Oregon Shooting: The shooter asked each victim if they were Christian before shooting… There is an ongoing war against Christians and Christian values…

I watched the following CNN News report this morning (via YouTube) and one of the guests, was trying to make the argument that because of Trumps and Carson’s political stance and “anti-Muslim sentiment” that it was just a matter of time before someone went into a Mosque and started shooting because of it.

“In a country that’s very armed if someone goes to a Mosque and starts shooting tomorrow, or a day after tomorrow, Carson, and Trump Will Have Blood on Their Hands” said Rula Jebreal…

Well today as you’ve probably heard, it was just the opposite with a shooter going into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and murdering at least 10 innocent people, but not before asking each if they were Christian. The ones who professed to being Christian were shot in the head, the others in the legs.

So far I’ve found no mention of whether or not the shooter was a Muslim extremist, but then that goes along with the usual media spin and agenda of political correctness of not offending certain groups.

And as can be expected, Obama and other anti-gun advocates quickly used the tragedy to rally for more “gun control” laws to disarm law-abiding Americans…

But he failed to mention that the shooting took place in yet another “Gun Free Zone” where the victims where defenseless. And to make matters worse the school only had one security officer on duty and he too was unarmed. But then I never expected anything else from Obama and his regime…

According to this report from the Daily Mail; Oregon shooter carried three handguns and an AR-15 “type” rifle, but in the photo he is holding what looks like a Ruger 10/22. Could it be that the media is saying that the shooter used an “AR-15 type rifle” to further their agenda of demonizing the AR-15?

Since Christians were targeted instead of Muslims, who has blood on their hands? Perhaps someone should ask Rula Jebreal for the answer to that question…

There is a war going on against Christians in America and around the world… and sadly, this is only the beginning… I hear that lots of Christians have decided to go armed, even in church… just in case.

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  1. PrepperDoc says:

    Well said. After obama’s absurd speech I emailed our small flock & implored them to purchase whatever ar15 , pistol, revolver they wished themselves or their heirs to own….but they have to make that decision to plan & prepare. My family is ready.

  2. Aussie Prepper says:

    A single security guard on duty ….. and he was unarmed? Terrific!

    What’s the point of having an UNarmed security guard? About as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.


    • It’s important to understand that this is a “college campus”; the “police” there are not the same as the police in the public, even though they tell everyone they are the same. Not true. Worked for ’em long enough to know. Yes, they have to “qualify” on the range and jump through many of the same hoops as any other LE, but what they DO and HOW THEY DO IT differ significantly. I’ve also posted this in the past, and I repeat: what happens on a college campus IS NOT reported to the public, not even on the campus sometimes. Why? Law doesn’t require it. It’s “private property”, even though most of them receive public funding to operate. Even on a state college, it’s classified as “private property”, so, the reporting requirements are very, very different. So, you have a different training, a different set of expectations, and a different level of accountability with college/university LE than “public” LE. Is your kid safer on a college campus? Absolutely not.

      • Israel used to have it’s schools shot up frequently before they armed school personal. The bad guys tried once more but never again. We know what works. Blessings

      • pat r,

        It depends on the state and if anyone is arrested. If a perp is taken to jail, it’s public record. Here in Florida all campus police reports are public record.

        • ” Here in Florida all campus police reports are public record.”

          The records of what types of crimes are committed are public record. However, names are not. I remember the foo-fa-rah over this during the Trayvon Martin mess.

          The situation at the UCC campus was, the so called campus police were “Public Safety Officers”. Hence no weapons even if the school allowed them.

          Only 2 unis in OR are mandated to carry weapons at all times…U of O and Oregon Health and Science. Oregon has some funky laws, but then it is so far left it is socialist, just like WA.

    • don’t forget that Australia had its own random ” workplace ” violence today from the religion of peace…….and the clueless cops and govt officials are saying this guy who got shot in P’matta was radicalized by some unknown person!……..complete MORONS ! , just read the verses in Mo’s book. Sadly there WILL be a heck of alot more of this crap in Australia and eslewhere.

