The Media’s New Poster Child for Those Crazy Preppers

Jimmy Lee Dykes: The Media’s New Poster Child for Those Crazy Preppers : The mainstream media has painted a scary picture, performing due diligence in creating another negative generalization to demonize preppers, much like they did when news came out that Nancy Lanza, mother of alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, was preparing for the possibility of an economic collapse.

Folks, I predicted the future demonization of the term “prepper” by the media over three years ago…The term prepper came into use after the media had successfully demonized the term “survivalist” and was used by “survivalists” in an attempt to be more politically correct.

After awhile many of the folks referring to themselves as preppers, started to believe the media propaganda and smear campaign and actually started to think that there was a difference between survivalists and preppers and that if they referred to themselves as preppers that they were somehow “better” and more mainstream, civilized or less crazy.

You would be surprised at the “preppers” who’ve gotten very hatful with me for my using the term “survivalist” instead of “prepper” on the blog (I use both for SEO purposes). They insisted that they were not survivalists but preppers and demanded that I change the name of the blog and the language of my posts and books to reflect this or they were going to stop reading.

Now that the media has started the smear campaign of “preppers” I wonder what the new preferred term will be…? Lets see… fuzzy bunnies would be a good one, who could demonize that… right. We all love fuzzy bunnies.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the Definition of Survivalist is : a person who advocates or practices survivalism; especially: one who has prepared to survive in the anarchy of an anticipated breakdown of society.

Definition from The Free Dictionary online “a survivalist is someone who tries to ensure their personal survival or the survival of their group or nation.”

According to a survivalist is “a person who makes preparations to survive a widespread catastrophe, such as an atomic war or anarchy, especially by storing food and weapons in a safe place.”

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary a survivalist is “a person who prepares for a dangerous or unpleasant situation such as a war by learning how to survive outdoors, practicing how to use weapons, storing food, etc.”

According to Scrabble Word Finder a survivalist is “a person who believes in being prepared to survive and is actively preparing for possible future emergencies and disruptions in local, regional, national, or international social or political order.”

Sorry folks, I could not find an official definition for the term prepper but according to The Urban dictionary a prepper is “someone who focuses on preparedness, generally for various worst-case scenarios like peak oil or Armageddon. Sometimes used to avoid the more loaded term survivalist.”

I personally, could not care less what the main-stream media thinks about me – I will not change who I am to be more “politically correct”, main-stream or acceptable. I am a survivalist period! Have been for over 20 years and I’m not going to change now. It’s what I know, who I am and who that I’m proud to be…

What about you?

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Mystery Guest says:

    It makes no difference what title is used.
    We have to remember that those that are critical are usually those that have the mental acquity of road kill.
    I PREP to SURVIVE any and all things that could at any time make my life difficult.

  2. It always amazes me that not 100 years ago, people ‘put away for a rainy day’ because you never know when you couldn’t get something. Frugal was cool. No one was called a ‘survivalist’ or a ‘prepper’ because those activities were required for LIFE.

    Now we live in a world of excess, and I’ll say a brand new world of excess. Of course, most people alive today were born into this excess, don’t know anything but and couldn’t conceive of anything but.

    100 years is a blink in history, it’s nothing, no time whatsoever. Our way of life depends on a global economy and hundreds of thousands of trucks delivering all of our essentials on a daily basis.

    What would happen of those trucks stopped, even for a week?

    Mass stupidity. It’s incredible.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Mike, I’ll tell you something else. It’s not even a question of “if” the excess will go away, but “when” it will go away. We are living in a strange era where some people believe they can suspend the laws of nature. They will be as shocked as the sheeple themselves when it all comes tumbling down. It’s like watching a slow-motion train wreck with no means to stop it.

    • We’re just taking advantage of the “excess” while we can.

    • Patricia Smith says:

      Loved your comment! Save for a rainy day was a term long used by our grandparents. Now we are a bunch of whackos who insist on caring for our loved ones instead of letting the government do it. What a pity. Our society has gone to hell.

