Thursday miscellany

Indiana says swine flu cases rise ten-fold, now at 113 : “Swine flu is spreading in Indiana, with human cases rising tenfold in a week, state public health officials said on Wednesday, confirming 113 people are infected and saying they expect to see more.”

Why gas prices climbed 13 cents in a week, and look set to keep going : “Demand has been dropping, but supply problems are causing gas prices to rise again. A refinery fire in California and a broken oil pipeline in the Midwest are partly to blame.”

Missouri prayer amendment passes : “Voters in Missouri overwhelmingly approved a “right to pray” amendment to the state’s constitution on Tuesday.”

Chick-fil-A flap uncovers a big gap : “The Chick-fil-A matter gave many Christians and political conservatives an opportunity to release some of their pent-up outrage. Since the 1960s, they have seen their beliefs ridiculed and undermined by courts. Beginning with the outlawing of school prayer and Bible reading in public schools (free Bibles have been replaced with free condoms), abortion on demand, language on TV that once could have resulted in a station losing its license, nudity, pornography and now same-sex “marriage.” They were told to accept all of it or be condemned as “haters” and “bigots.” Cathy’s comments and the reaction by the secular left caused an explosion that could reach a crescendo on Election Day.” Thanks to Gayle H for the link.

Will France’s 75 Percent Income Tax Scare Away The Rich? : One thing about governments is that they always want more, more of your money, more control, more everything. The rich are also leaving the U.S... Thanks to Gwen C for the link…

70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

DC man orders television online, receives rifle in mail instead : “Seth Horvitz says he ordered a flat-screen television from a third-party through He received a package that was left in the hallway outside of his Northeast D.C. apartment Tuesday, but instead of a television, he found a black semi-automatic rifle inside the box.”

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  1. (Blank Space) says:

    I’ve resigned myself that things are not going to get better. Prices are not going to go down. More people will become unemployed. The drought is going to get worse. Food will be in short supply. The economy will crash. No matter who wins in November, Russia will nuke us some day. Islam is growing powerful in the halls of Washington D.C. , as the Whores in Congress sell their Birth Right for a bowl of pottage.
    ( For thoses who believe that the church will be raptured, I once read both Hebrew and Greek while attending Seminary and I can tell you that the word “rapture” does not appear in Scripture. I’m not saying that I’m 100% correct, but The Chuch knew nothing of this belief for It’s first 1,900 years. None of the early Church Father’s mention it in their collected writings, nor do the Reformers like Luther, Knoxx, or Calvin, or even later greats like John Wesley, George Whitfield, or our own Founding Fathers such as Adams or Washington)……back to the point.
    It’s all in the Bible. Just like Jesus’ coming the first time, it will happen exactly as it is written, because to God, it already has happened.
    So, yes prep, yes prepair, yes resist evil and tyranny. Just know that the end is already written and God’s Kingdom wins in the end. Have Faith, be strong…..prep, prep,prep.

    • Blank Space
      I think we as in believers know the word “Rapture” is not in the bible.
      I Corinthians 15:52 says it will be “in a twinkling of an eye” sounds like rapture to me.
      What a rush!!!!!!!!

      • (Blank Space) says:

        So how come it wasn’t until 1830 that this was discovered? By a self proclaimed “prophet” who within a few years was placed into a psych hospital. I bet you that they didn’t tell you that fact in church.

        • Blank Space
          I was agreeing with you about the word “Rapture” not being in the bible.
          I do not care where it came from or when it was coined. The term is used much like one does when they have a kid named Billy Bob but then calls him Bubba.
          And I was trying to impart that when we (the church) will be taken it will be so fast the ride will be wonderful.
          There are a lot of self-proclaimed prophets out there and some have nothing to do with or have no affiliatian that even comes close to believing
          I do believe with certainty that they have mentioned in Church that the term Rapture is not in the Bible.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Not true.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      I don’t know what Seminary you attended, but you are correct in that you are not correct.