  3. joecardio says:

    I’m up here in Nova Scotia, and this is the first time Im hearing about this. How outrageously sad. Asking if they were Christians? Then killing them. WTF? If this person doesn’t turn out to be a mental health case, and turns out to be Muslim or some other Anti-Christ religion, gun control is the last thing Obama should be worrying about. Legalize marijuana, and use the trillions of dollars used to lose this war and put it toward rounding up all those on the watch lists of all those on the FBI’s, Cia’s or whatever Dept you choose. That way maybe you’ll be infringing on the so called rights of potential terrorists and not law biding citizens, from the money used to eliminate a drug that is basically Booze amped up with Red bull. Thats the poison they so want to fight. Put the “traffickers” in jail, instead of documented terrorists in your country. Man I hope you guys can get the upper edge on this one somehow. Be vigilant and be well.

  4. The head of the school said they had a plan for an active shooter and locked down the school. I am sure that the families of the 10 dead and 13 injured are very happy with that.
    Pray for the families.

  5. The shooter was a white guy. Fox News reported he aligned himself with the Irish Republican Army. That doesn’t square with the anti-christian aspect of the shootings.

    • Bam Bam,

      No that don’t add up or make sense – I wonder what the media spin will be tomorrow…

      • joecardio says:

        You’re right. I can see if he said he was killing Protestants, The IRA angle fits, unless thats the media spin, Protestants are Cheistian, thus he was killing Christians, thus the media trying to incite a holy war. Shit this is just so frigging sad.

      • The IRA are Catholic. Could be he was targeting Protestants? They’ve been known to do that in Ireland.

    • Emily Summer says:

      He was of mixed race according to his social media page. Another one of Obama’s sons. If he wasn’t an outright muslim, he was a sympathizer .

      • Shades of Green says:

        I too saw the social media page that showed his profile that he supposedly filled out. On it his race said ” mixed race” and his religion was “spiritual”. The photos of him that I have seen and that was on the profile appear to validate the mixed race listing but the media will for report him as a sick white man. Well, Obama is mixed but yet he is regarded as ” the first black ” president . Mixed is mixed people . You can’t be one or the other , you are both, hence the term “mixed”. Call a spade a spade and be done with it. The media need to report accurately instead of twisting something to fit whatever current agenda is going on that the government wants to control or push. Do the job right or don’t do it at all.

        • Hank Hill says:

          “Mixed is mixed people. You can’t be one or the other, you are both, henced the term ” mixed”. I guess that’s one of those half full/half empty things. I say being mixed makes you “neither”, not ” both”.

    • riverrider says:

      his myspace page had pics of isis and other jihads. he had hair then too so you can tell he’s mixed, not that matters.

    • He is not white, he is black and a Muslim. He asked their religion and if they said Christian he shot them between the eyes and if they said something else he shot them in the legs.

      • They didn’t seem to display any real proof that he was Muslim….

        • True, but how many mySpace friends do you have with an Islamic name who has pictures of Jihadis with guns all over it? This whacko had 2 friends and one of them was Mahmoud Ali Ehsani. Probably just a coincidence…

          • Well, I don’t do MySpace, or any other social media sites, but my colleagues at work are from all over the world, and several of them have Muslim names. They’re probably Muslim also! I treat them graciously, just as I do the atheists, the Hindus and Buddhists, and I bet you do too.

            He did seem to have a gun thing, and that may be why you see the Isys pictures. I just don’t see any pictures of him participating in typical Islamic prayer services etc.

            • I don’t do MySpace, or any other social media sites either, and I don’t see a direct connection…at this point. The media likes selective reporting. It may be there is no connection, but there is much circumstantial evidence that he has islamic leanings. I know that is weak, but it happens all to often in this country so I expect it.
              (1) ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.
              (2) Alek Skarlatos, one of three Americans who helped to take down a muslim terrorist on a train from Amsterdam to Paris in August, attends Umpqua Community College.
              The terrorists pay attention and they are all about revenge.
              Many Americans are being seduced and radicalized by this religion of hell. As pleasant as some muslims are now, I am always mindful that just as our “president” said in his book, (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”) so too will other muslims. Even now they are crashing the borders of European nations as “refugees” while hollering allah akbar. Most are men, not women and children. Seems odd that most of these “refugees” are men, does it not? Obo wants to bring as many of them here as he can knowing what they are doing to Europe. Islam has a strategy for conquering non-islamic nations called “Hijra”. This is immigration for the purpose of conquest with the intent to out breed and breed with the native population for islam. They do this very well.
              Another frequently used strategy is “Taqiyya”. Taqiyya is the religiously-sanctioned doctrine of deliberate dissimulation or lying about religious matters to protect Islam. A related term is “kitman,” which is defined as “mental reservation.”
              I have less than no respect for this religion. It is evil. These people are in bondage to satan, and will, and are doing this nation great harm. I am not unkind to muslims but neither am I welcoming. Some are converting to Christianity but many are not. Multiculturalism is a sure way to divide a nation and it is working very well.
              Sorry for the rant, but the time has come to call a spade a spade and reverse the trend of turning the country into a cesspool of third world invaders. I don’t know about you but I have had enough.