  3. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    MD, you remind me of a phrase I’ve heard over and over and…. over. “You must first respect the opinion before it can give any offense.” Now here is the….. abstract part of this….. first thing I thought about when I read the above was……. Popeye the sailor man. “.. I yam what I yam and I don’t give a damm. I’m Popeye the sailor man… Toot toot…” It is a good thing that many of the people we have gotten to know have ‘taken’ the subtle example and ‘directed gifts’ and suggested reading….. Youtube and site forwards. My DW and I have qualdrupled the size of ‘like minded’ souls we know. Are they “Preppers”… Survivalistas….? I believe they are now by association and shared point of view…. How well they are prepared is something we all have to determine… for ourselves.

    I am Thomas T…he Tinker man….. I yam what I yam and I don’t give a damm I’m Thomas T…he Tinker man!

    Well that went well with the morning coffee…………….

  4. I am with you, MD. We have survived for 77 years, had my 9 acres and grew all our vegetables and fruits, had chickens, goats, cows, geese and bees before it was the” thing to do”. At that time I was a “back to the land” person. And also had a very difficult full job as an administrator in programming and accounting, during the week. At this stage of the game of life count me as a survivalist, prepper or whatever name that want to tag me with. All I know is that I can still do more today than our “do nothing give me everything” current youth.

    We have worked hard all our lives, and taught our children and grandchildren to be hard workers and good citizens. That was the best thing we ever did.

    MD, I am proud to be a survivalist and part of the Pack.

    God bless, Linda Lou

  5. Time was, almost everyone could have been classified as a prepper and it was taken for granted. There were even children’s tales to reinforce it: the Ant and the Grasshopper.

    Demonization is done by those who want to take down someone else.

    We must ask who would want to specifically take down people who are in a position to help their neighbors and themselves survive hardships? Perhaps someone who wants to impose those hardships. Why would someone want to impose hardships? Perhaps to keep or wrest control, perhaps to kill off a large number of people… they want to take us down so that they can take everyone else down. We are the hard targets, the squeaky wheels, the possible leaders of resistance to any pogroms. There are only so many people naturally disposed to be leaders, and any dictator/tyrant worth their salt takes them out first in order to control the rest of the people.

    The time for worrying what those wolves say about us is over. If they have to make prime time shows about preppers, to control public opinion, they’re resorting to being obvious. Obviously they’re close to their end game, if the heat is up so high that they have to be obvious about it.

    Consider the fact that Congress just voted to make official government propaganda legal again. The last time we had government propaganda was WW2. If that’s not obvious I don’t know what is.

    Stack ’em high and deep.

  6. Learned my lessons from parents and grandparents who had miserable times during the great depression. I walked away from what they taught for most of my adult life as I have always been able to afford pretty much whatever I wanted. Not big things……….not interested in yachts, Cadillacs or expensive clothes, etc……but if I wanted a new range for the kitchen, a new couch for the living room, etc, I could do it. After living through a couple of major California earthquakes partially prepared, I watched the crap go down following Katrina. That was my wake up call. I prayed to God to tell my dead grandparents and parents to forgive me, took the serious conversations with the love of my life to heart and went to work. The last two years have been about survival/prepping or maybe it could be called just plain saving! Buy it on sale and store it well! Thought honestly about how little my $ were making in the bank and “invested” elsewhere in hard goods. If I wanted to sell some silver or gold, I would make money on it. If I wanted to sell some ammo or a gun, I would make money on it. The food I can always eat. Very little wasted now, and yes I am safer! They can call me whatever they want. My cooking skills are better, my canning and drying skills are superb, I hit what I aim at when I shoot, I think more about what is going on around me, I take care of my loved ones in a much better way. I am a better person now than I was 5 years ago, thanks to this blog and good books. “They”, the ones that continue to go through life not heeding the signs around us, can be the ones that suffer. My grandparents and parents taught me well, so I and mine won’t be the ones suffering this time…………..

    • Better late than never, I say. Kudos to you for getting to it! 🙂

    • Nice going worrisome! I followed much of the same path at the same time for the same reason. While I still have far to go with more signs every day.

  7. People have gotten used to being able to get anything they want, when they want it. Then there is a problem with the system keeping up with demand; just look at the current gun and ammo problem.

    “Just in time delivery” like many modern changes to business, will cause more problems than it will truly solve.

