2012 in review…

In 2012…

  • Received 3,200,000 visitors.
  • Published 527 new posts.
  • Readers came from a total of 113 countries.

These were our 5 most active commenters in 2012:

  • 1  Homeinsteader 670 comments
  • 2 Tactical G-Ma 440 comments
  • 3 JP in MT 418 comments
  • 4  SurvivorDan 402 comments
  • 5 worrisome 314 comments

Thank you all for making The Wolf Pack the largest survival / prepping group on-line…

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  1. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Are you saying I talk too much? I told you to rein me in if I go too far.
    I sure miss HomeInsteader. She can quote the Bible like no other. She’s like our own private chaplain.

    JP, SD, and worrisome are all so different from each other but still a great source of knowledge and experience.

    Thanks to the pack for letting me participate even when I get a little off my rocker. I love you all and pray for the pack daily.

    To the pack,
    It doesn’t cost a thing to join the pack or subscribe to the postings.

    This blog is financed by endorsements and freewill offerings/ contributions. Send your donations to MD to keep it going.

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      Not at all…

    • HomeINsteader says:

      Awww….that makes my heart feel all warm-fuzzy, TG-Ma; thanks for missing me. I’m lurking (on occasion – not often); if you need me, send me a message: [email protected]

      One of the other Pack members made a “joke” one day that prompted me to choose to back off a bit. Quite a bit, I guess.

      Geezumpete – sorry for making you work so hard in 2012, MD!


      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Glad to hear you are still in the ether. Been missing you. Somebody, including me, is always saying something stupid. You are too valuable an asset to not have you contribute. And if people don’t like what you say, it is probably because you said what they needed to hear. Haha!

      • Ah speak up there Homie! The ultimate arbiter is MD, as for the rest, don’t let it get to ya. BTW, my lil rescue dog that you named is turning into a lovely pet, trying to be a guard dog, and having a great life! The name HOPE was a good thing!

      • Home’r,

        Don’t let one comment get you disheartened. You are a valuable member of the Pack. You have knowledge to share.

      • Don’t let one silence your voice HomeInsteader. There are others here who miss your wisdom and Bible quotes. Good to know you’re OK.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          I confess – I miss all of you, too. Well, not ALL (I can not lie!)….but MOST of you! ; ) I’m here, if you need me.

          I did comment to MD a couple of times that there are a lot more “angry” voices here these days, IMHO; more of those who are anxious to see our country fail and become a communist or socialist nation…more hate mongering from those hell-bent on spreading their own ignorance….their own personal poisons..those screaming that “this is no place for religion”. I agree. Good thing I don’t have “religion”, something Our Savior despised!

          Seriously…it is my opinion that as things progress downward (and they will), these voices will get louder and more frequent, again, IMHO. But those of you with discerning spirits already knew that.

          Please keep my email address – posted above – and holler if you need me! Otherwise, I’ll mostly just be “watching”.

          Blessings to all, in the Name Above Every Name, He Who Was, and Is, and Shall Be Again, the Only Name by which every “man” must be saved, Yahushua/Y’eshua/Jesus Christ.

          By the way, for the curious, the first name is His original name as written in the original scrolls, in the original Greek texts from which the New Testament was transcribed (Yahushua); it was later “shortened” in the Hebrew to Y’eshua, then Anglicized to Jesus Christ – the name most Christians are familiar with, but never appeared in the original texts, as there is no “J” or even the “J” sound in Greek. OK, you’ve learned something new today…You can ALL take the rest of the day off and go fishin’, or, whatever you call “fun”! ; )

          Blessings, Precious Friends and Fellow Preppers,

          • Encourager says:

            My Homie!!! I was wondering where you went! Have missed you. Please don’t just lurk. Sometimes what you say blesses my spirit for days.

            There HAVE been some nasty trolls in the past few months. We must be doing somethin’ right if we are getting under so many sheeples’ skin. We need your sage wisdom…don’t hide it under a bushel basket but put it up there on that lampstand, Homeinsteader.

      • Tigerlily says:

        Keep right on commenting! Those of us that lurk need something to read.

        • Hey I am with the rest of them , Keep commemnting!! We all need all the viewpoints to make us stronger. As for the haters it’s just like tv , if you don’t like whats playing just turn the channel but don’t take it away from the rest of us.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            OK! OK! Sheesh. C’mon guys, big group hug…(but the haters are not invited!) ; )

            • Judy, another one says:

              That’s what’s wrong with the haters, not enough hugs! You ever tried to stay hateful while being hugged long enough?

      • Oh, I hope it wasn’t me. I have kind of a big mouth, but I try to keep it under control here. You wisdom truly is a blessing from our Father above and I miss it also.