        • He was on the Russian Naughty moslem list that the US refuses to accept because its racist. Post with link above in moderation.

      • TexasScout says:

        That new link want’s to open a malicious website.

      • TexasScout says:

        That sight was updated five times the same day he did the shooting. It’s fake. Plug the URL into The Way Back Machine and you will see what I mean.


    • Nope had a black mom. He looks like Obama’s son with facial lesions. The conservative treehouse and Breitbart have pics of him

    • Guy’s mom was black his dad white. He had several radical muslim friends and hated organized religion. CNN whitewashed his appearance to keep from showing him as he is.

    • Sorry guys–I believed the initial reports. His father is white and his mother is black. He is bi-racial.

  6. mom of three says:

    Sick, just plain sick! I’m getting pepper spray, again to carry with me. We never go to any restaurant, or store that says gun free zone, you are setting yourself up to be a target. If we go out in the evening we get home by 9 PM each night just because it’s getting crazy, and you don’t know what might happen and living in such a liberal city, sucks! Prays to all the family members, what a horrible tragedy:(

    • TexasScout says:

      “Gun free zone” has never stopped me from carrying my side arm. The ONLY places I don’t is Federal buildings (post office) and our local schools (wife is a teacher, don’t want to put her job in danger).


  7. PrepperDoc says:

    I always carry when I go to church, because I feel like we are sitting ducks. Current pastor took some of us to a self-defense pistol course. Partially for liability reasons, there is no active church defense committee, or “policy”. However, after one shooting, a churchwide meeting was held where it became apparent there were many carrying firearms in the church and there was a discussion of what to do if there was an active shooter situation.

    The most widely accepted plan was for everybody to hit the dirt (get down low) because those of us with firearms wanted a clear field of fire!

    For all of his mistakes, Bush was remembered as the president “who kept us safe.” This one should be remembered as the one”who tried to get us killed.”

    • I sometimes wonder about my church, but don’t ask. We meet in a school auditorium, so probably against the law – that Mercer did not obey.. Just saying.

    • TexasScout says:

      For all of his mistakes, Bush was remembered as the president “who kept us safe.” This one should be remembered as the one”who tried to get us killed.”

      Best line so far!

  8. If I was a college student I’d carry a weapon anyway. I don’t give a crap if a sign says gun free zone. No one would find out unless you had to defend yourself and then at least you wouldn’t be dead.

    I think the only solution is mass noncompliance with all the stupid rules.

    • Americana pacrat says:

      This campus area you were allowed to carry a fire arm on the grounds from the reports that I have heard.
      Why no one that campus had their gun with them is just odd. “IF” the reports about CCW being allowed are accurate.

      • riverrider says:

        not accurate. the acting prez of the school said “no guns, not now, not ever.” heard it from her mouth at news conference. the sheriff disagrees.

        • Americana pacrat says:

          That is why I said “IF”.
          The liberal Progressives have invaded the schools, the news media.

        • There was an armed Airforce vet that tried to intervene and the university staff would not allow him to go in. When you’re a liberal, it is worse than being stupid, it is retarded.

          • TexasScout says:

            There was ONE armed person on the campus, but he said he ran away from the shooter because “The cops might mistake me for the real shooter”. He does have a point.


            • TBH I don’t know if I would be willing to risk getting shot back at by someone wearing body armor to protect liberals.

        • Screw her! She ever hear of the GOD GIVEN right to defend ones self. We have that unalienable right regardless of what she or any bought and paid for black robed idiot say or what law they pass. One day soon if will come to blows over this issue in this country. Few less communist socialist liberals will help this country get back on the right track.

      • I looked into this. Oregon law allows individuals with a CCW to carry on campus. However, college policy prevents faculty, staff or students from carrying on campus.

  9. It’s sad to say that we have to go on the defensive so soon after something this horrific happens. I heard a comment by the father on the radio and he had a foreign accent. At the very least the killer was demented and mentally ill. This is the kind of attack that we can expect by people looking to blame their situation on others. We may never know what happened but one thing is for sure. Our 1st and 2ND ammendment freedom is under attack.