      The word, “rapture” is NOT in most Bibles; it is in the Latin Vulgate. The word Bible is not in the Bible, either, but I read it every day.

      Be very, very careful what you “teach”. The Bible is full of warning that those who teach are held to a higher standard of judgment.

      Revelation 22:18-19
      For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. (New King James)

      Because I don’t have the time or energy to recreate all this, I’m quoting from:

      The teaching of the rapture is most clearly presented by Paul in the first books and Thessalonians and Corinthians:

      “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” (1 Thes. 4:16-18).

      “Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality” (1 Cor. 15:51-53).

      In these passage Paul informs his readers that living Christians at the time of the rapture will be reunited with those who have died in Christ before them. In 1 Thes. 4:17 the English phrase “caught up” translates from the Greek word harpazo, which means “to seize upon with force” or “to snatch up.” This word is used 14 times in the Greek New Testament in a variety of ways.

      Sometimes the New Testament uses harpazo with the sense of “stealing,” “carrying off,” or “dragging away” (Matthew 12:29; John 10:12). It also can have the meaning of “to lead away forcibly” (John 6:15; 10:28,29; Acts 23:10; Jude 23). However, for our purposes, a third usage is significant. This usage is that of God”s Spirit carrying someone away. We see this usage illustrated in Acts 8:39 where Philip, upon completion of the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch, is raptured or “caught up” and divinely transported from the desert to the coastal town of Azotus. Similarly, the church will, in a moment of time, be taken from earth to heaven. It is not surprising that contemporary author Hal Lindsey has called this unique event “The Great Snatch.” (1)

      People who like to figure these things out claim that “the twinkling of an eye” (1 Corinthians 15:52) is about one-thousandth of a second. When Paul says that all Christians who are alive at the time of the rapture will be changed “in a flash,” he uses the Greek word atomos, from which we get our word “atom.” The rapture will take place in the smallest division of time- one “atom” of time. In a flash, every living follower of Christ will be gone. (2)

      There is wide agreement among those who study Bible prophecy that several passages of Scripture teach a future resurrection of deceased church members, a sudden gathering of those who are still alive at that time, and a “catching away” of these people into heaven. This expected “catching away” is usually called the Rapture. Some call it the Rapture of the Church. But while there is wide agreement that the Rapture will happen, there are different opinions about when it will happen in relation to the Tribulation Period. Most experts believe the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation Period. Their belief is called the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory. A small minority of experts believe the Rapture will occur at the middle of the Tribulation Period and their belief is called the Mid-Tribulation Rapture Theory. Another group believes the Rapture will occur at the end of the Tribulation period and their belief is called the Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory. (3)

      Rapture critics like to claim that the word “rapture” is not located in the Bible. It may not be in the King James, but the word “rapture” is found in the Bible, if you have the Latin Vulgate produced by Jerome in the early 400s. The Vulgate was the main Bible of the medieval Western Church until the Reformation. It continues to this day as the primary Latin translation of the Roman Catholic Church. It was Protestants who introduced the word “rapture” into the English language from the Latin raeptius. It was Jerome’s Vulgate that translated the original Greek verb harpazo used by Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in 1 Thes. 4:17, which is usually translated into English with the phrase “caught up.” The leading Greek Lexicon says that harpazo means “snatch, seize, i.e., take suddenly and vehemently.” This is the same meaning of the Latin word rapio “to seize, snatch, tear away.” It should not be surprising to anyone, that an English word was developed from the Latin which we use today known as “rapture.” (4)

      [1] Tommy Ice & Timothy Demy, Fast Facts on Bible Prophecey, page 163
      [2] Douglas Connelly, Bible Prophecy For Blockheads, page 99
      [3] Daymond R. Duck & Larry Richards, God”s Word for the Biblically-Inept, page 2
      [4] Tommy Ice, Rapture Myths,

      • Well I will put it this way:
        All I know is that I am forever grateful that Christ saved my sorry butt.
        When or how I leave this world I care not what term is used
        Be it she “croaked”, “dead as a doornail” or in a “twinkling of an eye” or the RAPTURE.
        Glad for the good read Homeinsteader.