  2. Mystery Guest says:

    Well I would comment more but seems I have said most of it before. I feel like I am repeating myself, like the reason for prepping should be formost because of the economy. How many times do people want me to say this?
    I miss those that have left (Lint Picker etc.) and wonder about the newbies.
    All in all I could give my opinion on lots of things. But at this stage in my life it would be unprintable. Besides I don’t want to lose my salvation over this damn government that their BS crap. I know more four letter words but forget it even they aren’t worth using them.
    I will say this, since the WDYDTPTW has been put to Sunday, I am bored on Saturday. When it was on Saturday I had something to do and then on Sunday catch up with the later comments. And if there is nothing new put up everyday I get agitated. I don’t think this site is gospel but it is darn close.
    I always told my elders that I did not want to be “the older generation” to much responsibility comes with the job. But I am glad to see that along with my kids the younger generation is not a total loss. This site gives me hope.
    I may not be top commenter but dang I’m worth listening to.
    I also want all to know I may not say it but I pray for those that need it or ask for it. I especially pray for couples that one or the other has one that sees no sense in prepping. Dang, don’t they like to eat at least? I know this goes against good thoughts and reveals a weapon of availability, I would love to get my hands around their necks.
    Now I will get mushy. I love this site, MD for keeping it, and all those that are here.

  3. Thank you MD, for this blog up and keeping us in touch/informed!

  4. Wow. I am surprised I didn’t make the list. I have a big mouth.

  5. Grandpappy says:

    M.D., thanks for setting up your blog. I think of this as one of the
    ‘big three’ of prepping and survival sites. I like to follow the others also, to get some perspective on prepping in other areas of the country.

    After mostly lurking for over a year, I’ve decided to make some comments and ask more questions. Hope to send more business to your sponsors as I ramp up my prepping this year.

    Thanks to all the contributors. Who woulda thot that a Tennessee backwoods homesteader dude would get posts or comments from Manhattan Island workers, Lebanon survivors, and down home southron fried preppers. Not to mention Western swing woopie-ti-yi-yo range ride riders. There’s even a Japanese-Anglo lawman/vet who coexists with rattlesnakes and scorpions!

    Now if you could get some posts from Siberian tiger farmers, or Lapp reindeer herders…maybe Antarctic penguin ranchers?

  6. Well, I knew I could get a bit chatty….

    • Grandpappy says:

      caffiend…mixed tea/coffee for an extra boost on a snowy morning…might have got a little carried away

  7. PGCPrepper says:

    Off topic.
    BREAKING NEWS ALERT! Source: “Rand Paul will run for President in 2016”

  8. PGCPrepper says:

    Good lord, 213 countries? That’s amazing. Didn’t even know we had that many countries….at least that has internet access.

    • Ya learn something new every day… I didn’t think that many had internet access either….

    • We don’t have 213 countries in the world. As of the last year, we have 196, so don’t know where MD got that number.

    • I would sure like to hear from people in other countries, especially folks who live in developing countries or war-torn countries.

  9. Encourager says:

    Thanks for all you do, M.D. Where would we be without you??? A lot dumber, that is for sure!

    We are in the middle of our January thaw. And this critter has been popping up huge dirt piles all over the yard. This is the first time we have had to fight this in 30+ years. So WHAT DO I DO??? What can I put down the hole to discourage that critter? I know someone once posted how to do this, but I am having a senior moment, so have mercy, please! BTW, have not seen what the critter is…guessing a ground hog/wood chuck???

  10. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    OOOU-Rah!!MD. Thanks for the venue olde man. This is where I end up each and every day.

  11. MountainSurvivor says:

    To the top 5 talkers, congratulations for reaching the highest level of howling, hissing and growling! (clap, clap, clap) I wish that more of the interested and active survivalists in those other countries would speak up and teach us something about surviving on their turfs because we have so few here, like Lundin & Dave, Straud, ManWomanWild, Grylls that have only scratched the surface. I would really like to hear it from those folk’s perspectives and gain insight that only they can truly provide.

  12. private idaho says:

    i found a blog that goes hand in hand with my beliefs and has the best contributers around, one outstanding blog M.d. keep up the good work

  13. riverrider says:

    for a while there i thought I was wearing out my welcome. now i don’t feel so bad, lol!

  14. I know Im a newbie,but I found the site about a month ago , and i do enjoy it . I have not let my son see it yet. But i think i will soon. He is a 12 year old prepper . He decited that on his own, and i think he needs to know that there are good preppers out there he can talk to God bless semper fi Cowboy

    • Cowboy,

      Let us know his screen name and we’ll keep an eye out for him.

      • Encourager says:

        LOL, how about Cowboy Cub???

        • Oh, that’s good, Encourager.