    • I’m going to say this- There is something everyone here can do today to protect your rights… every time our freedoms fall under attack by a situation like this I’m giving $10 to the GOA or NRA, because they are actively working protecting our rights while dirt bag politicians are actively working on destroying them. I know what their plan is gun registry/confiscation/genocide -I will not comply with registration…everyone needs to stand together on that or hang separately when you give up your arms.

  10. I heard someone spoke with the father who had a foreign accent…

      • IMO, that’s still ‘foreign’. But along the lines of ‘accents’, what caught my interest was a 911 recording that was aired on tv this morning. The caller/witness just seemed way too calm, cool and collected…almost speaking in a monotone. I would think someone witnessing any tragedy would have some emotion in their voice.

        • I am British and I speak with an accent. After serving the United States of America in a number of capacities, not withstanding 2 branches of the military. I do NOT consider myself a foreigner. Not all ‘foreigners’ are bad.

          • I’m sorry. I wasn’t calling foreigners “bad”. I was trying to say that, IMO, foreign is from a country other than the United States. A foreign accent is an accent that is obviously from another country.

          • As an American growing up in Kentucky, foreigners meant Asians, Arabs, someone not speaking English, we would have just called British…… British or English, which I consider our ancestors.
            I do hate to see the large number of refugees slowly take over Britian. I read 70% of births in London were not British.

            • Muslims and blacks have just about ruined Britain Chad. The blacks are mostly from arm pit Nigeria ans Somalia. Nasty people. Muslims are literally terrorizing small communities.

              I don’t even like going back now. London is overloaded with welfare Mussies. As my cousin told me….I would be in the gaol for popping off to some of these miscreants because you just don’t dare. Sad, sad, sad!

    • I read where he was British Mary. The son was born in Britain. But I swear, when I heard the father speak, he sounded like an Irishman.

  11. I have also ways carried in church,an every where. Sept. Was to quite,a friend an I were saying ,an that Oct an so on will be busy ,an so it is.an every one be observant ,pray an carrie. The Lord is on his way. God Bless all ,the familys.

  12. Can you say, “scopalamine”?

    How about red flag?

    • I was just about to play bad guy and say ANOTHER red flag.

      IF we every see a real tox screen, it will be interesting to see what this guy’s blood and tissue shows. I am betting it is a psychotropic substance.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        I would guess that you would have found the same thing durn the 1990’s with postal workers. Postal Workers have a good government union job, there is no reason for so many of them to go on shooting sprees (going postal as it was called.) And it stopped after a few years, something doesn’t add up?

        Might it have been an experiment (a successful one) to see if people could be made to go postal?

        • During the Clinton administration there were 20 mass shootings. Under Bush, there were 8 including ongoing domestic conflicts. Under Obamao there has been 23. Both Clinton and Obamao had anti-gun agendas.

          It is no secret that people can be made to kill under the right circumstances and drugs.

          • SSRIs- and this guy was another person who was said to have asperger’s syndrome in some reports I’ve read- google the treatment, they medicated this kid in to crazy…there is a clear link, but the drug companies advertise big money to the media outlets who won’t point to them due to having revenue removed. it’s a drug treatment problem that is known and clearly stated in the fine print on drugs today- will cause homicidal and suicidal tendencies…the side effects on these drugs has been known about since the 80s when Prozac came out.

    • scopalamine, false flag and muslim – Yep

  13. Frank Rock says:

    I would rather be juged by 12 than carried by 6. Just my 2 cents.

  14. ….Israel had school shooters, the teachers became armed, practiced, shot back, prolly some collateral damage, shootings near stopped….. we all know that story….. I’m looking @ the threads common to the terrorists here….. as I believe current day extremists in middle east are different from those in SE Asia in 50’s & 60’s only by ethnicity & geographics, w/the same ‘value’ system, so are the shooters here…… note gun suppliers in middle east & financiers….all linked to central banks…..

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Great piece of information

    • I watched just a couple minutes of Obama speaking on the news this morning (as much as I could stomach), and knew he was going to push for more gun control. My first thought was of everyone carrying in Israel. These mass murderers (real or arranged) would think twice if they thought everyone else was carrying.