      • Homeinsteader:

        Interesting dissertation. Thanks for the references.

        Although I am a follower of Christ, I know that there is a lot I don’t know. However, of the 3 groups you mentioned (pre, Mid, and Post-Tribulation) I think those who believe in and teach the Pre-Trib are the most dangerous to their fellow believers.

        I would really like it to be Pre-Trib, but by my nature I’m not willing to bet on it. That’s why I prep. There are, IMHO, too many references to what the saints will got through for it to be otherwise. I fear for those of weak faith who are taught Pre-Trib then it comes later, and their faith is broken.

        That’s one of the reasons I’m a prepper, although the attitude came before my faith. I hope I’m wrong and it’s not Post-Trib; I’m just not willing to bet my families safety on my being wrong.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          I agree with you, JP. I am not a pre-trib rapturist, but I most assuredly am convinced that there WILL be a rapture, a snatching away, first the dead in Christ shall rise, and then we who remain shall rise up to meet Him in the air! The Word of G-d could not be more clear.

          The idea that Christians will not suffer is, in my estimation, blown to oblivion all over the Word of G-d, and I have studied His Word for some 40 years plus. Which, by the way, does not make me an authority, just so we’re clear! : )

          I believe the Word is full of examples of Christians suffering for the faith. I believe millions have suffered for the faith, beginning with hundreds of thousands eaten by lions at Rome. I am deeply saddened by the very image of the Coliseum at Rome.

          If I recall correctly, of the 12 Disciples, 11 were crucified, 2 of them crucified upside down, and one beheaded. John did his greatest work while exiled on a rock with no one but his jailer for companionship, who, by the way, he converted to Christianity while there. Don’t think I’ll tell the Disciples they did not suffer.

          DH and I have begun teaching Prep 101 in local churches with a BIBLICAL perspective, as we believe the Word of G-d makes it very clear that prepping IS a Biblical activity, and there are number of examples one might site to prove it, starting with Joseph saving both Egypt and Israel through saving up 5% of all food during 7 years of plenty so that when 7 years of famine struck, there was enough to save both nations from starvation. Prepping. The word was not in their culture or vocabulary, but that’s just what Joseph did as head of Pharaoh’s court (all of Egypt), saving not one, but two, nations in the process.

          There are other examples. I think you get the gist.

          We do not know when the 7 year tribulation will begin exactly, but it will begin when the peace treaty is signed between Israel and warring countries. Of that much, we can be certain. The first 3 1/2 years will be a time of relative peace, as I said; the second half, “The Great Tribulation”, will be a time of literally hell on earth. This is when the wrath of G-d is poured out on a rebellious world. It is my position that Christians ARE NOT here to experience the Wrath of G-d; I believe He is quite clear about that.

          I have a number of Christians say to me, “I don’t have to prep; I won’t be here”. My answer is always the same, “show me that in the Word”. They haven’t been able to do it yet, though some have tried, and not at all convincingly.

          Your points are well made, JP, and I don’t believe we have much to argue about it. Drat! : ) Grace and peace,


          • Home’r,

            Why don’t you write an article on prepping from a Christian perspective. You could talk about “love thy neighbor”, “love thy enemy–especially Luke 6. How can we make sense of our faith and yet turn away hungry people? (I assume that most of us would not put our own families at risk to help others. Anonymous charity is one thing. Giving handouts to folks who pass by could get you killed.)

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Greetings, BamBam! As always, a pleasure to “see” you here!

              I think you could write such an article as well, perhaps even better, than can I. I like the idea very much; DH and I are somewhat “consumed” these days, however, with study and preparation for what we’re already committed to.

              But I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have a church ASK us to come in a present, and teach them something about what they need to be doing; these are people who, not long ago, just couldn’t have cared less, or, worse – viewed us as just “another extremist”.

              People are paying attention. Even in the church. It’s all good!

              Blessings to you, BamBam, and all that is yours, in His Name.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              ..come in AND present… (dadgum clumsy hingers!)

