The Threat Against America’s Power Grid

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  1. MD, thanks for posting this & helping to spread the word about this. One of my biggest goals, at this pt, is to prepare my family & I for a grid down situation. Ted Koppel, in his new book, Lights Out, explains this vulnerability in detail. He interviewed numerous US govt officials, including all former & current directors of homeland security, who all agreed this is a problem, & all admitted that the govt has no serious plan for helping its citizens. Koppel’s book says preppers & Mormons are the most prepared for this.

  2. Yep, we are vulnerable. And it’s not just being connected to the Internet that can be a problem. I’ve even got a distribution sub station that is just off the exit to the freeway. Easy off, convenient parking, add a RPG-7 and BOOM! There’s so many petroleum refining places that are within easy reach of the freeway too. We built a lot of our infrastructural with cost reduction and ease of access being the chief considerations that a physical attack on them is very easy.

    Couple that with a willingness to save a buck and outsource our software creation, upkeep, and servicing…..

    • Hi JP, from what I’ve read, including in Ted Koppel’s book, RPGs aren’t even needed. Plain Jane rifles will do the trick, especially if one knows where to aim.

      That should scare the pants off more people than it apparently does.

      Add in the problem that some of the big transformers were transported to their final locations decades ago along railroad tracks which no longer exist, and replacement becomes a big problem even after replacement transformers are produced.

      • Pernod

        Also it takes at least 9-12 months to build those giant transformers. They ain’t just sitting on the shelf. I feel these ISIS dudes are laying in wait and planning something spectacular, and unless they are the dumbest of the dumb, power grid takedown would be high on the list. Along with mall shooting or sporting event mayhem. Don’t even need the dreaded “assault rifles” just a van ful of Tim Mcveigh fertilizer bomb would work very well.

        Keep prepping, it’s coming.

  3. Seasoned_Citizen says:



    Over and above the multi-layered hacking attacks, 24/7/365, we have the run-of-the-mill scrap thieves who seem to stop at nothing trying to steal copper, wiring, whatever from smaller sub-stations.

    Our local isolated electrical substation, on average, a few times each month, has a few lame-brained crooks vault over the razor-wire fencing, cover up the “hidden” cameras, and swipe wiring. A few get fried or severely burned for their efforts, some, on the other hand, must be pros who make off with a lot of copper.

    It’s “lights out” when the crooks make their “score.” Hopefully none are smart enough to cripple the transformers there; these are very expensive and very hard to replace–like months or years on a waiting list. Rumor has it that Korea is the only country left which fools around with making huge transformers because of the carcinogenic PCB oils, environmental issues, and costs. I hear there’s like a 24 month backlog to get a new huge one for subs.

    • At times it occurs to me that America is too dumb to live. On the other hand, I do want to live. The endless giving away of critical infrastructure to enemy nations is appalling. One world, hunh? No one has ever made that stick.

      • Yep. Certainly too dense to live in it’s present form. Some evil ones job, is to destroy the grid and watch our country suffer. More evil will likely step in, to “save” us from the problem they encouraged to happen, by having no protections in place. If you want peace prepare for war. My job is to protect and defend, that which I hold dear. We will be shown the way.

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