  15. PrepperDoc says:

    The NYTimes has an article on the shooter. He was a very non-functional kid, sheltered by his mom to the nth degree, no social interaction successfully with others at all. His mom even tried to get neighbors to act differently — because whatever they were doing was aggravating her kid! Zero ability to deal with and tolerate other humans (yes, we can be irritating at times). So his solution was to exact revenge on them, especially Christian ones. His only life was “online”. This disintegration of basic “community” and social interaction is dangerous.

    Combine that with idiotic unarmed guards and restrictions on the “ancient right of self defense”, and you have a mass murder in the making….

    We should speak out and try to correct both in our society.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      Jesus said, “blessed are the peacemakers” and Paul exhorts us to get along as much as possible. We should be (armed) lights on hills to our nation.

      • He also did not intend for us to be defenseless.
        Luk_22:36 Then he told them, “But now whoever has a wallet must take it along, and his traveling bag, too. And the one who has no sword must sell his coat and buy one.

    • “He was a very non-functional kid, sheltered by his mom to the nth degree, no social interaction successfully with others at all. ”

      Another perfect patsy. Just like Adam Lonza.

    • fbi profiling shows interesting aspects of serial killers: homosexuality, torture of animals/pets, bedwetting….. complete dominance of others a common thread….. gacy speck dahmer corona & a host of others, I’ve heard bundy came out in prison….. perhaps a break down in traditional family ought be included….. haven’t these traits also been common in the shooters/terrorists here? Like the guy who shot the gipper?

  16. Old & Senile says:

    Please remember that the only information we have is that which is being crafted and released by government and media sources. Be careful what you believe coming from their mouths. If the past is an accurate barometer for predicting the future, they are again telling us only the half-truths that fit into their agenda. Be vigilant.

  17. My first thoughts on this were personal concern as my stepson has just returned to school at a community college in Oregon. Then relieved when I heard it was in Roseburg and not where he is. Then sadness for the people of Roseburg especially since I had just returned from an appointment at the VA hospital there. It is such a nice little city. Beautiful and peaceful, I’ve thought of moving there on more than one occasion.
    I also feel a need to comment on carrying at church. My son has recently informed me that his church has asked him to carry. I’m quite proud of their faith in him, his faith and his ability.

    • Berean Betty says:

      Roseburg is not exactly as peaceful as you may believe. They have a meth-related crime problem that’s off the charts. When the environmentalist freak-show destroyed the timber industry with their spotted owl lawsuits, high-wage jobs left the area. Broken lives and drug crime problems followed. The latte-sipping liberal and progressive nimrods in the cities and college towns who vote with and fund these “do-gooders” have their hands in creating so much human misery!

      • Its also where the national guard guy who stopped a French train jihad went to school before Dancing With the Stars.

  18. I have read that the shooter had a disgust for organized religion and establishment in general. All academic now.

    The question I have is, was he prescribed psychotropic drugs as a child? This seems to be a common denominator in a large percentage of shootings.

    Definently a 10/22 in the pic. The anti-gun media is full of misrepresentation to proove their agenda. Disinformation is fuel for the uneducated.

    Mental health needs to be taken another look at in this nation. I remember when each State had asylums and people like this were incarcerated for the publics safety. There was a group of folks who lobbied that these institutions were cruel and immoral. (I am sure funding was looked at as well). Now, these same types are for the banning of all firearms. The numbers do not support that quest however as there are millions of gun owners who do not commit these acts, but it fits an agenda.

    Gun-free zones. Not the solution. Most of these folks who are of low self esteem or in general, mentally disillusiond, look for a place where they can out do the last shooter for their minute of (twisted) fame. Where can they do that without opposition? Yes sir, gun free zones. To not give a person the right to choose to defend themself is a real tragic portion of the basic equation in my line of thinking. If a institution chooses to declare and enforce themselves as a G.F.Z., they should be mandated to provide overwhelming security to ensure the safety of their patrons. Just a few thought’s of mine. I hope I didn’t make them too lengthy. Stay safe all!

    • riverrider says:

      and an eyewitness reported small caliber shots.

    • great point regarding the closed asylums Patrick M…..had forgotten about that……as long as it’s each state maintaining each state’s own I see no good reason they were closed….

  19. As head of the Executive branch, Obummer still apparently doesn’t want fed firearm crimes punished. The pos considers it much better for his agenda that murders by whackos and/or illegal firearms continue in this nutty attempt to gain support for banning guns.

  20. I also carry a gun to church. And I am very careful where I sit in local to the door. Enough said

  21. riverrider says:

    i find it odd that this happened in a county whereby the sheriff , with others, sent a letter to biden promising not to enforce any new federal laws biden’s committee might come up with. payback maybe?