            • HI Bam Bam,
              I believe there are plenty of examples from WW2 where other religions reached out to those being persecuted in the name of their faith and how they reconciled it was that they did all they could against evil.
              Deo duce, ferro comitante

  2. I found out yesterday watching FOX News that Montanans pay 14.2% of their income on fuel! Any further increases are just going to slam the general population up here.

    The US hasn’t built a new refinery in something like 30 years. It wouldn’t be so bad if those that oppose building new ones wouldn’t use the products from the old ones.

  3. Too bad the guy who ordered the TV lives in DC. He hay have gotten a better deal.

  4. The “tax the rich” people seem to forget that rich people generally have more options about where they are going to live. This tax thing gets too out of hand they’ll just move. Then the government will have spend the money based upon projections that will never happen (kind of like what we’re doing).

    I talked to the DW about the medical savings plan we use through her work. The one that lets you put money in before tax and use it throughout the year. A couple of years ago they stopped letting you use if for over-the-counter medications. We would use our left over money, usually about $100, to buy generic stuff for our preps. Now not only can you not do that, but they are limiting you to $2500 (this year we set aside $3900). I thought there were not going to be any tax increases on the middle class!

  5. Good , maybe all the Chicago union pukes will die off .

  6. sw't tater says:

    Help PACK! I have a question…
    I have planted ANANASI beans…one web site says they produce half runners the other says full runners… Does anyone here know for sure?
    I have them set up so I can trellis either way, but need to know height to prepare for.

  7. sw't tater says:

    Selenium,200mcg…, taken daily, has both anti-cancer and antiviral properties… cheap, for now…and available…just sayin’

  8. I have problems believing the DC gun story. Although UPS will dump a parcel on your porch, even when it’s marked as a firearm. Happened to me twice.

    • There are no reputable FFL’s that will ship to DC. Just get on any one of the auction sites that cater to shooting. In every auction I’ve seen they don’t ship to the Axis of Evil, CA, NY, DC

  9. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    Heads-Up on Honeyville:

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  10. Uncle Charlie says:

    Russia, really? I’d worry more about the Chinese if I had to pick a bogey country. As far a taxing the rich, there is no reason that capital gains or unearned income should be taxed at 15% and earned income (like most of us make) should be taxed at twice the rate. Ronald Reagan fixed that for a while but then the monied interests which control congress undid it. The very rich can arrange their income to qualify for any favorable tax treatment as long as there are favorable tax treatments. Just ask Warren Buffet and contrary to what some say, investors will still want to collect unearned income if it is taxed at 30% instead of 15%. Perhaps even more.

    All through grade school and high school, I started each class with a prayer. I don’t think it made me a better person and after a while you just say it automatically without much thought. After all, kids are kids. On the other hand, if there is prayer in public school, which prayer should be said? I recited the Hail Mary but then no one who advocates prayer in public schools seem to like that prayer. A silent moment when anyone and everyone can say their own prayer or not would seem to be appropriate for public schools. Or go to the religious school of your choice. The first schools in this country were set up that way. Before the Constitution was drafted, the country was divided up into regions with more or less official religions, all Christian. History is fraught with examples of what happens when religion and government gets to cozy. Can you say Spanish Inquisition?

    Remember, the Constitution was meant to protect us from the federal government with the 14th amendment also protecting us from the local government and also each other where one majority might want to inflict something on any given minority. Again history is replete with examples. No Indians (or Irish) or dogs allowed used to be popular signs depending if you were from the west or the east. Then there was slavery, John Crow laws and incarceration of American of Japanese decent during WWII. A little known fact was that the idea was also to round up those of German and Italian descent but there were just too many of them. Thank God or I may have been born in a detention camp. At one time only white male property owners got to vote. That would at least limit half of the Wolf Pack from voting.

    Beware of what you wish for. Everything has a way of coming back to bite you in the long run. Unless the rights of everyone are protected, none of us are protected.