        • Encourager I like the sound of cowboy cub. I `ll have to ask the cub . LOL : )

          • How about “Little Joe”, “Hoss” or “Adam”.
            Not the sterotypical cowboys, but a blast from the TV past.
            Even “Rowdy Yates” would work from the old Westerns.
            He probably wouldn’t accept “Festus” but you know his personality.
            Just my 2 cents worth. I’ll butt out now.

    • Encourager says:

      Welcome, cowboy, to the Wolf Pack. Tell your son we are always looking out for new cubs. 12 and prepping, well, God bless him! He has his head screwed on right!!

      • HomeINsteader says:

        Now THAT would be an interesting post…how a 12-year-old can inspire other young people to get involved in prepping, and why they need to do that!

    • Hunker-Down says:


      The fresh mind and fresh eyes of your son would be a benefit to us. I’ll bet he could ask many questions we have never considered.

    • Showed my cub the site this weekend. He thinks that it is cool. Talked about names he could use and he came up with Grizzly Adams. I think that it fits him well. All nice and smiles till he gets mad then the bear comes out…My wife will be here also she is Shotgun so watch out for the shot when it flies. A cowboy a shotgun and a bear what a

  15. Not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to be on the “list”, but glad that you have tolerated me. I have learned a lot here, thanks MD. The love of my life saw all these horrible financial issues coming a long time ago and we spent much time discussing it, but it was hard to get my head wrapped around what to do first. I had just found your blog shortly before he died. And I think that I used this blog a bit to help me find my direction alone. I know that once I got organized, it was a good feeling to know that with the family and because of my family, we would be prepared for most anything. It will be two years in July since he died and he would be so proud of all we have accomplished. He would also be proud of his brother for stepping up and lending us all a hand. Prayers to all, those that are still here and for those that aren’t on the site anymore. All the advice, all the silly humor, all the insights about where our country is going all matter and help keep us strong. Wish we were closer or could have a great big meeting in the middle somewhere! What a great time we would have!

    • Worrisome,

      We would have a splendid time.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I wish we could hang out, too, worrisome….my heart is with you. Ever get to the mountains of NW Arkansas?

      • Homie, I have never been in NW Arkansas, but somewhere in the next 2 years I am planning a big road trip to go visit family located here and there. Some in Norfolk, Va, some in Maryland, one in Florida, so if we all stay in touch p’haps I could wander that way too. Kind of depends upon how crazy things get with the next couple of years…………

        • HomeINsteader says:

          Well, worrisome…there’s one thing I’m certain of about you….HERE, THERE, OR IN THE AIR! : )

    • Encourager says:

      Sigh, I think I would hitch up the camper and travel mid-country just to hug and share with the other Pack members. What a weekend that would be!!!

      Seriously…is that a great idea or what??

  16. Yes sir, a mighty fine site, thanks MD for all your hard work and determination. Also all you Wolfpack members. You all know more than I do and do more than I do. I learn a lot from just reading the posts and I’m too shy to reply too often. Hang in there gang and keep talking and I’ll keep learning.

  17. I will let you know bam bam God bless semper fi Cowboy

  18. Thankyou MD for giving us preppers a place to help others and learn from the group as I have. Thanks goes to the pack for their contributions that saves lives in various situations. I have no other place I go to on the ‘net to write and read but here, it has sparked my interest further in continuing survival knowledge, and hoped I contributed something to other’s use.

  19. I can’t even begin to express how much I enjoy this site! M.D. you have done a great service to all of us by keeping this site going. Thank you so much! To all of you that post thank you! I’ve learned a lot this past year.

  20. JR from AR says:

    Homeinsteader: One of the reasons our country is in such a spiritual upheavel is because so many believers have been shouted down by others. It has been said that for evil to triumph is for good to do nothing…Be bold! Stand your ground! Bring the glory of the Lord to this site! Let your voice be heard! Amen? Amen!!

  21. HomeINsteader says:

    You are, indeed, RIGHT, JR from AR. What part you in? Our BOL is in NW AR, high on a mountain.

  22. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    M.D., I too have been lurking, not contributing much lately. I will say “thanks” for all you have done with your blog, its the best. Keep it up.

  23. MAUSERMAN (in MT) says:

    Ive been following this blog for quite some time now. I never have posted .Thanks JD for all the work you put into it. Thanks all you regulars for the knowlage you put on here.Funny thing though Ive been a preper all my life and didnt even know it LOL !

    • Encourager says:

      MAUSERMAN (in MT), welcome to the Wolf Pack. Now that you are no longer a lurker but a participant, I look forward to hearing some great ideas from you!!

  24. MAUSERMAN (in MT) says:

    Thanks MD For The Warm Welcome (Sorry I called you JD In my post lol ) I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  25. I could have said so much more but, I have a day job.

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