    • I was actually thinking about this on the way to work. As I was driving in I was looking at the physical size of the stores/convience stores and realized that in the grand scheme of things they really don’t have any inventory. Everything now days (from grocery to goods) is strickly JIT deliveries. It wouldn’t take much at all to disrupt things and cause a mass panic over empty shelves because there really is nothing in the back.

  8. Remember “sticks and stones can hurt your bones, but words can never hurt ya”.
    That’s sums it up for me. It’s just a word or words. As a responsible American, I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of myself and family. Not depend on the local or fed government. As a dollar stretcher or prudent shopper, facing high inflation…buy today, can it, freeze it, dehydrate it…for tomorrow. Given the fact every city, county is facing cut-backs…the police and fire can not protect everyone…period. I’m not standing around waiting ! We buy insurance to protect our cars, homes, and bodies…I’ve chosen to be proactive make my own insurance by preparing for tomorrow in every way I can. Call me a survivalist, a prepper, an idiot, or whatever…I’m responsible, prudent, and proactive…plain and simple. How many years have the LDS mormans prepared for themselves? People world wide are waking up realizing our world is changing…get on the changing lifestyle boat or sink.
    Call me a proactive ole gal who was raised before the “gimme” world started. Back to dehydrating and my garden…

    • Well said Lynn! I imagine if/when TSHTF, the ‘gimme crowd’ will be whining that we have what we prepped for, and they don’t, and how unfair it is.

      • Be prepared, they have been doing more than whining for years. With the level of social breakdown they will attempt to take it from you. Hate to say it but the thin level of civility they show now will be tossed as they face their demise from excess. Keep your powder dry.

    • worrisome says:

      Time to turn the sticks and stones around! Start humiliating them with sharp and demeaning comedy every chance you get. People don’t like to side with losers and those deemed to be “not popular because they are being laughed at” ……..some of those in the middle perhaps will start to look around and see ……….just sayin

  9. mother of two says:

    No matter what is said anymore someone is going to be offended. We have a world of whiny people who cry over everything that doesn’t go along with their way of thinking. If its left up to the government and others we would all be like robots thinking and doing things all alike. We would no longer be an individual in our own right. I say, ” people get over yourselves and learn how to not take everything personally. Learn how to laugh.” I am sorry people I have to be who I am and if you get offended I say, “so be it.” Life is too short to always worry about watching everything you say for fear of hurting someones feelings ( toughen up and quit taking everything as a personal attack). Trying to make everyone happy is an impossible task.

  10. HomeINsteader says:

    WE love you just the way you are, MD! And our fellow Pack members, just the way they are!

    I hope the libtards HATE it here and soon go try to force their sick personal preferences and left-leaning opinions down the throats of someone who cares.

  11. It will be difficult, if not impossible to survive without prepping. They can call me what they wish…just don’t call me to let you in after the balloon goes up.

  12. I told an Obama supporting friend who told me of her crazy prepping-for-disaster sister, asked what I have been doing. I told her that I was a survivalist. It scared her away and I haven’t heard from her since then.

    Common sense to prepare for disasters as our grandparents did is no longer common. I believe we are out of the mainsteam because we DO NOT SHARE the administration’s REDISTRIBUTION OF PANIC AND CHAOS. This panic happens to further their agenda of outcries for the government to fix it, be dependent on them, leading to a socialist enslaved society where all suffer except for the elete power hungry ruling class.

  13. I call my self a preparnoid. That could be the next new term…………..

  14. SurvivorDan says:

    Survivalist vs welfare folk.
    Man…that’s a tough choice to make.
    Sheepdogs vs Sheeple.
    Baaaa! No…I don’t really like the sound of that.
    Grass eatin’ libtards!
    I’ll call myself a survivalist. And proudly. Indeed.

    • breadmomma says:

      lamb goes quite well with mustard…I am a meat eating red blooded survivalist…not a grass eating sheeple…

  15. I use the term “Self Reliant” because that is really my own personal goal — to be reliant on my self and my family only. Not on the government, on the CAFO factory farmers, or even on our healthcare system.

  16. Ho hum, a rose by any other name is still a rose.

    Certain left-wingers and media are certainly fixated on denigrating “roses.” Yes, I see Penny Pincher’s comments and understand very well.