    • Uncle Charlie… +1 …well said and thank you. Rights are rights. Every person, religion, group, race, age, etc. can claim discrimination and condemnation. I’m weary of “sides” claiming the other is villifying them. Weary I tell you. It’s time to focus on what matters…past time really. It all makes me very sad. We’re lost in shrill bickering, while Rome burns. I’m of the position of live and let live. I do not feel it is my duty or right to ‘save’ anyone who does not believe the way I do. I’ll do my thing, and you do yours, and we’ll come together where and about what we have in common, which is very obvious to me these days: survival. It could come to that anyway. Who knows who we’ll need to help or be helped by in a SHTF time…or just in our lives. My experience has shown me that if I have an opinion against something, life brings plenty of exactly that thing to me to give me the opportunity to develop compassion, understanding, tolerance, and love. Thanks again Uncle for giving me words to relate to.

    • Uncle Charlie plus one. My concern with prayer in school is something most people tend to forget about and could cause a problem. What prayer do we go by? Is it going to be Catholic in a Babtist area or Pentecostal in a Catholic area? Non denominational Protestant? What about the Jewish kids? Fi we force them or force Christians to recite Jewish prayers? If its a predominately Muslim area like San Diego or Michigan do we force them to join in?

      What if they send parents a note saying we are allowing prayer in school but to be equal to all denominations all students will say a pray in Protastant, Catholosism, Judism and Islam “just to be fair” how many Christian parents would be in an uproar over their children or grand kids reciting prayers of other religions. Remember Jehovah’s Witness do not do the pledge of allegiance, would we condem them for not following our rules.

      I’m not arguing against prayer in school, to me that’s what Sunday School was for but if we allow it, I ask who’s prayer do we use? Who will pull their kids out of school because they don’t agree with the pray used because let’s be real and pragmatic what two Protestant churches go along the same lines, it’s why where I grew up there were 30 churches and half English half Spanish and I’m each respective language no two same denominations.

      Something to think about if the schools gave in to the wishesz

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Jar, there’s a great deal of truth in your comments. However, I don’t think anyone is arguing that we all need to be praying in the same way. Holy G-d is a gentleman; Y’eshua/Jesus Christ doesn’t force Himself on anyone; we either come to Him by choice, or not at all. There are consequences for our choices, of course, but we are free to choose.

        The problem that has come up is that Christians have been told they do not have the right to pray at school functions, even when they want to do so, and that is not true. That argument has been settled by the highest court in the land, but, most people don’t know that. If, for example, a young person wants to pray during school time to his/her Christian G-d, they are often told they can not. Or, a football team has historically opened it’s games with a Christian prayer, then it still has the right to do just that. But there are “forces” trying to stop it. As our nation becomes more infiltrated with “other religions”, those who have migrated here seek to change this nation from a Christian nation (which it absolutely was intended from our founding fathers, regardless of what lies and half-truths are disseminated, especially in the lamestream news venues). Our founding fathers were imperfect, as are we, and they did a lot of things that are questionable; their intent that this be a Christian nation is not questionable, and it was never intended that we have a gubment that totally separated church from state, although you’ll get many willing and wanting to argue otherwise.

        The freedom sought was the freedom to CHOOSE, not have a nation half an ocean away shoving down our throats their version of things – the Church of England. Nothing “godly” about it. Just study it for yourself, contrast it with the Word of Holy G-d, and you will see that to be true. It was all about money, power, and control – the things that taint everything man touches.

        There have been “other faiths” (i.e., “pagans”) since the beginning of time, and that’s not going to change in this world. The Christian faith is built on the faith of the Hebrew children, but many Christians don’t understand that, either, because it isn’t taught. Jews and Christians both owe it all to Jewish patriarchs., such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Redemption culminated, however, in Y’eshua/Jesus Christ the Son, and that’s where Jews and Christians sometimes (not always) differ. Nevertheless, I have great respect for Jews who keep the faith, as my faith is built on theirs.

