew-baiting….because it seems that the anger starts with the Rothschild family and then moves outward until Israel and Zionists are all evil and satanic, which I don’t believe. Why the anger? I say, “Thank you Lord” that the Rothschild funded the beginning of Israel as a Zionist movement, in the 19th century, according to the article. If not for that, where could European Jewery flee to in safety in this year of 2015? Thank God for Israel which takes them in and if the Rothschild helped that founding so long ago, what great foresight….by looking to their own history as hindsight, I believe.

        I think you and I are just going to have to respectfully disagree. I don’t begrudge the Rothschilds their wealth and I don’t see them as the enemy. You do. So be it.

        BTW, were you referring to me when you wrote the last sentence? I very seldom write here in the 3 years I’ve been following MD’s site, and I do not know what “real nic” means.

  4. Good stuff Izzy…. The John Birch Society (JBS) was attacked by msm for being anti semitic… so much so the CA Legislature began a study w/intention of censuring the JBS for being anti semetic- quite a few of those labeled as being commies or commie sympathizers by JBS had Jewish surnames.

    When the smoke cleared, the CA Legislature congratulated JBS for doing patriotic work.

    James Perloff (half Jew from father’s side) has written articles delineating the banksters’ negative/treasonous acts since the late 1800’s. He labels they & their minions as zionists, willing to throw innocent Jews to their peril to further their ambitions.

    There are numerous you tubes w/Perloff regarding his exhaustive research into the banksters bankster’s & their cronies (fdr, lbj, ike, jfk, truman, etc.). Chief among the banksters cast are the rockefellers, morgans, duponts, etc.

    Seems they like to make money propping up soviet & chinese industry, using Export Import bank to write loans (often way under prime), leaving the US taxpayer on the hook when the default comes.

    I use to enjoy Peter Schiff’s radio program. Very in depth financial analyses. That is till I heard him come out in favor of a con con….

    Keep up the great comments!

    • Some of Perloff’s articles have appeared in JBS publication: The New American.

    • Thanks bobbo. Many, many years of research and travel for viewing documents. Plus the help of my cousin who worked the family for 50+ years.

      On JFK being a crony, I don’t think so. He was determined to get rid of the Rothschilds. He did switch the mints back to U.S. Treasury bills. I have 2 brand new crispy ones personally signed by the Treasury Secretary. Watch his short speech on the “Zionists”. he was dead within 4 months I think it was.

      I am amazed Perloff is still alive with the works he has put out.

      You do know that 2 countries in recent years have managed to to kick the central bankers out? Amazingly, their economy has improved. We have a gutless congress or they would have taken them out in 2013. Frightening what cowards we have representing this country.

      • Izzy- some thoughts…..

        Too much early work by jfk to keep him seperate from that list, still I’ll grant you he may have broken ranks….. no way oswald was sooo accurate w/a cheap bolt action in 6.4 secs @ a moving target, even though he was a Marine. Hence warren report (like robert’s commission on Pearl Harbor) a deception. Also, some of Bay of Pigs fiasco lays @ jfk;s doorstep.

        I get a kick out of Perloff’s presentations regarding some incredible accusations- backed up w/lotsa facts. Quite the researcher, too.

        In closing, till later, here’s a quote/quip I love (don’t remember the source): ‘I was told that if I voted for Goldwater, we’d be @ war in Viet Nam in 6 months…. I did vote for Goldwater& sure enough, it came true.’

        Gotta figure lbj had hand in assassination, even if only to benefit. Started trade w/Eastern Europe bloc increasing commie ‘wehrmacht’ used against our troops in country. Throw mcnamara in w/that lot (cfr). Rolling Thunder, my ass! TCGB!

        I remember the Kennedy dollar…. albeit short lived.

      • Heard about those 2 countries, unclear on pertinents. Perloff contends hitler didn’t use European central banks, hence he drew Brits & USA ire……

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