    • I wondered the same thing. That combined with the anti-religious sentiment of the shooter who oddly admires the catholic IRA just screamed setup to me. Makes me wonder if Christians were purposefully targeted to shift the opinion of a generally very conservative group who stands in opposition to gun control.

  22. The shooter is connected to a muslim terrorist wanna be and a satanist. Allen West reported this morning the following….. Strangely, it has been confirmed that one of the heroes who took down the Islamic jihadist on the Paris-bound train did attend Umpqua Community College. Coincidence? Who knows…

  23. My thoughts? Those kids must have known what might happen when they were asked if they were Christians. And they stood up to be counted anyway. God Bless them all.

  24. Son of Liberty says:

    I thought a very similar thing, C. G. God bless them for the guts to stand for Christ – in the face of CERTAIN death.

    May God help us to make such a bold stand for our Lord if/when faced with such a dilemma. God bless each of them who are in the arms of a loving heavenly Father at the moment. My prayers are for the families of those who have lost loved ones.

    BTW, note the ratio. Nine were willing to declare themselves to be Christians and twenty were not. I wonder how many of the twenty professed to be Christian before the shooting, but were so readily persuaded to deny Christ at the point of a gun. Just wondering.


    Son of Liberty

    • Don’t be too hard on them…they were facing a lunatic. Not a government.

      But what has GOT to happen are lawsuits against schools who deny the ancient right to self defense. Must be sued!!!

      • Unfortunately, God does not grade on a curve nor does he differentiate between governments and maniacs. Hopefully, that was not what actually happened.

        • regarding de….any suggestions regarding spreading on fruit trees?

          • CAUTION
            I have used on plants but not fruit trees. You may kill the pollinators unless you use it after the flowers are gone. A heavy due will wash off some of it and I would guess you would have to re-apply after every rain.

    • ….denying Christ not a good thing….but was it truly Geo Patton who said the trick is to make the other dumb b…..d die? Once dead I can’t retaliate ….. help others….. just saying…..

    • Berean Betty says:

      I’m still hoping for a group response in these situations. If you can see there’s nothing to lose, why not all rush the shooter? Everyone fears for their own safety, yes, but once it was clear he was taking the time to ask if anyone was Christian, why didn’t they all rush him? Don’t allow these freaks to dictate the terms! Stand up for Jesus and rush the shooter! Be like the flight that fought back on 9/11! Maybe that would be a game-changer and these losers would see they would not get their 15 minutes of notoriety. Could save lots of lives.

  25. I expected as much from Obama after this shooting, and yes he totally looked outraged when he made his speech. To me the gun isn’t the issue as much as it is the crazy’s who have their own agenda, and desire to be in the headlines. Take the average citizen who buys a gun for personal protection of his property and family. He buys the gun, takes lessons to learn how to properly use the gun, and Wham! Something like this Oregon thing happens and the so called Leader calls for gun restrictions, for everyone, so what really happens is more dependence on our government to take care of our safety and property. I think not Mr. president! I’ll keep my guns, you keep your change!

  26. I’m asking for a recommendation on an applicator. I realize DE should not be used till pollination is complete, for it will hurt the ‘pollinating bug population’ (given bee population woes these days, I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt that group). I’ve bought DE, but am looking for a method by which to apply which is quick. Sorry for not being explicit & ty 4 reply!

  27. Sandra Placco says:

    all said is well said but no one is actually addressing the real issue here. It’s just over population. If we put too many of any animals in confined areas – stuff will happen. We are mammals. All the gun laws in the world won’t stop this kind of crime. sjp

    • ” All the gun laws in the world won’t stop this kind of crime”.

      That isn’t the point Sandra. Taking away our guns IS the point. These scenarios are always used by the anti-gun people….like Obamao to take the 2nd Amendment and our guns.

      Does anyone hear about the 45 shootings in Chicago 2 weeks ago? Or how about the 11 dead in Chicago last weekend? At best they get a blip on the news. But then again, that is gang SOP and Rahmie doesn’t do squat about it. Nor does Obamao speak about it.