        It’s all spiritual warfare. But the war is against Christianity, just so we’re clear. Never in history has there been a more persecuted faith group, and it’s going to get worse. Do not think that “certain groups” are here for peaceful purposes. That is a lie straight from the pits of hell. It’s all in His Word.

        Yes, spiritual training SHOULD take place in the home. It is not the place of the school. It’s also not the place of the school to censor those who wish to openly express their Christian faith, and that is happening wholesale in our world today.

        • Homeinsteader: I have have refrained from responding to your religious posts…up to this point…but I must take exception to your statement: “Never in history has there been a more persecuted faith group”. History is fraught with persecuted religious groups. And many have been MUCH more ‘persecuted’ than what Christians are at this time. What about the Jews? What about the Inquisition (Christians persecuting Christians)? I hardly believe any rule or law concerning prayer allowed or not allowed can be compared to the religious persecution that has happened throughout history.

          I do not believe there is a “war against Christianity”. I believe there is mass confusion and a lot of struggling to stay a course of belief FOR ALL RELIGIONS and GROUPS…AND individuals.

          I am not posting to start an argument here about who is the “more” persecuted. I am posting because your blanket statement really set me off, and I need to say so. I respect your “right” to express your opinion, but I also regret that you are doing so with so much self-righteousness and absoluteness…and not so much fact. In the months I have been coming to this site, I have to say I have not seen anyone else present their views in the manner you do: confrontive at the least. I come to this site in hopes of finding common ground with people who are prepping for an uncertain future. The Pack is made up of many types of folks, with many different beliefs. There are 10000 people connected here…about prepping. I don’t see this site as a place to argue the finer points of religion. IMO.

          I will leave it at that, because I see no purpose in carrying it further. I asked myself if responding to your post was necessary, and I found that I needed to say how I feel. I have held back enough. I hope we can carry on sharing what we are here for: sharing about prepping. And yes, I see spiritual integrity as a necessary part of prepping. But that will hardly be achieved through haranguing here in the Pack. Again…JMO.

          • Maybe all I should have said is: “Good heavens girl, lighten up!” 🙂

            • Homeinsteader says:

              I have great respect for you, MtWoman. You are wise and learned in sustainability skills.

              Nevertheless, I said what I meant and I meant what I said, and I make no apologies for it.

              If you want to talk about ONLY what’s happening in the world today, here’s only one place to do that; there are many others.

              Christians ‘Most Persecuted’ Religious Group in the World, Says Expert

              Voice of the Martyrs is an excellent resource for history on persecution of the church. You might find it enlightening.

              I’m well aware of the history of Jews and persecution, and where the world is going with it. I make it my business to know, since it does have something to do with me, personally. I am a staunch supporter of Israel. And, yet, I hold to my statement.

              There absolutely IS a war against Christianity; it comes as no surprise, however. It is in the Bible, so it’s not like we are without warning. It is a spiritual war, but a war, nonetheless. But, somehow, I don’t think you really want to go there.

              The point of this forum is to share prepping ideas, and we do that, but it clearly does not stop there. I see a lot of things posted that are nothing but personal opinions, and, on occasion, I see an “attack” from one poster to another. These attacks sadden me greatly. I think we need to feel free to express ourselves, all of us, just as you and I have done. We don’t have to agree, but, free expression is how we learn. I am not interested in telling anyone, “do not express your opinions”, or even, “find a way to express them that suits me better”. I really don’t think that’s who you are, either.

              Please note that I did not open this discussion – I merely expressed an opinion on a posted discussion matter. It stands to reason that I might not do so the way you might do so.

              You have expressed your opinions on my opinions, and it is all good. I continue to hold you in the highest regard for your areas of expertise.

              Blessings to you, and all that is yours.

          • Mt.Woman,

            Am I missing something here? I am not sure what set you off. Now I do think it is clearly false to say that Christianity is the most persecuted religion that has ever existed. I think the Jews win on that score.

            But I do think there is a “War on Christianity”–especially at the college level. Students are taught that secular humanism (the scientific worldview) is the only intelligible worldview. If students write papers where they bring up their faith, their papers are rejected as “soft” or “unsubstantiated”.

