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Investing In Silver: States Support Move To Metals As U.S. Dollar Weakens : “Fears over where the dollar is headed – especially with continued money printing from the central bank – has pushed safety-seekers into investing in silver and gold. Demand has also pushed gold and silver prices to new highs. The idea of using gold and silver as an alternative currency has spread as the metals have grown more valuable.”

Why You Should Expect An Imminent Silver Price Explosion! : “Silver has perked its head up and sniffed the next round to hyperinflation is on the way. Load up the truck; it’s expected to be the best ride, yet. Here’s why:”

Economy: 65 Signs That The Economic Collapse Is Already Happening! : Do you want to know when the “economic collapse” is going to happen? Just open up your eyes and take a look. The “economic collapse” is already happening all around us.

Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future : Thanks to WESTPAC for the link.

Gun laws by state… Thanks to Scott G for the link.

Chicago GOP to file complaint against Rahm Emanuel over Chick fil A flap : “The Chicago Republican Party announced last week it would file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights and Attorney General Lisa Madigan over the discriminatory action by Alderman Proco (Joe) Moreno against the food chain Chick-fil-A.” Thanks to tommy 2r’s for the link.

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  1. Nantan Lupan (Grey Wolf) says:

    I have a question and I hope that someone on a survival site can help us with. My survival group is planning to buy body armor, but don’t know which brands are good and which level we need?

    We’re grateful for any input. Thanking you in advance…..that’s my 2 cents.

    • Dean in Michigan says:

      Buying body armor in bulk??? Yikes. If you’re not on a watch list yet, that oughta do it. Even if they were bought individually, a small amount of investigative work would show a bunch of people that know each other just purchased body armor. Sounds like an invitation for a deep and intrusive rectal exam by the feds. Just my thought, good luck.

      • Nantan Lupan (Grey Wolf) says:

        Not buying in bulk, we just want to standardize that’s all. I was hoping to get maybe an ex-Police Officer to answer.

        I don’t think that this is any more “out there” than buying 1,000 rds. of 5.56mm or a dozen high cap mags. We are a Christian group, not an Army or Milita and mean no harm to anyone.

        • riverrider says:

          second chance, paca, any name brand is good. expensive but good. i bought some off ebay, not good, i seriously dought its authenticity. stick w/ the brand names, u.s. made.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I have had Second Chance gear and was confident in it, though never had to test its efficacy. However their switch to Zylon and all the controversy that ensued has makes me loathe to recommend them. SafeGuard CLOTHING™ or Zahal make vests that are Level III (NIJ) rated and working pros have told me are well made and affordable. And MD or his archived articles can make further recommendations.

          • SurvivorDan says:

            I just noticed MD came through with a recommendation. Scroll down….

        • Dean in Michigan says:

          Grey Wolf……

          Wasn’t trying to imply that your group has adverse intentions, and I didn’t mean to offend. Just sayin’, the way things are now days, a body armor purchase will put you on a list, even if it’s just one piece or one list.

          Sorry to say, but if you told the feds you are a Christian group, and you mean no harm, I really don’t think they would care. They will execute a search warrant on you just like they would joe shmoe drug dealer.

          Unfortunately, our OPSEC/PERSEC responsibilities grow more and more by the day. It has come to a point that we may have to do without something that we wished we bought awhile back, just to try and stay off a current list.

          I wish you the best.

    • Ohio Surveyor says:
  2. JP in MT says:

    Again, as the price of gold goes past where the average person can put some up, silver looks more and more attractive.

  3. I’ve heard good things about this company, and prices are really good

  4. Do a public records request and buy what you local cops use….

  5. axelsteve says:

    I have no idea about body armor. My guess is go with what the armed forces use.

  6. SurvivorDan says:

    axelsteve: The military body armor with the big ceramic plates are cost prohibitive for most folks. Decent quality soft body armor Level III can be purchased for around $400+ At least one front hard plate would be desirable. Don’t buy used armor as the soft armor loses its effectiveness over time, especially when they have been exposed to a lot of excessive heat like in the Sonoran Desert environs.
    I’m sure MD’s archived articles make recommendations.

  7. SurvivorDan says:

    I wish more folks would forego one firearm and get a good vest. Offers some protection against blades and even blunt force attacks.

    • Nantan Lupan (Grey Wolf) says:

      Some members of our group won’t go to the range to practice without it. One member hunts with a vest and armor plate on. Considering the number of hunting accidents, it’s not a bad idea. Thanks Dan.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I used to get laughed at when red shirting at the Sheriff’s range here because I always wore a vest. If I didn’t have a hatred of pots I would have been wearing a Kevlar helmet as well.
        One day an instructor was accidentally shot (he survived and still instructs) by a recruit. The recruit flunked with that errant shot, of course. Vest anyone?

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Haven’t hunted in many years. I always knew I should wear a vest when hunting but didn’t have the cajones to wear one. Youth……. lol

      • axelsteve says:

        will the vest stop a 308 or 06 bullet? If it won`t it will still be better than nothing.

  8. Social mores are breaking down big time. Even the manager didn’t seem to understand the problem. People are really losing it. And the guy is a well-behaved ARMED citizen.

  9. Nantan Lupan (Grey Wolf) says:

    Three movies based on true events are well worth watching for a Survivalist. First is “Cinderella Man”, about the fighter James Braddock and he and his families struggles in the Great Depression. Second is “Geronimo”, which concerns the last group in America to wage war against the Government and how D.C. lied and abused the Apache. Third is “Monumental” Kirk Cameron’s new movie, which traces the Christian founding of America.

    All three tell stories which fit what is going on today……that’s my 2 cents.

    • It’s possible to download Geronimo’s story – free – from Gutenberg…and lots of other good books there as well…


  10. “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future

    The article via that link is nothing more than a straw man argument blatantly taking shots at the tea party, conservatives, and the political right. The writers of this article completely disregard historical evidence of which groups start revolutions in modern times. (hint: socialism/communism/Marxism) The tea party groups on a grassroots level have been very successful in kicking the teeth in of the Republican establishment. Where the tea party has chosen to engage in the political system, the OWS movement has not. With the media and some politicians encouraging OWS to further engage in their obnoxious behavior, I would not be surprised if we see further violence from them.

    A more realistic scenario would be one of monetizing our debt, weakening of the dollar, coupled with the growing entitlement class of America. As the progressives of America rob its citizenry of its buying power while it tries to print its way out of debt, the entitlement class will quickly find their monthly checks being spent faster and faster on less goods and services. With the US running off of the financial cliff, the entitlement class will find themselves eventually cut off from the tit or getting so little that it is meaningless. Already in the news, one sees a healthy does of finger pointing and blame given out on a daily basis. This entitlement class is more likely to riot as they see something as rightfully theirs being taken away. The rioting will only further to degrade their quality of life as they destroy the infrastructure around them.

    I have the TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1 on PDF. It spells out very clearly in multiple places defense of homeland from EXTERNAL threats.

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