    Years ago, I thought everybody had a pantry. My grandmothers did and my parents to some degree did. My farming relatives had pantries. Unfortunately, just in time seems to be the order of the day for most folks anymore. I think those who don’t have food/water/supplies for at least a week or two or three (or longer) are weird.

    • Come to think of it, I know lots of people who didn’t even have a flashlight until they went thru the last two summers of derechos and a hurricane or two. That’s not even weird, that’s just plain dumb.

    • Funny thing about pantries, for years houses were not built with one, but in recent years, the bigger houses have huge pantries. Why is that?

  17. My name is Mama J and I am a Thrivalist. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go……clean out my chicken coop.

  18. Guess they’ll be going after the Boy Scouts next, since their motto is ‘Be Prepared’? Or are they already on Big Sis Janet Napolitano’s “potential terrorist” list?

    • They’ve been after the Scouts for years.

    • Im proud to say Im a former Boy Scout **thumbs up**

    • They hate the Boy Scouts because they teach Patriotism, work-ethic and self-reliance.

      Although it looks like they’re finally going to get the Scouts to cave on gay leaders. And, in a few years, they’ll be going after the Scouts just like they’re going after the Catholic church for pedophilia.

      Funny how the Left never goes after the teachers for their pedophilia – the numbers dwarf anything that’s happened in the Catholic church.

      • “They hate the Boy Scouts because they teach Patriotism, work-ethic and self-reliance.”

        Really… I think you’re on the wrong site. Maybe you should check out You’d fit in better there.

        • Really, SW?

          Not sure why that comment would put me in the “Sheeple” category.

          As far as I’m concerned, patriotism, a strong work-ethic and self-reliance are a good thing. And I believe most here would agree with me.

          Perhaps it isn’t me who is on the wrong site.

  19. When talking to others, I am neither a prepper nor a survivalist. I am one who is trying to become more self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency includes buying things in bulk so I can afford other things (like paying off debt). It’s all in the spin. The media has chosen it’s current spin in regard to preppers and survivalists – and it’s negative, as usual.

    • True story – after Christmas, some kids moved a man-hole cover and put a Christmas tree in the hole. It was right in the middle of an intersection in my neighborhood and two of my daughters took pictures of it. Kinda cute and funny, but ultimately in the way and a possible danger due to the sewer hole being open. The sad part of the story is that no one thought they could just take care of it themselves – it looked like everyone was waiting on someone from the county to move the tree and put the cover back. Well, the DH took care of it on his way home – I definitely live in a neighborhood full of liberals.

  20. Not only is it preppers but the largest preppardenss orginization advocating preparedness is under attack. The boy scouts. Motto: Be Prepared.

  21. Dang. I must have missed the memo. I didn’t know either of those words was bad. I try reading in context and with understanding the biases of the writer/speaker. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that I needed a label. Since the label is only useful with those who are not like minded I prefer to be the guy down the street and around the corner with the two little dogs. What others don’t know won’t hurt me. Just curious, is a secondary beneficiary of a preppers preparation a preppee or preppy?

  22. I don’t care what people want to call it… a lifestyle… a survivalist… a prepper…
    Call it what you want, I call it “Keep on keepin’ on” no matter what it takes

  23. rev. dave says:

    I prefer the term “boy scout”, as in the motto “Be Prepared”. Let the media try to portray boy scouts as psychotic, maladjusted, terror suspects. They’ll simply discredit themselves, and the agenda will become more obvious than ever. If there is one thing to learn from Karl Rove, it’s to control the discussion via the terms you use – name yourself, don’t let the enemy name you.

    Repeat after me: “I’m a boy scout.” Good. Again: “I’m a boy scout”.

    Of course, since The Bible teaches us to be ‘prepped’ and ready to fight or survive, we can also say “I follow Biblical teachings” for those who aren’t necessarily Christian or who disagree with the ‘thumper’ connotation that “Christian” has taken on in the last few decades. Or you can say you follow LDS principles. Whatever. Just don’t fall into calling yourself what the enemies call you.