            It is okay to talk about Judaism and Islam–but not Christianity.

            • Homeinsteader says:

              Ladies and gents, I know we’re all going to get tired of this..heck, probably already there! But, at least according to the historians whose work I’ve read over the years, more Christians were fed to the lions at Rome than Jews (Hebrew children) died during the Holocaust. Difficult to fathom, I know. Check it out for yourself.

      • Jarhead has a point that I don’t need convincing of.

        There seem to be a lot of christians that aren’t as level-headed as Mt.Woman comes across as. I keep seeing the ones that get upset about people who don’t believe as they do as not being secure in their own faith. Why do they need to pray in a group, I imagine that at least one of their classmates took care of that before they left the house.

      • Jar,
        I think common sense covers this. Prayer in school in America is time given to prayer. It is up to the parents to instruct their children as to their religion. I went to school with all kinds of kids and never felt I was Jewish or Buddhist just because another kid held those beliefs. If parents want to pull their kids out of PUBLIC school, let them. That is their right as a parent. It is not their right to dictate the religion of others by throwing a hissy fit and getting a money grubbing vampire (lawyer) to hold the rest of the school hostage. Of course that’s what’s happening in some states because the people in those states allow it.

  11. Crap thats indiana not illinois …………..all those states are the interchangeable to me :/

    • Dean in Michigan says:

      Whadddaa mean “Those” states?????? That sounds Statial to me.hahahahahahahahahaha

  12. (Blank Space) says:

    Yesterday I posted that with the price of corn going up, Spirits might be a good investment as most American made liquors are mostly made of corn.
    Well today I happen to go by our local liquor store to pick up a bottle or two of Tennesee sip’n whiskey and was surprised to find that the price had jumped over $2.00 a bottle in less than a month.

    Now 3 years ago I purchased 2 cases of George Dickel right after Comrade Obummer seized power and I paid $16 a bottle per. Today the same size bottle goes for over $20.00!

    Buy it cheap, stack it high, stack it deep.

  13. Here in N Central Texas, it’s West Nile virus at epidemic levels: 12 deaths as of today, and almost 300 known cases. I find this interesting, as we are so DRY. Maybe the low rivers, ponds, tanks, and lakes make more puddles for them to breed.

    I am taking every precaution I can when outside…almost to the Hazmat suit level (long pants tucked into my sox; long-sleeved shirt…both sprayed with DEET; hat, gloves, and head net)…which is exceedingly uncomfortable in this heat….so I’m not outside any more than I absolutely need to be.

    These are the silent and deadly type of ‘squeeters. You don’t hear them at all.

    I sure hope …SURE HOPE…that we have a decent cold winter, or next year will be BADDER. And yes I spelled it that way on purpose, feeling it needed that emphasis.

  14. axelsteve says:

    I saw plenty of corn yesterday on my way to the Sacramento airport to pick up my nephew. I do not know if it is sweet or feed corn though.

  15. Saw the news on the Sig M4 sent to his place. The guy was such an obvious anti gun peacenick that I had to turn it as he mention Aurora Colorado and the recent shooting in the House of worship.

    I would have been tempted to hold on to it and see how long before I got a call but in DC, who knows if a swat team would have busted down the door.

    • Jar,
      Had a talk with someone who is deathly afraid of guns the other day. I’m surprised that many of these people believe that you can order a gun through the internet and have it delivered to your house in any caliber or configuration. This “fact” almost had this woman in tears. She said that based on watching the news she believed this and wanted it stopped. She was also convinced that an automatic weapon did not need human intervention to fire. Where do these people come from? Oh, yea, Peoples Republic of Kalifikornia.