      • Izzy
        The answer is so obvious unless you are a liberal. What we really need is to roll back the government authorization and default to the Constitution. This is commonly referred to as Constitutional Carry. This means no licensing at all. You would be free to carry concealed or openly with no restrictions. This has no down side. This does not mean the incompetent, mentally ill, insane or convicted felons would be authorized, but they pay no attention to the laws now. Why would they? They are incompetent, mentally ill, insane or convicted felons! This is what the criminals do now and the only ones at a disadvantage are the sane, law abiding citizens. The criminals and mass murders already look for gun free zones and targets of opportunity. There would be much less of this kind of massacre if the cowards who committed these crimes had to take a chance that many were carrying concealed. The laws right now give these psychos and criminals an advantage and they know it. They are not stupid, they are criminal or crazy! Someone said the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results. Unfortunately our Marxist president has already started whining about more gun restrictions and Hillary and the rest of the brain dead democrats are right there with him. Liberals don’t want restrictions, they want an outright ban.

        • just asking….were convicted felons, incompetents & mentally ill outlawed from conceal carry during the days of the old west? When gunplay was almost nonexistent….. part of my question involves current legalities making sooo many felons for nonviolent crimes & once they’ve paid their debt to society? Constitutionally, fedgov may not restrict.<(period) Just asking.

          • I doubt it, but at the same time they won’t pay attention to the law anyway, so in my mind it is a moot point. I would be okay with “may not restrict” because the bad guys would be so thoroughly outgunned that it would probably balance itself out anyway. I guess in a practical sense you still have to get past the foaming at the mouth liberal lobby, “no guns whatsoever” and their supporting media that won’t be persuaded. I believe we need to go on offence like they have and take the fight to them. We need to win over the hearts and minds of the American people. We can call it a compromise to alleviate their so called “fears” and still look reasonable.

            • I read some place that a felon when leaving prison back in the 1800s was given his gun back- and sent on his way once his jail term was satisfied. if their debt to society is paid, they should be allowed to have their rights restored. I know people today who 20 years ago ended up with a felony conviction for drugs, and to this day can’t vote or own guns. seems to me when they walk out they should be given all their rights back.

              • this is a tough one, many many facets…. don’t the incarcerated learn to be better criminals now? Maybe returning 1’s firearm is like matches & gasoline? Wimmins & high heels (sorry, couldn’t resist tossing the last 1 in)? Could it be that our system of justice has been corrupted in the prison system, ALSO? Our red/progressive ‘friends’ have also been busy here…. aided by the corrupt-those who like $$$ & prestige & power?……

              • Back then if a Mexican raped an 8yo white girl to death in San Fran & was seen on video tossing her body into a dumpster, no one would be saying he is too stupid to be put on death row.

  28. PrepperDoc

    Bush kept us safe????????????? I hear that from Republicans all the time. I shake my head in disbelief like What???? Repubs don’t want to be reminded of 9/11. All these shootings are tragic! We as a country have been safe from a massive attack like 9/11. I don’t care who is in office in the White House. You will never stop all the smaller attacks from evil people. Not all of these shooters have mental problems. Some are just plain EVIL!

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      9/11 was Bush’s fault??????????

      Bush had his problems for sure, but 911 was a long-time (years) in the planning. Most of the terrorist ground work was done on Clinton’s watch. Bush was in office for a few months when 9/11 happened, Clinton was likely in office for almost all of the planning stage of it.

      • similar situation to 9/11: operation bojinka (turkish derived word- foul wind)…. nearly occurred but foiled….. involved hijacking jets & crashing them into bldgs in Pacific rim….don’t remember too much more, but gave warnings to WTC as I remember…..

      • You are right Chuck and the mass killings won”t stop until the mentally ill and criminals are contained. I remember when the state governments shut down the mental institutions to save money and just turned them out into the street. Now its almost impossible to commit someone no matter how crazy they are.

  29. go on offense, RIGHT ON! not w/gunslingers, but prayer, reason & steadfastness! Truth will out, I pray….

  30. bears offense rather offensive, again….. mcgoofskeys marketing mediocrity 4 megabucks….. all too typical of windy city politics, too…. u get my -96VDC humor couple days ago?

    • You operate at a higher frequency sometimes and I could not decode.
      I can relate to -48vdc, but I scratched my head at 96v. Anaconda unit maybe???
      Elaborate if you will!

  31. sure…. -96V DC’ers= ringers……ringing voltage…..poor pun, sorry…..

  32. Nothing to be sorry about. I guess I’m not familiar with that voltage. Every place I ever worked it was
    105 vac interrupted. What equipment did you guys use with -96vdc?