  24. Why is it if the “media” puts it in print or the evening news discusses it the “sheeple” think it is the absoulute black & white truth. I get pretty fed up with the “pap” on tv news nowadays, it seems to be canted to mesmarize the population with usless info & sensationalisim into (dare I say it) tv zombies!
    (Prepper or survivalist) They both are a part & piece of being prepared for whatever may come. (the government now wants folke to believe that is wrong too) Of course the gvt is there to feed, house & protect you, just look at New Orleans (;-( ) You know the old “were with the gvt & we r here to help you!!!” (if your smart you’ll run as far & as fast as you can, find a hole & pull it in after you!)
    I myself come from a long lone of prepared folks who live out in the country & nc/al hills. You canned, dried & stored your food & seeds grew or hunted your meat & gardened. They traded & bartered with their friends & neighbors at the weekend market. I choose live this way now & prefer to call myself a “Realist”. I prepare as my ancestors did so we can live well no matter what happens next week,month or year.

    • Because they can’t believe that people who are supposed to be trustworthy would lie to them. Unfortunately, leftist ideology is the new faith. And like all fanatics, the end justifies the means. So when NBC keeps editing newsclips to make the right look bad, they can justify it. And the sheeple buy it.

    • Feather,

      Those people are, sadly, the ones who think so little of themselves that they believe that the media talking heads and the politicians are smarter than they are.

  25. Texanadian says:

    There always has to be an enemy. Someone who is in the out-group to be looked down upon, shunned and denigrated. By having the masses focus on preppers/survivalists it gives the gooberment leeway to take control of other parts of their lives. The masses fearing the unknown, the unknow being us, welcome or even ask those in power for help and protection at the cost of thier liberty. Like magicians slights of hand the government gets them looking one way while the real agenda is hidden.

    Call me a prepper, survivalist or whatever, I don’t care either. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

    Mama J, I like the thrivalist. I may just use that. 🙂

    • Too true Texanadian , I’m proud of my prepping and plan on surviving “whatever” with God in my heart . But at the same time it pays to heed the “Dukes” creedo…I won’t be wronged, insulted, or laid a hand to – I do this to no one else and I require the same from them !
      I’m a Texan who never cared for the succession from the Union , I’m proud of this entire Nation not just my State ! But we keep electing these brilliant rays of sunshine to our Government , so maybe one day
      it’ll workout and we can be The Great Nation we once were !

  26. The problem is not only the media. For years several self professed “survivalist/preppers” have been bad actors. Killing, bombing, kidnapping. The fact that they don’t represent the majority of the good people always gets lost in the “if it bleeds it leads” media. Same as gun control. But you can’t pretend these people “don’t” exist.

    I’ve read “survivalists” going back 35 years saying they would just kill any trespassers once the balloon goes up. Maybe it was just talk. But it’s dangerous, frightening talk that makes ALL preppers/survivalists seem like fringe lunatics.

    So lets remember that we are a fraternety/sororety of people who want to help each other. We don’t/can’t even agree on what prepping is. How involved we are. Length of time, extent. Me, I just want to be able to survive blizzards, blackouts and storms as comfortably as I can. I know many of you see this as a long term life style change.

    • And yet equally bad apples are not allowed to taint the “animal rights”, “environmentalist” and other leftist movements.

      Ask yerself why that is.

    • EthanP,

      “Killing, bombing, kidnapping”? Really?

      Yes, some “survivalists” have talked of defending their property/killing people once the SHTF, but I can only think of a couple that have actually killed anyone. Let alone bombing or kidnapping.

      On the other hand, I can give you a long list of Leftists in this country who have engaged in murder – including all of the mass shootings in the recent past.

      Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

      Remember: the “Peace and Love” crowd worship at the altar of the tyrants who murdered 150 million people last century.

      • Warmongerel,

        Yep, I’ve never heard any survivalist / prepper suggest such things, I know on this blog we stress helping our neighbor and helping out community… We have guns for self-defense if forced to defend ourselves.

        Killing, bombing, kidnapping – sounds more like things terroists and governments do…

  27. G F SD survivalist says:

    It is very sad that we survivalists, who live in a supposedly free society, are ridiculed for what we are or what we believe. We live in a society where only the bad is reported because this is what sells.