  16. I agree with you there, things are getting worse, albeit in a slow pace. It’s that like that “boiling frog syndrome” except WE are the frogs. The prices of gas, food, amo just keep creeping up and sneak more money out of your wallet. If we didn’t have food stamp cards and people would have to line up at the soup kitchens we would see clearly with our own eyes how bad it is. Someday in the not to distant future your family will need to rely on your food storage, so stock up now while you can. We get all our food from The food is really good and they have a plan where they send us a few cans each month based on our budget. You don’t need thousand of dollars all at once.

  17. riverrider says:

    i’m very far from rich, but i think its bad news to tax one group more than the rest of us. it violates my fundimental value of fairness to pick one group to tax at a higher rate. once they do that, they pick another group(smokers), and another(drinkers), and it will only end when we are ALL poor except the ruling elite like russia and we know how well thats turned out…….. i agree though that loopholes need to be cut out and deductions for more kids too. seems to me the more kids you have the more tax you ought to pay because carpet crawlers need lots of infrastructure…. i think a flat tax, no deductions, is the ticket. and tax welfare money too. but then we cut out every other tax and “fee” there is, including and especially property tax. pay tax on the money once, not a hundred times. frankly i like the cain plan: 9,9,9. the sales tax would be a little high but that would encourage reuse, recycling and extend our resources. it would also recover some of our money back from the nails,weaves,grills, wheels, saggy pants, etc that some of our welfare dollars get spent on. it also encourages savings. rant over.

  18. Uncle Charlie says:

    Just a few misc. comments. As long as there are tests in school, there will be prayer, HA! Monday I drove from Atlanta to Harrison, AR the hard way. I left I-40 W and went cross country. I was surprised at all the water I saw but then I remembered the reconstruction work done after the Dust Bowl. On the other hand all I saw was stunted brown corn, apparently worthless for much of anything except compost. I did see a lot of green, but not being a farm boy, I wasn’t sure what it was. soybeans or alfalfa , but whatever it was, it looked healthy. Maybe those fields were just left in fallow. I found Romance in AR along with Rosebud Des Arc and St. Joe where you wouldn’t know there was a city except for the US Post Office flying the flag at half mast. Maybe we DO have too many post offices. I took the northern route back across the top of the state down through Jonesboro. Beautiful state, I’d never been there before. Too bad I had to rush in and out at 660 miles a day. I’ve decided to give up my pipe dream of being a long distance truck driver, although for all you youngsters out there I heard there may be a million driver shortage in the next couple of years due to retirements. Many parts of AR I saw looked like a good place to bug out. I’ve already got my place in KY, but it looked like good country. I didn’t run into anything like Robin was referring to on the last what did you to to prep this week post.

  19. Uncle Charlie says:

    Mountain Woman: Amen (no pun intended).

  20. Homeinsteader says:

    Read the whole article here:

    MA School Stands Up To Atheist Demands

    An atheist organization is demanding that a Massachusetts high school band stop playing “God Bless America” at school functions because it violates separation of church and state.

    The Freedom From Religion Foundation is telling Wayland High School officials that playing “God Bless America” is an unconstitutional act. The band played the song on two occasions of American patriotism: Pearl Harbor Day and Memorial Day. An attorney with FFRF took issue with the phrase “As we raise our voices in solemn prayer.”

    School officials, however, have stated they plan to ignore FFRF’s warning. Superintendent Dr. Paul Stein responded: “There has to be a sense about whether the schools are fostering the promotion or practice of religion, and I don’t believe the band playing ‘God Bless America’ does that.”

    Matt Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, is pleased that school officials agree with those who say this argument is out of bounds.

    Matt Staver”The good news is that the administrators here at this school also think this is over the top, that this is just beyond the line of reasonableness,” the attorney tells OneNewsNow. “To say that you cannot sing ‘God Bless America’ is just preposterous.”

    Staver says with this continuing onslaught against religion in schools, he hopes the public will begin to see the Foundation for what it is.

    “I hope people ultimately come to that point where they realize what the agenda is — and it is an anti-freedom agenda and it is an anti-God agenda,” he remarks. “And I think this illustrates just how far they want to go. I think they have reached the tipping point in many respects, and I think they’re showing their true colors.”

  21. Homeinsteader says:
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