    • the -96VDC is ringing voltage on 5ESS & NORTEL switches, which are the types I worked with. I ASSumed that level was throughout U.S. My bad. Re: clr phn apps, it’s a good idea to have aud/vid recording device, if incident occurs, msm will spin to their own version of truth, ala Goebbels (‘if one tells a lie often enough it becomes the truth’). CYA, especially if Christian, caucasian, male, demographics apply or on any other hit list. Remember to Support Your Local Police….. some are good, some not, some straddle the fence- traits found in all human strata. We want them local, not federales…… The real problems lie in: 1-court system; 2-politicians; 3-msm coverage & 3- our red buddies agitating in the first 3…..TY for post!

      • I agree with everything you said!
        I never worked on the CO switches. I was always outside or PBX/KEY. I’ve worked in Step offices. We had to go into CDO’s (Remote in the middle of nowhere rural switches) and wire our own numbers, oe’s,and cable pairs but we didn’t shoot any office troubles. They would send a switchman out to solve those problems. I’ve worked with Number 5 Crossbar, DMS-100, and later on 5ESS, Nortel and last but not least, a Stromberg-Carlson. I remember when we cutover to new offices, ringing voltage was an issue, but I don’t remember if they ever altered it or not. I had a friend who was a switchman and remember him talking about the relationship between the main and remote switches on a 5ESS. (Parent and Child) He told me if the main got into trouble, it would start “killing” off the children to save itself. I always thought it must have been a twisted programmer that came up with that terminology! He kept this sign posted in the CO:
        Here is a site you might enjoy.
        As far as audio/video goes and police, we might need that equipment sooner rather than later. Check out this link. http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/10/new-world-order-recruits-a-global-police-force/#Y1VYzdKM5xkgmRUJ.99

  33. well in Australia we had today another one from the religion of peace, shooting an unarmed accountant at a Police station , the Cops and security guards fired back and killed the POS ( Muslim by the way )

    Police raid Parramatta mosque visited by radicalised Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad


    Sadly I expect more of this to happen, it wont be only the USA , yes there IS a war going on, don’t be a victiim where ever you are !.

  34. fitzy, ordinarily I’d agree on GOA…. but their recent endorsement of Ted Cruz makes me suspicious…..the nra gets lotsa press, media loves to tout as right wing, too many imbroglios over the years-just saying

  35. I agree that mental health facilities are sorely lacking in this country….there is currently no place for these people to go. Society deserves to be protected from them.

  36. sadly, 1 needs @ least 2 forms of protection these days…in addition to old betsy, 1 ought carry an audio/video recording device, better still if it can transmit as in CYA for eventual/probable civil lawsuit protection, if someone is gay there’s even more protection.

    • Bo
      I remember reading about cell phone apps that let you record audio and video and upload in real time to the cloud or youtube. I think that may have already saved a few people from abusive cops.

  37. i remember religion class, freshman year….we were taught reign of terror in mideast went like this: do you reject Jesus &/or Jaweh & wish to worship the 13th god of the egyptian hierarchy (book of the dead/god of the netherworld). If yes you live, if not, the swordsman to the rear would move to the next in line. Sound familiar? nero, caligula, adolph….all subscribed to very similar acts of barbarism…..

  38. It appears that the so called “hero” Mintz that was shot 7 times was a fake. He is known as a “crisis actor”. He has now collected over $700k on GoFundMe.


    You decide. There is more coming out about so called victims. seen after they were allegedly shot. You Tube has about 6-7 videos showing what appears to be total BS.

  39. that sign-lol! saw it in our Braidwood IL co, gerfingerpokken- 2 funny! there was another: (Il Bell logo) this is your brain; (att logo) this is your brain on drugs….. really made me lol. Another w/Ma Bell herself jammin a tech…. yeah we love our managers to death! Every time I’d pull wire w/1 pal & a knot would stop progress, he’d call it a mgr. Some call it an a…hole…… They must have ass-igned/engineered different voltages in different states.

    • Yeah I remember “Your Brain on Drugs”, and AT&T’s new logo as the “Death Star”. When did you retire?

  40. I attend a messianic jewish synagogue (jewish-christian) and for quite sometime my family has carried a firearm to service as jews have been on the deathlist of extremists for quite sometime. We dont advertise it, and we dont have a license either. But my worship of my g-d is constantly tainted by the fear of violence. As far as “gun control”- the 1st step to a total tyranny is to disarm the people. When guns are illegal I become a criminal.

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