    Mike is right. We do live in a world of excess. Some of us have forgotten what our Grand Parents had to do just to get by. It is very unfortunate that most of the people who demonize the survivalist have no idea what it is that we do, or have no idea what to do for themselves if faced with a crises. They think their food comes from the store with no idea of how it got there, but this is where everyone should get it. These people believe that someone or their government will take care of them in any situation. Just look at the news casts after Sandy. They believe that their way of life is good enough for them so it should be good enough for everyone, and anyone that doesn’t believe as they do is an outcast. This is just what the government wants. We will be demonized by the government operated media for believing that we can take care of ourselves or each other without the help of the government.

    I will say that I’m proud to be a survivalist. I’m proud of my Parents and Grand Parents for teaching me how to be a surviver.

  28. I don’t understand the pettiness when it comes to terminology. The point is: that we want to be prepared to take on what is clearly coming our way, so that we are able to survive. There are more important things to worry about than squabbling over definitions of words. If people are so offended over verbage, then let them move on to another site. It’s as simple as that. I’m sick and tired of all of the “PC” stuff, so we don’t “offend” some poor sensative soul who will flail around in a tizzy over something trivial, like using the word prepper or survivalist. All I know, is that I’m here to learn and I really appreciate the information I gleen off this site. I don’t care what you call yourself. My name is Junipers, period.

    • Texanadian says:

      “If people are so offended over verbage, then let them move on to another site.”

      If your freedom of speach ends when someone becomes offended, you don’t have freedom of speech.
      – Micheal Berry, Houston Talk Radio Host.

      • You’re absolutely right & I’m not walking on egg shells the rest of my life. One can be respectful and respectfully disagree.

  29. Soggy Prepper says:

    Ignorant people will always demonize what they don’t understand. Liberals attack everyone and everything, especially if it has to do with the Constitution and being self-reliant.

    I actually use both words interchangeably. But I usually don’t use the term around people that are not family or friends familiar with or doing what we are.

    Opsec. Getting crazy out there.

  30. worrisome says:

    Here is another guy we should be sending a Thank You too, just like the Sandy Hook Father the other day in Congress who put himself out there and told it like it is……………Really proud to have read about this one….

    • worrisome,
      Sorry, but I’m not posting any links to “The Blaze” site – if you remember a few days ago some readers complained that they were being sent to porn sites, well it was because they had clicked on a link to that site that someone had posted in the comments here and going to the site they picked up some spyware / virus.

      I did not know what was going on until my security scanner for the blog caught it and let me know about the bad link (the link has been removed). Folks were (as usual) blaming me when it was another site via a bad link posted in the comments.

      • worrisome says:

        Ok Md, I understand! This minister spoke this morning at the prayer breakfast and stood up in front of Obama to say that PC had gone way to far and that people were afraid to speak their minds anymore. AND he did a bit on our debt, right to Obama’s face…………that is why I sent it. But if we are having link problems, we must protect ourselves. Thanks,

  31. Here in New Zealand I am a “Lifestyler” because I live on a “Lifestyle Block”. This means I live on a 10 acre block on the outskirts of the city, I am (aiming at) self sufficiency in growing my own food (veges / fruit and meat/eggs/honey), I am off-grid for water (collect rainwater, onsite sewage system) and working towards off-grid electricity.

    These blocks are called “Lifestyle Blocks” because to live on what is effectively a small farm becomes a lifestyle in its own right. Lifestylers have to learn all about animal husbandry, gardening / horticulture and learning to “make-do” with what we have.

    I have virtually no plan to “bug out” because I am better off staying put in an emergency (unless the volcano I am living under decides to do its thing!) Power cuts during every storm have become normal, so we have torches, candles, and woodburning stove. We have no municipal water or sewage lines, and power and phone lines are unreliable.

    There is some tension between the lifestylers and the “real farmers” who farm hundreds of acres because we don’t earn a full time income from the land, but their criticisms are usually aimed at those who own a “McMansion” – a huge home on a couple of acres, huge pretty garden and a ride-on lawnmower, maybe a pony for the kids, but have no clue what they are supposed to be doing out here.

    So I am a Lifestyler who is aiming at self sufficiency – no hint of prepping or survivalism, but I am doing just the same as you guys.

    • Ps. I think torches is the Term for flashlight, correct? Just wanted to clarify…:)

    • Mother Earth says:

      I like your “name” Kiwigirl! It is a chosen lifestyle to me. I chose to have “supplies” and raise as much food as I can. That type of life used to be be the norm and I will not share with those who mock. Yes…I’ll be still using toilet paper when your using whatever you can find!

  32. Judy, another one says:

    We who think that taking care of the foreseeable future and spending our money wisely, have been tarred with the same brush as the crazies such as Dykes.

    What bothers me is I haven’t heard or seen any of the leaders of the survivalist/prepper community condemn this man’s behavior or others like him for that matter. Why? Do pet owners condemn other pet owners who are abusive to their pets? Of course they do! So why are we not doing the same thing? Is it because, it is obvious his behavior was wrong and we don’t think it necessary to say anything? I think that is a serious mistake on our part. We are playing into the PTB agenda. Our silence is viewed as condoning or approving of Dykes behavior and others like him by the rest of the world.

    So I for one think Dykes and his ink are nut-jobs and please go get some help for your mental health issues. Nobody is out to get you! And you don’t have to take anybody with you when you decide to kill yourself!

    Now, I’m going to go back to my frugal/miserly ways to make that buffalo nickel produce a quarter’s worth of value to cover my needs and wants!

    • Texanadian says:

      I have seen no credible evidence that Dykes was in fact a prepper. The rumour mill is not fact. He lived in the country and had a tornado shelter the media called a bunker. As I said earlier they need an enemy or demon to hang the act on instead of accepting that it is the lone act of a lunatic. I don’t feel any connection or association with the lunatic so have no need to acknowledge him. Just as the media tried to tie the Giffords shooting to Pallen they are trying to set up a strawman. By protesting his act on behalf of the prepper community we would be claiming – falsely, that he was in fact a member of the community.
      My two cents worth.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Your 2 cents is worth a fortune. I feel exactly the same way, and feel no connection whatsoever to Dykes. He was a nutcase, and his past actions prove it. I dont’ walk back and forth in my yard with a shotgun trying to intimidate anyone who might come by, and I wouldn’t dream of kidnapping a kid and murdering someone. No, Mr. Dykes has no connection with me or anyone in the prepper community, and I would no more acknowledge him than I would a mad dog.

      • He never was a prepper. He was just another guy with problems. Notice the talking heads on TV never claimed that the Uni-Bomber was representative of the environmental movement. Different strokes for different folks.

    • I refuse to take responsibility for the behavior of others; I have enough problems taking responsibility for my own.

    • I don’t really believe anyone thinks any preppers, survivalist etc. condone the actions of that nut. We are all so diverse it would be difficult to label us, we just might be your next door neighbor or a close, very trusted friend or relative. Nut cases happen in every race, religion, and lifestyle. Why do we have to state that we do not condone the actions of others? I’m a woman and I do not condone the actions of Nancy Pelose!!

      • Aunt B,

        Unfortunately, there are millions of people who want to believe that the guy was connected to “right-wing” survivalists/preppers.

        It fits their political template, and nothing is more important to them than that.

        Leftism is no less a religion than any other “ism”. It just doesn’t include a God. That’s why they always need a figurehead to worship – Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jung Un, – Obama.

        If that doesn’t make the case for prepping, nothing will.

      • Oh man! Aunt B, when you hit a nail on the head, you drive it home~! I too am a woman and don’t want to go around telling everyone that I don’t condone the actions nor do I approve of her thought process. Pelosi is one weird and dangerous person, whether she is a woman? Who knows for sure.

  33. Back in the Day, bad apples were known as freebooters. It was predicted in the 80’s that survivalists would; 1) Change the name of the movement
    2) Go Underground and hide from the spotlight! We have seen this Weapons Ban before,and in time it will pass.

  34. I grew up in the Boy Scouts. My parents and grandparents grew and canned and dryed and everything else they needed to do to survive. After high school I went off and joined the Navy, got married, and tried to forget everything I was taught. Now at the age of 55 I am trying to make up for lost time and trying to remember what I was taught. Prepper. Survivalist. Self reliant. I can count on one hand the number of people that I really worry about what they think of me. I pray for more time to prepare. I pray for my fruit trees to grow faster, my garden to grow larger and for myself to grow smarter. I dont post a lot but I want to thank MD and everyone in the pack for your contributions to my knowledge base. I’m certain if there is an event that changes the world, the members here would find a way to make it through.
    Keep the Faith

  35. My best friend who lives in FL found that using the terms “Survivalist” or “Prepper” evoke negative responses. So instead of arguing with everyone blinded by mainstream media propaganda, she created a new term:

    PASS. “Procurement and Storage Specialist”

    People seem to be very impressed with she uses it. I like it too 🙂

  36. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Well I am not one of those insane survivalists or a crazy doomsday prepper. DH and I are just a couple of retired vets who like to garden, can, freeze, and preserve fresh foods when in season. Our hobbies are camping, fishing, and competitive shooting. We keep firearms handy because we live in a rural area where there are dangerous vermin. We follow the civil defense/ disaster preparedness recommendations for our community.
    We do like staying abreast of current affairs and are fairly conservative and Protestant.
    I guess you could call us hobby farmers living on a tight budget.

  37. Enzo Pamrona says:

    I was a kid in the 50’s and helped my folks with their bugout bag. Only then it was fear of the bomb that drove them to “prepare.” They had come of age as adults during the Great Depression and spoke often of hardships and maintaining a frugal attitide. I have not always been able to do so but I am on that track again.

    I was “prepping” during the 60’s back-to-the-land movement during the hippie era, during the 70’s “survivalist” era, during the 80’s when-nobody-paid-attention-era, etc. etc. My rule of thumb is that the “movement” is about to expire when the MSM is running stories about it. We may be there now.

    When all the hoopla has died down in a couple of years I will still be prepping just as I have all of my adult life.

  38. I am SO fed up with all of the politicaly correct crap. I don’t care what others think of how I’m preparing to preserve the well being of myself and my family as when TSHF they’ll certainly have a different definition.

  39. Alittle2late says:

    As for me, I’m a Diabetic. Therefore I store,grow,hunt,raise my own food. Have you seen the prices of Diabetic food? But seriously I don’t give 2 hoots what anyone calls me. I know one thing they will never call me though, that’s starving! I’ve Kept my “prepping” under very tight opsec, so normally I’m thrown into the “gun-nut” category. They have NO idea how nutty I am though. Stay the way you are M.D. if someone doesn’t like something you say or do,so what. As I’ve said before I would be nowhere near as prepared if i never stumbled onto this blog.

  40. ‘Prepper’, ‘survivalist’, ‘militia’, all labels that are used to divide us up and turn us against one another.’Rich’, ‘poor’, ‘one percenter’, it’s us versus them,they are paranoid, dangerous, they have ‘assault weapons’, they have more money it’s not fair.The government is the answer to all your problems,trust us.

  41. They’ll die. We’ll survive. All that needs to be said.

    OT, but does anyone know of a good source for SKS parts?

  42. livinglife says:

    I prep to survive. No one specific reason other than shit happens. Regardless of what happens, I will be able to provide for my kid and in the event of a civil disturbance, defend her and myself, if needed bug out to another location and combine resources with a friend.

  43. It doesn’t matter what they call me, just don’t call me “late for dinner”.

  44. Annie Nonymous says:

    Reminds me of a song…

    “I’m a Prepper, You’re a Prepper, He’s a Prepper, She’s a Prepper, Wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper, too?” 🙂

    Happy TEOTWAWKI! (The End Of The Workweek As We Know It)

  45. riverrider says:

    i really haven’t seen the media beating the prepper drum like i thought they would. i think they got a zero reaction out of it when they tried to bring it up after sandyhook, so they seem to be leaving it alone, at least from what i’ve seen. dhs is another story.

  46. riverrider says:

    lets be careful of labeling folks “nutcases”. dykes was a ‘nam vet, maybe he deserved more compassion than he got. its important to know the WHY as much as the what..”they” are calling us nutcases now. there have even been suggestions in academia to label anyone who wants guns as a nutcase and thereby unable to legally own guns. catch 22.

    • Good point, I don’t know any Nam vets who are not terribly scarred. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
      However, if he had my five year old held hostage underground, the firefight would have started much, much sooner than it did. As thankful as I am for EVERYONE who served and is serving, the safety and security of the babies comes first. If that makes me a nut, then that is what I am.

  47. “I personally, could not care less what the main-stream media think”

    Ding, ding, ding! That is the correct answer. Forget what they say and the mindless sheeple who repeat what these morons say. Cheers.

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